SMC Season 10:7 - Scott and Roland show you how to catch GIANT BASS while sight fishing.

Scott Martin

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    In this episode Scott takes on his father...the "All-Time Bassmaster Champion". Scott will show you how to catch spawning bass while sight fishing and Roland gets very excited after catching one of his biggest bass ever. This episode is very educational and yet very funny. For info on the special flipping stick rod is using go to
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    1. Wansetiawan

      Pelet samsoe

    2. Chris Walls

      Dad and son time and trophy bass nice

    3. Jed Steelwell

      The first family of bass fishing

    4. frank torres

      Martin vs Martin yessss love it

    5. Jonathan

      Would love to see all three generations of Martin on the same boat competing.

    6. Clifford Jarrett

      The only thing better than watching Roland fish or Scott fish is watching them fish together... a team that would be very hard to beat..... Great show!

    7. Tanner George

      Awesome show

      1. Scott Martin


    8. CynicOfAll

      Great day! I lost my dad on 9/11/19 and wish I could have a few more days with him. Nothing like hanging with your pops.

    9. Kade Green

      This is my all time favorite video I’ve watch it probably 3 to 6 times and it entertains me every time! Love it!

    10. Robert sharp

      Fishin’ w/ your ole’ man... Priceless. 🌎🇺🇸🦅🌴🏝🐊💦🍃🐠💦🐟💦


      I love watchinscott/roland martin throw backs

    12. Grasshopper

      This reminds me of catching what is still my PB in a little lake in Georgia... 7-4. Caught it from the bank and my Dad was so upset he didn't get out in the lousy cold and rainy weather with me. The next week we fished another lake and he shows me up with three fish over 9 lbs over a couple day stretch. My Dad was a local guide on Toledo Bend back in the 70s when I was a little kid. He fished against Roland in a tournament there, and Roland got Dad by a few ounces that day. Dad still talks about it lol.

    13. Aaron Daniel

      Just saw this vid for the first time. Not sure there is a better vid from SMC. Awesome!

    14. Brittany Miller

      Love your videos man, I learn a ton from you and your dads videos. My dad grew up when your dad was on top of the game.Appreciate the the uploads

    15. Mitchell Albrecht

      Cool, man! 👍💛

      1. Mitchell Albrecht

        10-04, big buddy! 💛

    16. David Reome

      Hey I wish I can go fishing with you one day

    17. Josh Boersema

      My favorite part of the video was his urgency to put him back in the water. True fisherman. Him and Bill Dance reasons I started fishing

    18. Bassman79


    19. manifestgtr

      I love how concerned Roland was with getting the last fish back in the water quickly. True sportsmanship 👍

    20. Mike Forehand

      never gets old watching your dad oh son....even the old vhs bass tales with roland martin...big fan of both of ya

    21. Bruce Huang

      That is love.

    22. Jeremy Epps

      I absolutely loved watching you and pops having this battle of the beasts! Awesome catches guys! A special day on the water you will never forget!

    23. Reg Jackson

      I know this is an old video, but it is and always will be my favorite Scott.

    24. Sysbee Farms

      I remember growing up watching roland and bill on tv, saving my lawn money to buy lures and going to the creek on sundays trying to mimic them. Thanks for the memory

    25. Aus10 C

      Man. Seeing Roland land that 10 pounder made my day. Reminds and looks just like my grandfather. Miss that man! Scott your awesome, but I'd sure like to fish with rolo!

    26. chicken knucklez

      If I had 1 day to live and had to choose what I wanted to do... hands down a solid day of fishing with my pop. Can't take possessions with ya

    27. Chase A Rivera

      Are any of your old shows on waypoint or any other streaming platform?

    28. John Foxwell

      Hey Scott. Love the show and I really dig how excited you and your dad get on this one. As a disabled veteran I don't get to do much fishing these days so it's fun to kind of live vicariously through y'all, lol. Keep it up and God bless you and your family buddy!

    29. J Tiso

      That was a lot of fun. The greatest and a great fisherman right there

    30. Macho Bob

      And I'm up here in WV chasing 5 pounders, WTF?

    31. Stormin024

      I did alot of bass fishing many years ago and watched your dad religiously on tv, sadly I got away from it all, life got in the way... Love your show and get together you both had, what memories this brings just watching you two... Thanks..

    32. its brandy

      This is the best video I've ever watched. What a great memory for you guys.

    33. UltimateNinja1984

      Scott , What brand Rod butt cushion do you and your pops use?

    34. x Bergalicious

      I love 10 lbers he says

    35. hunter hess

      That's insane. Hell of a job guys

    36. Randall Van Zalinge

      Nothing like father son fishing

    37. E. Caban Jr

      Just viewed this video from five years ago for the first time. I enjoyed this video and loved seeing those very big bass being caught. Above all else, I greatly appreciate the father-son camaraderie. It was heartwarming to see. Thank you for doing the video.

