Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


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    With conspiracy theories about coronavirus proliferating, John Oliver discusses why we’re prone to believe, how to distinguish fact from fiction, and what you can do to help others.
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    1. Gratitude Always


    2. Gratitude Always

      Stupid conspiracy theory is that JFK Jr. is still alive and was going to replace Pence as his VP.

    3. JW

      13:16 The guy lost his wife to the virus

    4. whatit isn't

      There are no such thing as facts if everyone has their own.

    5. Vlad Avram

      There was a section there at 19:08 with just a black screen, I don't get it

    6. Andrew Zeitler

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    10. Paul Fagan

      Yes, because a lot of "trusted news sources" all claimed Iraq had WMD's...

    11. Paul Fagan

      You know you can spread shit around a room although its flat surfaces and square though...

    12. Macarena Eguillor

      Officials now say positive cases are 90% false and most that died and were marked as covid deaths didn't actually die of covid. Who's the nut case now?

      1. general kasper


    13. Aisa Fahimi

      I want Adele to sue every single person involved in that first video for all they have

    14. Laura Brown

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    15. Petit Garçon

      Be honest Dude, you're one more pawn who goes with your spade and mask group to the middle of the woods to venerate bulls and owls.

    16. ACD Hipnose

      Another thing John left out is that believing in a conspiracy creates a feel good sensation that *you know something others don't* or that you're in into *a secret*. It's another reason why it can be so hard for people who believe in one to "get out". But the biggest challenge is that zero out of ten people like to admit they're wrong or believed in a lie, doubly so because they turn the belief into part of their own self, so to speak, so, to them, attacking the theory is a personal attack.

    17. Nermin Huseinbašić

      I came to read comments here.

    18. This is God

      Corona virus is the new std of the world... Std board meeting: HIV: welcome sexual monsters to 2019 pass along revival...we start this meeting due to a dilemma. Herpes: interjects! It’s not our fault, kids these days spend all their time on their parents couch. Hell they don’t even kiss each other anymore...last week I had more pass alongside to robots from Japan then actual skin to skin contact. Syphilis: I used to be known as the love I get passed along to more panties stuck on a nose of some creep then actually enjoying my time with two fucking adults....TOGETHER! HIV: settle down please. We are needing something new. Something that people think is a hoax but gamers can catch even in the safety of their home! DOOR SLAMS OPEN: I hear you need an infiltrator? HIV: who the hell are you? Mysterious figure: I’m your fucking angel.. a god send as you will. I’ve got the halo to prove it. I’ll ensure everyone who is dumb will get it and everyone else will fear it till their loneliness breaks them mentally where your skin to skin contact will not be so worried about by time people loose their shit. People will care more that they need to put a uncomfortable mask on and expose themselves to others just to get a the sheer exhaustion of that process they’ll just say we will pull out.... 2021: HIV...welcome sexual monsters to 2021....Corona virus your strategy worked so well that herpes and syphilis had a baby. So thank you again. Hip hip hurray for corona!

    19. sean sperber

      Rip rush, trump is still the GOAT

      1. Kweldon3

        Nah rush was an ass he's burning in hell. Trump is trash

    20. carol

      1:35 ".. or even created by pharmaceutical industry to sell more vaccine" We didn't even have a vaccine back then yet! 🤦

    21. Karen Abrams

      Prophesy video here. 🥺

    22. FoxHoundV

      Technology has out paced the human brain. I don’t believe ANYTHING unless I see it for it myself and that sucks. I like being proactive not reactive to everything.

      1. Seth Britton

        Technology still has a lot of tells. It's not that great, not yet.

    23. Richard Roberts

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    24. Christopher Cassadine

      Hahahaha! So good! Right on the Mark! I laughed my ass off and learned at the same time. The only thing scarier than the Virus is how many people are believing these Conspiracies. Foaming at the mouth, ready to kill if you even question them! They're like Bullshit Zombies. They don't stop either and instead of Brains it's Believe. 8)

    25. johnson frank

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    26. ShuffleB Demented

      As long as we have paper money, and individuals are allowed to own property. You and your families will be just fine. If the government starts saying, they're going to forgive all your debts, then we will have something to fear.

