Smashing into a $100K Rock! Broken Boat - FLW Tour #3

Scott Martin

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    This is not how I wanted to start out the tournament. Doing this costed me some valuable fishing time and potentially over $100,000 in winnings. Mistakes like this determine whether you win or lose. This video will show you my every move and my adjustments on the water in route to a good finish, good points, and $10,000 in my pocket.
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    1. Jeremy Johnston

      You knock off your lower unit, retrieve your boat and get it replaced in an afternoon!? Lol must be nice to be a pro! Love videos by way!

    2. Texan Football Houston

      Cool I'm going back to the fire 🍮💪

    3. Chris Craven

      My daughter walked through when this one came on and said WTWorld?! Robe caught her off guard. A coffee🧥 may be more fitting.

      1. Scott Martin


    4. jessica nixon

      You da best Scott

    5. Gage Klober

      Scott what reels and rods you use

    6. Andres Flores

      Scott, how can I buy one of your shirts?? Big fan of you and your dad!!

    7. j w

      Scott your the Man, even confident and positive through all that.

    8. DanFamVlogs

      We never even saw the motor:(

    9. Missy May

      Your tan lines crack me up 😂

    10. Cam Hester

      how is your partner picked ? do you pick or the tourney folks pick your partner each day ? I'd love to fish as a partner that would be cool , did that 10grand pay for your lower unit , or was that warrantied ? I think I could place but i'm not so sure about fishing pressured fish like you do all the time , I used to use a spook top water now I just use a frog but I'm not a pro i'm just a regular Joe lol

    11. YouTube Username

      What lake is this?

      1. Scott Martin

        Harris chain

    12. David Baxley

      Your pops always said it’s bad luck to catch one on the first cast.

    13. JJ

      Zara Spook is probably one of the most productive top waters I have ever used. That walkin the dog action kills them every time.

    14. Christopher Valley

      Want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ love it, I have been watching your series for 8 days straight, God Bless

      1. Scott Martin


    15. Steven Drury

      I heard my name... The potomac river slayer lol tell that fella to come on down and we shall teach em who the slayer is lol

    16. Mitch Conner

      I see that OU sticker ;)

    17. Stephen Ward

      I love go fishing with u Scott

    18. toy man

      Logs, just below the surface, would flow down the Otonobee River south of Peterborough, Ontario, into Rice Lake, where my family had a summer cottage. One spring, first time out in our 18 ft. runabout with a 150 h.p. outboard on the back, going full throttle and BANG...I hit one. Goodbye lower unit of motor. Luckily, a nearby boat saw what happened and towed me back to our dock. Insurance DID cover the repair, or should I say, new bottom unit. These submerged logs, or deadheads as we called them, were a constant danger on that lake.

    19. Rudolf Friederich

      Hi Scott thank you for giving Jesus honour, your videos are a pleasure to watch.

    20. Lipripn C

      You're really an excellent role model Scott and us young angler really look up to you. That was huge @ 18:30

    21. Bcboss13 !

      You should come to Lake Searon Harris North Carolina it’s the best finsin lake in the state

    22. carl torresson

      10 k for 36th lol

    23. Pat Wainio

      Thank you for the good content and keep up the good work good luck in you me next tournament

    24. DeadHeadLunkersLounge

      Am i the 5000 like? Did i win a prize.??

    25. Revik

      Why does the net guy fish ?

    26. T.j. Henderson

      I bet the o ly time you take your Costas off is in the house. Kinda like at your grandma's when she makes you take your hat off

    27. snookchaser

      Zara spook has been doing the big fish in both salt and fresh for 80 years now no hype just a solid big fish lure

    28. George J.

      Did you send some down to retrieve your lower unit? can still use the prop off of it.

    29. Daryl Skeens

      this is a miss leading video so two thumbs down

    30. SunCoaster

      I really like that u going around to the other guys and there booths. Nice job. 👍🏻😎

    31. Anthony Hallberg

      Get the net. Oh sorry I thought it was bigger. Get the net its huge. Oh sorry I thought it was bigger. Got one, its a biggin, oh sorry I thought it was big. every one was like 2 pounds Hilarious. Scott is the such a grdat fisherman and so entertaining.

