Inside an ABANDONED Japanese Love Hotel (4K)

Abroad in Japan

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    Love hotels are big business in Japan. But not all stay open forever. As we begin our Journey Across Japan from Tokyo to Mount Fuji, we get lost in a quarry, stumble across an abandoned love hotel and taste Fish & Chip Pringles. 🍿 EPISODE 1 in our blockbuster 6 part series!
    👻 Episode 01 | Inside an Abandoned Love Hotel:
    🍲 Episode 02 | Japan's Worst Food:
    ♨️ Episode 03 | Inside a Private Hot Spring:
    🏨 Episode 04 | Renting an ENTIRE Capsule Hotel:
    🇬🇧 Episode 05 | Japan's BIGGEST British Theme Park:
    💵 Episode 06 | What ¥1,000 Buys You in Japan:
    🗻 Series Trailer |
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    1. Abroad in Japan

      🍿NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Journey Across Japan: Escape to Fuji has officially begun! Welcome to the journey. BICYCLES are banned. I'll admit I do feel a sense of guilt for leaving Natsuki waiting, but it's not often I get excited about a quarry. What would you have done? Natsuki vs. Quarry? What a genuinely crazy start to our journey though. I never thought it'd all kick off like this! I really hope you enjoy this extra-long edition of Abroad in Japan in glorious 4K. Episode 2 will be out next week! For now, grab the popcorn, pull up a leg rest and enjoy the most terrifying episode of Abroad in Japan ever released. - (Except every episode with Ryotaro's face in).

      1. John Morgan

        What is the map location of the quarry? I would love to head out there with my camera!!!

      2. Strik Ace

        you guys should have brought a black light too :P

      3. Burger Croissant

        First thing first : food... Yeah, another trip from meal to meal ! I'm already hungry for insanity.

      4. itachi uchiha

        Please share the location or directions of this love hotel.

      5. مهند الموسوي

        ممكن الترجمة العربية

    2. Hermit

      I love Natsuki's swear words

    3. GDBOY 123

      16:55 Amogus.

    4. Nikolai Nedyalkov

      Chris Broad, please, buy a vaper for Natsuki . He can't go on like this, and I can't afford to lose him. I've lost so much already ( Maradona, Robin Williams, Pope John Paul The Second...). So do your research, get him a good vaper, strong vaping liquid, and if he has a cigarette craving, tell him to suck it up ( it will go away in 1-2 weeks).

    5. Luke Landrunner

      16:54 AMOGUS

    6. F.Y.V.P

      Chris: No beer Natsuki: Fucka you

    7. pipigamer

      Sus 16:55

    8. Sybato

      I'm actually surprised there's even abandoned places in Japan, the country almost seems to small for something like that.

    9. bual

      did the same woman just copy and paste her story everywhere like yato from noragami?

    10. Life

      Can you make some more spoopy videos :D

    11. G. Grieco

      10:13 I wish I could fall asleep this easily.

    12. Maenrt

      14:38 TV sus

    13. Chiara Rossi

      Places like that is where you find bodies.

    14. Symon Gonzales

      doku mushi

    15. Shakti Rathore

      Finally a British guy i'd want to be friends with.. Having 2m followers. Someone who’d never reply even. Duh

    16. Ajiib Shah

      Joseph's "look man.." is just the most done thing ever

    17. Ramon Echavarria

      Natsuki with those glasses 😍

    18. Glamasaurus

      It was very ghost hunters

    19. Jim

      Love the series already and Yeah boy, 4K !!!! thank you so much

    20. seanthespider

      16:58 i see it

    21. I got PTSD

      16:53 i see something right there

    22. Jacob Burt

      16:56 AMOGUS

    23. Joaquin


    24. Gonckzilla

      16:56 when the imposta is love hotel

    25. Kevin Luo

      Everywhere I go 16:55

    26. Ocean x

      Its the naninaninaninani for me...