      1. Seth Britton

        Why are you so scared of a world without debt?

      2. Seth Britton

        ................ ............ ...... ... Why? If debts are forgiven, that's a mass of potential energy suddenly let loose and free in the system to see it expand in a myriad of crazy fun ways.

    27. MCPunk55

      Hm... how odd that all these conspiracies come from the right side of the political isle...

    28. Kieran Tran

      birds arent real and i stand by that

    29. Hyun

      get a life

      1. Akshay Jagadeesh

        Who are you talking to?

    30. screenPhiles

      Whomever produced that video forgot to do a take with John Sena not undressing, which is why it appears he's essentially moving backward.

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      1. general kasper

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    32. Pete laRosa

      Sometimes I hear people talk about conspiracy theories and then they say how ridiculous they are. What that is not a very critical way of thinking. Conspiracy do exist, as an example say two people are working for a business and they plot to take over to business that is a conspiracy. So the question is not due conspiracies exist but which ones are true and which ones are false. To me that is a much more rational way to look at it together the facts on whatever conspiracy theory that you might be interested in and determine by the facts if it is true or not. One thing not to do is just assume that all conspiracy theories are fault or all conspiracy theories are true. I think the fact is that some maybe are true and some maybe our false. So try to shift defaults from the true. God bless you.

    33. Pete laRosa

      Watch time that the truth come out the Earth is not round or flat it is a perfect cube, where do you think they got the idea for the Rubik's cube from, from the Earth well now we finally know the truth. Well I don't really believe that but one thing I would say whether the Earth is round or egg shape or flat or whatever one factory remains true and that is at the Lord Jesus Christ loved you and died for you. No matter what you believe about the shape of the earth you can accept Jesus as your savior. But that just let me add a little extra word here that I do believe that the Earth is round and I believe in modern science. I'm just saying at the most important thing is not to shape of the Earth but if you know Jesus as your savior or not scared God bless you and have a wonderful day.

      1. general kasper

        At this point i’m thinking god is trying to kill us

      2. This channel does not exist.

        If the Earth was a cube, things would be much different.

    34. TJ Acree

      Plausibility and Truth do not always align. I know that the hoax crap was crap. however many conspiracy theories that were highly implausible we're proven to be true and can be read about on

      1. Jackson Glasser

        ​@This channel does not exist. dang got em

      2. This channel does not exist.

        Remember the conspiracy that the The World will end in 2012? No one talks about the ones that turned out to be false.

    35. Patriots Vs Everybody

      RIP Trebek!!! Only thing that could've made that bit better was adding Daryl Hammond's Connery to interject with his points.

    36. Keevacom

      But Paul Rudd is immortal, kinda hard to take health care advice from someone it physically cannot impact. Great message though.

    37. Andreas 90

      Imagine being so American that you need John cena to tell you to THINK

    38. Kacper S

      hahaha to be honest idk if making millionaire celebrities talk about how its not a conspiracy is a good way to make conspiracy theorists believe them.

    39. ArcturanMegadonkey

      This video is more relevant today as it was in July last year! I'm sick and tired of hearing B.S. about Covid just as much I am sick and tired of hearing 911 was an inside job. For those who spread conspiracy B.S. the following is what you need:- FACTS and PROOF! not some B.S. that you saw on the net, don't be such a gullible idiot!

    40. Sergio De Anda

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    41. Laney Holliday

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    42. Stella

      In my opinion, a big part of the problem is this: People who are putting about conspiracy theories these days, frequently do so without offering proof (of course) and if you ask them to prove their claims, they turn this around and say: "Well, there's no proof it's not true!" or something that amounts to the same thing, if you analyse it. And they don't seem to realize that proving a negative is an impossible standard. How are we supposed to prove that something is not the case, and how did we get to the point where people demand that we do that? Time was when anyone forwarding a theory had also to offer proof. And not "It's true until someone can prove to me (in a way that I choose to find convincing) that it's not." Just imagine the following scenario: You are accosted by a stranger. They come up to you and say "You owe me 5000$. I lent you that money and you never returned it." But you don't know that person and you know for a fact that you never borrowed anything close to that sum from anybody, so of course you tell them: "That's not true!" But they say: "Prove that, or I will keep on saying that you do owe me." Imagine they could go to court, and sue you for that sum, without having to prove that you borrowed it. And you'd be found guilty because you can't prove that this did not happen, which is simply impossible to do. So of course, the person who claims they lent you the money, have to prove this. If they can't, you don't have to pay anything. Because no one can be expected to prove that something did not happen.

