We Played Among Us In Real Life


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    1. JustDustin

      Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video! Click here to start using LastPass and get 40% off through December 8: LastPass.com/JustDustin40

      1. Mariliza Otty


      2. Team Scotty

        @Dragon ,,

      3. Alexcodexx The kinereader

        *I thought it was among us-*

      4. Patricia Halstead

        Why were you can borrow home

      5. Florence Clemons

        Wow play Fortnite with my Pham my user name is King like let’s one V1 him down the one we won who ever wants to only one left one V1 in Fortnite tomorrow by going to get bodied by the way

    2. Katie Bear N

      Lol Zach

    3. Aidan Mac

      At 4:08 Justin said it’s definitely Zach and at 4:11 he is

    4. Owen Marcusen

      I’m subed

    5. Michelle Amos

      JustDustin has got to get to 5mil in at least a month come on people subscribe 😎👍

    6. lelyrobot

      Green thicc

    7. ꞖꜪꜪꝞꞨ

      Wouldve been better if you covered your faces and tied you arms and couldnt talk to eachother during a round

    8. Robbie Tai

      I love how they actually spelled impostor right instead of imposter

    9. Justice tyrelle

      The well-groomed scallion experimentally contain because wealth provisionally stitch toward a classy poison. didactic, abundant test

    10. Tom Birkby

      Bruh why did they give Trent a point for cheating???

    11. Mirna Riveroll

      Is that warehouse where they recorded among us reality show

    12. Landon GarciaTax


    13. James Moncton

      Dud i was playing among us and got the black skin not with the black hat so I bot the hat and pet and suit pack I bot every pack and no black hat so I went with the blue hat the gose back just like yours

    14. Quki

      Oh, wait. So no one dies?

    15. spadan 2808

      Please make more videos with Trent he makes the videos so much more fun

    16. AD Zarco-moreno

      Trent puld a logan pall

    17. EX aka MTN Church_Thecat

      Who else noticed that the colors for the kill animation was off almost all the time

    18. Angel Acevedo

      He’s the only one that doesn’t have deconnatioanatio

    19. Silva Knife Chief

      Decam is not a task lol

    20. Savage Gaming

      Game two Dustin it’s definitely Zac it actually being Zac

    21. Savage Gaming


    22. Marsha Bridgette

      You should play fortnite in real life and shoot each other with paintballs and but like a little fortnite map with bushes and trees and stuff

    23. JAY Bee

      am i the only one who saw in round two when they showed the card everyone looking?

    24. William Talbott

      what about kill cooldown

    25. Aamar Ahmed

      The imposter is purple

    26. Dustin Fearing

      Make a hoddie that says not the wall

    27. Courtney Kingston


    28. MasunM Yt

      Trent is the brain and brawns

    29. killer

      Dustin went like 80miles per hour

    30. Grady Johnson

      Wasn’t there this thing called KILL COOL DOWN

    31. David Espinoza

      This is the best content

    32. mollie Stambaugh

      Trent taking out the thrash 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. Jj Wilson

      Ur last name ia wilson so is mine

    34. Barry Harmon

      Just so you know justin love you justin

    35. Barry Harmon

      Same i wouldn't get bored of it either

    36. Greek Reaper Central

      Damm orange kinda thi... Buff

    37. Strength Cape

      What's that song called

    38. Pouch Nation

      Yo Dustin thank for making my day better

    39. Danny-lee Andrews

      I've always whatched u

    40. JxiceF-

      Bruh I swear these people are literally inside of that one back room

    41. Cole Brown

      5:00 Trent says protein

    42. Torren Love joy

      like how there was no cool down for green lol

    43. Volt812Yt

      7:12 wa that

    44. R3wind

      Bro I was searching dark web then Justin said dark web WOW XD


      Ummm you cant sprint in among us you need to follow the rules

    46. chunnin33

      First anonymous mods, second came proximity chat. Now 16k live action patch.

    47. Biohazard Gaming

      Trent was so smart faking his death and "attending" a meeting dead

    48. MasterEldriel

      this was awesome !!!

    49. David Robitaille

      C'est cool

    50. Timothy Allen

      Checked with 19 Potter

    51. Dale Gourneau

      yo guys are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooool

    52. Chris Ann Carter

      Can i play to

    53. Cameron Rose

      At 2:01 Dustin says WAIT B*TCH

    54. Michelle Prestin


    55. Misha Lyngdoh


    56. Rudra Pendse

      Trent is one pro player

    57. Rudra Pendse

      Trent is one pro player

    58. Ninja Gabe 7

      Dustin you should make another rage room vid i loved the others and i bet alot of others did to

    59. Jared Faria

      wheres kill cool down zach just went on a killing spree

    60. Manny Provost

      are all of your videos sponsored like bruh.

    61. Megan Torres

      Green is impostor

    62. renuka samanali

      Zach is funny he is silly

    63. sadlobb 1

      Trent "protein"

    64. Alfonso Carrillo

      What music do you use

    65. FAoS SOuL

      Have they ever even played among us how did they not sus Dustin and they did for Trent

    66. Rosalind W Williams

      The Imposter supposed to have a kilcoo Down

    67. Megan Davis

      I would like for you to post more please creep up the good work love the vids

    68. Kid Sith101

      Hey my teacher thought me how not to get hacked

    69. Kelvin Manzon

      Among us is really popular

    70. Israel Gonzalez


    71. christian mcquay

      17:48 *it was at this moment Eric knew he f'd up*

    72. Xd Drako

      There should be no running

    73. Orchod Mzdee

      In one week they got 1m views cool

    74. Miguelito Ortiz

      I meant white

      1. United Kingdom

        You know you can edit

    75. Miguelito Ortiz

      Do a whit out wall

      1. United Kingdom

        you know you can edit

    76. Emmanuel Mends

      U should make more of dis

    77. Chris Deacon

      Nice wall JustDustin LOL!!!

    78. الشيخ يويو

      Do another one

    79. Jasper Santillana


    80. Sam Young

      How has this channel been going for this long and I haven’t been made aware of it until recently!?!?! KGup you have failed me....I need to catch up on 4 years of content...let’s get started

    81. amy little

      Yes Dustin

    82. Samuel ML

      Best real-life among us and when they throw them outside first closest thing in among us haha

    83. Drilon Ahmeti

      16:30 lolll

    84. Kurt eron

      I play among us

    85. Raymond Delgado

      trent is the killer no matter what he is the knife

    86. Raymond Delgado

      16:30 he had too do it Almfaooo

    87. Sam Thiele

      is it just me or did he say wait b word go to lastpass

    88. Blac k

      Imposters can’t do task

    89. colin gaming

      is ther even a kill cooldown?

    90. Sparkle.Dragon1011

      You know this vid has so many vews

    91. Shimon biton

      Try to emulate the walk in Among us

    92. Glizzy Man

      Imposters can’t task...

    93. rekkid1 Heri

      You should do a 100 layers of wrapping paper

    94. jake patterson

      What about the giant bouncy ball from a helicopter?

    95. Void YT

      You should do 100 Lallers of watermelons

    96. Pranil Palikhe

      100 layers of flex glue plzzzzz

    97. Jason Martin

      I love your vids 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👋👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    98. Kotik.2.0.

      Скоро а4 сворует это

    99. Helen Jefferson

      100 layers of wood wall ???

    100. Dethronements DCUO

      100 layers of dry wall sound fun and messy