TOP 5 Catches - Fish of a Lifetime, Records Broken and Tears

Scott Martin

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    These Top 5 moments are what fishing is all about. From Catching the Biggest Bass of your life to memories with your kids that they will never forget. This video shows you some of the most amazing moments of 2018. I truly am excited that most of you got to share these moments with us and we are looking forward to another fun year full of some crazy and amazing moments.
    Thank you for sharing this video...See y'all soon!

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    1. dalton davis

      Come to Conroe, TX, you’ll get a new pb

    2. Dylan Mclemore

      i caught one that was 9.3

    3. Carolina shooter 1982


    4. Dylon Zimmerman

      the smile says it all

    5. Guy Venuti

      Dude! When are you gonna pick up a fly rod and do some bone fishing in the Bahamas?

    6. Linda unbehaun

      Scott " I dont know what to say" Scott 2 seconds later "KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA"

    7. Jakewagner87

      Don’t cheat in tournaments lol. Nice fish.

    8. Samicle X

      Why do all fisherman sound like they just orgasm lol

    9. Hunting and fishing with mason dev

      I’ve colt a 9.6

    10. rednek 45

      I caught a 12.3

    11. Gavin M

      3:15 ur welcome

    12. Bearded Texan

      Lake fork to get thatnew pb

    13. Mikey Oaks

      My grandfather caught a 12.9 it was amazing

    14. Matt Bradley

      #3 really #1 totally get that!! That was an awesome video.

    15. Preston Bozeman

      Man this is awesome. I wish I could be like you.

    16. James Schnell

      That was really awesome seeing you with your daughter catching that bass!

    17. Chad Smith

      Awesome video Scott! Your daughter was on point man! She was a step ahead of you every

    18. Randy Thomas

      Love the vid of you and your daughter! A moment both of you will never forget.

    19. Layton Casey

      A good lake to catch a 17 pounder is caddo lake in Texas

    20. Jacob Schmidt


    21. Charles Owens

      What a high caliber man

    22. Shane Kraft

      12.14 actually

    23. Miller's Baits

      Nice catches👍

    24. Eli Hinton

      You talk to much

    25. Ellis N Orlando

      Gr8t video of some F*%$ing monsters . Bro ? Did you Kaa Kaww ? LOL But to see baby girl land the hog "Priceless" ! Dad I started leaking too. She will NEVER forget that ! EVER !

    26. Thomas Chavis

      Love all your video keep on fishing

    27. Steven Fair

      I love seeing you get people hooked on fishing

    28. Steven Fair

      Dude you daughter caught my pb plus a few pounds

    29. Jay Felix

      #3 my #1. Got two daughters myself; no need to explain. My eyes watered soon as I saw that rod fold. Excellent set.

    30. Adolf Hitler

      I wish u can see the actual size but they hold it 20 feet in front of them

    31. Brycen Hill

      I like u Scott and I like fishing and I'm 15 and I catch 5 almost every year any kind of fish I love fishing

      1. Brycen Hill

        5 pounds

    32. Andrew Fisher

      I love it

    33. Bradyn Powell

      I love. Your vids

    34. Heidi Lancaster

      Why am I up at 4:30 watching year old fishing videos

      1. Alex W

        Heidi Lancaster Because Covid 19 *currently **3:52*

    35. Bass Fishing sa

      My profile Pic is not my pb

    36. Bass Fishing sa

      South africa my pb is 9lb

    37. MB Crappie

      Can you please make a video talking about how to start competitive fishing.

    38. Eli FishingTV

      This is why your a pro

    39. Matthew Hostler

      I was 8 pounds 6 ounces when I popped out

    40. doubleclick336

      14'6 PB NC bass!

    41. Ketch Johnson


    42. penut853 gaming

      I know a lake full of 15+ pounders in floral city , florida but it's really dangerous all the bank is just floating clumps of mud and weeds that don't stay in place , there are huge gators , and it's only accessable by kayak or canoe

    43. William Wahl

      How hard was it to become a pro fisherman

    44. Astro Isaac

      I’m following on Fishbrain

    45. Jayden Allen

      I love u Scott

    46. Drew Huddleston

      Why cant all of my big fish catches go like these? Hooked probably a 9+ on a bed around some brush and she got into the brush and snapped me off. True heartbreaker and for sure a pb

    47. Aiden McNeelege

      If you wanna catch a big one come down to Texas and go fish at squaw creek. It’s a lake just off of a nuclear power plant.

    48. Revoke Asher

      You are the best fishing channel out there u can’t find a lot of tubers like u

    49. Autumn Hardy

      I caught a 10.6 in a pond

    50. Margaret Moss

      Can you come to smiths station al and fish at lake harding and make a video of it

    51. Randy Cooper

      10lb my pb

    52. SlimeTime Fishing

      i caught a 8.25 when i was like 13 with a watermelon red fluke and had it right next to me looking at it in the water and saw his bucket of a mouth come from the bottom and watched him eat it,still my PB tovthis day and im 23😂and i remember it like it was yesterday,hope i can have the relationship u have with your kids when im a dad one day👍cant wait to meet u one day and hopefully go fishin,!!