    32. Smoke Fumar

      Really enjoy your videos and LOVE how ya put Jesus in all your videos somewhere, I REALLY enjoy your videos, I would love a chance to pick your brain or set up to fish with you.

    33. J M

      That whole video is motivation, it's all about how you handle things. Good job man

    34. Shawn Lewis

      Amazing that Evinrude got you up and running that fast! Very impressive.

    35. Turkey Man

      Scott where can I get a shirt in Canada? Thanks

    36. boostdrifts

      what is that hanging from your neck? life alert?

    37. Josh Allgeier

      Hey Scott sorry about your luck on that stump or Rock with your lower unit but congratulations on still placing. I've been following you man I think it's great that you hooked up with googans and also wondered if you could do me a favor and let me know what you think about three different Rod manufacturers. I don't have sponsors or a lot of money so I'm trying to keep everything under the $200 range. I really kind of like the Mojo bass line with the sc3 blank which is really I think the Avid blank. I've also been playing with the E6X's and the Falcon lowrider. Falcon has offered me 2 replacement rods in the lowrider series. I think I need a frog rod and a topwater / jerkbait rod. Would you please look at them and tell me which ones you would choose? Thank you for your help and again congratulations!

    38. Seth Hillegass

      sickest tan line on youtube

    39. Thechristopherryan

      So itll cost $100k to fix a $40,000 boat? Where's the logic.

      1. Bobby Sanchez

        Thechristopherryan he’s not talking about the repairs. He talking about the winnings from the tournament he could’ve won

    40. Tommy Russell

      You are a great young man

    41. Shawn kratochvil

      Man! I’ve been bass fishing by myself for about 4 years now and never landed anything bigger than a 18” it looks amazing to see you drag those big dogs in and fill a livewell!

    42. Elijah Still

      shouldnt have made him net,,,

    43. Terry Ducote

      Your dad has raised you right

    44. jeremy casper

      I heard him cuss in one vlog when his boat was on fire

    45. Jonathyn Polanco

      Do more videos with B-Lat

    46. MizFit

      His face tan got me dead haha

    47. Oleg G

      Scott is baked

    48. flag-outdoors

      What do they do with the fish after weigh in

    49. Jeff Haire

      could the net guy get any

    50. Chevy Powered

      Just subscribed. I appreciate you taking the time out and going through what you used for tackle looking forward to more videos!

    51. Joshua Webster

      "I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." Awesome, man! Love it.

      1. Zachary Telesca

        I do too!

    52. Chris Jones

      Just discovered your channel and subscribed. Great videos. Good luck from cold rainy Liverpool UK.

    53. Nathan Kline

      Do you dye your beard😂

    54. Supreme Automotive

      Make 10,000 eat burger king?

    55. Bill reid

      Thanks Scott, enjoyed the video, like the humor. Have a great season, remember how blessed you are to be doing what you do.

    56. Tanner J

      lol gloryhole bathroom

    57. Justin Carver

      b- dog and John Cox same laugh post it side by side please thanks ur the man Scott

    58. Jake Schisler

      Awesome video, Scott!


      Man that older couple angler wasn't really much of anything but in the way.

    60. NickHanegraaf Vlogs

      Does brandon fish the derbys?

    61. Andy Williamson

      Good comeback, Scott, after the day one boat breakdown. In your second sentence, above, just use the word "cost" (not "costed"). Take care, and good luck at Okeechobee in 8 days.

    62. jacob rousseau

      Scott your content is honestly amazing. Your fans really appreciate the effort you put into this.

    63. Jason Sanders

      All these tourney videos just look like a blast. Definitely understand that nothing is perfect, but if you work hard stuff happens! Someday 👌

    64. Chandler Garman

      i love Scott Martin

    65. Tyler W

      That kid was awesome.

