Nasty Bike Night Crash - No Rider Left Behind!


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    SNAPCHAT: DankWheelie
    Do you go to the strip club for food?
    Met a cool dude from Illinois that joined our ride to bike night, he ended up crashing his drz so we pushed him to bike night. I ended the night taking over a grom ride and photogromer kept crashing.
    Photogromer -
    HELMET - Ruroc Atlas -
    "Use Discount code dankwheelie"
    BRAKES -
    Nasty Bike Night Crash - No Rider Left Behind!

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    1. Photogromer

      haha that lot is deceiving. Fun times

      1. G And C Squad Gaming

        Ghh ju una bu auua

      2. Zaid gamer x z x z b

        Fattyvapes 69 United hthttyt

      3. Candice Ricker

        Photogromer ??

      4. Shaun

        Haze reaper xd ref

      5. cordel1234

        no :(

    2. Snake Pliskin

      Road rash club?

    3. Teeradon Narathong


    4. Night Life Gaming

      "No more of that" proceeds to some sick ass rolling burnouts lmfao

    5. EthanCrichton7

      Zack: *hangs out with cboystv* Cboys: Dangg he can ride and wheelie!!! DankWheelie: *hits mad combos and does drifts and doesn’t get noticed*

    6. Michael Williams

      this episode was fire

    7. E boys gang UwU

      Omg ur my favorite youtuber ever I was wondering what ur number was so I could come meet you I love all ur bikes

    8. Cordell Jackson

      Did the guy that fell off the birtbike ok

    9. M K

      Hi love your bikes and I have a dirt bike

    10. G And C Squad Gaming


    11. Kelly Fortner

      I feel bad for him

    12. sam lambert

      Can we ride somtime i live in Edmonton

    13. Steffany Morris

      I like your bike

    14. Breylon Byrd

      The address is Wharton Texas The Meadows

    15. Breylon Byrd

      The address is Wharton Texas The Meadows

    16. Breylon Byrd

      I'm in the bike please

    17. Jaymie Miller

      Brush he getting copyrighted

    18. Dragon Fighter

      Is he ok

    19. Georgine vlogs

      How do you not fall off doing wheelies!!!????

    20. Jax Snyder


    21. Jessica Robinson

      who likes him give me a thumbs up if you like him

    22. Diana Naomi

      My anxiety of the fear from falling and getting hurt went up :> I kept thinking that you would fall

    23. Vampire Bella swan fun stuff

      I’m a girl teenager but I don’t know much about bikes but I just so happen to have a younger brother and he dirt bikes a lot in camp so if I need help with finding a birthday gift when ever it is he well help out on that just so I get him the right stuff and I was the youngest first now he is because he’s 13 and I’m 20 but I know he loves it because I’ve seen what he can do on them and he always ask me did u see that I’m like ya cool but I actually have no clue oops 🙊 but I just smile and just answer him back so he isn’t sad I usually just say if done a trick then maybe ud probably want to do more so I just let him have fun

    24. Brenster Plays

      4:04 Thank me later

    25. GigaTheProtogen

      Testosterone much? Show off, even after your buddy just ate sh*t, your still popping wheelies with no sort of common sense, literally putting your life on the line just to earn a bit of street cred, to prove your better than everyone else. Your self-centered, and are giving sport bikers a bad reputation.

    26. Insert name here

      I legit saw you pass my house I was outside

    27. OverBanned

      My boy drops the bike and bangs it back into place to then continue stunting. I stall on a light and it already ruined my day... Not really, but props dude, you’re super skilled and have taught me of a whole new side of biking to me

    28. OverBanned

      I see that turned off speedo 😁

    29. kyliecub1

      Do you now follagin

    30. twisted turns

      This is why i want a bike i mean jus look at how cool this is

    31. ImNotStalkingYou

      Good thing he had those abrasion resistent flip flops and t-shirt on

    32. Mirthe van Zwol

      6:25 well... That is his password

    33. ToxicJahh

      By the way when they said they goin to the strip club for food you know what it means

    34. Traelyn Miller

      I love your wheels

    35. MayStormRain

      Talk about wasted im a little shocked some people could still walk but other then i know im late but hi (idk)

    36. MyL3g

      I hope the 1% that reads this will follow their dreams and never give up. My dream is to become a successful KGupr.

      1. Andrew W

        Isn't that a contradiction?