    53. Cutter Stevens

      I am sad she chaght a 10 and I catch 6s

    54. Cutter Stevens

      I am sad she chaght a 10 and I catch 6s

    55. Cody Choate

      Come down to Tennessee let’s get some fishing in

    56. Herbert Urlahs

      #3 for sure! the way u were right there coaching Hilary along while.letting her do it on her own was priceless brother!!!

    57. Dayton Lawson

      Humble love it

    58. Keagan Barratt

      Go to Letsiboko in Botswana. Mteri in Zimbabwe or Darwendale in Zimbabwe.

    59. Christopher Curtis

      In 2012 , took and catch 6 pound Largemouth Bass on Smith Mountain Lake in Franklin County off of Hardy Rd Virginia

    60. Christopher Curtis

      How to flip a Jig it’s new to me it would be a big help that you could do a video on it on KGup

    61. Christopher Curtis

      For Freshwater fishing was a few lures that are good for big Bass in the early Spring time Bass Fishing?

    62. Shawn Beck

      Scott watching your childrens faces when hitting their bass and reeling those big bass in. Is the best video's that I have seen to date. It shows the next generations how fun bass fishing with a family member really is! Great job! To all. Shawn

    63. Adrin Woods

      She 1st time catch big bass.good job.👍✌

    64. Randy smith

      Awesome video

    65. Jim Snyder

      You are truly blessed!

    66. Edward Rendon Fishing

      Scott Martin 12.2 congrats. Come back to Austin Texas and we can fish lady Bird Lake. We have biggins.

    67. BaitTheHook

      She sets the hook better than most of my buddies 😂😂😂😂

    68. Ken Jones

      Scott you are an amazing Dad/kid friendly

    69. Anthony Kirkland

      What type of reels do you use just wondering

    70. Cotton Hill

      My biggest bass is 4.9

    71. Cotton Hill

      My biggest bass is 4.9

    72. Iowa Bassman

      Merry Christmas you jive Turkey's! Good luck on the opens next year

    73. Jhon Norte'

      Lol "I got to lip it."

    74. Douglas Mack

      Scott, ThankYou and Roland For bringing us the Great Florida Bass fishing! WE live up in Massachusetts AND have never caught Monsters like that. My ON LMB is 5.6 on a big Topwater plug at a private pond! Thanks again

    75. Caitlyn Robinson

      I'm 11 and my personal best large mouth bass is 6.34 lbs

    76. Ethan Corsbie

      I sure know the feeling, my dad caught a 13.5, while I didnt catch it, I can rest asure I So exciting. My best so far is 9.5 and believe it or not right outside my doorstep in a small pond at my condo. I am looking for that double that I have retired from the Coast Guard its time to focus and look for that double digit!!!

    77. Philip Thomas

      Thank you bud and thank you for the awesome video

    78. ZCoffey

      love some fishing videos, keep crushing it!

    79. Jasper Davis

      Mine was 8.5

    80. Fly Fishing SW Alberta

      I want a Fishbrain hat, what's a guy from Canada got to do to get one please.

    81. hood nukkah hood river

      Mexico has monsters

    82. jazzusedo


    83. Hello

      My pb was 11.55 so basically 11 1/2 pounds yeah huge

    84. Austin Marshall

      Mexico lol

    85. Kevin Hunter

      loved the one with Hillary

    86. gtaylor7622

      Go and Meet up with the Tacticalbassin on the west coast

    87. Dvj Luna

      My personal best large mouth bass weighed in at 8 pounds 3 oz. I caught it using live bait.

    88. Matt Cariglio

      #3 was super awesome! I have 2 daughters and they wont fish with me and I ask I cried watching that! Soooo jelly.

    89. Holden Deweese

      can I go fishing with you I love to fish

    90. Freddy G

      Scott Martin you are the best of the best Sir! Thank you for all your knowledge!

    91. Chai tern

      Theres a lil place in California called lake mcclure that connects to mcswain, next to it barretcove that connects to horseahoe bend, story has it theres double digits and there are even people who where caught illegally using trout as live bait for these double digit bass.

    92. Matthew Du Rand

      South Africa. Albert falls Dam.

    93. Stephen Graves

      🥂!! Great as always....

    94. South Fork Outdoors

      18:44 the net master 🤘😂

    95. Eddie Ray Cantrell

      42 thumbs down? 42 idiots

    96. Tom Collier

      My P.B 9.4 What a day . I've been so lucky this year caut 5 7.6 multiple times

    97. X7rainy Fn

      I have caught a 9.7 pounder on a baby zoom spinner bait in March on a small lake in south Carolina

    98. buckyou84

      It's a joy watching your videos. Gain some knowledge, get some laughter, and enjoy your faith. Would be really awesome if I could get the chance to go fishing with you. Love bass fishing and do it as often as I can, but never been out on a nice bass boat with top of line equipment. Heck, I go out in a canoe I paid $80 for. Lol. Maybe I should post videos of that bad boy. Lol

    99. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Tuscaloosa Alabama Scott Martin treyhicksiii old boy little boy 👶1234 treyhicksiii

    100. marc k

      That was my favorite when Hillary cought her first monster bass that's my favorite.