The Evolution of Niki and Gabi...

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    Hi friends! So today we are doing another Evolution of video! Today we are talking about the evolution of Niki and Gabi and there content. I found this video to be super interesting and really loved looking into all of this content. Be sure to let me know down below what you guys think about all of this! I love you guys so much and I will see you in the next one!
    Time Stamps!
    0:00 - Introduction
    3:08 - The start of Niki and Gabi Beauty
    7:30 - The first shift in content
    13:53 - The problem with "Opposite Twins"
    16:10 - Becoming influencers
    19:00 - The Big Change
    31:05 - Outsider Perception
    33:44 - Th Evolution of Niki
    38:08 - The Evolution of Gabi
    44:15 - Predictions and Conclusion
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    1. Erin D

      PLEASE do an evolution of Alison Henry!! I was so into her content a long time ago and I think she would be really interesting to hear your perspective from

    2. Alison Smith

      you should consider Lauren giraldo for a deep dive! I think her evolution is interesting and for the most part authentic and positive!

    3. Misty Loki

      Ok, I applaud you because, if someone can make me pay attention for nearly a hour, they have created something interesting

    4. waterlotus11

      Niki and Gabi are back but on their main channel apparently they're deleting all the comments that have to do with Gabi distributing cp

    5. Glg

      Oh god her tan is so dark especially when they’re sitting next to each other

    6. Mykal Anne

      I can't be the only one very confused about which is which.

    7. Hashima Watts

      You are sooooo good at these videos! The constant comparisons is so unhealthy, mentally and emotionally. They are amazing for having lasted this long.

    8. Alluka Zxz

      Y’all in the comments saying plastic surgery is ok as long as you’re not a twin lmfao😭😭😭

    9. K. R.

      Is Gabi... blackfishing? Not trying to be inflammatory. It's a genuine question I have.

    10. Anastasia Cox

      You have to do Connan Grey !!!

    11. YoutubeUser

      Its truly sad that this level of influencers is the norm for teens to idolize. Those girls literally have very little talent nor attributes worth looking up to.

    12. RonjaS.

      I love the song hairtie😂

    13. Janani R.G

      U SHOULD CONTINUE THIS SERIES legit, Gabi and Niki watched this and learnt i guess, like they told in their video. So it was crazy impactful and its just so educative on how ppl change and progress thru life.

    14. Selena V

      hey best friend i think you should do a evolution for cimorelli lol

    15. Rubia

      I didn't skip a second and this is miracle

    16. Yinka Falade

      I love Niki and Gabi's channels, loved this too :)

