"Time Warp"

Tenacious D

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    It’s astounding… time is fleeting… and the 2020 election is here. Time to ROCK-Y THE VOTE! And remember: it's just a jump to the LEFT, and not a step to the right!
    Edited By: Taylor Stephens
    Song Written By: Richard O'Brien
    Special Thanks To Lou Adler
    Jack Black: Vocals
    Kyle Gass Vocals
    John Spiker: Producer, Mixer, Bass, Additional Piano & Background Vocals
    John Konesky: Electric Guitar
    Scott Seiver: Drums
    Will Herrington: Piano
    Jessie Payo: Background Vocals
    Thanks to all the incredible people who made cameos in the video!
    (In Alphabetical Order)
    Eric Andre
    Ezra Miller
    George Takei
    Ilana Glazer
    Jamie Lee Curtis
    John Heilemann
    John Waters
    Karen O
    King Princess
    Mayor Pete Buttigieg
    Michael Peña
    Phoebe Bridgers
    Reggie Watts
    Sarah Silverman
    Senator Elizabeth Warren
    Susan Sarandon

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    1. BR 22

      Jack Black. Please play with this band kgup.info/get/em6Jm6HTmpFqbIc/video

    2. Pedro R

      0:53. OMG Susan Sarandon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    3. Nova Kobra

      this would have been fun if not for the sad Paedowood leftie propaganda...

    4. Phillip Marlowe

      I didn't realize how much JB sounds like Richard Obrien.

    5. Tiffany Nonella

      Thanks for politicizing a beloved song. Also, thanks for telling me to vote for socialism. I really appreciate it.

    6. Goose

      hey jack, i was just wondering if i could play your music in the background of my streams?

    7. Alex Davies

      Love you guys so much

    8. Motleycristo

      Thank you Jack Black for bringing the soul, energy and craziness to this song. You nailed it like no other have. You're friggin crazy and I love it.

    9. Ocean's Myth

      I feel like Jack would make a good Beetlejuice, just with his insanely expressive and generally crazy nature/attitude, which was shown especially in this video.

    10. Bearded Budtender

      The should make this into a movie

    11. nwoinfonews.com

      Feeling good until i saw Fakeahontis

    12. Lucas Modena

      Thanks guys, it's always so good watching your videos and forget about the stress of daily life!

    13. Mila Andersson

      02:37 is that peaches😱😱😱😱

    14. maarten is drowning

      I swear jb is crazy as a doorbell🤣 i love it and same

    15. Adventure Roads Motorcycle Magazine

      This would be good if they didn't fill it with libtard politics.

      1. James

        It's just a jump to the LEFT

    16. Maxime Dervaux

      Say, any of you guys know how to madison ?

    17. Jason Lynn

      This is gonna sound weird af but Jack’s exposed stomach was just mesmerizing

    18. Cam J

      "It's just a jump to the LEFT, and not a step to the RIGHT.".... I see what they did there.

    19. Johann GOTTEHRER

      Jack Black is so cool

    20. Dave Hofmann

      I just had a capital idea! 🤓 You guys should totally D--ify the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme song!

    21. Lee Partridge

      Thank you! Lmao that was excellent

    22. Theodosios-James Xylos

      I thought 1.54 was Adam Driver

    23. KIDROCK609 VZLA

      HAHAHAHAHA 2175 are frustrated cos jack is an actor , is a musician too and does it better than them hahahahaha

    24. Magritte et mon couteau

      Exactly what we needed : two bearded Karens wanting to bring back USSR

    25. melkfett12

      wow great...we need more....

    26. Jay Parmo

      is that you, karen?

    27. Gui Costa

      We need a this. Can’t wait!

    28. Wintry Cal


    29. Arthur Araújo

      Seriously, I just can’t stop listening this song in Spotify. I think I have a new favorite!

    30. Jumana Pearl

      I love Tenacious D, the fun energy these guys bring is just phenomenal. Brings back good memories this song does. :D AWESOME!

    31. Paul Harvill

      What a relief from the Liar in Chief.

    32. MegF

      2:03 Thumbs down for the unnecessary cursing.

    33. dragon31206

      tenacious kings of the D

    34. AlexReynard

      Was enjoying this until it became an incredibly lame political stunt.

    35. Andy B

      Notice that the only complaints about the politics are coming from the haters and the losers?

    36. E- Brin

      Put it o 1.25x speed and its even better

    37. Yasmin Lua Azul

      KG looks like a karen!

    38. Reuben Joseph Magbanua

      Please let this be the beginning of an all Tenacious D Rocky Horror.

      1. Jeremy Sánchez Brenes

        Can you imagine?

    39. Marc Cawston

      Great cover 🤟 But either drop the politics or get everyone involved. The time warp can bring us together.

    40. Adam Johnson

      Loving Jack as the butler and the celebrity cameos but Kyle as David Spade is best. Lol

    41. War Child

      2:01 Jamie Lee Curtis, is still very beautiful! Where's Meatloaf!?

