MAX BET $250 Bonus Round on HIGH LIMIT Dragon Cash Link HANDPAY JACKPOT Slot Machine EPIC COMEBACK

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    1. Di

      Autumn Moon hard to win on

      1. MGSlots 21

        We agree!! Thank you for watching! ~m&g

    2. Next Level Toys

      Can you do high limit Buffalo Gold Edition

      1. Next Level Toys

        @MGSlots 21 Thank you I love that game :)

      2. MGSlots 21

        😉 We will see what we can do! ~m&g

    3. Next Level Toys

      When you get hand pays with these bigger bets. Do you still have to pay taxes or just claim it against losses :(

      1. Next Level Toys

        @MGSlots 21 Thank you :) I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving as well. I just subscribed. I thought I did already lol. Good luck next time :)

      2. MGSlots 21

        @Next Level Toys Happy 🦃 Day!

      3. Next Level Toys

        @MGSlots 21 Thank you so much I was always wondering about that. Happy Thanksgiving 😊

      4. MGSlots 21

        Still have to pay taxes as we can't write off losses in CT... ~m&g

    4. Maritza Gentry

      Mark I have learned from you. We cant win all the time. But, you have won lots of money. Keep it up from CA Thank you

      1. MGSlots 21

        SO happy you have picked up some tips from watching! Good luck with your next spins 🍀~m&g

    5. Bro Buck my mannnn!!!!🤜🏼🤛🏿

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks for watching bro ~ m&g 🥂

    6. Noah Robinson

      which casino is this in? been looking for a high limit dragon link

      1. MGSlots 21

        Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa Florida. They have a few in Vegas and in CA!

    7. Ace Pilot Production Asep

      Let’s go and win win win I’m loving it and watching here in Orange County let’s go baby just like watching the super bowl yeah

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks for watching ~ m&g 🐉

    8. Denise

      Bengal Treasures.

      1. MGSlots 21


    9. gregg muniz

      I’ve never been so nervous watching KGup wow brother great channel thank you for taking your time .

      1. MGSlots 21

        Our pleasure Gregg! Thanks for watching ~ m&g

    10. Marina Divuljski

      Awesome comeback!!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the ride Marina! ~m&g

    11. James Oneavatar

      Awesome comeback! It's nice when you get at least most of your money back

      1. MGSlots 21

        Even is always a win, in our 📖! Thanks for watching James ~ m&g

    12. Anthony johnson

      you started from $10000 , but take out only $9000 , it means you lose $1000

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you know basic math, Anthony.

    13. Kevin Kern

      Very nice

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks!! We appreciate you taking the time to watch Kevin! ~m&g

    14. C J AppleSauce

      You’ve just got yourself a new subscriber. Love the content !!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Welcome to our channel! So glad you found us! Thanks for subscribing! Have a great day! ~m&g🥂

    15. Awoken33

      Thank gosh for the bonus at the end. I was soooo nervous 😟

      1. MGSlots 21

        Saved in the end! Nothing like the rollercoaster ride of slot gambling!! 🥂~m&g

    16. prajjwal chaulagain

      Any suggestions for dragon cash? Any tips or any recommendations for the machine?

      1. MGSlots 21

        Try to vary your bet and denominations and always gamble with what you are willing to lose! ~m&g

    17. Eric Gerken

      I wish the machines at the casino near me would allow us to pay ourselves

      1. MGSlots 21

        Self- pay is the best. It saves us a lot of time. Thank you for watching -M&G 🥂

    18. Eric Alberts

      Tonight, I'm giving it a try in Holland Casino ( Netherlands ) Happy and prosperous is also my favourite game. Thumbs ups for me Mark.😎

      1. MGSlots 21

        Good luck Eric!!! 🍀👍🏻🍀👍🏻🍀👍🏻🍀 ~m&g

    19. Zachery Alderton

      Can I have the bonus round rules

      1. MGSlots 21

        Not sure what you are asking for....

    20. Ryan

      Whey do you control your avg bet like that??? Is that a comp play thing or a way to trigger more bonus'. I've never really thought about it that way so I'm curious if you don't mind.

