A Traveler's Guide to the Planets: The secrets about Saturn and Mars | special Episode

space and astronomy

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    Take a trip to the planetary pin-up boy Saturn, and get a ringside seat to the greatest spectacle in the solar system, and a close encounter with two extraordinary moons. Mars is the ruby jewel in our night sky and arguably the hottest travel destination in the Solar System. Here, on the fourth rock from the Sun, is our best chance to step into the rest of the Universe and the most likely place we know to encounter the alien life-forms we might share it with.
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    1. Praxis

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    2. Bonés Top

      Interesting Video about the Saturn and Mars Secrets

      1. Bonés Top

        @space and astronomy It's Ok!

      2. space and astronomy

        Thank you very much!

    3. Michelle Gunda

      Wow Mars, Saturn on Earth on one video 😍🧡❤😇

      1. space and astronomy

        What is your favourite of these?

    4. Wilhelm gunther von kemmacher

      When you see the radiation in space and astronauts are sick by radiation do you think do you will live there I don’t think so and more of that artificial intelligence will take the control of the earth and go in mars but not the human be sure

    5. Sundance Kidd

      My wife said she wants to go where she's never been before, I told her to try the kitchen.

      1. Mellonie Beasley

        That’s cheeky but hilarious 😂

    6. Otis mac

      NASA is devil's coult how come they believe in alian and not God nothing there say logical

      1. Otis mac

        They want to tell us there's no God 🙏 and further NASA searching for life from 1976 on mars u know the right word for them educated dunce

    7. Connor West

      What if Mars used to be like earth is now? Inhabited with life... Then life on Mars caused a cataclysmic event, turning it into a barren waste land. What if the future of the earth is to end up just like Mars? Found it quite interesting to think about

      1. space and astronomy

        But why should Mars turn into an oil country? 😊

    8. Tee Busa

      Too many ads 😪

    9. Pat

      but if water boils away at room temperature it isn't hot, is it? it just boils at a lower temp.

    10. Ross Z

      the human body isnt the biggest issue it’s the amount of fuel you need to propel such a large weight of everything on board that the human body will need, the stuff we need on board to survive and building the huge rocket is easy parts, it’s the fuel that’s so expensive

    11. James Hawke

      Space is fake. The sky is not outer space. Prove this pseudoscientific nonsense.

      1. space and astronomy

        So what do you think how the universe looks? Or how do you see the world as a planet?

    12. Danie van der Westhuizen

      Support SpaceX and their dreams of putting people on Mars in this decade.

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      1:43 - The title song is amazing 👌👍

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      The guy in the cowboy hat makes me feel like Owen Wilson is talking to me about space. “Wow”

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      1. space and astronomy

        Thank you 🤗🤗

    17. Laiba Gul

      It’s an old documentary but still excites me a lot!😍✨

    18. timmo971

      Can you safely ignite your methane rocket next to your methane lakes?? Otherwise no go homey.

    19. Tito Leaks

      Still too many problem to overcome in order to go to Mars,...I think it will take a long time before we get there... Human body is perhaps the biggest issue!

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        @C Williams Thank you for the tip!!

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        Not to mention the f@*#king commercials are annoying AF!!

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      Dammm how old is this documentary?

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      1. aka voleh shamboo

        Knowing little is great maybe

      2. space and astronomy

        Right? 😮

    23. Jesus From America

      Nicolette Shea for president

    24. Jesus From America

      Science is fake earth is flat Buddha is real let’s fight for oil

    25. Florida Man

      space is fake

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        Same as your negative diabetes diagnosis.

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        Aliens are coming

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        Convert to Islam now

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    27. Abhishek Ghosh

      Very informative!!

      1. TheLostTimelord

        @space and astronomy I've seen most of them now. Super interesting.

      2. space and astronomy

        Thank you so much! Have you checked our channel for more great documentaries? There are a lot of exciting movies you might like!

    28. Akhil The Genius

      I want to travel the space but I don't have money💰 😂😂 Agree!

      1. NicTheGreek1979

        I doubt it's just lack of money that is stopping you.

      2. Akhil The Genius

        @Aniket Shukla I don't understand what you r trying can u elaborate?

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        @Aniket Shukla I have beer