    37. Jocosavege7

      The Reson they didint big u was because you didint burn ruber

    38. Rhonda Franklin

      I do you do a backflip on your motorcycle

    39. Antonio Sanchez

      Ik I’m late but “Heavy berthing intensifies” circle wheelie

    40. Alex Dan

      Soo a Front wheelie

    41. OB Rider

      You have to teach me the "Way of the Wheelie" Jedi Knight 🤣

    42. Media_man Rhys

      “Ahhh Jamaica” hahahah

    43. Michael Dela Cruz

      Becareful keep safe

    44. Zoe Shaub

      if his break whent out that happend to my dad he got scuffed up

    45. Umar Naeem


    46. Maddison Van Den Ende


    47. Stonks

      These people crashed harder than windows 10

    48. Moto Fan

      I like the music for the wheely

    49. Stacey A


    50. Spidermanboss96 Spider

      He flopt

    51. Jaxon Preslar

      nothing gets better than dank wheelies

    52. Chihuahua Gaming

      I have the password

    53. Jill Clark

      Show of

    54. Leo Maguire

      Try no hander it only works if you go 20 or higher i promice if you hurt yourself ill play for it😏😏😏

    55. Rita

      Dude how are u shifting?!?!? Teach me your ways kind sir

    56. sevdije zimberi

      Ive always wanted a bike beacuse of youre channel every time i see a video that comes out i always cheek it out beacuse i know its good

    57. Chilled burrito

      Now that’s wat happens wen u squid🙃🙃🙃

    58. Nooby Playz

      U sound like walter

    59. DUB gaming


    60. DUB gaming

      god bich

    61. Eathan Brooks

      what kind of bike does dank have

    62. Fried Chicken_9

      “It’s better food then you’d expect” ahahahah im ded

    63. Ryan Prill

      Where do u get headlights like that

    64. Gromie SeekingKnowledge

      Love that bike you got...dude I have to say your boy is tough as nails.

    65. Beep Boop

      the thumbnail was just a wall of sparks and fire

    66. Julien Escobar

      13:35 vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom 😂

    67. itsYoBoiChan

      I think the guy thought u was trying to steal it lol

    68. Adam Orsby

      how many tires u use a year?

    69. svnskyzz

      4:05 thank me later

    70. Man i

      Yo i got a question are the green lights from your bike legal ? And is this counting under customized bike ?

    71. Aiden Denardis

      7:27 my man dank got six shadows

    72. Lukas Madsen

      what bike is it and what model

    73. Shadowwolf 158759

      Does he realise his speedo isnt working at all? It just constantly says 0mph or 0kph whatever he uses

    74. Fat Nagger

      What bike is that

    75. Paradox

      What bike is that?

    76. Sky Playa

      anybody know what bike hes riding

    77. Alfred Mcmyer

      Lol i almost got ran over 13:47 😂

    78. BRONCOS4EV

      dank just wanted to say when im having a bad day i watch you and you make my day better

    79. JoyStickDad

      7:30 whos else got dizzy

    80. Sebe Christian

      Props for going back and pushing him to bike night. Subbed

    81. Daonlysquirrel

      6:28 hehe I saw your password

    82. The Nsomba

      I can’t find the snap

    83. BlazeOctane44

      Ride like idiot thats what u get

    84. Armo45 Gaming

      Falls off picks it back up smacked the handle bar back in place and continued to ride for that u get a sub

    85. TheExpendable1

      Damn... that crash was almost exactly the same as the one I had a few years ago. Your buddy was lucky that his leg got out of the way before his bike came down. I wasn't so lucky my bike landed on my leg. I got up took a step and realized my leg was broken. Haven't had the courage to get to balance point since

    86. Kricket & Space Bun

      Love the bike man.

    87. jeff edwards

      Bad butt road rash,,,,

    88. Darkwrld __

      You’re the reason why ima get a bike

    89. Zhambiii


    90. Red-Dog7

      change your iphone passcode lmao

    91. Josiah Hannan

      going to a strip club for food is like watching porn for the story....we all know what your really doing

    92. Jarred Robertson

      your paint job is sick

    93. SMMotoboq

      that pic at 9.26 thats hot AF bro hot damn !!

    94. Juliana Astorga

      12:41 Don’t Look at It 😂😂

    95. Irfan

      ive seen lots of riders out there but dank is my fav fo eve 💕🍭

    96. Christopher M

      Bro click baited ?

    97. Robert Hillberry

      Wow you should put a pull away kill switch on there b4 you harm that motor

    98. Jackk

      what bike are you riding

    99. Pop Smoke top shotta

      That was a mad night


      I like that. Really helping a fellow rider after falling. 😱😱