    17. Kenzi Graves

      To preface I’m 24 years old, turning 25 this month actually. I have watched Niki & Gabi since early 2017. I dealt with some drug addiction and got clean and moved back to my moms house that year. And I didn’t even know KGup beyond funny videos and music videos existed before 2017. So all the beauty channels really helped me find a passion in life. I dove into makeup a lot more because of it. And it was great having a passion after being an addict for so many years. Something I could dive into and put focus on. Niki & Gabi’s videos were always so fun! And I loved that they were basically my age. KGup really helped me during that time. I am a person who truly loves people and loves making people happy. I see the positives sides to both niki and gabi. They seem like they would be some fun friends to go on a vacation with or something! Or go get brunch with lol! (I mean don’t get me wrong I’m sure they are also super great friends IN GENERAL as well to have). But I won’t lie. They don’t seem to have the best head on their shoulders all the time. And the only reason I think that is simply because in my opinion... they just haven’t seen too much of the real world. They don’t really know what hardship is. I would never dare call someone spoiled or “they were just handed everything” because I do give them props for the fact that they are hustlers for sure, and make their money lol. So when I say they haven’t really experienced the world.... I more so mean they just live in a bubble. And it’s somewhat not their fault. I don’t think they realized that after making their first ever KGup channels with 00remakegirls and then their first niki and gabi video that this would become their entire life and career. So I won’t lie. I don’t actually blame them for this. But with that said- because of that, they simply just don’t always have the most common sense or “street smarts” per say. And so, they can sometimes seem super arrogant and don’t always seem like someone who..... idk how to explain it. They’re just rich girls in their own worlds. Which is amazing. I would love to have their life!!!! And I’m not saying that they are fake in anyway. Because the reason why they are so successful, and it’s kind of like Smokey said..... they have evolved very well on KGup and I think it’s because they can sometimes be their genuine selves and open up and cry here and there. And truly... I mean they are just interesting girls. They are fascinating, super freaking gorgeous, they’re just the friends everyone would love to be friends with. They are super exciting. I think they try really hard to be exciting too, because they were bullied back in middle school and stuff and weren’t the most popular so I’m sure the KGup fame has made them feel on top of the world for now being paid for being popular. I bet subconsciously it’s really confusing for them. And they didn’t really get a chance to find out who they truly are. It must be tough to not really know why you’re liked. For example...... all of my friends? I know why they like me. I know what traits they love about me and me about them. They are all honest friendships. With them..... they’d have no clue really why their friends or fans like them. Not saying their friends or KGup fans are fake. Cause they aren’t at all. I’m saying there is always going to be this subconscious thought weighing on them, when they don’t even realize it...... questioning why they are popular or famous or what their actual great qualities are. Because they are in a position where they don’t really have to be or act likeable but they will stay getting some type of views. They will still get paid. And they can act however they think will get them paid. Wow that last sentence sounds harsh. But it’s not harsh TOWARDS them. It’s harsh FOR them because it’s sad!! I couldn’t imagine your OWN PERSONAL SELF BEING your actual job. It has to be so tough to not understand what a real life job and social life that are separate feel like. I watched niki on the Zach sang KGup channel. When he interviewed her for her music. And everyone in the comments was SO HAPPY for her. And I won’t lie I was actually confused I didn’t see one comment about how the interview seemed kind of weird. In my opinion, Zach sang seemed like he kind of thought niki was off-putting and in her own world. What I mean by that.... to me? Niki in that video seemed kind of like a popular girl. The way she spoke was as if everyone that was going to be watching zachs video and Zach himself knew every detail about niki already. It’s like she assumed people already knew everything about her. She didn’t really talk to explain herself. She talked as if everyone there already knows her. Like she was super super well known. Idk if I’m making ANY sense right now I hope I am. Cause niki is an ACTUAL sweetheart. She has such a sensitive soul, you can tell with how emotional she gets about things. I feel so bad for her but because of how she grew up into her career.....she doesn’t know anything else but people loving her and being fans of her. So I get it. It’s just off putting. Same with gabi. Everywhere she walks or does interviews she assumes everyone watching has been following her for her whole career and assumes they know every detail so “everything is an inside joke” but it’s not. And sometimes it would be fun to watch her if she just spoke IN GENERAL rather than thinking she’s speaking to a DIE HARD FAN every single time. I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls. They are so real and can be so authentic with their feelings sometimes. I am also shocked a lot of the comments on THIS video are about such superficial things like about Gabi’s appearance!!! I was so shocked!!!! After this AMAZING video all you guys have to comment about is the fact that u don’t like/didn’t agree with gabi getting plastic surgery? Like that’s every celebrity lol!!! Talk about something that actually makes gabi, gabi. Not something so over talked about holy crap lol. Those were her personal decisions. Has she always discussed it or done it the best way? Maybe not. But who all did it REALLY effect? Her. Idk I was blown away seeing the comments to this video. I think niki and gabi would thrive as people more if not being told “stop tanning” or “stop getting surgery” but instead worked on their minds. I think they should go to some homeless shelters or something. I think they are at a 80% personality wise and the way to get the 20% more is to just learn about the world more. Learn who people truly are besides your college friends and fan base online. (Wow those pst few sentences sound harsh too lol!! I mean it with all the love) I love these girls so much. They are inspirations. They are beautiful. They are SO fun to watch. They’re super funny. And people I’d love to hangout with. They have inspired me so much because I love how they make every holiday and season an “event” almost. After getting sober they have given me so many things to get excited for in life. Especially with gabi, I think it’s so cute how she gets so excited for every single holiday or season. And she plans her days around activities. She basically just makes life “A THING” if that makes ANY freaking sense. And it’s just so fun to watch!!!! I used to not get excited for every season or holiday and now I will never not have something to look forward to. When I think niki and gabi I think “CREATE THE LIFE YOU LOVE”. They are perfect examples of HOW TO ENJOY LIFE. Sadly they are pretty wealthy and get to film themselves as a job, so it’s made them a little not self aware at times. But they’re still so young and obviously have shown they are continuing and continuing to grow. They’re so so so sweet. And I’m so glad I found them back in 2017!!!!!! Much love to niki and gabi, and EVERYONE ELSE!!! 😃🥰🥰💕

    18. Savanna Lee

      my biggest flex is that i've always liked niki more than gabi

    19. Monica H

      Wow. This is the first video I have ever watched of yours. I’m sure I’m not your typical fan as I am a 50 y/o mom. I used to watch Niki and Gabi a long time ago when my daughter was an early teen. I tried to keep up with the changes and trends as my daughter was a teenager. Although I haven’t watched their videos in years and I never even realized they were 25 years old already. It’s hard to look back and realize that my daughter is an adult now to. I think your take on them is so spot on and refreshing. It was eye opening for you to basically go through the last 10 years of their lives. I look forward to watching more of your videos. You have a new subscriber.

