First Ever Yukon AT4 | “Introducing the First Ever GMC Yukon AT4 - Overview” | GMC


8 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    The First Ever Yukon AT4 elevates your off-road experience with bold design, thoughtful innovation and powerful performance. See how its features, engineering and design add up to capability that’s ready to rise to the adventure. That’s the GMC Yukon AT4.
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    1. philip4x4guy

      Lol, it cracks me up the the most important thing about the "offroad" package is special seats and a sliding console

    2. William C


    3. Mario Rodriguez-Lobato

      OMG it’s just awesome! Love it 😍

    4. Bruce Yami

      Why can’t we have sliding central armrest in my country?!!☹️ Please GMC do something about it!!

    5. Truck Lover

      Very nice y own one and it’s great BETER THAN A FORD I’ll never step in a ford again

    6. joel blanco

      Yeah you know you’re gonna need all the recovery hooks in the world since you’re going to get stuck 99% of the time

      1. Jonathan's World

        We had a stock base model 2004 GMC Yukon and never got stuck in anything. We used to put it through some tough situations too.

      2. John Gomez

        How do you figure? This is very well equipped for an off-road vehicle

    7. Keith's Place

      I like it!

    8. Sami Aziz

      Great looking

      1. HungryLettuce

        Tbh idk why they need to be all 'futureistic' like I wish we were like the 1950s of we were like that ppl wouldnt be so much of little girls

    9. Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm

      very nice

    10. I Care

      Living in Colorado, can’t wait to take it up Pikes Peak ⛰ and our Colorado trails🏔 with our off road rv trailer. With the new 3.0 diesel AT4, air suspension and camera systems awesome performance, unbeatable capabilities, endless possibilities.... Cheers, KP

    11. Traci Weisenbach


    12. Traci Weisenbach