      1. MGSlots 21

        We have a bet amount we want to use on the game and like to mix up our bets so we try to keep an average. ~m&g

    21. Lourdes Bondoc

      Just stick to $250 bet MG.

      1. MGSlots 21

        LOL! If only we could do that even time we gambled. That is definitely not our reality! ~m&g

    22. Tina Vocassio


      1. MGSlots 21


    23. Khoa Truong

      Lucky got his money back lol

      1. MGSlots 21

        Very lucky! Thank you for watching! ~m&g

    24. IvanTheProducer

      How did the machine let you put a 10k voucher in?

      1. IvanTheProducer

        I’m from Canada so most I’ve put in is 2k, that’s crazy though glooks

      2. MGSlots 21

        $50k limit in Tampa so hence that is why

    25. Zach Chadwick

      Panda MAgic, and Autumn Moon treat me really well. Although I do 1 cent, and $1.50 bets.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Good to hear that someone has luck on those games because we sure don't, except on a rare occasion!! Thanks for watching Zach! ~m&g

    26. Rob R

      I want to see a 3750x bonus or at least 1000x with your bet amounts. That my biggest on a 3 reel. It seems those pay higher, but I love the Lightning’s

      1. MGSlots 21

        That would be amazing! Maybe someday! 🥂 ~m&g

    27. Rob R

      Wow nice recovery!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Very! Thanks for watching Rob! ~m&g

    28. Lucas Hutchison

      Glad to see you got the $250 bonus! I remembered last time you tried and burned right through $10,000..,,keep posting the great content

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank goodness this time wasn't like that one!! Thank you for watching Lucas! ~m&g

    29. Eric Gerken

      You should come to the omak,wa 12 tribes casino

      1. MGSlots 21

        Maybe some day! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    30. maikeli raiwalui

      We have them here in australia most clubs and the casino in brisbane have 1 or 3 rows of these

      1. MGSlots 21

        That's great that the LL games are so easy for you to find!! 🍀when you play! ~m&g

    31. Jay Lopes

      Since when can we film ? I once took a picture after hitting $500 on 777 - security was called and i was told to delete the picture . . . They made a big deal about one picture . . . 👋🇵🇹

      1. MGSlots 21

        It took us 2 years of going through the approval process at Mohegan Sun. We are the only ones with permission to film and take pictures of slot machines. ~m&g

    32. Magda Mahran

      love all your videos

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Magda! ~m&g

    33. Lori Schroeder

      That was epic....good job and great entertainment ....lost my shirt in AC this weekend, didn’t have MG slot 21 luck that’s for sure

      1. MGSlots 21

        Sorry to hear that Lori 😡 Hopefully next time will be better 🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻~m&g

    34. GL Slots

      What an incredible comeback. Couldn’t of drew up a better play. I know it doesn’t always work out that way for you but glad it did this time.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Nothing like the satisfaction of a good comeback! So happy you enjoyed the video tonight Gary! ~m&g

    35. Terri Reynolds

      Great comeback

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the video Terri! ~m&g

    36. Cher0kee

      Sheesh! This was nail biting! Congratulations 🎉

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you!! 😁 ~m&g

    37. tim louden

      Nice finish . Donna

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad it worked out in the end for you Donna!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    38. tim louden

      Dang those first two bonuses was yuck for the amount you were betting. I hope the rest of this video has a better outcome for you. Donna

      1. MGSlots 21


    39. mr.nobody tv

      who agree this is the BEST slot machine channel ever ! please like if u guys agree!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for the support! 🥂~m&g

    40. Hot4 Teacherz

      Wow these drain ya quick

      1. MGSlots 21

        They can unless you know when to walk away! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    41. Nancy Williams

      That was an awesome comeback Mark! 🤗 And, thank you for always explaining how the machines work too!😁

      1. MGSlots 21

        You're welcome Nancy! Glad you enjoyed the video!! ~m&g

    42. Kishoreda Songs

      After loosing 300 i would be crying ,,, you lost thousands at first ,,, darn i would have died

      1. MGSlots 21

        Everyone has a different budget and as long as you gamble with what you are willing to lose, you will be ok! 🍀~m&g

    43. Brian Lewis


      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the video Brian! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    44. Lisa Delrosario

      Whoa !!! What a comeback mark ,good luck more to u and Gretchen 😍

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching and for the luck Lisa! 🥂~m&g

    45. Gilbert Cuellar

      I wanna c more Huff and Puff. Piggies....