    20. Thickems pt2

      Gabby looks so INSANELY different now omfgggg

    21. Tanya Lomento

      Ariana grande doesnt even look like ariana grande . her before and after pics are like 2 diff ppl .

    22. Kristine Joy Arellano

      does anyone really see the similarities between ariana and gabi?

      1. Kristina

        Not anymore...but in 2015 for example she really looked a lot like her

    23. Frances Edwards

      Typo....*their content not there content Proofreading is truly important

    24. Kate

      Can you do one about Bethany Mota? I always wondered why she wasn't included with the lifestyle bloggers group.

    25. dap johns

      I stumbled upon this video and you make it obvious which twin you like the most. Great job using other people’s lives to make yourself money on the internet....literally your entire channel is dedicated to tearing down’s kind of sad honestly

    26. Hanna S.

      idk them but from some of these videos you can tell when girls wanted to be kylie jenner so bad omg

    27. Inês is a cupcake

      Congrats!Do you know that they putted the link to your vdd on their coming back vdd?

    28. CC Alexander

      Now look into Trisha Paytas ! Boy does she have an interesting past and present 😂

    29. CC Alexander

      When I first discovered them I liked Nikki better. I like her personality , style and vibe more then her twin. I watch both but I do love nikkis music and style more

    30. Dawn Holmes

      How sad that their relationship wrecked because of KGup. My dad and my uncle are twins, obviously with different personalities and interests, but their bond if just in a superior level. They have other siblings but nothing can compare to the bond between twins, they have always held each other's back. So thinking about them hating on each other would be heartbreaking.

    31. Buffy Summers

      Niki’s _alone in her car_ and her _messy room_ putting in all the work but Gabi is still getting all the _flowers_ and living her _champagne dreams_

    32. kaycosette

      I have never watched even a moment of their content but i watched every single bit of this and I loved it

    33. Caylin's Corner

      Girl I just found your channel and I am obsessed! Would love to see one of these done on a POC if you haven’t already 💕

    34. Poppy Spence

      Someone who spends 9k a week can afford to give their friend money for them to live a comfortable life

    35. Shaliek

      Finally Niki is getting the attention she deserves

    36. Violet Rose Quast

      Smokey glow if you see this make sure to watch Niki and Gabi’s latest video! They credited u for this video

    37. M K

      Hannah!! I’m so proud of you! I knew you looked familiar. I still can’t even think about loopy three olives without getting sick wow freshman year ... 🤣🤣🤣 sending you love and light ❤️

    38. Samantha Gutierrez

      “whatever celebrities or influencers un ironically give their fanbase names, i always think it’s kind of weird.” kpop stans:🧍‍♀️

    39. Erin Brookes

      The only thing I wish you talked about is their mental health. Niki came out as having bipolar and she has mentioned that Gabi takes medication for something similar. I think depression, anxiety, mania etc. Has a big impact on their actions, what happened and their videos.

    40. Mariana Ortiz

      19:36 is that Camila Mendez? 😂

    41. Halle Tjoelker

      i was apart of their original young audience which makes this video super interesting

    42. laciena

      They shouted you on on their channel today for this video. I KNEW they watched it back in February because I noticed a slight change in gabi’s content lol

    43. Colourfullauriecake

      Just a side note, I love your sweater so much. Heck, I love your whole look :)!

    44. DVDMoonlightgirl

      I feel like This video is hate train of gabi but i feel bad is how there are get over it

    45. Linn Hohlfält 8EB Brattebergsskolan

      Ok but i feel like this is alot of like hate towards Gabi and i feel like this is really bringing Gabi down. I understand if you have a more intresst in Nikis music but that doesnt mean u have to bring Gabi down and help push this thinking that one twin should be better than the other

    46. Lalique wilson

      Literally an ad every 2 minutes 🙄🙄

    47. Kimora Wilson

      I was shocked that in their first video back they mentioned this and supported

    48. Molli Keenan

      the first sit own video they did its like wheres gabi cause they look so similar

    49. bebebear

      idk but they’re weird

    50. Gia V

      "Usually it's like, omg, what happened? And then it's her limo getting a flat tire." I DIED BAHAHAH IT IS TOO TRUE!!!

