I Built the Ultimate Hidden Gaming Room in my House - $10,000

FaZe Kay

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    I Built the Ultimate Hidden Gaming Room in my House for my Little Brother FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Jarvis
    Jarvis & Kay Gaming - @Jarvis & Kay Gaming
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    Business Contact - FaZeKayBusiness@gmail.com
    We Built the Ultimate Hidden Gaming Room in my House with DIY Cloud Lights, Amazon Alexa, PS5, Xbox Series X and Much More!

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    1. Jarvis & Kay Gaming

      Currently playing Fortnite - Jarvis

      1. Spartan Gaming

        True dat!

      2. Lincoln I


      3. Juana Barriga


      4. Future SoLOx

        Jaaarvis your banned

      5. Lane Slater

        @Mürsel Erdemir ô

    2. Finley Curley

      Can you please add me on fortnite

    3. CHOW JIN CHEN Moe

      Best gaming room

    4. Miguel Garcia

      I think jarvis plays fortnite

    5. Ahmad Khan

      Imagine having a brother like faze kay

    6. EMT BLOB

      i wish i can get that kind of stuff like a vr headset :(

    7. Noah Przekurat

      That is sick

    8. Kaylin Tran

      You used the same thumbnail as Zealous but added more stuff

    9. Vorke Water

      *_I recommend net_mactool on íñstágrám who got mine fixed they're good and dependable._*

    10. Vorke Water

      *_I recommend net_mactool on íñstágrám who got mine fixed they're good and dependable_*

    11. Harry Morrow

      That is so cool

    12. NatsuUchiha

      Now all i need is my PS5! Am i right? lol

    13. ؤتينسوءتسن ءاسوسةستيوي

      Epic games: fuck u kay

    14. Brandino Crewe

      You should make a gaming room for teeko

    15. Jarvis crys to much Lol

      I love watching you guys

    16. Cindy May

      How much did it cost

    17. Diksha Kapoor

      At 0:02 i know that jarvis was literally playing fortnite

    18. finite gold

      When he said were are we dropin boys he means war zone coz you jump out a plane

    19. Peter Griffin


    20. Peter Griffin


    21. Khellil Tlemsani


    22. quick


    23. Student-BSH Rashed Khalifa Al Keebali 1C

      Can you play Fortnite with me please I am in chapter 2 season five pro gamer I want a PS4 but I don’t have a mic

    24. Yusra A

      Hiw many times does faze bank swear

    25. Yusra A

      Why doesn't he upload anymore

    26. Yusra A

      Oh faze banks is there

    27. Yusra A

      You cant spent 24 hours building

    28. AirNight Fever

      5:12 you already know what Jarvis is gonna do lol

    29. Krush 3d03

      Kay look let’s get another controller so we could play together. Jarvis get out get out

    30. Hyper_ b0ii

      Me playing Mario on my ps2 : 0-0

    31. Graham Koenig

      wow o my god

    32. Arta Malohodzic

      Escfddddddfgh you inin

    33. Shackle Breaker

      Kay: let’s build a secret room Also kay: let’s show all our roommates all the secrets

    34. GoatedNugget578

      Dude your mask is inside out

    35. Never X Sick

      Someone already made this type of vid, with the same thumbnail 😂😂

    36. jacob johnson

      Are you wereing faze rugs merch

    37. Shirley Parker

      That is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

    38. Mxsky _au_

      You should build me one be you live like over sea so

    39. Ali Imran

      All that started from Zealous

    40. Karma

      Smell that bro Me- Sniffing around 😂

    41. Januel Ojeda

      FaZe Kay is the best brother!!

    42. Natalie Azparren


    43. AntonyATL DA GOAT

      I don't think its so hidden anymore

    44. Gene Regan

      It's kinda messed up that he get banned and people who do aimbot almost every day they don't get banned

    45. XDmines

      alexa from amazon i have alexa

    46. crxson

      And he made his before Jarvis Jarvis explain

    47. crxson

      Zealous has the name thumb nail

    48. crxson

      Imagine copmy sombody else is theme

    49. Odogplayz

      BRO this is copyrighted no caps

    50. Jackson Hogan

      kay it is cool bro

    51. Zymere Jahari Palmer

      Brandum you nun but a hater

    52. Timothy Anthony

      jarvis capping

    53. Agon Kurshumliu


    54. Shabnam Buttar

      when your takeing a poop where is the lock to the door hahahahahahahaha

    55. Maryam shah


    56. Israfil Faruk

      I wish I had one like that

    57. Brandumb 2643

      I like the way he calls it hidden when literally he shows everyone

    58. Gina Gatlin

      That’s so cool I wish I was rich

    59. Juana Barriga


    60. coated army

      Were we dropping dude I've played warzone and u jump out of a bus he just overreacting mate🤣🤣🤣🤣

    61. Filoten

      nice setup

    62. Alberto Eugenio


    63. TEI

      How do YOU make the clouds ?

    64. Hope Full

      He still plays fortnite because sometimes you can hear the yo in the background

    65. keisha Nembhard

      Can you do this for me

    66. Yusuf Hanafy

      How many likes for a ps5?

    67. RRG Zyro yt

      The best hideout is one not on the internet

    68. Dylan:. Clay:.

      "Just leave me alone for like 20 minutes" *closes door* "aight you on the hub yet" Kay: "cut the cameras"

    69. rick pig

      what is wrong with my youtube recommendations

    70. Shannon McC

      I sub and liked

    71. Shannon McC

      Hi can I have that

    72. Aqua Velocity

      Kay: Today we will be making a secret gaming hideout Also Kay: posts it on the internet for everyone in the world to see

    73. Xolo

      $80 $80 $80 $80

    74. Katie Wong

      you should play roblox

    75. Za T


    76. ThPhilbtw

      Stop coping faze rug

    77. SYCO PITZA

      bruh thats better than my setup i dont even have a pc mate

    78. Grayson Mitchell

      I would do anything for that setup my family can’t afford that kind of stuff😭😭

      1. Dylan:. Clay:.

        I feel you bro

    79. vannecia Roberts

      Hi love your videos

    80. Sweaty Dime


    81. Fraser Dalgleish


    82. Fraser Dalgleish

      The gaming room is crazy

    83. FaZe Divine

      I want a room like that



    85. TGF Kids

      Lol Kay’s wearing his mask b Wrong way

    86. QusaiZakai

      Why Jarvis was playing fortnite and Jarvis is banned? That's my question

    87. KaiRow TV

      Use create code faze play

      1. KaiRow TV

        I meen to put faze Kay

    88. FTW Tech

      COVID exists BTW. Also, gaming headsets are worse than separate mics. Also, pre-built PCs are unacceptable. Also, *ceiling. Also, ergonomic mesh office chairs are always preferable to gaming chairs.

    89. Kanwarbir Singh

      Frazier : Lets make a hidden room where Jarvis can play fortnite also frazier : lEtS PoSt It oN YoUtUbE

    90. Misti Smith

      I see him play fortnite

    91. Elion Playz

      Kay say to play rocket league

    92. gamerthon

      Kay why does everything be makin jarvis cry?? 😂


      Its so hard to play on the keyboard because its so low the keyboard but this so dope but yeah



    95. James Campbell

      Kay 1v1 me

    96. Ashraful Haque


    97. Nicole Mcpherson

      ah ah ha

    98. Collin Plays

      The store does not hate u you are just trying to do in 5 mins lol

    99. Christian Morris


    100. rockboys #ali

      Jarvis stills play he’s.