    43. Jennifer Schmitzkatze

      Why he take his shirt off ... I love it but why ?

    44. python anywhere

      Bye bye mama. lol

    45. Laeiryn

      I follow the pirate's code of conspiracies: "Three can keep a secret if two are dead." The more people required to keep their mouths shut, the less plausible it is - especially if it's the victims and not the perpetrators who have to stay quiet.

    46. Paco Bhangal

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    47. Alex Mint

      I think a lot of people underestimate how much bigotry such as antisemitism informs conspiracy theories, but many of the most popular non-wacky ones are based heavily on blaming minorities for things or making innocent things seem malicious. Conspiracy theories, especially intentionally spread dangerous information(such as David Icke's lizard people nonsense) are responsible for the motives of a very large portion of hate crimes.

    48. Michael Baggett

      wait so i did get charged even tho its dropped... wait am i fucked if i quit my job??

    49. Harry Lerwill

      “He’s enjoying the flames.” So is Rush now....

    50. Dwayne Earl James

      John Oliver is a tool of the new world order. His persona is completely manufactured. His accent isn't even real. He's not even British. He grew up in Boston. I met a guy who went to junior high with him. Don't be fooled people. It's dangerous. Alex Trebek died shortly after being forced to participate in this video. Coincidence?

      1. Sid New

        @Dwayne Earl James Well, at least you are hilarious!

      2. Dwayne Earl James

        @Sid New Dont know what satirical means (and dont care) and I'm the least stupid person you ever met. I'm a leftist agitator's worst nightmare. An educated patriot.

      3. Sid New

        @Karl Heresy is a non-existing crime against a fantasy-being.

      4. Karl

        "I met a guy" "Hey Alexa, tell Dwayne what Heresay is!"

      5. Sid New

        Not sure if this is meant satirical or if you are REALLY this stupid...

    51. John O'Brien

      I don’t even deal with these conspiracy peoples conspiracies anymore. I’ve tried everything. You will think you got through to them, then they tell you everyone is eating baby blood. I want to love these people, not figure out how dumb they can be with some things.

    52. Montesama314

      Not to sound all edgy, but the reason conspiracy theory grabs people sounds like why religion is so appealing: they help people make sense of a world that doesn't give a shit about your life or the life of anyone famous who you like. Bad shit happens for no reason sometimes, and that can be hard to cope with.

      1. Sid New

        You're right. Doesn't make it better, though.

    53. stephanie kaylor

      can I recommend a not grey background? you hair is more salt than pepper at this point and it's kind of blending into your wall....

    54. Laney Holliday

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    55. William Olsen

      Another reason some folks don't put much thought into the attempted assassination of Reagan is because a lot of people did not care, or were kind of hoping Hinkley would have pulled it off.

    56. Ryan Ortega

      Gosh, and a Manson family member was involved in the Reagan’d think the conspiracy nuts would be full out on that one

    57. zack joseph

      Wouldve rather seen an episode on the reason why the theory of covid being an escaped biological test is “bullshit”. Theres a good bit of evidence that is dismissed by the media bacause it makes china look bad. What i take away from this episode is “dont ask questions, dogmatically believe the biased reporting of the msm.”

      1. Sid New

        Come on, bless us with your "evidence".

