Watch the Ingenuity helicopter's first flight on Mars


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    Humans just made history: flying an autonomous helicopter on another planet, more than 100 million miles away.
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    1. Claire Reilly

      Genuinely excited to see what comes after this! Do we: A) Send these helicopters to new planets to explore even more? or B) Perfect this technology so I can get my own Mars Jetpack?

      1. SPN

        This is all recorded in a studio on earth...and no I don't think the earth is flat.

      2. Mark Giles

        @Moon Rocks How is it that you can see an object when you shouldn't due to the curvature of the Earth? Let me guess, it's a mirage.

      3. Clash of clans base defender

        @Wealth boy I think you just need to calm down

      4. Wealth boy

        @Clash of clans base defender watch again my friend.. plz don't believe this non sense

      5. Clash of clans base defender

        @Wealth boy nope lol

    2. John Rettig

      I've said it before and I'll say it again . Test the atmospheric density on Mars by having it's sound recorded then compared to a flight here on Earth . Then record it off at a distance and compare again .

    3. ittegapS Sauce

      alien bacteria on mars be like: *whøöà ďųđę ťhə hűmāņś ăŕē fłýįņğ å ůfø*

    4. vincent lol


    5. Peter Ghenzi

      If the NASA tells the truth all would be different

    6. Ian Taylor

      First there was Covid-19 then there was the Mars Attacks! lol

    7. Ian Taylor

      Aliens are like who would have thought these human species would try and go back to the same planet we rescued them from. lol

    8. Ian Taylor

      Awesome but that NASA logo animation is so 1985. Let me know if I can help!

    9. Dharaneesh Prasad

      True Achievement by NASA...

    10. Витя

      Credit for the helicopter has to go to Sikorsky.

    11. Eve

      I love this

    12. Grig V.

      She is delusional. So you all are. This proves nothing. need NASA official proofs

    13. justanotherguy

      The EBEN's did it first.

    14. Hybrid Radiance

      No Obstacles in MARS. An Autonomous drone will be easy to fly !

    15. roger smith

      Arizona hasn't changed much since I was last there apart from cleaning up the empty coke cans.

    16. Frederick Johnsen

      Amazing! Rocks from the top. This gives a whole other perspective on rocks.

    17. Lonely Homie

      This is ka 50 , ka 52 , ka 28 chopper

    18. Red Tcha

      Hollywood movies ...

    19. L Marin R

      where's her top lip do not show her face again please

    20. samuel james

      nice camera cameraing the helicopter. Where is the second camera to watch the helicopter??

    21. David Davids

      it appears that lots of people think that 'flight'* is Possible, in a near Vacuum. IT'S NOT.!!!!!!!!! ( * other that via the use of reaction thrusters ) googletranslate

    22. David Davids

      WHEN nasa has EXPLAINED to my satisfaction, HOW this can Happen, i will start to be less Skeptical, about the truth of this Fantasy.!!!!! googletranslate

    23. Peacemaker Official


    24. jayanth kumar chintu official

      Her lips are the coolest!

    25. BoFab

      humans cant keep our trash under control on earth and now were spreading it all over the galixy yay humans instead of billions on a toy helicopter why dont we try to clean up places like india? humans really do suck

    26. BoFab

      your mouth movements really trip me out claire. made it hard to watch this video akward

    27. Eliot HD

      not Wrigt brothers, Santos Dummond

    28. CCW Noob

      Why does she keep showing her stupid mug?

    29. Denrasier Jamiul

      Wow nice❤👍 NASA Is the best ☝No.1

    30. James Picazo

      well woopty fuckn doo👏

    31. Jill A Rivkin

      Can you read see this?.

    32. Dave Chupp

      I would have put money on it that the rotors couldn't spin fast enough to lift. Amazing! I too am looking forward to experiencing the data it collects.

    33. Rocketryman

      Ringlight distracting.

    34. bob bob


    35. /////////

      But there is no atmosphere

    36. J Moeketsi

      Bunch of lies

    37. Andrew Delaney

      Is it mars?or in America in a desert somewhere?


      Great piece of engineering but isn't an 'oxygen only' atmosphere a not so good thing ? Also, how would the carbon monoxide be stored. We certainly wouldn't want to breath a carbon monoxide/oxygen mix. Conspiracy theory version: Let's make Mars habitable so we can build an arc ship and leave all the less rich behind. Actually you would need to make space for lesser people because a slave class would be required. Can you imagine the uber rich and powerful taking orders from each

    39. MRD


    40. Guy DeGregg

      "Lifted into the air" What air?