    51. Kim Nam Hung

      The ajar ocean canonically expect because case sequently shop upon a furry furtive scraper. coordinated, enchanting coil

    52. McKenzie M

      I've come across the thought that since the beginning they were the "opposite twin" stereo type that if one of them wanted to yk I guess "cross over" to the opposite of there "girly" or "tomboy" stereo type like they'd be stopped by each other cause that's there whole KGup channel is that there opposite twins like if one of them did every openly want to change how would fans and the other sister react like idk its kind of confusing

    53. Camila Mendoza

      Please do the evolution of alisha Marie!! That would be amazing!!

    54. Ali Fowler

      Which one was the one who always pretended and acted like Ariana Grande?

    55. Alicha Tyrrell

      I understand where she is coming from but throughout the entire video she talked about how the “opposite twins” was the biggest thing that hurt their channel yet she kept taking Nikis side throughout and saying that gabi didn’t care about KGup etc. Sounds just a little hypocritical if you ask me

    56. 재희

      Gabi reminds me of Kylie Jenner

    57. Kira B is Me!

      IDK I didn't hear about the Gabi Sandals but I discovered her in 2018 and I like her luxury content. I would love to be able to do that type of content on my channel one day. I like watching luxury content for goal-setting/ manifesting. However watching her is cringey at times, I remember her making a video about how she feels obligated to buy her friends designer items for holidays. I do think her identity is unhealthily wrapped up in her wealth, fame, looks, and boyfriends. Great Video!

    58. olivia positano

      i love niki and gabi, they raised me and i love there content. There also a lot less problematic then most famous celebrities right now.

    59. Addi

      I'm a twin and I can't imagine constantly being compared to my sister by millions of people. I do theatre and she's a cheerleader. I'm more quiet and she's more outgoing. She's more sporty and Im more bookish. We are very different but we love each other. It's really hard when I hear people compare us. The nice twin, pretty twin, smart twin, fun twin etc. it makes me feel like I need to be more like her sometimes.

      1. ailicrew

        tbh its not just twins, sisters get a lot of that too. the pretty sister, the smart sister, the boyish sister,... pffffff give us a break

    60. Elliot Rhodes

      ok but i can’t be the only one who noticed the way gabi basically changed honey

    61. greenteamochi

      "its really weird when celebs give their fans a special name" umm yea im a kpop stan we literally put these names in our twitter bios jlfsdkjlj

    62. KaraDawlish

      It’s nice to hear someone roast Blood Queens like you did. Lmafoaidbjsbcj it’s just wild bc she ACTS and boasts like she puts in the effort like niki does but it’s just so 🤣 shitty 🤣 so much of her stuff is just fake weird money grabs cringe

    63. Gabi Jones

      would love to see you do an evolution of Dan and Phil!! There's a lot to dig into

    64. Baby Girl

      I watched this the whole way thru and I agree with everything. I don’t know what’s going to happen next but I’m kinda getting tired of their up and downs. Also they watched your video and shout you out.


      you dont deservd the views you get. if you ACTULY believe in what you sed in the video so you dont know ANYTHING. please meet them before you are toking like this about some one. and also you are so into Niki that you cant even see real gabi. theur bouth was not okey in their relationship with each otter and themselfs and them bouth chang. wath their last vudeo that thay just uplode. nice day

      1. Roberto Morales

        Excuse me are you having a stroke.

    66. Wiktoria

      girlll i love your content.

    67. Vkookqt

      30:20 gabi was more mean in the earlier seasons while Niki was more mean in the later seasons

    68. Samantha Loser

      Whereas I went through a Niki and Gabi phase, and really didn't like Gabi. Niki was always my favorite becuase of her "I'm not like other girls" personality, and Gabi's Ariana wanna-be, girly personality ws really, almost unattractive to me

    69. Heyo Huda

      Omg you got recognized by Niki and Gabi in their new video they said they love your video go check it out if you haven’t already it their comeback video

    70. disha Shah

      gabbie looks soo swollen and botched

    71. bridget

      idk i think that gabi will always have support because of her aesthetic & fashion taste particularly as there weren’t that many youtubers back in the day wearing pink, loving vintage and audrey hepburn inspired things. i don’t think it’s simply cause of the money or labels although that does obviously contribute to her following.

    72. Emily Tyndorf

      Okay I would LOVE if you did the evolution of Bethany Mota! I only found your channel a week ago and have genuinely watched almost all your commentary videos now- so so good and I never even watched these people lol

    73. Nathan Clark

      The dull punishment similarly whirl because italy resultspreviously lick following a finicky bibliography. humdrum, gray greasy great brother

    74. wildflower

      Gabi used to be so pretty, she fucked up her face

    75. buttershady24

      small critique but I don't like your use of "objective" especially bc you mostly use it in a really subjective way.

