Toughest Most Challenging Fishery EVER - Road to the Classic Ep. 20 Neely Henry Practice

Scott Martin

65 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    Only 3 days to figure out how to win this bass tournament. Lake Neely Henry in Alabama is a very challenging lake with lots of variables.
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    1. Scott Martin

      What did you think of the crew camping for this tournament? Should we do that again?

      1. Chad Simpson

        Looked like a pretty cool setup....

      2. Jon Owens

        Please show how to and why use specific baits/lures, we can learn by you showing instead of just catching.. especially for new fishermans

      3. Jon Owens

        Would you please show how to work lures and teach your fans, we cant learn from just listening and watching you catch fish

      4. B4G Outdoors

        Nevermind just saw that you did actually use thighs... They're juicy enough that you really don't need marinade

      5. B4G Outdoors

        Yeah buddy! Pro tip on chicken that you don't have time to marinade... Use boneless, skinless thighs.

    2. Sledgefist1

      Brushless means that there are no gears with teeth. It’s magnetic somehow is what someone told me. Sorry I just can’t stop hangin around Home Depot. It’s WAAAAAYYYYY better than the mall.

    3. jim mcdonald

      turning into scotts ad channel . does hw know that noy everybody cant get all this stuff he advetizes . i guess hes only pandering to wealthy folks. like him anyway tho.

    4. jim mcdonald

      why do they leepgoing to places that have no fish?

    5. NismoS13240sx1

      What would you call the color of the water

    6. Chase Rogers

      Billys morning speeches 😂😂

    7. Chad Simpson

      I've really enjoyed your videos....the crew is great..good bunch of guys. Professional bass fishing at its finest..good luck guys

    8. George Neckrock

      Really enjoyed the video. The life of a tournament fisherman. Sweet trailer 👌

    9. Dale Hansard

      What app was that

    10. Fishing MW

      Well copy right strike for Luke Combs Beer Never Broke My Heart and a few other country songs.

    11. CaptureFish

      lol. you haven't fished castaic before huh? good stuff SCott! youre the man!

    12. Don Sisco

      🤣Billy is a Nut, Sucking on Lemons, way to funny. 👍👊

    13. Michael Smith

      Billy cracks me up! 😂😂🍻

    14. Reelbassin

      guess you've never been to Lake Mead Scott!

    15. Larry Warfield

      The music in your videos are really cool.

    16. Cole garrard

      I swear bro nobody likes our damn chillies it sucks bad

    17. Terry Triton22

      Does billy have a channel????

    18. Gooseman Outdoors

      U should do the badges up hats with ur signature on the brim embroidered!!!

    19. luke draper

      100% need a bloopers video with billy makes me laugh everytime 😂

    20. TheGhostof Versailles

      Why do you take forever to post the last video of a tournament it’s sooooo annoying

      1. Scott Martin

        Check my last post on Instagram for the explanation

    21. Beau Dye

      That’s insane the way you take the Baits out of their mouth with ease that is just insane never seen anyone do it

    22. Rogbass

      Well damn Scott. Lol. Thanks for the you tube settings lesson. I was missing out on everything. Lol. Time to binge 91 hours of Scott Martin. Lol

    23. The REEL Slayde

      How long are you staying in Gadsden because I live there,can you come to Westbrook Christian school one day

    24. Steven Maness

      Well that road to the classic ended quick. Might need to focus on fishing more.

    25. Bryan Lesher

      What happened to Brandon???

    26. Jason Lassiter

      I fish alabama power waters all the time and Idk if anyone said it yet but if you download smart lakes you can see the turbine schedule.. It helps allot

    27. MrHershez

      I want to watch you guys fish somewhere in Ohio! Id like to see more pros fish the same waters I do

    28. James Barnett

      Bass fishing in a Rolex. You’re my idol for real!!!!!

    29. Conner English

      I would get a badged up hat!