    38. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Scott Martin roll tide roll Alabama football 🏈 treyhicksiii Alabama football 🏈 Scott Martin Alabama football Alabama football 🏈 treyhicksiii Alabama football 🏈

    39. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Scott Martin

    40. Mike Wice

      Father and son magic right there, awesome video

    41. midwestfisherman

      Love this video!

    42. Bassing around

      that is a Okeechobee especial MrMartin

    43. Victor Remick

      Well Scott who better to lose to!!!!!!

    44. brad Denney

      I remember goin to okeechobee with my dad a bunch of times. After living in florida all my life and living in fort myers, I live in Georgia now and when I watch videos like yours I miss being able to just jump in the truck and go. Its bitter sweet. Glad u guys had fun and its memories like this that will never go away.

    45. BAMA Woods & Water

      Roland Martin is a legendary fisherman. I am happy to say I've had a chance to meet and talk w/ him years back in Alabama on Lay Lake before a tournament at Paradise Point Marina. Mike Carlson hosted several tournament fisherman at his home at Paradise Point and let several hook up to his power and water with their rv's. Roland was their at a get together (party) Mike had. I met some awesome fisherman that weekend.

    46. Chris Lee

      Nasty Girls! Essayons

    47. Dwayne

      10-4 over and out lolhaha awesome show Scott

    48. Dwayne

      lolhaha Scott

    49. jay Spoolstra

      What an epic video, I love fishing with my father.

    50. konner peek

      You need to fish with kvd

      1. Brody1007


    51. Jim min

      Thats great!

    52. frank leaney

      Love this. Roland Martin was the one always taking the podium when I first started watching bass fishing. Where I was living at the time in Alberta Canada, there are no bass. Now I’m living in Ontario watching his son, “picking up pointers”and catching bass. You have no idea how frustrating it was to watch the bass masters and not fish for bass afterward 🎣 Miigwetch ( thank you)

    53. Dylan Flogel

      You can hear in your dad's voice how much he's just enjoying being out there with his kid fishing, I bet this day meant the world to him whether you caught fish or not. Video's like this give me goose bumps! I love it

    54. JD

      Just don't drink the water or you'll die. This lake is toxic

      1. Brody1007

        JD take it up with the sugar companies, fuck wit. Why are you busting his balls about it? Like he’s personally responsible for polluting the lake.

      2. JD

        Scott Martin. Definitely not an expert. Just a concerned citizen. The lake is making people and wildlife sick, and that's a fact. Would you eat fish caught out of it? Didn't think so

      3. Scott Martin

        You sound like an expert...

    55. Carey Faulkner

      What a fantastic video....not only to fish with Roland Martin but ur dad. My dad and I use to fish lake jackson in Tallahassee alot before he passed in 2002....cherish every day....

    56. Bad Batch

      Watching this again today. My favorite fishing video... ever! Thanks Scott and Roland

    57. Justin Collins

      Wow,thats awsome man,what a memory!

    58. Glen Soldan

      Years ago, I used to watch Roland's show all the time. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across your channel and started watching some of your crazy antics. You live life right, go out and enjoy it! Last night I watched one that had your dad, "Pops" in it and until then, I never associated the Martin name with him. Great entertainment, thanks for sharing this episode, it was great to see him on the water again. Dad had a stroke a few years ago that left him paralyzed, horrible deal, he is gone now, enjoy these times when you can my friend. I wish I could have a few more days on the water with him. I'll continue watching, "Spinnerworm" was on last night too. I laughed quite a bit during that show.

    59. Mark Brown

      Man I'd do anything to fish with you or your father. Absolutely inspirational!! Congratulations on the amazing day

    60. Mr Stocks

      nothing like loosing to good ole dad!!!!!!

    61. Robert Pippin

      I knew that YOU would win the challenge. I made this comment about halfway through the video, hahahaha.

    62. Robert Pippin

      Great fishing, and great tips guys.

    63. Kenneth Campbell

      Is that squirrel filming??

    64. Pat S.

      Well, Mr. Martin, your Son has built upon the skills you have taught him and that even makes ME proud! I watched you with my dad so thanks for the memories!

    65. mustangsally0928

      Scott please pick a female to win fishing for the day with you! It seems u only pick guys. I need to learn from the best. I want to earn a nice boat like yours one day!

      1. Brody1007

        Why should you get picked? Just because you’re a girl?

    66. Cole McDaniel

      They are plugging a lot

    67. Chunky Kong Gaming

      Can i get a pair of those roland 3's your dad has on?