      1. MGSlots 21

        Those games will always be in our rotation!! ~m&g

    46. Michelle Acosta

      Can I ask why you don’t like Kunami machines?

      1. MGSlots 21

        We just really never win on them and find the bonuses with endless dead free spins to be boring... ~m&g

    47. matt ahrans

      epic comeback that was amazing. I was nervous watching so I can’t imagine how u were sitting in the drivers seat!!!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Staying calm takes lots of patience and not being afraid to lose when we are gambling within our budget!! Thank you for watching Matt! ~m&g

    48. Wayne's A Slot

      I was hoping you would have gotten that $12,500 ball...WOWZERS!!!!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Maybe next time 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻! Thank you for watching Wayne! ~m&g

    49. Kyle R

      Just amazing. The things you can do when you aren't limited to $2,999.99 in a machine 😉. This is honestly a great result after so many dead spins, I knew when you hit the massive bonus at the end that you'd be alright without a hold and spin (even though we want it!) Because a couple lins hits at $250/spin would be HUGE! So glad you got most of it back, you guys are the best 🔥🔥🔥

      1. MGSlots 21

        Pretty crazy what can happen on a $250 bet!! So glad you enjoyed the high limit session 🥂~m&g

    50. Purple & Gold Slots

      Nice video! Was pulling for you to hit one of those big hold and spins.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching! 🥂~m&g

    51. Rhonda Arthur

      Hello MG, as always great video. Thanks for the video. Have a wonderful and safe day.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Hello Rhonda! You're welcome and have a beautiful Monday☀️ ~m&g

    52. bojolilo

      You cannot believe how great was my relief at the end of this 250$ bonus. I was rooting for you Mark. Great content very entertaining!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the ride 🎢!!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    53. porkostar1

      Wow that was an epic comeback MG. Hope all is well with you guys! Stay safe 😷

      1. MGSlots 21

        All good here in CT 👍🏻 Glad you enjoyed the comeback! Thank you for watching and hope everything is well with you too! 🥂~m&g

    54. Mathew Horodner

      I've lost so much money gambling in my lifetime. I've only hit like $1300 jackpot once; all the other wins were under $1200 and usually marginal. I just can't seem to win anything. :(

      1. MGSlots 21

        Sending some our luck your way Mathew! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀~m&g

    55. Procopio Batongbakal


      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the video!! ~m&g

    56. Jennifer Later

      Thank you! This is fun watching .. I don’t have to go lose money I’ll just sit back and enjoy your videos 😆😊careful out there !! 🙏

      1. MGSlots 21

        SO happy can help you save money Jennifer!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    57. Madeleine Phipps

      Lol almost had a heart attack but not, congrats 🍾

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank goodness!! Thanks for watching Madeleine! ~m&g

    58. Pierre-Frederic Verge

      Your now my favorite channel!! Well done

      1. MGSlots 21

        Wow, thanks! We really appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment! ~m&g

    59. brookside109

      so glad you got money back.

      1. MGSlots 21

        US too! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    60. Flint Man

      I wish I was that calm betting $250.00 a spin, I get nervous on a $2.50 spin.