    27. ObliviousOverlord

      16:55 that blue trashcan is the only scary thing in the hotel

    28. lii lulll

      They explored it for the video the things they do for KGup

    29. Suho at 3:07 Obsession MV

      20:19 are there two people walking or am I seeing the 2nd one? 😳

    30. Hey It’s me

      16:57 who else saw the blue among us character

    31. N A

      Why is that intro music always so good?

    32. Shirogane Tsuki

      'This exciting six day adventure through the stunning mountainous region of central Japan is built on a foundation of bitterness, resentment and revenge...' Liking this already!

    33. MythicalSalmon

      16:56 that looks a little SUS

    34. Salem Ghost

      I need to know the background to the love hotel lmao

    35. DJ

      trashspestos. No bat.

    36. Ben Sherinian

      Is it me or does that quarry look like helhiem in Kamen Rider Gaim? To any fellow toku fans please comment below.

    37. YeetusPoteetus

      This was the video that made me subscribe, I saw it on joey’s channel and found your channel through him and I watch you more now

    38. マーティンOfficial

      Natsuki knocking on the window sounded really similar to something knocking at my door 😂

    39. Garfield At Freddy's

      pause at 16:57 it's kinda sus

    40. AlarminglySvelte

      All of the mirrors being smashed is actually a good thing. At least you know nothing can reach out and grab you from them.

    41. Snifey 76

      this make's divorce make more lovely than the haunted love hotel

    42. James Eddleman

      Why the hell do people hate the last indiana jones? I watched all 3 movies before seeing the Crystal Skulls, and the only argument Ive heard is the "aliens" when the Ark used fucking magic to melt the faces off nazis. OH BUT ALIENS which are pretty much proven to exist 2020...too much to believe! What about the fucking ancient tomb with specific weighted alter and boulder trap.

    43. Vananh Nguyen


    44. Cela Lare


    45. Gavin Hartman

      That abandoned quarry straight up looks like an old tomb raider level!

    46. NicholePV

      The abandoned quarry gave me major Shadow of the Colossus vibes: I wonder if any of the dev team visited here or used it as any kind of reference?

    47. Arctic Lemonade

      The Holy Trinity !!!

    48. Issaq Al-Ahmed

      That was heaping pile of nope. Seriously that was some dark stuff. Great vid, but good lord guys

    49. お尻を食べる

      Me: *breathes* Natsuki: Fucking hell

    50. Noahs Arkhive

      my guess? u guys probably stumbled over the hide out\shelter of some homeless people n they tried to stay away|hidden from you. hence the door noises :”) those poor fellas were probably hust as unsettled as you were

    51. Laura Likes Potato Nuggets

      "And beer?" "No beer" "F*ck you" I love this dude

    52. Sharon Lindsay

      Pick up a smoker two hours late in the rain ...? Yea I’d be smoking a lot too

    53. Kanwar Angoj Guleria

      at 15:53 there something scary. is it a shadow or the shape of the glass?

    54. Yumi Nakamura

      I dont know why I hated joey before. now I feel like an asshole, cause I wanna adopt him .

    55. Tyler Meyers

      16:57 sus asf

    56. Tetsuya Ao

      rewatching for the third time

    57. Jessica Akamine

      It's bedtime but I wanted to watch this series and I am regretting my life choices now

    58. Wackinator 66

      You don’t get to complain about Naski’s cig breaks. You left him for two hours at a stupid airport. He gets to smoke what ever he wants

    59. no one

      That red light really wasn't there in the start of the exploration..

    60. Weise Nacht

      Or Dark souls if you take the platforms away

    61. parth karvekar

      I wonder what they would have done if one of statue would have moved and said hello

    62. Patz Chan

      Was wondering if wed see a deeldow but alright

    63. Lolitaskullz

      Id like to know the love hotels name. Would love to Google it

      1. Lolitaskullz

        Nevermind, found it! Its called Seline Love Hotel

    64. Romantic Secret

      This may not be true but I had a thought/horror idea for those drawings and texts found. What if all those pictures of women where the same woman through different stages or something. Listen. A woman by the name of (forgot) is 9 months pregnant and her profession is being a prost¡tute. She goes to that very Love hotel to sleep with a man, since she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant when she already was. The man ends up killing her and ripping her chest to abdomen open. (Don’t know what happens to the baby so..) Her spirit haunts that love hotel and that’s the reason a door kept slamming. Because her spirit is afraid of men now and the door won’t close. The red light could be the room she was in at the moment, the room she died in or the room her baby was in/put in.

