Weird Amazon Movie Trailers

Cody Ko

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    Weird Amazon Movie Trailers
    Cody Ko

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    1. hahaha hahahaha

      Did anyone get a perfect timing ad by warpath after 11:27 .

    2. regretti spaghetti

      The plot to that first movie sounds almost exactly like a game i would play with my lalaloopsies at age 6

    3. Tristan Parkhill

      I get it

    4. heath9821

      I watched Diamond Cobra vs the White Fox with my friends, not sober. It was the worst decision of my life. It’s literally exposition, exposition, exposition, exposition, exposition, final battle, the end.

    5. Olivia

      Honestly Butt Boy seems like an indie film making fun of a genre of movies.

    6. Brady Miller

      Jontron fans seeing a talking cat😱

    7. Curl Nurse

      By 7:03 I feel like I’ve watched the whole movie but have abs no clue what’s going on

    8. Avin Dorsay

      cody ur so good i watch your sponsor segment

    9. Mack Gilbertson

      The best part of the videos was the express vpn add with the guy swallowing hot dogs in the back.

    10. Sick Crowd

      of course, Steven would bring that plastic horse🙄

    11. Olivia Noel

      Cody, it makes sense, I'm a jenius and I went to law school, okay?

    12. Finn Dickson

      Use this as a ‘BRING BACK THATS CRINGE WITH NOEL’ button.

    13. vanessabrendon

      "AND YOU DONT HAVE A CHARGER like we're supposed to know how that fits in" had me IN TEARS. I kept rewinding, that part got me.

    14. Mace Griffin


    15. Bambles

    16. Mohammad Farhan

      this movie is a tax right off

    17. Anna

      “The barbecue gang is after me” ...thats rough buddy :/

    18. Marcello Marelli

      He's turning into Drew

    19. Grandpa Chuck

      Cody: there will be no puns in the trailers. CAROUSHELL

    20. carly harris

      review midget zombie takeover!!

    21. Gavin Stanford

      a Martin Scorsese picture

    22. Miguel portillo

      This movie is the best

    23. A


    24. Lorena Cantu Villarreal

      I miss thats cringe with noel, bring it backkkkk

    25. ramen Studios

      I thought the tik toks definitely didn’t make sense like the message was always work and be friends with a monster. Didn’t get it at all

    26. Colin Boice

      Cody you're totally right

    27. Haise Sasaki

      Get rid of the ear ring it’s gay

    28. Nikkie_ Ilj

      I’m so lucky that my right earbud is the working one

    29. zoe ehrenreich

      the barbecue gang was a token white guy

    30. zoe ehrenreich

      why does butt boy have a 4 1/2 star please 🖐🏻😭

    31. TomatoBoy20

      The very last movie seemed like the shittiest

    32. thestopwatch

      AcTuAlLy It MaKeS PeRfEcT SeNsE

    33. Hatice Erarslan

      0:18 I thought the barbecue gang guy was Antoine Dodson lol

    34. Aswin Bhusal

      A plastic horse shows up and NOT ONE TROJAN HORSE JOKE, CODY??! YOU'RE LOSING YOUR TOUCH!!!

    35. ingie b

      What’s up with Cherie from Punky Brewster in all the crappy movies? Struggle is real. I saw her on 2 of the trailers u posted lmao! (80s baby)

    36. Nour Khiari

      Do a part 2 !!! I'm begging you

    37. BluenosedCash75

      I get this I'm a smart guy

    38. sTaRwArZ1977

      When you do the whole 3 month project in one night

    39. kayla

      how many likes for you to get a mullet

    40. Greasy McGee

      I thought that the first 6 seconds were ads, and I was so confused when I didn't see the skip button and saw that the timestamp went up to 16 minutes.

    41. Coleman Little

      ExpressVpn: Did that man just eat an entire hot dog what video is that.

    42. Khapri

      Is Cody growing a mullet?

    43. slullabys

      That’s my new roast “ and you don’t have a charger!!?” 😂😂😂

    44. Sebastian Lopez

      It would have been hilarious if Cody only had the audio for this video come out one side.

    45. Sushiferbekfest

      Damn bro I gotta go bbq boys back

    46. Anonymous

      Do Threat Level Midnight next

    47. Zwitie

      it makes sense im at law scholl

    48. Kyle

      Makes no sense.

    49. jaylen taylor

      no please don't get the goate the hairs enough but nobody cares about what I say nobody

    50. jaylen taylor

      Dimond cobra vs the white fox

      1. jaylen taylor

        that's the name to the movie

    51. Kellsie Mensah

      butt boy actually looked good tho

    52. cory olson

      Red letter media

    53. Maio nayz

      Those last two trailers weren't actually that bad, aside from the content being really stupid. They seemed almost professional, at least compared to the diamond pirate necklace barbecue gang one.