    68. Mr Man

      This video made me smile multiple times. I watched Roland growing up and watch Scott now. Nice to see both together laughing and having a great time. Best fishing video i have seen in a long time and just a feel good video.

    69. Jonathan Salgado

      Man scott you and your dad together are a classic!

    70. c tanners


    71. D Camacho

      Gotta love this. I now do the same with my dad on the big O head out there tomorrow early in the morning. Watching this vid I know what I'm going to be pitching haha 10.4

    72. Bryan Tillery

      What a great video...time with dad! Of course, the fact that dad is the #GOAT might make it a little more fun!

    73. Lance Lawhorn

      Man what an awesome video!!! Luv me some Scott Martin & Roland Martin together!!!! What I'd give to fish Okeechobee!!!!!!! You lucky bastards!!! Enjoy & continue sending ME these awesome vids!!!! Peace!

    74. Kocher _ Time

      love the videos scott. I've learned a lot about bass since I've started watching them. thanks.......

    75. John Norris


    76. Noah Lochner

      40 lb bag day happens when you have two legends fishing the same boat. SO RAD!

    77. Albert Harris

      Scott Martin that's what it's all about spending the day with your dad catching some nice fish. I grew up watching your dad fish, spending time with my dad watching him. I just brought back a memory watching this with my dad. You and your dad are awesome role models, I've even got my son watching your channel. Great stuff my friend keep it up. thank you Scott

    78. Devin Harris

      Great video scott!!

    79. the Wellness Channel

      legends. classic

    80. Troy M

      The best in the game right there! Roland and Scott are class acts! Father and Son fishing at its best

    81. John Billings


    82. Ga.KayakAngler

      Just the way your dad says "Oooh son!" all the time brings back childhood memories. He was definitely my favorite as he inspired me to bass fish and I love the Big "O". Won 2nd and 3rd place back when I was 17.

    83. Don Ayers

      most days you don't catch an 8 lber

    84. Bad Batch

      Roland Martin, you taught me how to fish. Well, you and Bill D. Scott is doing great at passing it on. I love all your videos Scott!

    85. Tony Clifton

      almost every one would be my p.b.

    86. Dan Schaeffer

      Scott, great seeing you out with you father. Safety note, if the league requires you to wear life preserver while transiting, it would be a good example during your videos also.

    87. Dewayne Price


    88. dutersupy

      10-4 good buddy!

    89. The Jada Show

      Scott I am still waiting on a travel Rod bro I went to Walmart 10 x 10 days in a row they said they don't even carry travel rods you told me I could go to Walmart and get a dang travel Rod now here I sit no travel Rod I am traveling without a rod you owe me a travel Rod just kidding but for real send me in trouble Rod I live in Fort Myers just send it I really need it I really want it I want to catch a big old fish and I'm putting good string on it and just send me a travel Rod dude come on man for the love of Moses

    90. The Jada Show

      ive been tring to get my dad to fish with me but he sees my pics and hes scared to get showed up... im sad but idgaf im fishin

    91. Randy Andrews

      The last name got Scott's foot in the door...talent blew it off the hinges.

    92. John Bracewell

      yesterday me and my gf fished a pond covered in lillypads with floating worms caught a ton of small half pounders were using floro line 0 problems pulling them and the pads in today went to a public state lake using the same worms but i broke off 5 decent fish setting the hook with my rod and my gf's rod no idea why checked the line for frays had none pulled on it with my hands snapped craziest thing :/

    93. Stuart hoynak

      Wow. great day of fishing with your Dad. Respect!! Great fun.lots of laughs. Awesome

    94. John Norris

      The best FISHING SHOW on the PLANET and the MOON!

    95. 520BassAssassin

      love the show scott.. thx for the good work an inspiration to fish more an an get better at it.

    96. Jolly Giant

      Best day ever

    97. TTV OnTheStixxx

      I learned a lot from your videos

    98. Frank Guido

      enjoy your time together scott ,life is very precious ! you learned well from one of the greatest bass fishermen of all time !!!!!!!!

    99. mike breaux

      Scott, I know this has been said already but I'm gonna reiterate in my own words.. I'm 44 and grew up watching your dad, and I have really become a fan of yours lately with your KGup presence.. this is by far the best fishing show episode I've ever seen!! Love you and your dad fishing together!! You have a great thing going on here with the KGup and social media presence.. definitely have earned my respect!! Stay safe man...

    100. Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission

      Boy, Roland. That's a big flippin' stick! Does it require a 2 rod license to use that? It was maybe 40 years ago when I first saw you doing this and I started dreaming of catching a 10. You two are Bass Royalty in my book.

      1. Scott Martin

        +Outcast Outdoors 👊🏼👊🏼