Top 5 Funny Moments of SMC 2018

Scott Martin

115 миӊ. көрүүлөр16

    2018 was a good year and we had a lot of funny moments along the way. These Top 5 Funny Moments from 2018 will have you dying of laughter!
    Thank you for sharing this video... See y'all soon!

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    1. Steve Hogan

      lol, so then I guess the answer is neither. lol

    2. Andrew Phoa

      Lol this vid just showed up for me. SCOTT now that's how you gets pink eye!

    3. living the outdoors

      I have hooked many people fishing lol hooked my grandpa hooked people in the cheek the ear

    4. Ron Alexander

      Lol. I had a coot on gville do that.

    5. Braden Kang

      Haha the butt cleaner tho 🤣🤣

    6. Pete Lauter

      Great vidoe

    7. Hillbilly Tv

      2:16 that’s a speck 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. Phil Williams

      Wow that was some funny stuff lol couldn’t stop laughing keep the videos coming

    9. Linda Schmeelk

      My funniest moment was when billy saw the snake trying to get on the boat !!!!!!!!

    10. j w

      The face wash is funny!!

    11. Seth

      Funny...funny....funny...BIDET!!! 😂😂😂😂 I was giggling but holy crap dude...that bidet clip was outrageous

    12. norb geniec

      Trash Talking James should be a regular. What a Hoot !

    13. Fifties kid Bob Mckinstry

      Yes I have used of the day Austria 1973 and I used the same way you did ya got wet and it wasn't my butt

    14. Chris Patterson

      Greg Williams and a 12 mile dirt road got me here good times

    15. Brandon Taylor

      #2 was definitely the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!! I watched the episode it happened in and I swear I still laugh so hard I can’t breathe! Awesome

    16. Nick Geiger

      Who else would LOVE to go fishing with Scott!

    17. Keith Conn

      I've hooked myself in the back with a rooster tail

    18. Abdollah Kokabi

      7:57 🤫

    19. Noah

      The Eel 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    20. angel hermosillo

      That was a great video needed a great laugh 🤣😂🤣😂 very hilarious thanks for that keep them coming Scott

    21. Joni Rhoades

      Lol! I'm crying 😂😂😂

    22. Got Yeezys?

      I have used a beday

    23. Jim J

      Huge ass crappie

    24. louizianaoutlaw85

      Number 2 should of been # 1. Lol craZy

    25. Chad's everything outdoors

      YOU GOT sprayed with BUTT rinse!!! :)

    26. Blake Hagner

      8:13 Use this as a replay button

    27. Cathy Bailey

      The hats changed and the computer screen in the back.

    28. david mccullough

      I've never laughed so much and so hard please keep it up ur the best

    29. The Fishin' Fireman

      Using the expression "Drop a comment below..." when referring to a bidet paints a visual I didn't need. LOl

    30. The Woodshop

      I bet that thing would be hard on your danglars OUCH

    31. John Puckett

      All right dude you didn't put the one about you on purpose Scott you in the kicker semi when they turn the radio on half way up and when the music hits you about jumped out of your skin why you gotta mess up for Joe I believe he would have killed y'all Joe was that scared he was not playing

    32. Stephen Bowen

      You should hook some of your subs up with an SMC hat or a FishBrain hat. 🤷‍♂️. Especially if they are like an hour away. Love ya bro.

    33. Tou Lee

      Saw the " battle wagon " next to mall of america. Almost got an pix

    34. Derrick House

      Bahahaha OMG! i think i pulled a muscle laughing at the bidet clip!

    35. Caleb Foster

      Yeah um I would of been the same way like joe. Screw that non sense

    36. Ricky Dziadek

      Kinda think a suck it billy T-shirt would be cool

    37. Eli Swatosh

      I had to watch the last one twice🤣🤣

    38. Tim H

      It was poop water residue in your eye!!

    39. glen johnson

      oh the 2nd one i had a gold rattle Ltrap red hooks i was on fire that day 30 minutes i had 6 fish in the boat 4 keepers and i hooked my elbow it was stuck in the bone. i had my brother pulling on it his daughter holding my shoulder down and he was trying to get it out of the bone. some man came to help and i think his grand daughter was ready to puck. and i knew if it came out of the bone some damage was going to happen. it would not come out so i went to the ER after waiting a hour for the doctor it came out and i pulled it out myself. but still got charged $400. but went back and came in 2nd so it was still a good day.

    40. Hank

      3:30 hooks man in back 4:28 says "no harm no foul" yet you obviously foul-hooked that man LOL love your vids!

    41. Robert Hunter

      First clip is a crappie not a striper

      1. Blake Leaunart

        Robert Hunter no shit

    42. Ricky Hall

      got a lil brown eye in the pink eye 😂

    43. Fierro 051

      he wasnt reeedy

    44. Ryan

      I don't like your videos Scott......I Love them!!!

    45. Bryan Lammers

      tough to beat #1... haha!

