Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too [Official Music Video]


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    1. Anthoney Smith

      Yo Coleson, you left the door open, i'm sure you don't want no thieves coming in to steal your television, lounge and other house items.

    2. Adam adk


    3. Miracle Music

      love how they're fighting and Travis is like "I'll just be here playing the drums"

    4. Gibby Gib

      Jeez the energy in this is great

    5. zill qayyim

      Listen to this song right now blooming me

    6. kevinfreiheit

      Ughhh sucker currently for MGK brining back pop rock like a Green Day vibe but brought thee bae Halsey into it!! :)

    7. ronanden44

      I see that Kaneki hairstyle

    8. Katie Sandridge

      Halsey didn't HAVE to go this hard

    9. sssniper rose

      Halsy walking in the door like she be drunk and hight af

    10. Larry Kapija

      Damn emimen really destroyed you so much you are doing this dog shit music now

    11. KingLeeko -_-

      I feel like juice wrld would of been great on this one tbr💯

    12. Steele Crawford


    13. ku hengchun


    14. Japanese Noodlebox Garage

      Certified Banger

    15. Nicholas Winkler this da kidd at2 he worth the shot

    16. Raven Nevermore

      Ok so dose song with ex girlfriend.... pretty much has her dress like current girlfriend. Fucking weird. And no one can argue that she isn't dressed like megan fox.

    17. Maya Stuttard


    18. Jon Salazar


    19. Daion Cook

      KennyHoopla is dope for this song feature

    20. Adam Milar

      This is the type of MGK and Halsey I need more of.

    21. Syve

      Okay but fr, how is Halsey so good at this?

    22. matthew faught

      after this im in love with halsey

    23. chelseylanee

      g-eazy was a fool to let her go look at that mf goddess

    24. Nate Capps


    25. Nate Capps


    26. William Correll


    27. Amber Novak

      Now i wish Avril Lavigne would go out and make a song with Halsey. Now that would be the shit lol

    28. Psychedelic BDSM

      plot twist: the bike was running before he got on it

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    38. Psycho Pompous

      Much better here than as a rapper. He wasn't even a bad rapper, by any means. But this is awesome! Props to MGK, not many can genre hop like he did and up the quality like this. Also, yes. Halsey is hot as fuck. I LOVE long straight black hair like hers in this video.

    39. alex zorn

      Halsey is a pop punk goddess

    40. Jennifer Larrabee

      what i love is how he is angry he still picked up his guitar and played it angrily then peacefully places shows how much he loves his guitar more then anyone :P

    41. خالد عوض7


    42. Hidden Squid

      Old mgk fans are crying right now

    43. Jovanna Shummon

      MGK really doesn’t sing well. Halsey does though! The song is reminiscent of the 90’s bubble gum BLINK 182 pop- punk for sure, which I used to like a bit. Travis may be trying to recreate the old days with MGK but it’s just not that good. Sorry.

    44. navY

      eu e o batata na escola!

    45. Steven Moulson

      My 16 year old daughter has no idea why I jam so hard to this. She also was born in the wrong era bless her 🤣

    46. Nick Roatch

      Mgk is where he belongs now

    47. Nick Roatch

      I gotta say from rap to rock he really brought back the 90s

    48. [Redacted] Г

      Wanna be green day garbage lol, guess this is what happens when you can't rap anymore.

      1. wiseguy 26

        Lmao found a bitter hating Em stan talking out his ass most likely. He's been rapping all year and 2019, you're a clown if you think he can't rap my guy. You probably listen to far less lyrical rappers like Post Malone, Travis Scott, Juice wrld, lil baby, ybn youngboy and lil uzi tho.😆

    49. Lee Gillies

      He was gd at rapping but he suits this style music better and too top it off Travis barker on drums

      1. wiseguy 26

        Na he's better at rapping but this is cool too. He should combine both genres next album like Linkin Park.

    50. Saint ITG

      сру под этот трек, чувствую себя отлично.

    51. Thuật Nay

      It,s okay I always waitin For yoU #999 #911 🥳😈🖤

    52. Deuce

      No one gonna' mention how this is definately a break up song surrounding him and Megan fox? Halsey is even dressed to look like her, the girl on the picture is her, the lyrics. It all adds up.

      1. wiseguy 26

        They're still dating tho.😆

    53. Firefox Focus

      Jeez eminem really did change this guys whole career



    55. Leisurely Lisa

      Dramaticccc. Just the way I like it

    56. DeAndre Walker

      I know all the bisexuals are just dying watching this

    57. Matthew Matt

      I thought Blink182 broke up!,.