      1. MGSlots 21

        We only gamble with what we are willing to lose so $250 bets don't scare us 😉 Thank you for watching Matt! ~m&g

    61. Alimp3

      Hi Mark it was an epic comeback 🤪🤪🤪i like your style perfect session 🤘🤘

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the video!! Thank you for watching! ~m&g

    62. Scott Vera

      Congrats on the wins! Backup spins after a jackpot. Going to try that next time. Thanks for sharing.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks!! ALWAYS do backup spins after a bonus or a jackpot!!! It's a secret weapon!! Thanks for watching Scott! ~m&g

    63. lachlan head

      I like the old school bull fighter have had some good wins on it

      1. MGSlots 21

        Unfortunately we do not have that game here on the East Coast of the US. Maybe we will see it one day!! 🤞🏻~m&g

    64. Barb S NtPlayn

      Great video love this high limit game

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the video Barb! 🥂~m&g

    65. bernel francis dimaranan

      Hi Mark! Always enjoy watching the way you bet. Great control and know when to stop. Goodluck!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching and support our channel Bernel! Have a great week! ~m&g


      Gr8 comeback! Thanks for all the knowledge on all the different slots you play!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed! And you're welcome for all the info😉! ~m&g

    67. Kris Heady

      Where do you normally play? I heard Seminole. Which one? Tampa? Oh I kept watching and heard you are playing in Tampa. I live in St. Pete. So not to far haha. Awesome channel. But serious question. Have you won more than you have lost on slots? Just wondering :)

      1. MGSlots 21

        @Kris Heady We have thought about it, but it isn’t something we are interested in doing right now 🥂

      2. Kris Heady

        @MGSlots 21 have you thought about doing any group pulls?

      3. MGSlots 21

        At the end of the year we are always down on slots. We make it up with blackjack! ~m&g

    68. Charlotte Nasise

      Come on Fireballs. Good Luck. Love what ever you play. Congratulations for a great comeback.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for the support Charlotte!! 🥂~m&g

    69. Chi Thai

      Good Luck 👍

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for the luck! 🥂~m&g

    70. Annette Podawiltz

      Aloha🤙 M&G❤️Many Blessings to you and your family and friends and everyone ❤️🤩 God Bless ❤️10-4🤣❤️

      1. MGSlots 21

        🥂 Thank you Annette! Stay safe and be well! ~m&g

    71. Armando Chacon

      Konami. Lol

      1. MGSlots 21

        😉 Thank you for watching Armando! ~m&g

    72. Brisvegas the money magnet Slots

      That’s ballsy mate

      1. MGSlots 21

        💪🏻 Thank you for watching!! ~m&g

    73. Wayne Adams


      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the rollercoaster ride Wayne! ~m&g

    74. Jack Stearns

      This was a fabulous video! You are betting amounts that are waaaaaayyyyyy above my pay grade where the air is so thin you need an oxygen mask. Please have more of these type sessions. They really get the old heart going just watching!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Count on it Jack!! Will be filming these whoever we go to Tampa HR!!! Glad you enjoyed the video! ~m&g

    75. Rios Bros. Slots

      Man, you gonna give me a heart attack, lol. Glad to see you make your money back.

      1. MGSlots 21

        😉 Sorry about that!! Thanks for watching despite the heart attack!! ~m&g

    76. Patti Smith

      I was watching and 😱😰😰a dozen 250 dollar spins to end the session 😱🤩then that beautiful 12,500 dollar ball dropped ,ugh 😨Then bonus , YES . What a comeback guys. So happy 😁🤩🥳❤️🍀

      1. MGSlots 21

        Nothing like a good comeback 😉, especially at $250 a spin! Thank you for watching!~m&g

    77. Rangi Banks

      Be still my heart😊 $250 last spins sent me into anxious mode🤣. Epic comeback for sure;). Your channel is THE best.👍💓😊

      1. Rangi Banks

        @MGSlots 21 🤣Still ticking.

      2. MGSlots 21

        😊 thank you Rangi! Glad your heart survived 😉 ~m&g

    78. Jason Frey

      My hands were sweaty and it's not even my money great comeback

      1. MGSlots 21

        😉. Thanks for watching today Jason! ~m&g

    79. Sylvia Gandy

      Epic Comeback! I was worried. LOL 😂 🤑🤑🤑

      1. MGSlots 21

        @Sylvia Gandy 🍀🍀🍀

      2. Sylvia Gandy

        MGSlots 21 I’m headed to my local casino tonight! WISH ME LUCK! 🤑🤑🤑

      3. MGSlots 21

        LOL!! We were too!! Thanks for watching Sylvia! ~m&g

    80. Jojo Hokky

      My man!