    46. MANBUN

      Billy getting scared by the snake 😂😂

    47. Cabbage Head

      Just so you know Scott Martin, I spit fruity pebbles all over my recliner when that water sprayed in your face! Haha I haven't laughed that hard in a loooong time brother. Love you man.

    48. buckskinz

      Hey what about when u acted like ur friends fishing gear got stolen and he was pissed?! Do you still talk to that guy?!

    49. Connor Stacy

      Trash talking James should be In here man

    50. James Cheatham

      #2 should have been " It's a giant" LOL

      1. James Cheatham

        #2 being when you foul hooked Brandon.

    51. Quill

      It's not even close Scott. The bidet eye attack was by far the funniest.

    52. Bryan Larson

      oh my god the bidet to the face wow love it

    53. Austin F

      Not just the hats, but the computer screen too! Haha nice and subliminal.


      Love watching your videos with the googan squad and by yourself from VA in Houston for 3 days for work love fishing

    55. Gerald Figgins

      I used to like watching SMC but too commercial for me now. Get back to the average joe stuff Scott

    56. CABANA Leather

      Haha that water would have went places

    57. Tavii

      This is hilarious 😂

    58. matthew thompson

      I just watched the video twice an figured out his hat matched the screen behind him

    59. VangsFishing

      Brandon still cracks me up about his striper crappie 😂😂

    60. Rodney Hanbaum

      Aw man, Everytime I watch you and the bidet cracks me up!!! and JoJo!!! I feel ya Brother!!! Totally understand!! You were JUSTIFIED!!!! LOL!! LOOKING FORWARD TO 2019!!!!

    61. Abel Morales

      who did u go cry to ur wife or ur momma trash Talkin jamesssss😁😁😁😆😱🤳👌👍👍👍

    62. William Campbell

      We need a "suck it Billy" montage for all the times ya'll made fun Brandon for saying it. Lol

    63. Jerred Wayne

      Dude poop water in the eye. I shat on that one

    64. Kelby Kisor

      One of my favorite moments, can’t remember if it was 2018 or a year or two before but when you hooked an otter 😂

    65. hunter wagoner

      Brandon and the Robitussin

    66. pheonix11983

      The eel was funny, watching a grown man act like that. But, the bird was probably still the funniest one.

    67. Team Jesus Outdoors

      Still laughing about the bung hole washer!

    68. Team Jesus Outdoors


    69. TheBlindkiller85407

      The bidet scene....”and that folks, is how you get pink eye”

    70. Ken Allen

      SHTUFF Happens, but that bidet shot was funny

    71. cedieboy

      I change my mind the one in the toilet was the best one lol so hard I cant even breed

    72. cedieboy

      the second video was the best ever omg its funny but feel bad at the same time

    73. 98kutch

      You need to do a Bill Dance style blooper real of all the stuff that wasn't in the videos.

    74. Mike Elshoff

      I like the one where billy had an acounter with a snake while yall were in the boat fishing

    75. Sarah Schofield

      that ''ufo'' was a FEATHER!! Still you're awesome man

    76. Jason Lawson

      Love the channel!

    77. Zachery Reaves

      Dude this great yaw are the best

    78. david blue

      The CIA uses this European Butt washer to now Waterboard to extract vital information from our enemies! Very funny stuff. It's a good thing you didn't start rattling off all your fishing techniques! That was too close !

    79. Hunter Fitzgerald

      Scott you are a cheater and keep the same hat on and you hooked a dude it ain't funny I would have thrown you in the lake if it was me

    80. Alex Deerwester

      The bird has me dead

    81. Hooked Tv

      What about when ap got a hook in his finger

    82. The Outdoor Dude

      Now that's how you get pink eye! 😂😂🤣😂


      When trash talking James said the fish needs some milk

    84. BigBearFishing

      Good clips Scott! Funny stuff man! I think Brandon's "Striper" catch was the best one!!

    85. Tim Scarff

      8:11 It's like the scene from District 9 when Wikus discovers the alien fluid stuff

    86. 670fastcrf

      The scene when your praising trash talking James and he misses a hook set and dings Brandon's dingy!!!! Funny stuff!

    87. benjaminhurmx

      What about the fire!

    88. Maverick Burlison

      8:13 😂😂😂

    89. Marvin Marvin


    90. wesley hellmich

      i have subbed and turned on notifcations

    91. Robert Saner

      I cried when he got sprayed with "pooper water"

    92. Ryley Gibson

      SUCK IT BILLY!! 😂

    93. Dakota Malena

      His hat and the back ground on his computer changed the same after every clip

    94. james amaro


    95. Miller Home

      Best outro ever XD

    96. Stephen Hruby

      What’s going on with the hat and background

    97. Robbie Baker

      What model watch is that you have?

    98. Steven Maness

      Shocked James didn’t make the list. He is a funny fishing machine. LOL

    99. Bass Raider

      That bidet cracked us up! Happy New Year SMC fam.!

    100. John Smith

      lol scared of the eel