    54. Mahnoor's Makeup

      I feel like people are making my dreams into movies

    55. Samuel Beale

      Please give us petscop 2, I don't know what happened in those videos so ill just ignore it.

    56. Benji H

      This gives me huge threat level midnight vibes

    57. Mr dude is cool

      It makes sense Edit: nevermind

    58. Erin Twohey

      You should check out Red Letter Media's video on Diamond Cobra vs the White Fox, they watch and discuss the full movie, I highly recommend it if you're curious. They make great reviews of terrible movies.

    59. Divine Nine

      It does make sense honestly because the gang is after the necklace bc it has diamonds on it I think from what I picked up lmao. And the sister has the necklace around her neck so they're prolly gonna fuck her up since she stole her sisters man

    60. matt peterson

      why is it rated 4.5 stars

    61. 6235river

      How dare you skip over that thumbnail of the Neil Breen movie?

    62. brittany canterbury

      the last one look kinda good tho

    63. Sonasuke

      11:11 you can see in the top left a movie about a killer kids amusement ride has nudity, violences and drugs somehow.

    64. Marc Diamond

      And you don't have a charger!?🤨🤨😠😡

    65. booker viso

      no wrong bad

    66. jaylen taylor

      not the barbecue gang NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    67. Mr Spoon

      When i saw Amazon I was like: kody ko looks like homelander

    68. Kalleigh Achter

      cody is a mood

    69. jase n jo jase n jo

      omg cody that book they straight up stole your word

    70. jase n jo jase n jo

      omg i need that sleep mask , whats $13 in £

    71. jase n jo jase n jo

      4:50 shes got a tooth in between her bottom two wtf

    72. jase n jo jase n jo

      i thought wtf its only on the right speaker glad you made that the same so we would get it hahha

    73. Kirsty_ haswell

      actually it does make sense I go to law school btw so I would know

    74. Yashveer Sharma Teekoory

      Intense music plays: Random girl: “yOu DoNt hAve A chArgEr”

    75. nick dailey

      I was never one for the old man Cody jokes...but come on man you have to expect it when the first band you think of is hinder 😅

    76. Cloud Nine

      FYI Cherrie Johnson the star of first trailer & “Plum” was Punky Brewster’s best friend 🤣🤣🤣

    77. Nathan Dobbins

      Don’t make fun of tiny cinema

    78. Abby Cross

      But seriously, those Rifftrax movies would be awesome. It's a bunch of guys who professionally make fun of awful movies, so you really can't go wrong with that.

    79. Tahiti Kruse

      Why the hell are they Egyptian but in a French palace?!?

    80. Hellion

      my classmate is planning to upload his film on Amazon .-. I hope he does well lol

    81. Miguel Escobar Escobar


    82. Cooper W

      na bro this makes sense to me (i go to law school btw)

    83. Yo Mama

      im confused. i thought amazon had higher quality films then this?? youtube creators make better quality stuff then that...

    84. Liannah Rodriguez

      Hey, anyone know where his shirt is from? My partner really liked it and I wanna get it for him for Christmas :)

    85. rumich hg

      id deadass watch butt boy

    86. AlexTV

      Please WATCH the movies !!!

    87. Yo Koma

      I was eating and this literally made me want to throw up

    88. Zoe Van Rooyen

      Pleeeaaase do more of these ! So funny

    89. Alejandro Barron


    90. Lawrence McDonell

      Actually Kodì, you’re perfectly wrong. If you watched JoJo’s bizarre Adventure, you’d completely understand this. Sounds like you’re a bit of an editor supremacist!! Whoopsie daisy! That’s a great look ...not

    91. Rylan Brittain

      Cody should've watched Twisted Pair. One of the greatest cinematic masterpieces in modern times.

    92. Brooklyn Frey

      "this doesn't make sense" dude yeah it does, man. yeah it makes sense, totally makes sense to me. i'm a genius. i go to law school.

    93. 9USHKR

      I am changing my bio to the barbeque gang is after me 😂😂😂😂

    94. 9USHKR

      On the first trailer I really thought my earphones are not working properly 😂😂😂😂😂

    95. Mario Purisic

      That "later" at the end killed me

    96. Ian

      At 4:06 there’s a typo it says “A Evil curse” 🤦‍♂️

    97. WhaleRidesMTB

      I genuinely just watched two ads and thought they were part of the trailer...

    98. aubrybeats

      11:36 This kid looks stoned out of his mind

    99. James Carrington

      Well i give Cody credit.. the trailers he chose to highlight got increasingly better as he went through the video. I was expecting that all the trailers would be trainwrecks , but Butt boy at least seemed like it had the story factor that the others did not.

    100. Thomas Rigel

      a talking cat! is a cinematic masterpiece please watch the whole thing