    58. Mr. Glasshalffull

      John, We need you to do multiple episodes of how the painfully mishandled “opioid epidemic”. Ya know, how the first thing they thought to do was take prescription medication away from chronic pain patients who are Dependent on their medication for years, decades, without incident. Theres a huge population of chronic pain patients who are being made to suffer by the same machine that is claiming it’s because they simply cannot risk the chance of us becoming “Addicted”, despite the fact that I have lost everything since they took my medication away. My ability to work, or sleep or eat normally. They ruined my life entirely when they needlessly took my medication away. I just had appendectomy surgery too, Im in so much pain and this is it for me. Someone explain to me how I should interpret this any other way than, they want me to suffer and kill my self.

    59. Tim A

      The part that is really confusing is why, when these theories are proven incorrect over and over and over again, do people then get swept into the next one. I mean, I doubt anyone in the US and UK believe covid is a hoax anymore, yet they continue to follow the Qanons and Fox News'. It's so weird.

    60. Nathaniel Coffin

      if the virus was a bioweapon, you should be very serious about avoiding it

    61. Margaret Robinson

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    62. Tobias Essiger


    63. Aaron Cole

      Trusted CIA war propaganda sources- lol

    64. Aaron Cole

      Event 201- all the evidence I need it was likely planned- I don’t believe in coincidences. flat earth is sounding about right, too, after the magnitude of this plot to obviously issue in the economic ‘great reset.’. And yes, the number exaggerations are part of the propaganda- so busted! They obviously want to sell me a vaccine so hard for some agenda, whether financial or transhuman, I won’t ever do it...

      1. wolf masque

        @Aaron Cole ...Then sorry for making assumptions. I have not come across anyone agreeing with me in a very long time, since Q took over the narrative.

      2. Aaron Cole


      3. wolf masque

        Oh...ha...and I wouldn't look to either the Catholic Church (now in control of our Supreme Court--thanks a lot, Repubs!), or Mike Pence style-Evangelists, or even that one Mormon guy to revive the bloody corpse of "Conservative morals", at this point... They are all compromised.

      4. wolf masque

        @Aaron Cole Do you still think Trump is on your side? That Q was ever anything but a cheerleader for Trump? Trump was friends with Epstein, too. Ask Katie Johnson about what they did to her, in 1994, when she was 13. If you believe Q, you are essentially helping Trump get away with HIS crime, while re-framing his connection. Think, man! How did Trump even KNOW about Epstein?? You know why! Whether or not Trump felt guilty or repented is not for you and I to guess. He can't ask for forgiveness unless he admits to a crime. More likely, he simply exploited the existing conspiracy theory narrative BECAUSE they were getting so close to Epstein, with the PizzaGate stuff. He knew it would all come out, anyway, so he asked Putin for help; the KGB specialized in manipulation of conspiracy theories, and Putin is ex-KGB.

      5. Aaron Cole

        It’s called agenda 21 and 2030- one world green government

    65. Lenny Bristol

      John your the man. Wish I could watch you everyday.

    66. Raminez Dery

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    67. elliot tegnevi

      Well my uncle is a dipshit so no worries

    68. Gosia Márgget Gorzałczana

      You are the best John ❤️❤️❤️

    69. Derin

      drink salt water

    70. Tate Oh

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    71. Inquiz- Ahteev

      Okay, I heard re-elect and tRUMP, and my ears perked up like a dog's whistle 😂....... 😆🤣

    72. Archimedes'sHorologyMirror STARRYSILVERMORNING

      Of Wands and Magic: "Information Warfare" "Historical Leverage" "Alternative Advice" When a scholar matures in their studies and research, they begin to see the truth and often then leave a curse to the world by sharing a small amount of it. The bigger the curse the more likely they'll achieve immortality through history. One can see them going off like fireworks in the sky on the computer. Sure, many branches lead to actual magic. This is like an element of a wand. It depends where on the book tree you pick it. It seems all nice and friendly until you approach their levels, sure. The best wand trees are from the Middle East or Renaissance Europe and the closest to the roots are best. It's usually a pre-Jesus reach for philosophical truths. There's a little more information than advice from the churches but they seem to fall for their own gambits. It could be a spy. Rational Medievalists will reach for boiling sands for their castles. Vampirism is a little more difficult. It combines the theory of the soul from Celtic pagans with reincarnation. The soul is a Celtic pagan concept. It has not left the body and rises to cause mischief. -Haus von Gutenberg

      1. wolf masque

        The soul is literally NOT only from Celtic paganism. Egypt?? Hello? This guy you quoted sounds like an uninformed idiot, posing as something he is not.