    66. Asher The floof

      I love your Chanel

    67. Lildummy2317

      Love you scott

    68. Insanity

      Is it only me or does he look like the good dude in the movie megamind. I'm also the 696 comment esketit

    69. TXFish Walker

      SM puttin the net on that sweet old man's bass day 2....good stuff Scott 👍

    70. daniel barr

      What's with all the religious comments? Thought this was about fishing?

    71. Daniel Starr

      you know why you did so good today... it's my birthday.

    72. Kert White

      Do all your partners have to get the senior citizen discounts?

    73. Heath Locklear

      New subscriber. New fan. Hit the button just as soon as I heard you thank your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless you and my prayers will be going with you in future tournaments.

      1. Niko A

        YakinShootin Livin yessir

    74. Agustain Sullivan

      Wish I had the money to get a fast boat like yours,love watching ure channel (KGup)

    75. Tyler Outdoors

      I think bass are still easyer to net then big walleye they get off really easy

    76. Rig runners Fishing

      Love all of your videos Hugh fan keep up the great videos

    77. wojo1034

      Scott does Evenrude or FLW cover the cost of those type of accidents or does that come out of your pocket? Tom

      1. wojo1034

        Love the videos thanks for he reply!

      2. Scott Martin

        +wojo1034 my pocket:(

    78. gerald wells

      So many ad placements, he made more than 10,000 at that tournament for sure.

    79. Jay 0711

      Hahaha! Cool tan lines! You might want to get some sun without the glasses on.

    80. Garrett Cagle

      .55 their beer 😂

    81. lost one

      You drive me nuts, I live on that lake and can't catch like you do visiting. I'm just not worthy

      1. Slater Watkins

        On my home lake I can't catch anything and my friend comes and catches three four pounders in the first 10 minutes

    82. Cody Webb

      great videos and keep up the great work man, time to go catch more bass

    83. 69dirtydeed

      Them tan lines though lol

    84. Tom Brockhoff

      did you make money at this tourny?

    85. o o

      I absolutely love his tan line

    86. britt murray

      Man I'd love to fish with Scott, seems like an awesome guy. Thanks for the great vids and consistent uploads!

    87. Adamm Leemaster

      gotta ask what are those sticking up on each side of ur lower unit

    88. Gerald Jenkins

      😕bummer deal on your boat

    89. whisperfish

      Lol that tourney fisherman tan. keep it strong.

    90. oscar davis

      depth cancer conduct through hand van person act curve

    91. Patrick Pedigo

      Lol the tan line

    92. AZHOLE Outdoors.

      Grateful you got fixed. Ty for being faithful to the lord.

    93. Carson Jones

      what lake is this?

    94. GC BOYZZ

      I live near billy I live in Spartanburg too!!!!

    95. Joe Wood

      It's ok to turd but not S%%# or butt instead of a$$ they are the same in meaning so who determine what is swearing or what isn't. U high society political correct know it all makes me sick,

      1. old mcdonald

        dont watch then. watch rap fishing if there is such a thing. does it out of respect

    96. Zakariah Smith

      you and lunkerstv should do a video together

    97. Mark Lavern

      Are these catch and release

    98. mattew armstrong

      Scott do the fish live after weigh in and do you release them back. Or can they not stand to be out of water for that long.

      1. mattew armstrong

        Josh McGill I love to fish but I have never fished a tournament because I'm 9

      2. mattew armstrong

        Josh McGill thank you for answering my question

      3. Josh McGill

        mattew armstrong fish have to be release alive and healthy or you get dqed from the tourney

    99. Steve Davis

      hello, you are a spoiled rotton puke and your mife has to work to support the bills.

      1. Kert White

        Steve Davis yet he has 2.2 million in winnings?

      2. elementom1

        Steve Davis Who let grandpa get on the computer again?

    100. Dirty Trucker Fishing

      I came so close to knocking off my lower unit on Old Hickory Lake Friday. If the water was a few inches lower I would have been screwed. Five miles downstream from where I launched at dusk. A skeg is a lot cheaper to replace lol mine looks like jaws took a bite out of it.