Evelyn Evelyn [DSMP Animatic]


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    I did this way back, like a day before Tommy's exile. This was just for fun :)
    Song: Evelyn Evelyn
    Artist:Evelyn Evelyn
    Also, the reason why there's people from a month ago before post was because they're a patron :D
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    1. シtëaTädpöleシ

      There’s a song called cold blooded and I thing you’d like it lol

    2. Fool Bait Gaming

      Man this hits so different after tommy died and came back

    3. Leigh Loops

      When I first watched this I liked it because the animation was great and didn’t like the song much And then what two months later I have this tune stuck in my head and couldn’t remember where it was from until just now, and something about the song is just hitting me right

    4. Da yeeter Yeet yeet YEET

      Do a Tommy innit dying for the last time


      ship them

    6. Josue Martinez

      This hit different now that tommy is dead....

    7. cute pinky

      coming back to this hurts

    8. • trintrez •

      This hits different now..

    9. James U

      this hits different after the prison

    10. huesnm s

      this hurts so bad now

    11. WYATTDAD

      You need to make a music video about dream and Tommy’s time in prison together!

    12. elan playz

      add some color plz

    13. Isabellz Bird

      Bro people really be coming here DAILY I don’t blame them, this thing slaps

    14. Claudia Campos

      Next animation Tommylnnit losing he’s tre lives 🤣🤣

    15. Softix

      "Here Tommy have a flower...theirs nobody their to pick it up anymore." -Ranboo GOSH WHYY IT WAS SOO SOON TOO SOON. You know whats going to last forever. Dreams prison sentence.

    16. Aayush Kulkarni

      I swear to god that before I heard the real song, I thought they were singing it.....

      1. Epione

        Lmfao- but ngl tubbo’s line fits perfectly

    17. Ketty Keily

      Is no one going to talk about the smile at the end?

    18. PurpleWater

      When comes the next ep? :C

    19. Balls

      And the Tommy fucking dies

    20. Nico

      Ok here me out I hear this song as wanda and vision now oml

    21. tr3e power

      R.i.P tommyinnit

    22. Chase Champ

      This hits different after Tommy died...( In the SMP)

    23. milkysuu _


    24. Gamer Central

      I am from the future and tommy died by dream. Just saying

    25. Astro Kones

      Please do an animatic of Tommy’s death

    26. Potato Pancake

      fuck this hurts now o7

    27. Ahsen Özek

      I watched it too much that now I hear them as they actually singed this maybe even better.

    28. Giornno Banania

      if you hear it to much you can actually hear tubbo singing

    29. Dysty Dawn :D


    30. Joellen Brown

      Tommyinnit real cry reveal lol

    31. P. Imagi Channel

      i hate this. it's just so perfect... i can't, this is just fucking incredible

    32. Luiz Fernando Barbosa Furtado

      where is the techno and dream destroing l´manberg animation?

    33. Laurence Hartnell

      When u make an animatic of Tommy’s last cannon death u better make him pretty bloody because he was gored to death with a potato by a sociopath

    34. unravel.

      When is the next animatic?

    35. sophiafaith_

      I really want him to make one of the most recent war, ya know the tnt grid and the L’man-hole, and exileI

    36. KR_ST4RY

      Do animation about death of tommy

    37. CelestialOrca

      This hits different now. :(

    38. Plate of Wise Noodles Mcnoodle

      i feel bad for sadist, when they are half way through an animatic 2 main characters die, 4 wars happen, 3 discs are stolen and 2 entire prisons are built

      1. Exotic

        \*/ i mean this is really sad-

    39. Green Sloth

      When does the next animatic come out

    40. Human Garbage

      Fun fact:Tubbo having horns is canon!And it has been since Schlatt was the president of Manberg. Tommy and Tubbo even got into an argument once about them, Tommy saying that they didn’t make him like Schlatt and that he liked them, which is really sweet, but also proves it.

