Life of Bradley Martyn

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    Tik Tokers VS KGuprs Social Gloves Boxing Event hosted by Austin Mcbroom, fighting for the undercard of the Bryce Hall/Austin Mcbroom Boxing Event. Find out who gets knocked out and takes the undercard title.
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    1. josias gonzalez


    2. christian.

      Anyone else see nick ireland from ibp in the back

      1. christian.

        At 4:30 btw

    3. Notice

      Nick won that so easy like he should’ve had -20 points because of all those holds on the back on his head so bs

    4. Dylan Starn

      Is it just me or I want to see Bradley and Logan Paul fight

    5. Luis Ochoa

      Somebody knock out fouseytube please! He dont know the first thing about boxing. Hes a fucking groupie always in the mix

    6. martin ortiz

      ryan is good just he to floppy and not flowy and nigga got a glass head

    7. Dane Rambler

      They all so flat footed😂

    8. Jim Johnston


    9. Navar Wick Reed

      Bro wit the tattoos I’m puttin my money on him cause he could Seriously Hurt some one if he wasn’t holdin back on da guys and if u can’t see dat u Tweakin jit🤟🏾🤘🏾💯💯

    10. NovuR6

      So scrappy

    11. Dominic Pitzer

      Brad.... take those things out of your ears fatty, 50 year old man out here.

    12. Junior Reyes

      Bradly Martyn would destroy all of them

    13. Major Production

      Bro Alex wassabi doesn’t have a single drop of athleticism in his whole body lol poor thing

    14. Jerrica Goodwin

      Why is Ryan out here dressed like Nacho Libre?

    15. raiders

      Nick shouldve won against Ryan

    16. Catherine Duran

      When is stromedy and Bryce going to fight they said they were going to fight

    17. Maxx Covely

      Brad looks like a kid in a candy shop from across the ring 🤣

    18. PondHopper !

      Since when is throwing wild and crazy punches with no form boxing 😂

    19. yktrue

      Nick won

    20. Phil Kraus

      This made me respect pro fighters so much more

    21. IamRebel17

      Bruhh they don't know how to box. It's hilarious🤣🤣. Although It looks like they had some training they must have completely forgot the training. But at least they have the balls to get in the ring and fight💯

    22. Drone Review man

      Brad seems like such a good guy!!!! Wish he posted more with Nelk and STEAVE

    23. WyLd RiOt

      wtf is this click bait bradley didnt even fight once

    24. Spencer Burk

      Why was there even a third round for the last fight, nick dominated the first two rounds and he never got KO’d, Nick deserves the dub no question

    25. Christopher Landy

      They have no technical ability what so ever, Alex had 2% ability bro, how the hell his name was in the mix to fight on the KSI cards are a joke haha

    26. Randall Radke

      “I gotta lie I’m really impressed”

    27. Damien Zamora

      Nick won fs they only supposed to do 2 rounds not 3 and Nick with hard in 2nf round bc he thought it was the last round so he was tired at 3rd round

    28. Eskii NZL

      2 fights in and seen street fights cleaner then these brawls 🤣

    29. Riley Richmond

      Be funny see like ksi show up and box some of them

    30. BigDic Hertzer

      Lmao the dude that won had me of the worst forms and was throwing his arms all over and grabbing like crazy.

    31. tiktok mikeakaqt

      Nick won go get ur 200

    32. Dom Leighton

      Pro S on drugs while you were filming this

    33. Cc Laba

      Bradley responded to my dm. Honestly for a big ass guy rich af, he’s so down to Earth. One of my favourite content creators for sure.

    34. Camden Brew

      I wanna see Danny Duncan and Bryce hall fight

    35. I_selloutz _

      As a boxer this is hard to watch 😂

    36. Mr Watto

      Brads only there to get his last knockings of black tar.

    37. ray oakes

      Ryan Johnson was by far the best boxer in this thing, should not even be an argument about this.

    38. Jessica C

      You didn't even give Beau his $200 for losing the bet

    39. Clifford Alexander

      Niko Baby Face must've been dying watching all these kids try and box that dude was signed to golden boy

    40. Nick Salierno

      barely any of these kids know how to fight 💀alex wasabi was decent

    41. REAP illusion

      Ireland boys can’t fight😂

    42. Khan F

      Good Fight 👍

    43. Jeremy Preston Gutierrez

      what the fuck, what kind of weight class LOL

    44. Liam

      Bro this is embarrassing as fuck hshahaha not a single one of them can fight🤣 I’d slap the fuck out of everyone of them on the same day 1 by 1!

    45. playerwun1

      that guy w the beard getting paid for comic relief

    46. Krane

      No weight classes? Also, are there any English subtitles to go with this video?

    47. edjrin

      this is just cringey to watch.

    48. B-Dot Gzz

      How do I join ?