    65. Anne Sumpmann

      Natsukis "Long way" sounds like "Wrong way"! ^^

    66. jose reyes

      So, it does taste like London food?

    67. dimin9197

      Reminds me of Blair Witch Project.

    68. VGK96 Jumpstyle

      I'm just glad the exit didn't turn into another room 0_0

    69. Izaac Power

      And that quarry is were Joey got his picture for a song he did!

    70. Izaac Power

      This video reminds me of Joeys Halloween video, Of when he visited an Abandoned place with Chris, And another person, Im not sure if it was Natsuki, Was it?

    71. Izaac Power

      Natsuki mood changed fast because on London flavored Pringles! Thats hilarious! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    72. Izaac Power

      Joey, Randomly teleported into a Car Id imagine Chris saying “How did you get in my Car!?!?”

    73. Izaac Power

      Using the cultured name for Joey {The Anime Man} Again i see, Joseph {The Animation Man} Thats hilarious! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    74. Woodsy2575

      Japan is a haunted country, no one can convince me otherwise

    75. xLotusAngel626x

      Damn Japan can look so Super Beautiful one moment and Super Scary another moment I don't know if that's amazing or not... XD

    76. Karolina Kloz

      "This is the worst cigarette break Natsuki ever had"

    77. バンジョベンジ

      not gonna lie, the pregnant lady story reminds me of 177013

    78. Samuel White

      Jesus Christ, that abandoned love hotel was so fucking scary I can't imagine actually being there

    79. Santeri laakso

      16:55 amogus :)

      1. JoMangaシ

        sus 😳

    80. Thousand Cuts

      12:36 **Gets scared in Japanese**

    81. Isidora Espinoza

      16:45 love how they just ignored the うんこ graffiti

    82. Yeet Master

      His watch is upside down

    83. Arcination.


    84. Neno27

      As hammond would say "jeremy u evil man thats briliant" i say that to chris he is evil but briliant

    85. The Comfy Geek

      That hotel is going to haunt my dreams for the rest of my life. Thats insane.

    86. TheBurlyBurrito

      16:57 sus

    87. Arnold II Pasillas

      Your patner's hairstyle looks like a dried up mop. He needs to fire his stylist. Apart from that eyesore, this was fun to watch.

    88. TheSlytherinQueen

      ahhhh way too scary


      10:42 when u wait for 2 hour for friend pick u up / meet u.. in Malaysia its called "Janji Melayu" (o_O)

    90. Thebackup

      is that the plague inc theme

    91. Minecrafting With Collide Deku and Scarzazies

      I love exploring, and possibly when I am older I could make a career out of it. But I am terrified of bugs, mold, death, and creepy stuff. Lol. But I love horror stuff.

    92. vz17

      Shut the front! No wonder that quarry looked familiar! Those are the Ishigaki Ruins. It is a filming location used by Toei to film their Tokusatsu shows. Some scenes from Kamen Rider Gaim were filmed there. I think recently it was used to film some scenes from Ryusoulger and Kiramager. That's not scary, that's awesome. I apologize for my nerdiness; I think nobody has any idea what I'm talking about...

    93. Daniel Barreto

      16:56 kinda sus ngl

    94. josé Cordero

      Looks like an unload chunk of Minecraft

    95. Solomon Gater

      20:21 is a literal album cover lmao go to 20:21

    96. Chris doodle

      Chris, Joey, and Natsuki in one video is mind blowing.

    97. Punchin Pumpkin

      Jesus, even Natsuki saying that that room he opened with the broken door had ‘no smell’ had me on edge

    98. TH3B1GD1RTY

      Too fuckin scary point 😂

    99. Shigeruu

      TITLE:LOVE HOTEL weeb: interesting 🤔

    100. Zen/

      16:58 kinda sus