My Wife Hired a Real Lie Detector For Me...


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    My Wife Hired a Real Lie Detector For Me... with Preston 👊
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    1. Harmony Hills

      My fam has 6 kids total! xD

    2. Mash Potato357

      Bad uncle Preston

    3. Yuki Coca

      If you want that many kids why don’t you have them


      Amazing video bruv

    5. Albert Yara

      Make Brianna make the question if the man is dead play this toy as same as the man read Your Mind

    6. The Art Whales

      WHen he says he wants 6 kids well my mother has 5 and its a nightmare

    7. Derrick Williamson

      Play call of duty please!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. liper fan

      # bad uncle Preston

    9. Sam Downs

      Anddddddddddddddd the worst uncle of the year award goes to Preston! Well done Preston!

    10. Becky Cade

      I'm going to be Preston when I grow up

    11. Julie Trigg

      That’s sad Preston said he makes better vids and Keeley and she said to sub to him still

    12. Ahnaf Chowdhury

      Preston’s least favourite sibling is keeley. Hmm not surprising. My least favourite is also my sister lol

    13. Miski Megan


    14. Nana Turner

      Hi Preston my name is Joshua to

    15. Alexis Hernandez

      HI love your videos press scan to me like really are used to watch your real my name LI Liza so we OK so that's how my name goes Siri say my real name is Eliza Marie AType

    16. Mike Prusakiewicz

      Bad unco

    17. Kelly Hickam

      # bad uncle Preston

    18. Hollie Kline

      Worst uncle of the year

    19. Vanya Kresencia

      I here brown eyes is the best

    20. Audrey Sinner

      Be a brianna in a world fulla prestons

    21. Sophia Li

      Wait Keeley has a nose ring?!?!

    22. Lon Lew

      Little too. Orange

    23. Evangelina_ Marie

      Bad uncle Preston

    24. Miro Zlatev

      I feel so sorry for Daka

    25. David alor

      bad uncle preston

    26. Troy White

      I'm so sorry but Keely said to say this bad uncle Preston so sorry!!!!!😜

    27. Troy White

      I'm sorry but Keely

    28. BlueGameZone

      Daka doesn't look better than u Preston

    29. vinay mehare

      You are more handsome

      1. vinay mehare

        Than your brother

    30. Derek A


    31. Sara Colarusso


    32. The Gameplay Aviator

      I feel like Preston is a Christian channel

    33. Kaashvi Rupani

      I are

    34. Jovan Petrovic

      Can I pls have a iPhone 12 mine

    35. Tyrese Marshall Georgetown

      The only reason preston likes being married to you bri cause he has someone to mess around with and prank

      1. Tyrese Marshall Georgetown

        And more content

    36. Aparna Bawle

      bad uncle preston

    37. Sue Crabbe

      Worst unlulc ever

    38. Antonio Etienne

      Poor Preston

    39. hi hi

      What made me really nervous is how Brianna sounded like she'd cry at some parts and how this is like a doctors appointment but lie detector

    40. Killer pro

      Preston is my favourite youtuber or you should made unspeakable one the hilarious.

    41. Lydia Mizutani

      Preston team up with Mark Rober to be the favorite uncle

    42. Alienbubbles

      Preston my friend looks exactly like you

    43. Maria Penn

      i feel for Preston

    44. Jacki DeWeese


    45. Tansia Tamzid


    46. chicken group

      Don't be a preston

    47. Isabella Filkins

      My dog is name Olivia!

    48. Muhammad Sohail

      preston lied and dont want keleey to date scott!!!

    49. Mπßád

      It is so funny haha I love it

    50. Richard De Ocampo

      Was preston lying?

    51. Maria Honey


    52. Stephanie Land

      worst uncle of the year sorry Preston

    53. Ray Baksh


    54. Morgan Crosby

      Me: no to every question Preston: yes, yes, yes, yes... Oh yeah

    55. Carstin Pence

      Bad uncle Preston

    56. Dylan Simon

      lol uno best uncle of the year

    57. Red sonic The hog

      for me this is hard

    58. Kelly Gaines


    59. Sonic fan Leonardo

      No no no Preston should’ve said he is the best KGupr

    60. Sonic fan Leonardo

      I mean play with u

    61. Sonic fan Leonardo

      To make play with u

    62. Sonic fan Leonardo

      So Preston what’s ur roblox name

    63. DogLover 300

      Who's Daka ?????

    64. Cadence Mackie

      preston you are a great youtuber

    65. klemsky yt

      Bad uncle Preston

    66. Alyssa Westring

      My birthday is January 2 two


      bad unculpreston hehe

    68. chef

      Funny thing is that a lie detector doesn't work,you just have to be a chill dude

    69. Kaylenn Barker

      He’s in some videos with preston and brianna

    70. Kylie Westbury

      I don't even know my nieces and nephews birthday Preston I feel ya

    71. Deadly Gamer Yt


    72. Aadi lamsal

      It over 9000

    73. Aadi lamsal

      He is savage 🤣 😂

    74. Amer le Gamer

      Brianna:Am i beautiful Preston:sometimes but yes Me: Sometimes yep thats it Skip:stop MOVING


      Bad uncle Preston he forgot his neice's birthday

    76. Maleigh Animates

      I feel like a lot of people want the same amount of kids their parents had. Brianna wants 1 and Preston wants 4-6 XD I am the same. I have 2 siblings and I want 3 kids.

    77. Sarah Straley

      Bad uncle preston

    78. Lexi Girl


    79. Adge gebo

      I love prestons vids

    80. Lillyanna Damgaard

      My freind said she would buy persons merch when it comes out she has unspockbles merch sorry bad grammmer

    81. Cristian Vasquez

      thats my birthday!!! to

    82. Zedex 200

      you're a great American

    83. beena salman

      Well kids can do work for mom and dad kid are soooooo much fun to play with to I love babies


      Soo funy when scot ask him

    85. Laurenco Borchards


    86. Laurenco Borchards

      I feel sorry brianna

    87. Laurenco Borchards

      Sorry Keeley 😢

    88. Katie Warburton

      I like keeley in the video's shes sweet and funny and awesome!! I love her in the videos😍😍!!! Put her in your videos please

    89. Beckie Wesley

      Are you the middle child because I am the middle of 5

    90. Beckie Wesley


    91. Ava Jenkins

      my name is ava

    92. Abijith BS


    93. Priya Shrivastava

      Baduncle preston

    94. Aryaman Madge

      Preston is Evil

    95. EMILY akers


      1. EMILY akers


      2. EMILY akers

        Sorry Preston

    96. Warrior Princess

      Bad preston

    97. Alita Death angel

      Don’t worry my dad forgets when I was born some times he just ask me when he forgets. TwT

      1. SPARROW FAN

        So sad I’m srry

      2. Anne Russell

        That's so sad TwT

    98. Liam McKaig

      I ship sceely Scott + keely


      PRESTON is so funny bri you have no idea

    100. RqnkMVP

      Imagine if she said do u love me Preston ..... no