    30. othrbro52

      I guess my 17yo needs to give you some tips on Neely-Henry. It’s not the worst, but it is crazy, it can change every hour, it can raise up river and lower down at the same time. But like always that 1 fish needed 8 more ounces

    31. mason dean

      I’m so confused

    32. HumbraHongry

      Where Are In The Central Time Zone Here In Alabama 🤣 Are You Dumb🧠📉

    33. HumbraHongry

      Smart Lakes App🧠

    34. Josh Keith

      Hallman face on that video was straight up bitter beer face X10 lol

    35. Jared Pope

      Shoulda went north...above town.

    36. Jacob Bohacek

      You should fish wise lake, it is a lake I fish all of the time and it is right next to Neely Henry, about 30 minutes down the road.

    37. Jason Gudgel

      I seen Billy tear up when you said no chic-fil-a

    38. Seth Justice

      You fishing the one on Cherokee at the end of October

      1. Seth Justice

        Scott Martin sweet. Good luck

      2. Scott Martin


    39. Rogbass

      Good luck at Cherokee Scott. A big finish here locks down eastern AOY I just want to go to sleep till your first elite tourney. Lol. This stuff is nerve wracking. Lol. Your awesome.

    40. johnny saechao

      Billy, “ I got Andrew’s broom🧹” 🤣🤣🤣

    41. Jon DeMars

      I have a feeling you and Billy don’t practice for these tournaments, you just drive around looking for wildlife in distress, little late this time tho

    42. Jon DeMars

      If Hilary was freaked out by Billy’s wake up call that means she doesn’t watch the videos! WTH????

    43. Jerred Wayne

      Just in case you didn't know Scott. We love Billy! 🤣🤣

    44. Rick L

      The hat is super nice

    45. Tyler Frye

      Awesome video as always! Which Costas are you are wearing at the beginning of the video?

    46. Ian Bellomo

      Billy reminds me more of my grandpa everyone time I watch him! I hope it’s a good thing! 😂 You doesn’t move bIlly man! 🤙

    47. BassLureReview

      Your skills getting better every year?

    48. Patrick McCarl

      You are hands down the greatest bass anglerI have ever watched! Go getem Team Martin! Good luck!!!!

    49. Greg Gillette

      I said I would try and keep track how many times you said "Dude", well I can't keep up. Insane in the brain, Lol. I need a hat!

    50. Gator Flea

      SHO NUFF !

    51. Bill Poole

      fart @ 11:20

    52. Blaine Freeman

      Billy Gotta Beaver!

      1. Scott Martin

        😂 that’s hilarious

    53. APOFishing

      say fall is either the best or it is absolutely terrible

    54. Daniel Brackett

      Where do you get those bass master patches to put on hats

    55. Gabe DJ Gmix Sanchez

      Billy sounded like lil John.. whaaat.. whaaat.. lol

      1. Scott Martin


    56. chris giles

      sporting the rolex....nice scott!

    57. Primitivo Arteaga lll

      You can do it bro

    58. Lizard fans

      Hi Scott martin I love your channel I love fishing 🎣

      1. Lizard fans

        @Scott Martin my dad introduced you to me right when he should me your channel I was like watching it everyday every night keep fishing 🎣

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks Maddie!

    59. Thomas Garren

      Another awesome video! Its cool to see B-Lat on the channel again. Good luck at Cherokee!

    60. Erik Larrison

      Scott your sellin! Bose is way better than kicker!

    61. Erik Larrison

      Toughest fishery ever ha come fish ohio tournaments and I aint talking lake Erie lol!

    62. Bassin time

      Man I hate that lake so much

    63. 5murf Sti

      Scott said '"Pick up the beaver for a photo" lmao had me rolling

    64. Robbe Mahaffey

      Great videos SM - have some awesome pics of you and my sons at a Mexican restaurant- after an FLW Forrest Wood Cup event on Lake Hamilton (2007 I think) - even recall Dudley was there too- priceless. Also have a great story about your Dad - on the highway in Mississippi during the spring of ~ 1988 - he had been doing turkey hunting video with Wilbur Primos - and was headed back to FL - loaded me up with Blue Fox baits!!!!

    65. Patrick Barone

      What app was that you were using for the water level?

    66. Sam Flores

      See this suck he puts videos out so late the tournament is over he made 57 place with 14-4. we'll better luck next time just wish he had of hit the top 10.. congratulations to the 🐦 bird.