      1. Moni

        R.I.P. Meatloaf

    42. uuamenator

      psyche begins to crack under lockdown, 2020, colorized

    43. DeAlba 13


    44. Kurama P

      I guess we can say that aint a pro Trump ad.....

    45. Lee Snider

      Both intrigued, and terrified at the same time lol

    46. Gene Smolko

      We won!!!! But the fight is not over my friends.

    47. Dalton Robert Pepple

      Good song bad politics

    48. Joshua Zachary

      *Throws beer glass to the ground* "ANOTHER!"

    49. Lauren Rosales


    50. storm coward

      Gold 100%

    51. PUNKDEATH 345

      I wasn't ready to see jack black and kyle dressed like a.. I don't even know how to describe it

    52. Emma Bloom


    53. José Antonio Román Castellano


    54. Adam Johnson

      This video is a direct representation of why I shouldn't drink.

      1. Eric Kamakeeaina

        If that's what led to this, then its a love letter to drinking

    55. bigrub tocool

      I wish this was not a political video

    56. howzitcal

      KG's Karen wiggie is all we need!

    57. Pat Green

      KG makes a fine Karen.

    58. Jean-Yves Le Guernic

      C'est carrément puissant ! Excellent ! Bravo !

    59. Joe Gold

      JB's vocals on this are DOPE

    60. Billy Roberts

      TRUMP 2020!!!

    61. Billy Roberts

      I absolutely love Tenacious D, but hate how Jack Black supports Joesiphilus Biden. The demoratic party are full of cheating crooked douche bags who hate America. Thought Jack was better than that...

    62. Aaron Rebmann

      Appreciate it, also enjoy this video, but calling JB a jump to the left is a bit of an overstatement.

    63. RyDeR_H00k!

      god damn.... more of this.... plz.....

    64. reid ob

      Jack Black still trying to be funny ........................

    65. Brian Smidt

      Loved seeing buttgieg, Warren and ehatd his name from adult swim

    66. Brian Smidt

      Who is that at 1:54...iknow for a fact I've seen him before

    67. Kappin cupcakes

      I thoroughly enjoy Jack's astounding energy throughout this whole thing

    68. sierra vans

      An absolute masterpiece.

    69. Flyinglizard_nah

      Anytime jack black does something it automatically makes it better

    70. Call Me Phantom

      You know, I actually liked Tenacious D but then they had to get all political. Good cover! But I'm upset that they brought politics into it.

    71. Joe Aline

      Why'd they skip Magenta's verse?

    72. Emik Tuigildin

      РУССКИЕ ВЫ ГДЕ???????????????

    73. Test lab

      Кайл в парике неузнаваем :)

    74. Hayden Carpenterr

      Pete contributed to Tenacious D, I knew my support was correct

    75. Hayden Carpenterr


    76. Mark Driscoll

      I just wish all political messages were done this tastefully and funny

    77. 9 LizaDay

      Jack is less of a Riff-Raff and more of an Eddie. Sing Hot Patootie, for the peanut gallery, Jack!

    78. Sean Estes

      Thank You Jack Black & KG for all the positive energy you put out! You'll always be one of the Greats 🤪

    79. MrMrNevets

      Hey jack i know time warp is the pop song everyone knows but please could you do an acoustic cover of “light over frankenstein’s place” honestly its a better song that ti e warp

    80. Lisa and fam

      F*ck yes!!!!!

    81. Mitch Gibson

      I just realized they’re saying, “and not a step to the right” clever.

    82. Damion W

      I just watched this movie completely for the first time last night, and I gotta say, it was WEIRD.

    83. Joseph Madera

      Nice try democratic party your genjustu won't work on me I'm too stoned and weird to brainwash.

      1. FreakyNinja

        Nice! I will be to on Wednesday.

      2. Joseph Madera

        Also my real last name is madara that might have something to do with it.

    84. FXNITO

      I fkn love JB 😍❤️

    85. I see it like this I feel like

      Really? You needed to bring politics into it. The whole world is over your politics, USA.

    86. Mark Dieffenbach

      Haha funny I just commented on another video we need tenacious d to make a come back and than I found this. Hell yeah boys.

    87. Andrés Pérez

      This is soooooo awesome!

    88. Dan Marsh

      Kage looks like my 8th grade teacher

    89. readheadkz

      I love this so much, I just listened to it on Nov 21. I remember seeing Rocky Horror at the midnight movies over & over. Good times.


      KG makes android 18 cosplay!!!

    91. Chubbybunny

      This is what I needed today. The D!!!

    92. Ben Dover

      The last rock band standing

    93. Paul

      Why in this version it's "not a step to the right"? Hope it's not political :p

    94. Tc Ac

      Christopher Biggins

    95. Czar 24 Productions

      But like... are we not gonna give any love to the cutie playing bass and also singing??

    96. Cephas Wright


    97. Saint Jimmy

      That was awesome! Now do Meatloaf, bat outta hell!

    98. Space-Man Gympy

      Never before have I ever needed something so badly in my life, and not known about it.


      Yo what’s up Reggie ??

    100. User 777

      Red vs Blue=trash country Republic Vs democrat also i like you bye shit song tho.