    73. Ian

      This idea of not understanding that big events can have small causes fits well with people who can't understand why gun are so terrifying: i pull a tiny lever, and a person is erased from existence. I don't have to know them or wish them ill, or even be aware of them, since bullets travel through walls pretty well. If you live in an apartment building near a gun owner, you could die at any time, for any reason. The world is chaotic, and nobody can really be prepared for the madness that can easily be inflicted upon them.

      1. wolf masque

        @Ian It was a trash comment and a "gotcha" troll. You mock people for not being psychics. F off.

      2. wolf masque

        @Ian I bet you think I'm a gun-owner. Don't be a hypocrite. :)

      3. Ian

        @wolf masque First off, I own a gun. I practice with it. I don't go out shooting for fun, but I also don't vote for people who stack them on bookshelves, and use them as political tools to show "solidarity". See, you assumed I was NOT a gun owner. Likewise, you assumed I was talking about ALL gun owners. Don't do that. It makes you look like a fool.

      4. wolf masque

        Right. The guys actually owning and practicing shooting guns...they're the ones who don't know that it's a serious tool. Sure.

    74. Esme Sessoms

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    75. 寒蝉王

      Western mentality built on “critical thinking”, especially when some really shocking phenomenon happened, meanwhile the rules or the laws be presented by the government, ppl will reflect immediately “that’s a conspiracy” or “the rich guys game”, instead of what the scientists or doctors say so. Oh, BTW, ppl already don’t trust them for years, think about “flat earth”, how this kind of stupid “critical”&“free” thinking even be produced by humans’ brain, are u living in a cave? But don’t give me wrong right away, I love “critical” and “free”, but some stupid piece of bullshit doesn’t belong to the right of existence.

    76. Hurline Rose

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    77. dajpufi sigekcus

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    78. Terry Sutherland

      Sure, but where ther's smoke, something's onfire. Also, Occam's razor leads most people to suspect a major event is caused/engineered, rather than random.

      1. Terry Sutherland

        @Karl I feel like we're saying the same thing. I'm just using a TON more sarcasm. I'm sort of broken that way.

      2. Karl

        But Occam's razor is not a scientific tool perse. It's just an indicator that will, by it's definition, lead to oversimplification. Occam's razor is very overrated imo.

      3. Terry Sutherland

        @wolf masque Right!? Actually, I doubt any legitimate scientific principles are at work in flat earth cults. But, they claim Occam's razor all the time.

      4. wolf masque

        I refuse to believe that Occam's Razor is at work in the estimation of the reality of Flat Earth theory...

    79. Danijela Stojkovic DENI 3

      Only conspiracy not theory stop laying. Nobody healthy wanted vaccine because in vaccine is purely covid-19. Beforre vaccine existing only on TV or MSM covid-19 in washing brains people but in private life nobody dies from non existing covid-19. PCR tests is DNA tests not test for covid-19. Hello wake up stupid people

      1. Danijela Stojkovic DENI 3

        @Collateral Animation English is 3 language after Russian second. My language is Serbo-croatian

      2. wolf masque

        @Collateral Animation ...I think that's pretty obviously the case. Russian troll?

      3. Collateral Animation

        Is English your second language?

    80. Mr Leaser

      911? How about epstein? Ooh then there's all that confidential docs released from the Big heads of information. Nah conspiracy have no base in reality. Unless you speak about flat earthers. Then sure conspiracy are bullshit. But let's not blanket that over all of them n devalue the truth and impact they carry - just because of some real life tin hat fools. Just saying

      1. wolf masque

        @Mr Leaser YOU brought up Epstein. I am looking at your comment, right now. I am being very serious that you need to stop doing so many drugs. YOU BROUGHT UP EPSTEIN. YOU DID. DO YOU SEE IT? BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE CAN SEE THAT YOU TALKED ABOUT EPSTEIN, FIRST. STOP DOING DRUGS.

