Cat Addicted To Catnip

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7 млн көрүүлөр637

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    Snow Face: reelCJwl_soH8fE/?igshid=1v8h8qpa3ba44
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    Stardust by Jay Someday
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    1. Jarod Dinorog

      I was not expecting that man to turn into snow

      1. Byran Year

        Lol I accauly was about to witness death, then...

      2. Saswata XD

        His name is Kevin Parry and he has his own yt channel lol

      3. Zilla Gamer

        @WeirdBey boux

      4. Owen Adventures

        He is a famous youruber

      5. Carol Gabriela

        The name of that man is Kevin Parry

    2. Ebola

      I came here for the skooma addicted Khajiit

    3. OvalWingNut

      That Cat really needs a intervention PDQ..... Secretly I'm dying to try some of that myself :)

    4. Hisham Cuadra

      And they also called car crack lol

    5. ogladacz r.t.

      is that cat really stronger than the woman?

    6. MlgProSANS55 Gamer

      Lava in the normal world: Slow and s t e a d y Lava in the nether: 2:39

    7. PROSTO4Tabal

      this is the end of internet. i have to go sleep

    8. Karlos Ryan

      The woman can just move the cat crack🤣

    9. Edfiki86

      I don't think the world is big enough for any Jellyfish

    10. Jack Empire

      In LOVE the fact that it was called “cat crack”

    11. Sir John Hammond

      Dog: *grabs controls and sends copter into nosedive*

    12. Fading_Midnight

      Alright, for the lava clip. Everyone is in the nether cause the lava is clearly moving as fast as water.

    13. Zyrien Villar

      I love how this dude put the first video from the thumbnail


      That dog do be looking like that one girl in everyone's class

    15. DHJEEW

      J'zargo wants his skooma!

    16. Tiny Wiz

      2:40 Are they in the Nether?

    17. ZebCounters

      Catnip is cat weed, I can see why he's addicted

    18. The Phantom

      She literally could of just took it away but i guess for the video its fine

    19. can i earn 100k in just 2 years??

      POV: the dog that looks like a fox is excited because your gonna press the sub button

    20. Muhd Izal

      The man with white shirt he a logia user hea hea no mi eater!!!!

    21. alyssa stover

      go that way wich way? no not wich way i said that way its right next to this way nvm i dont wanna go to the store anymore

    22. fish boi

      Cat crack :/

    23. Naomi Monteiro

      2:13 Me when my mom takes the rest of my taco:>

    24. Dragongril 67

      the worst part is that the catnip is called cat crack

    25. Ami :D

      Nothing better than a man and his dog watching the sunset in a helicopter

    26. Little Veteran

      I feel a strong connection between myself and that cat

    27. jasmine

      3:13 don't be sasy with me

    28. Scratchi

      Friend: Can i get some of the chocolate? Me: Sure, Just one bite Friend: 0:07

    29. myhoneybringsallthebeestomyjar

      02:03 no fucking way

    30. Deadsh0t7690 Gaming

      The kittys just mashing thier face into the catnip

    31. Immesurbel

      The Chipmunk was trained to get an Any % Eating Nuts World Record

    32. JonathanEskildse

      DO NOT do catnip kittens!

    33. Toomuch Bs

      Jellies !!!

    34. mr.pumpkin

      That cat seen some thing's

    35. _.itz_uriel ._

      Now that cat was on some next level stuff

    36. Catherine Santiago vasquez

      I as not expecting a dog in a helicopter 🚁 and that now my dog died last night, I. Am crying hard

    37. #GL0STARZ ENT!

      The cat is drunk

    38. yongxiang huang

      The cats on crack

    39. Gazerbeam06

      Me and my homies do be staying at school to not end up like the cat.

    40. Anthony Quintana

      As someone who remembers seeing Finding Nemo in theaters as a child, that jellyfish field gave me *TRAUMATIZING FLASHBACKS*

    41. Ajax PineCone.

      The catnip one reminded me of one time I caught a cat and put him inside my house, he went NUTS

    42. Shaela Cloud

      A daily dose of internet keeps my serotonin level riding at a normal functional level.

    43. WoreX045

      Me: buys catnip Cat police: 0:14

    44. Xavgamer Funny playlists

      Do moon jelly fish hurt

    45. Hegros

      That guy is smart. He knows cameraman never dies 2:46

    46. Bruh Bros Productions

      Captain doggo

    47. luminous skies


    48. IrishTokyo

      That looks like somebodies fursona 3:02

    49. Ava's tube!

      The girls actually forced the cat to do that....