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks for tuning in Jojo! ~m&g

    81. Craig Fox

      Hi mgslots I'd love you to play huff & puff a bit more that's got to be my favourite one that you play. Brilliant come back and another brilliant video as always from a friend in the UK 👍👍👍

      1. Craig Fox

        @MGSlots 21 looking forward to it 👍👍👍 and say hi to Gretchen for me from a friend in the UK 👍

      2. MGSlots 21

        Coming soon, we promise!! Thanks for your support

    82. Judy Lynn

      Nice comeback

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you Judy! ~m&g

    83. Yola Nowak

      You got basically all your money back and had a roller-coaster session. Always close but not close enough. There's always next time... 😉👍🍷

      1. MGSlots 21

        Very true! We were able to live for another day 😎 Thank you for watching Yola! ~m&g

    84. willie hendrickes

      Awesome comeback

      1. MGSlots 21

        @willie hendrickes Thank you so much for your support of our channel & NG Slot Willie!!🥂

      2. willie hendrickes

        MGSlots 21 I watch your channel all the time but usually on my fire stick and don’t leave comments because I either can’t or haven’t figure out how but like everyone. You guys keep it real showing wins/losses/gains..... The true reality of slot play. Your channel and Mr Show Me The Power Of Your Bonus are my favorites! Good luck and thank goodness you can continue the best content. Stay safe and healthy,

      3. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed the video Willie!! Thanks for watching!~m&g

    85. Maryann Kelley


      1. MGSlots 21


    86. Mokkie Mok

      U should win. Damn machine but great come back.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching! ~m&g

    87. Mimi Yuki

      Very nice play but bad for my heart 👍😅

      1. MGSlots 21

        Nothing like the ride of Slot machine gambling 🎢! Have a great day Mimi! ~m&g

    88. Tristan Paulis

      Honestly youre videos have always been good but they just keep gettinh soooo much better love these highhh limit dragon link videos theyre awesome

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you like them Tristan! You will be seeing more Dragon Cash here... stay tuned!! ~m&g

    89. Cynthia Fischer

      I’m speechless! What an epic comeback!!! Wowza! So fun to watch your videos.

      1. MGSlots 21

        So happy you enjoyed the ride Cynthia! 🎢 ~m&g

    90. brian carter

      Nice comeback Mark, best wishes from the UK.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Many thanks Brian! Have a great weekend! 🥂~m&g

    91. Slots for fun

      Wow amazing 😉 congratulations 🎊🍾🎈

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you Helen!!! 🥂~m&g

    92. Awoopa *Paul

      That was indeed a epic comeback m&g 👍 Nice shoes btw hehe 😄

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thanks 😉 Glad you enjoyed the video!! ~m&g

    93. Nph7474


      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching!~m&g

    94. Ginger Rose

      I like these games the best 😊

      1. MGSlots 21

        Good to know!!! Thanks for watching Ginger Rose! ~m&g

    95. mike lky

      Epic 🤗🤗

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you for watching Mike! ~m&g

    96. Denise

      Amazing video.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Glad you enjoyed it Denise! ~m&g

    97. Robert Gordon

      Wow a epic come back thumbs up definitely thanks for sharing 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      1. MGSlots 21

        You're welcome & Thanks for watching Robert! 🥂~m&g

    98. Marianne Maher


      1. MGSlots 21


    99. Praveen Rckz

      You always Comeback 😍...Cool Commentary What a Channel.....Yours Top Fan🥰

      1. MGSlots 21

        Thank you so much for your support Praveen!🥂 ~m&g

    100. Darron Mecak

      yee ha,go mark,min bet from now on IS $250,AND THE ORBS ARE MASSIVE.

      1. MGSlots 21

        Not every time but will definitely bet $250 when we visit Tampa!! ~m&g