    41. Good Stuff

      Great video, but a "black and white camera on the bottom of Ingenuity"? I guess NASA only had access to 1970's cameras for the mission 😂.

    42. Jimmie Dean

      Still using counter rotating props. How quaint.

    43. Tim Morris

      Hey Elon Musk, when you're looking for a voice for your onboard computer I believe Claire would be your girl

    44. Andres Chusan

      The original 'Total Recall' was more believable than this hogwash

    45. Ajit Pani

      What is the technical difficulty of a helicopter that fly over Mars and go on research on Mars surface . Why N.A.S.A has not developed helicopter to fly on the Mars surface .

    46. Edson F Cordeaca

      The drone is practically autonomous because there is a huge delay of 7 light minutes so becoming impractical to drive it remotely. I guess it's something strange to fly a drone in a nearly vacuum atmosphere.

    47. Tim Wilkins

      Incredible images being sent back to earth! I've been fascinated with space since I was a kid growing up 40 miles away from Cape Kennedy. I watched all but one of the Apollo missions. Continued success with the missions to mars. Thanks to everyone at NASA.

    48. royalspin

      It's sort of odd that the shadow of the rover has an angle and yet the shadow of the drone stays in one spot below it even as it's rising up in the sky and looks very defined even though there's less light on Mars .

    49. matthew realm

      They should ask DJI to do the job.. haha

    50. eden brid

      That proof there is air

    51. Obaida Shafai

      i thought outer space should be black!! or was it black only on the moon? perhaps it will be pink on Jupiter, what a load of BS

    52. Gregory Ross

      What’s amazing is that it’s ONLY been a little over 100 years between the first flight on earth and the first flight on Mars


      *Well ... There goes the neighborhood.*

    54. Herculydia

      There's an awful lot of angles and zooming on that craft. I smell a skunk. I think it was filmed in Burbank.

    55. Rav Raj

      Leave behind a covid vaccine there.... Elon may need it.

    56. PRIVATE SECTOR 042

      Filmed in the Mojave Desert.... On earth 😑

    57. Tommy 2pieceYa

      Real quick beamed a software update from Earth, she says, lol....Yeah, NASA can do some impossible stuff and these impossible things are pretty easy to accomplish, when it's all bulshit.... You're beaming software updates, from Earth to Mars and yet we still can't get decent internet, because we're a mile outside of town and 75 yards from our nearest telephone pole... They could literally tell the American people, that they've built condos on Mars and they're sending people to live there, via teleportation and as long as it came from NASA and they put it on TV, most people would believe it..

    58. D Beaulieu

      Interesting how there is no visible dust kicked up by the rotating blades

    59. Darren Hollebone

      This is awesome but aren't we just littering more planets?

    60. Brandon Smith

      The old me wishes this were true.

      1. James

        It is true....

    61. khana mai

      Very mazing nasa researcher why they dont test bring the little nimal dog or deer let them outside see the can live out air then human can live there

    62. Kent Hanna

      Why do they call it a helicopter. It doesn't look like any helicopter I've ever seen. It looks like a drone

    63. José Mendieta

      "Ounces"??? :D You silly Gringos! ;)

    64. LordArgoth

      What we need now is a advanced humanoid robot that can be controlled from earth via virtual reality. NASA could save alot of money by not sending humans into space directly eg no need for food or life support systems. Ships could be smaller just to accommodate humanoid drones. NASA look into this!

    65. Antonette Garcia

      Love it! Enjoy seeing more in the day's coming!

    66. Felipe Torres Delgado

      Quien le saco el video si no hay nada amas que ese vehículo, que alguien me explique.

    67. Рожденный в СССР

      Очередной «полет на луну»?!🧐 Только уточните пожалуйста: это снималось где-то в пустыне Невада, или не стали заморачиваться и по старой, доброй традиции использовали павильон Голивуда?😉

    68. Roger Beaird

      Yuma az🤣😂😂😃

    69. Roger Beaird

      Looks like arizona 🤣😅😂😅😅

    70. Robert Banister

      Geezus. You need to fix your camera lighting, so that you don't look like an alien, with those little white circle's in your eyes.

    71. Eggbut Nobacon

      Did she have more teeth than the average human?