    50. Julia Kovalchuk

      Cat nip is a drug for cats U.U

    51. John Anthony


    52. The GTS Foxie

      2:32 looks like Frodo and Sam managed to destroy the ring

    53. Jeyriel Playz

      2:08 that was CUTE!! BRUHH that was INSANELY CUTE!!

    54. Angry Dimsum

      addicts feline to psychedelics and its *funny*

    55. PenCiL Bfb

      Is the cat drunk

    56. Aysha a

      Catnip isn't as healthy for cats and we are lead to believe. Studies show that catnip may cause hallucinations in cats. Not all cats react to catnip but the ability to react is hereditary, and brain development plays a role too because very young kittens don't respond. Catnip is a psychoactive for cats. Just like people, some genes make you more vulnerable to psychoactive plants. But also, all the studies that say catnip is healthy, also might be outdated, as much of veterinarian science is outdated.

    57. GachaKitty UwU

      my cat hates catnip ;-;

    58. lildrummerboyy

      i like how she’s trying to stop the cat from eating it yet her other hand is shoving the jar in the cat’s face

      1. Dag Mitchell

        The cat is grabbing on too

    59. ElThePug Lover

      My man just wanted some crack.

    60. Anna Dorozynski

      Never saw something higher than that cat. Except a cloud.

    61. Tyler Lam

      Turn on cap when the man slaps his face to the table and turns into snow. “Oh my gosh”

    62. Ҩᴜᴇᴇɴ

      Yeah, sometimes I also face plant and turn into snow.

    63. Mr. Let’s play

      cookie knows what's good

    64. ꧁Aschente꧂

      0:59.....did u call a squirrel a chipmunk!?!

    65. Remus Van aanhout

      The fox

    66. Reuben IT Services

      0:32 the dog and owner be like yo bro

    67. Jim Y

      I know it's not in this one, but one of the coolest ones are the green valleys that flood and divers are are swimming through lush grass, bushes, trees, flowers, wooden bridges etc. its beautiful.

    68. Thomas Essebo

      I like how there is right way, same way, my way, which way , straight way, this way and that way. But you dont have left way??

    69. Timothy Stratton

      This way / that way got me

    70. Cars0mega Gamer God

      Hey John, how was your day today? Bad. I need some more catnip now

    71. TheShadowKing

      Hello my name is whiskers and I’ve been off nip for three months now

    72. Mellow

      The owner of that cat is abusing her. Horrible.

    73. Peanut Trust

      The name of the cat nip looool

    74. Rimsha Khan

      Ok so why nobody is talking about the beaUtiful dog with those rare eyelashes

    75. Zulkur Nain

      Which place is this ?? 0:47

    76. Dominik Wisniewski

      No wonder the cat is addicted, it does say on the jar Cat crack

    77. fondix


    78. Agent Chris

      *This is me when I am hungry:*

    79. james gizasson

      As a former pizza driver, I feel physical pain for the poor sod who has to deliver to that neighborhood. Q~Q

    80. Timoms

      I feel kinda attracted to that dog, should I be concernded?

    81. Isaiah Garcia

      That dog has long beautiful eye lashes like me but I am a guy

    82. Isaiah Garcia

      That man... at the... beginning... was snow, is snow, or , turned into snow and he... died?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    83. Cat

      I Just so to realize that, the catnip was called "Cat crack" I was dying when I realized.

    84. Chonker The Cat

      That cat is in heaven!

    85. thatkid 12

      A guy: yo cat I do drugs Cat: oh cool I do catnip

    86. Nathan Pratti

      The cats a cat addict

    87. Firefox Volvo

      1:30 IM SRY BUT PLS DONT TELL ME THAT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT: Sometimes all I think about is youuuuu~

    88. Unicørngirl :3

      The dog with the eyelashes actually made me say awwwww XD

    89. cat

      That joke was AMAZON

    90. T B Central

      The knuckles though🤣 0:31

    91. xXHoney-Milk-BerryXx

      Dog:Hmm...where should I bomb next hooman?

    92. [WUT] Tiffleaf

      Me taking my 10th cart rip of the day

    93. AhmedAO

      I think this is leafy second channel

    94. Seil Epigon

      Remember kids, stay in school, and don't do catnip

    95. MoonlightTheCat

      "Less.... LESS....... SELF CONTROL, PLEASE!!!" Cat: "Less self control? No problem!!!"

    96. StealthySeth 511


    97. Chris Young

      For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    98. Iron Content

      I am convinced. That white fox is melee fox.

    99. JoJo’s Horse

      2:50 why is there a guy recording a guy recording?

    100. The Jack of All Trades

      "This website has videos. You're watching this video." - DDoI