    67. Scott Davis

      Another great video. Good luck on catching some bigs.

    68. Logan whittemore

      You should have went back up in to canoe creek and if you keep running back up in the creek there is a spring and it is clear big bass back there but super hard to catch

      1. Logan whittemore

        @othrbro52 yes sir

      2. othrbro52

        I see exactly where he’s fishing, get up in the creeks. Fall, white 1/4 oz spinner, willow blades up against down the side of wood

    69. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video Scott. Like seeing how top pro's fishing my home lake. It was a tough time for sure,and yes it is hard to figure out Alabama power. It was definitely tough on everyone. . Keep up the great work, y'all have the best video out there.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man!

    70. Kevin Ledezma vlogs

      hey scott im a little confused on why you would tell them to come off. keep up the great work though man

    71. Free Hooksets

      99 problems but a b*** aint one! ..hint..bass lol

      1. Scott Martin


    72. Alamo Pottery

      25:30 This was hilarious. He was just chilin man. It was just my day man. HAHAHAHA

    73. Alisa Sterling

      Oh my goodness! I am so mad at myself for not knowing that you were going to be so close to my home town. I would have loved to been able to meet you in person. I work 2nd/3rd so I'm not able to go fishing like I want. Hopefully life will bounce back and I can rip some lips 🤣

      1. Alisa Sterling

        @Scott Martin I caught my 1st LMB at Neely Henry dam. It's not a very giving river, anything you catch is a challenge of some sort.

      2. Scott Martin

        Dang..I am sure we will be back

    74. mmpullum

      I see billy got his Chick-fil-A lol

    75. Big Bass Empire

      I fished here about 10 times. Your wondering how many bass I have caught. It’s 5. This is in my opinion, one of the hardest lakes to fishing

    76. derrick Lock

      Good luck love all the videos

    77. Roland Mcclendon

      It's you time to shine win this one scott I'm praying for you

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    78. Jack 4


    79. Aaron The PhoenixxRising

      I got 99 problems but catchin fish ain't one


      Was it the awe shit seasoning?

      1. Scott Martin

        Something like that

    81. P Frost

      Fished the Alabama kayak classic there month ago is was tough for me then

      1. Scott Martin


    82. Elray Banderas

      Hey man you create those hats to sell id pick a white one and black one up for sure!!


      I swear man, 😆 billy is nuttier than squirrel turds lol hes something else man haha. 😂💀


      Don’t stress your going to rock this tournament and win.LETS GO SCOTT

      1. Scott Martin


    85. ty vaughan

      Scott looks fuckin lit in this thumbnail lol youtube and sponsorship money looking better than the tournament money

    86. destans outdoors

      Going there tomorrow any tips or advice please share also subscribe to my channel there will be a video.

      1. Scott Martin

        Main river grass spinnerbait

      2. Scott Martin

        Spinnerbait main river grass

    87. Joshua B Fishing

      We all know Billy killed that Beaver. Calling the authorities now.

    88. VIZE Will

      Great video man 👍


      25:25 B-Lat sighting!


      22:58 “That ain’t right” (He’s swimming on his back) 😂😂😂

    91. david snider


    92. Josh Henderson

      Hated how day 2 turned out. Was really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

      1. Josh Henderson

        Hope Cherokee is a different story. Will be watching.

      2. Scott Martin

        I know I was feeling it too

    93. Noah Vanderwall

      dude i love B Lat

    94. Brandon Dye

      Very hard body of water, but I have caught many giants. Just have to learn the pockets.

    95. Fishing DohaR

      Your fisheries are incredible, this lake that you fish has many big and beautiful fish, CONGRATULATIONS you are a great fisherman. Hug and good fishing!👍🎣🙏


      Billy is the best period.

    97. Evan Fagerty

      The worst fishery on the planet would be Lake Milton, Ohio. I have never ever had any luck there

    98. afield 2212

      I live on neely Henry up in canoe creek. I can promise you it is fishing funkkkkyyyyyy. They are all over the place.

    99. Tina M

      We’re was Hilary the at 5 in the morning

    100. Dbars19

      i feel like getting a bumpin system went out of style in the early 2000s

      1. Scott Martin