    72. Owen Downs

      No NASA have not landed nothing on Mars because they can't even get out of her own atmosphere please wake up you seem quite an intelligent person don't just keep listening to Nassau just because you think they're high authority they talk absolute s*** space is in your imagination my love we've never been to the moon we've never step foot out of our atmosphere please wake up please I feel so sorry 4 people like you we've not got many level-headed people on earth anymore please come back to us and use your brain cuz people who believe in NASA and in Mars of land in helicopters on it and all that haven't got a brain

      1. Codger

        Neil Armstrong had a saying for people like you... 'His mothers one small moment with a stranger made one giant idiot for all mankind'..

    73. Herson Lamolli

      My country is the power of space

    74. Cricket Latest 2

      Aliens in mars be like.. bro do u see that ufo

    75. Mike Michael

      Update what? 4G...helicopter... 🤣🤣

    76. nieooj gotoy

      This first flight is nothing short of spectacular! NASA earned their keep many times over with this one.

    77. hara nath

      If it is genuine, Then the technology is awesoooooome

    78. Douglas White

      Maybe someday a private company will land a bunch of helicopters on Mars and sell private citizens the remote control where we all can explore Mars. I’m dreaming but wouldn’t that be neat!

      1. nieooj gotoy


    79. Abinash Videoz

      odd looks by black t-shirt

    80. Fzoid Vamp

      I think they found the city of light, which Jaha always mention.. 🤔

    81. James Choudhury

      Bright hope of future inter planetory travel, using solar power.

    82. Miguel Echavarría

      Amazing!!!! Do we have satellite orbiting mars?

      1. Codger


    83. Edson F Cordeaca

      why doesn´t the drone´s shadow move and diminishes while the device is getting higher and lifting vertically? When an object casts a shadow on the ground ad it gains height, the shadow tends to diminish its size, the opposite happens when it lands, Why does it propel dust in one scene and in the other there is no sign of dust?

      1. science works in mysterious ways

        uh-oh, dont start asking questions. theres zero chance a copter of any kind is working in a near vacuum right there. i wonder how devon island is doing?

    84. Mark Giles

      Why is the landing video at a high frame rate and the video coving what is happening on the surface of a low frame rate?

    85. Mark Giles

      Isn't the claim that the first powered flight was by the Wright Brothers a disputed claim?

    86. Noor Khan

      So we have a conclusion that Mars has some air.....

    87. J H

      Anyone else think this is just New Mexico or some place on earth

      1. science works in mysterious ways

        the vid is taken down but theres a great video of a comparison to devon island greenland and nasa's mars stuff. its interesting for alot of reasons but devon island is where nasa says they train all this stuff for mars. except the land matches pixel for pixel lol

      2. science works in mysterious ways

        its devon island

    88. Teresa Wells

      Yes I would love to here more of what all comes about on the planet Mars!

    89. rcarlisi63

      looks like Arizona....................

      1. science works in mysterious ways

        the vid was taken down. ive looked for it for other comments on this vid. if someone has it, i will def link it.

      2. science works in mysterious ways

        @Codger that was really stretched thin. how about, 'mom's walk with a man...led to' etc. idk, something like that.

      3. Codger

        @science works in mysterious ways top candidate for the Neil Armstrong quotation award... his mothers one small moment with a man made one giant idiot for all mankind..

      4. science works in mysterious ways

        its devon island greenland. the vids taken down but im lookiin for it. theres a ton of comments thinkin the same as you. nasa practices in devon island but people proved pixel for pixel that the "mars" nasa shows is where they 'train' in greenland

    90. SonicMasterLB

      The Wright brothers: So, where is the last piece of our plane? Nasa: Oh yea, it's on Mars. The Wright brothers: Oh, ok. Wait WHAT?!!

    91. Transcending Authenticities

      So when do the Americans go to mars.. After they destroy the planet earth 🤔

      1. science works in mysterious ways

        its global. rockefeller, rothchild, standard oil, jp morgan, carnegie? east india trading co.? all global. they got inside america like every other country. stay strong an hang in there.

    92. Explore iT screen....This is teatr for.....people who trust completely in TV propaganda

      1. Codger

        the only CGI around is you ...Complete Gigantic Idiot ....get it.....

    93. Philos Rapper


    94. alphabet.soup

      Her pupils are creepy.

    95. Tuukka

      How about those rodents in Mars? Still there?

    96. Tuukka

      What's the point in this? There is only a camera in that chopper.

    97. Vodka Tonic

      I miss the days when they use to tell us Mars was red. LOL

    98. Vodka Tonic


    99. Jay Graham

      Simply breathtaking

    100. The Rodriguez's

      That's amazing😊