    58. James Taylor

      Great song!!!!!

    59. Yo Gen

      Mgk and Halsey Fighting and suddenly of nowhere a drummer pops out playing 😂😂😂

    60. Anthony Martell

      You know for all the corporate and formulaic music that came out of pop punk in the early 2000s , I still miss that era of music. This song did such a good job of bringing back that vibe and energy I thought this song came out in 2002.

    61. Aaron Dunne

      Mgk took playing Tommy in the dirt to seriously 🤣

    62. Zayan Gaming

      Mgk is 100 more times better than some gangster rapers

    63. Josh paul

      sooo mgk is punk singer now?

    64. Chris Andrade

      I like the good vibes of this song. Dunno why I've been playing this track for an hour already. 🔥🔥🔥

    65. Richard Haas

      Mgk the only time hes gotta L is when he's throwing one up with a gang sign

    66. River Black

      holy shit halsey, with rock behind her

    67. NL Hit hit

      Wow 1 crore gone 😍😍1️

    68. Maya Stuttard


    69. Vlad

      U never see Green day, Three Days Grace, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, going rap! Let's don't mix up the genre. Look.. I know....Eminem.... ...but still. Peace

    70. Joy Postema

      This needs over a million likes for Travis Barker alone.

    71. Riley Smith


    72. Official._. Floof

      Must’ve been fun doing this justice video lol Totally not have pansexual panic rn....

    73. Billy Bimantoro

      Change genre from rap to punk rock? Damn Em you really end him.

    74. Cristian De Leon

      I don't like metal or whatever genre this falls under but this song slaps 👌🔥

    75. Indra

      I'm just glad he change genre, it's so good

    76. Michael McCann

      wow mgk is hot

    77. NotQuiteWhite CC

      Omg that’s Halsey!!! I didn’t even recognize her - or her voice! Holy sh*t :D

    78. Agrimn Bura

      he fucked up with em his albums are flop now

    79. Laura D


    80. Danny THE GAMBLER

      If you like this you here to hear rap js tho ain't haten wtf dewd where's the fuckin rap tho?

    81. Luan Cafi

      ichigo kurosaki

    82. matt garner

      Can we talk about how absolutely incredible MGK sounds punk??? Like he was killin the rap game but I've always been more of a punk fan and he's slayiiiiing

      1. Angelica Ackerman


      2. Berend De Jong

        If you were a fan of punk you would know this is not punk but pop punk or maybe even pop rock

    83. Sam

      It’s crazy how I used to listen to this man songs 8 years ago of him rapping in Cleveland on the block and now he a rock/rnb artists.... a big change but ion know how much I dig it, it’s fye but his old music slap ngl

    84. Taylor Bee

      Kind of glad he started doing some rock and roll music

    85. Snowy2020


    86. Rob Brooks

      "We all know your salty cuz young Gerald's ballz deep inside of Halsey" XD

    87. Dragon Bravo


    88. David Soto

      Me: I am gay Halsey: *sings punk rock* Me:.... okay maybe I am lesbian

      1. Berend De Jong

        If you are a eoman thats the same thing????

      2. Berend De Jong


    89. Elements

      Nice shirt Halsey! #45 Trump 2020!!

    90. Immary Mendoza Chua

      You have to admit this is the best song of all 🥺🥺🥺

    91. arc angelz

      lol,lol,lol,lol the Ramones are rolling in there graves.

    92. Jes Lozano

      Lowkey want them two together 😍

    93. Vincenzo Mingione

      Oh men...i love this band!!!😍😍😍

    94. Aj Baker

      Yes bitches

    95. 태태V

      i fucking love this song

    96. Lee Knight

      This HAS to be one of Travis' creations; neither MGK or Halsey are capable of a pop punk banger like this by themselves.

    97. Lee Knight

      Why the F@%! do I like this? I hate MGK...

    98. J.D. Piland

      Taking nothing away from the song (it's much better than I expected), but, damn, Em really did a number on him, huh?

      1. J.D. Piland

        @Jonah Valdovinos Fair enough. I can't say I'm terribly familiar with him, but just noting the genre switch and timing.

      2. Jonah Valdovinos

        J.D. Piland I prefer this mgk

    99. Miranda Billings

      The pink and black guitar for his daughter