      2. wolf masque

        @Mr Leaser Stop smoking meth.

      3. Mr Leaser

        Bra epstein is old news that was never truly brought to light. Until recent n even now his death is shrouded in conspiracy. N thank you for acknowledging that it was a C.T people were blowing that horn before it became mainstream. You just defeated your own argument. N fck off with 16 years there's kids that did more time than that. I honestly don't know why you felt need to comment in the first place. But fckit freedom of speech. It's all good. Ciao.

      4. wolf masque

        @Mr Leaser I've studied conspiracy theories for 16 years, Johnny-come-lately! Q is a DISINFORMATION AGENT. Trump was friends with Epstein and they both abused 13 yr old Katie Johnson, in 1994.

      5. Mr Leaser

        @wolf masque n your kak ignorant?

    81. Jules M

      Oh for fucks sake,,, please stop being dumb.

    82. Mark Laity-Snyder

      I heard a conspiracy theory about a guy that came back from the dead after a couple days. They say he walked in water. A lot of people believe that one.

      1. general kasper

        @Pete laRosa guys warrior cats is real it’s written down in a book

      2. Pete laRosa

        Well that is not a conspiracy theory that is the truth. You might check out such books as evidence that demands a verdict and more evidence at the man's a verdict. Jesus was 100% real and was the creator.

    83. ordinary average guy

      So nice Rush is worm food. Fuck him.

      1. TheCamps10

        Good riddance!

    84. joshua diez

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    85. Mrpickles121

      Ahh if Trebek was still around...

    86. Rocket Raptor

      "Solid Bjork impression" that killed me when I heard it.

    87. WF

      funny that he mentioned Domino. of all the cases he quoted, he only provided some evidence for those seemingly obvious to support his point, while mixed some others as people are still trying to look for the answers. Conspiracy theories some of them may be, he hasn't provided solid evidence for the rest, as he himself has required others to do. just because this speaker says these are all CTs doesn't make it a legit argument. it's easy to talk than to prove, isn't it?

    88. Tracey Allen

      Anyone else out there didn't hear a word out of John Cena's mouth when he started unbuttoning that shirt?

    89. Iain sugerfoot Wisdom

      I'm 100% with you on princess Diana . I'm totally anti any conspiracy but for some reason this thought nags away at me sometimes . Oh watched an early season of Mock the Week n saw you n frankie be nuts lol

    90. J K

      I hate myself more and more each day and I hope I die more and more each day

      1. wolf masque

        Do 'shrooms. In nature. (In a legal state or country, please). You just need a little reset, now and then.

      2. Captain Crunch


    91. SoCalH0B0

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    92. Frodo Bagans

      Look into the policies of both presidents and see which one was more dangerous to the people who are invested in America as a company

    93. SoCalH0B0

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    94. Tiger Lily

      "Trusted news source...." As billionaires who would definitely have bad intentions are buying them up. I'm looking at you *Jeff Bezos Post, I mean, WASHINGTON POST.* I suggest Some More News, Rational National, Secular Talk, David Pakman, Sam Seder for breakdowns of the BS propaganda these "trusted news sources" are spewing. This show is more factual than a lot of CNN, MSNBC, etc.

    95. GG Zanki

      I survived so yeah it's bullshit

      1. Collateral Animation

        Mate, just because you survived doesn't mean that everyone survives.

    96. Miguel Sanchez

      3:25 i feel STUPIDER now.............. ouch

    97. Ashley

      The conspiracy theory about the CIA overthrowing the democratic elected president of Iran and install a puppet turned out to be true.

    98. joshua diez

      The narrow barbara supposedly rot because shadow selectively pine about a enormous reaction. truculent, last menu

    99. Sandra Long

      Like “Russia rigged the election”, “Systemic rAcIsM”?

    100. truth betold

      I love John Olivers' show. We need more people to point out some of the ridiculousness. To expose these fake scammers. And then we can do the right thing . burn them at the stake