    49. Jacob Lewis

      Yo, Alex is actually really good and not going to lie, i’m a little surprised by his performance. Just shows how hard he’s been working and props to everyone in their because it takes some heart to get into the ring 😂💯

    50. Tyler Murray

      Boxing is simple when your opponent doesn’t hold up a guard.... just jab that man into a broken nose

    51. AXDL44

      Alex Wassabi not bad at all

    52. K Jayanth

      Nice video keep it up make more sense

    53. Naeli

      Tbh I thought Stromedy had improved since his fight with Bryce but... he didn’t listen to people around him yelling to uppercut. BESIDES THAT Alex definitely fought the best.

    54. Tableslaya

      If nick didn’t get gassed out I feel like he could of won

    55. Zane Zugehoer

      Was that Ricky irleand from Ireland boys

    56. TryNextGame •

      No way in hell stromedy beat Bryce 😂😂

    57. Joe Pendleton

      S/O Temecula we out here!!

    58. Sebas R

      bro I’d love to make a bag for boxing people who don’t know how to box 😓

    59. HypnoTV

      Everybody that fought on this could beat ben askren up. Still can't believe people believed ben was gonna beat up jake. 😂

    60. Aaron Lybbert

      Real Men don’t wear ear rings

    61. BrodvTheGoat

      16:50 looks a bit sus falls a second after getting hit

    62. Jesus Mendoza

      Love the vids you make me go to the gym everyday

    63. WSSA WSSA

      When nick Ireland won vs alex Wasabi, Alex for sure could of won but nick was fighting like a high-school freshman Alex couldn't even get a proper punch because of Nick's form

    64. K Brothers

      Bro nick slapped Ryan idk y Ryan won

    65. Brandon fue

      Man you getting old as shit

    66. Merkin Marm

      Dude is strong, picks up a grown man like he was an infant🤣🤣

    67. Rhett S

      U shoulda got ur money nick won. Ryan can’t fight. I’m 15 and can fight better then him

    68. chop boss

      lol I love how everyone’s tryna be a fighter now 😂💀

    69. Steven Martinez

      Wtf was this illegal betting and in house poor boxing Bradley turning into a junkie

    70. Marco

      The last round nick won their was only 2 rounds and they just add a other round NICK win 2-1

    71. C'S Financial

      Not one body shot?!

    72. Da_illezt Lopez

      Unreal ruining lives one video at a time

    73. i_dont_care2023

      Get on the KGupr vs Tiktoker card. I want to see you in a boxing match.

    74. Jay C

      Alex got hands tho. I would like to see him box more.

    75. Rick Avila

      They all look Ridiculous

    76. James Scott

      Wow this generation such a joke they would of never made it through the 90s growing up the way they are these days bunch pussycats

    77. Chisha Emmanuel

      That's great

    78. Dalton Mullins


    79. Ryan Hutton

      Bruh. Wtf did I watch 😂. Ryan whatever, don’t know his name just swinging like a windmill like wtf lmao. None of them knew how to box

    80. Rosyne Music

      if any of them didn’t only just head hunt and hit the body they would win forsure bc guarantee they couldn’t handle a body shot, head gear is there for a reason to ensure you don’t get knocked out at least in most cases. body not protected at all. so it’s hard to watch that they’re just going for the head.

    81. Chadwick Mac

      Fousey looks like a guy who really enjoys doing cocaine

    82. Soulimplexity Gaming

      Are they accurate to size? Or do they run bigger/smaller

    83. Kubze

      They gotta choose cid

    84. Fish Thatcher

      Broooo nick destroyed he should have won in the first two rounds

    85. FREE WRLD

      Ryan sticks that chin all the way out there. Just for future reference. Do you guys fight non youtubers?

    86. Modern

      Wasabi ain't it lmao

    87. Jash 2000

      That aint boxing lmao

    88. Alfonso Simmons

      An no matter how good Alex Wassabi gets I’ll never forget the time he got rocked by a nigga fousey 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 We still love you fousey tube ❤️🙏💯 an of course brad 🤷🏽‍♂️ that’s why I’m on his channel adding this engagement 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    89. Alfonso Simmons

      Ryan was a monster but he still needs some work man I love him as a boxer tho dude 🚫🧢💯

    90. Oscar Mayer

      Vs BIG BOY

    91. Michael Shuka

      It's Crazy to see some of these influencers actually got chops. That slip right at 6:23 was actually text book.

    92. Kristian Keenan


    93. Solaanoo

      If alex wasabi was the most technically sound boxer in this event then the bar is Wayyyyyyyyyy low

    94. vPurxz


    95. vPurxz


    96. Gqd Lik3

      None of these boys have hands

    97. Jermin Sanchez

      Is it me or is brad looking really small lately ?

    98. nick Yep

      So many illegal moves by buddy in the gold

    99. ReZq Monkey

      Those aren’t boxing matching 🤣🤣🤣

    100. DGisfit

      Nick let’s goo🔥🔥