    76. M W

      I do understand that it's shitty to manipulate your audience but I dislike how so many people point out that Gabis audience is 'young' like that makes it worse. Yes, kids are easily influenced. But her content is not for little kids, it is not family friendly. You made that clear in your video, they rebranded themselves slowly and are making more mature content now. If parents let their little children watch KGup unsupervised that's their fault. You could argue that gabi knows that her main audience is like what - 13 to 23 year olds? And yes, 13-16 year olds will be influenced easily. But it is not the influencers responsibility to make sure that teenagers don't buy shit they don't need. I do think it is her responsibility to explicitly say that she is being sponsored and all (for legal reasons alone) but that has little to do with her audience being kids. That's like making cardi b responsible for your child/ baby listening to wap. It's just... Not the influencer/ celebrities fault.

    77. Quest Hedin

      I love them both

    78. Violet Mastroeni

      I’m not gonna lie when I was younger.. so during that I was in late middle school and freshman year of high school watching their dorm ones but I always liked Nikki more. I got her more. And her style. Gabi annoyed me.

    79. justajournalist

      Congrats on getting the Nikki and Gab shoutout Queen Smokey ❤️❤️

    80. Cailin

      Am I the only one that remembers that painfully disgusting bathtub truth or dare video with Tana mongeau ?? 🤢

    81. getlowpapoose

      Was Gabbi banned from onlyfans at least? It doesn’t seem like she faced any repercussions. Maybe I missed it in the video

    82. Leslyyy

      ok nvm im sorry but this is hella biased u clearly side with niki and i believe everything u said about niki is true everything that she has gone through is accurate and i sympathize with her alot but u did not at all touch on anything gabi has gone through at all through the course of youtube u made gabi seem like the evil twin and made all of her actions seem negative instead of diving deep with her feelings too

    83. Adriana Aon

      I have to be honest, I like both of their content but I watch Niki’s vids all the way whereas I skip to the interesting click-bated clip of Gabi’s Vlogs. Still support both but over the years I’ve realized how differently I interact with all 3 channels.

    84. Alexa Perez

      I don't want this to sound rude but I disagree with the fact that Gabi can't handle being the more liked twin. Gabi has said many times that she really doesn't care. I know you didn't mean the video to sound biased but it did. Niki has been mean to Gabi MANY MANY times but you never touched on that I get both of them have done some very questionable things but this video seemed very focused on all the bad gabi did. I feel that Niki has tried to paint herself as a victim and has often tried to make gabi seem like this evil and manipulative person.

    85. Bárbara

      The evolution of Adelaine Morin

    86. britt ng

      do evolution on BETHANY MOTA!!!

    87. Tharsy99

      The blood queens comment is spot on!!

    88. Leslyyy

      I love how she put what we were all thinking into words with less of a bias and like i could always tell that Niki put more effort into music and the youtube channel but in terms of their music i honestly never rlly liked their music whether it was the music they made together or separately it just always felt pretty cringe

    89. Lima Raspberry

      My question is who wants to watch a diva who shows of her life and money and is really manipulative and a literal bitch

    90. JaJaJantsen

      I always wondered why Gabi's channel was so popular because...the videos were NOT GOOD! Like the quality was so bad it was just so confusing to me

    91. Tyler Tisdale

      Nail on the head. This is dead on. And you handled everything so perfect. I agreed with every single word you said in this video.

    92. Danielle Maben

      Can you do alisha marie ?

    93. MaryKathryn

      33:24 for twins why are they 2 different races? ... yikes

    94. Becky Clark

      The nice sing reversely irritate because recess structurally pick upon a odd bill. neighborly, caring harmonica

    95. Letícia Dentz

      Hairtie? I don't get it

    96. heena vhora

      Why didn't you include the trisha gabbie hannah nd gabi demartino drama, Gabi was being shady for no reason

    97. FLdancer00

      Objectively: in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions. Saying "objectively", in my opinion, is incorrect.

    98. Lan G

      I always loved niki n i always used to think why gabi have so many views and subs like niki's style is soo good her songs n everything i just feel they should be atleast supported equally

    99. Pickle Rick

      Queen why did you do the MOST to villanize gabi?😭😭 smells like jealousy in here

    100. Laura H

      I completely agree with some of the points you make in this video. They would be so much better off ending Niki & Gabi and doing things by themselves. It's not good for either of them and they do better separately.