    41. JL Bajar

      Tommy is now dead! :D

    42. Sabina Imam

      RIP tommy in present

    43. theOGjole

      Here after Tommy’s death... it just hits different now after you watch this

    44. Tommy pog Innit

      Tommy is dead the next cinematic will be insane

    45. Vlad Levkovskiy

      Well, that aged poorly

    46. Jk

      Make a Tommy death

    47. Ava Burton

      Me watching this after Tommy's death: *dyeing sounds*

    48. mayor koopbob

      hits harder after tommy's death

    49. ok and ok and ok

      Tommy is dead animate that haha

    50. MysteriousHatkid

      It hits hard when tommy is dead

    51. element

      RIP Tommyinnit He left us too soon -Tubbo

    52. Au Addict

      Congratulations for 1.54 million subscribers

    53. Au Addict

      Congratulations for 1.54 million subscribers

    54. BlankLit

      can’t wait for the animation of tommy losing his last canon life

    55. Pixieplayz

      You know Evelyn is the name of my friend who died

    56. Seaweed animates

      Their voices go so well

    57. •x Fʟυffy τατo x•

      Tommy's line: Why don't you let me free? ....WELL I GUESS YOUR FREE NOW TOMMY-

      1. Harish Krishnan

        🦀TOMMY IS GONE🦀

    58. MICOLET TV

      Tommy death

    59. One Year

      hey, seems as if you have a war or a death to animate [insert questioning face] /j

    60. Vanshika Thakur

      okay i actually cried please

    61. _ OmqItzMochaa _

      Not me watching this after Tommy Dies-

    62. The Flaming Gamer

      After what just happened this really hurts

    63. mell0hi_x LIVE


    64. • Rin •

      This is twice as sad now that Tommy’s dead...

    65. Tearzy plays

      Congrats on 1 mil omg

    66. Tearzy plays

      This is so cool!

    67. Citing

      tommy is gone

    68. Madde ,

      This is so sad now Tommy has died😥

    69. sockspace

      tommy just fawking died sadiST HURRY

    70. 0_RoYalCroW_0

      Nice, Makes me think of a sertain axolotl beee hybrid

    71. Montselandia

      Hits way different now

    72. Firepower gaming

      This just now hit different 😭😢😥

    73. Mallory Brewer

      This is so much more sad now that tommy is dead.

    74. Deo Kang

      Sadist plz make something about Tommy seeing Wilbur

    75. Lily •_•

      *This hits different now-*

    76. • allwaswell

      This video was uploaded on my birthday

    77. Звездомир Такев

      Pls do tommy death video :(

    78. Phrogy Rave

      You should make an animation abt Tommy's latest stream

    79. The Sibclicks Team

      RIP TommyInnit May you rest in peace

    80. ziuta dembinska

      Can you please do tommy died??

    81. Rabbit Dog

      Be hitting different after his dsmp death lol

    82. Electric Tiger

      make the animate on tommy died on dream smp animate it itssssssssss pain tommy its my favourite dream smp member

    83. Blxssomcherries

      elk pepe

    84. Danile Mandini

      d one of tommys dead

    85. •mapple _studio•

      Well now u gotta make an edit for Tommy’s death

    86. Felitora

      Watching this after tommy died is sad af

    87. Ellie

      Tommy: asks too be alone Tubbo: “Exiles him” Tommy: bish that ain’t how you play-

    88. Ellie

      “But you never cared for me” that was the part that sounded like tubbo *insert sad face coz I’m on laptop :(*

    89. FadedInstinctz

      You need to do when dream killed Tommy and everyone finding out

    90. Namiechu

      Do a video on Tommy’s death

    91. rapha montives

      Ight tommy's dead animatic pls 😂

    92. cherry cloudz

      Your so amazing I-

    93. Marshmallow Kira

      *so,, tommy's dead ahaha *cries**

    94. Matz_Here

      As painful as it was, I wish we could go back to exile or even Bedrock Bros-

    95. froggo bitch

      currently crying over tommy’s death

    96. Darling

      That hurts now more than ever :)

    97. Ash Dakki

      This is a master piece😮

    98. koerga

      wake up sadist

    99. Gaming Cafe

      Make a new animatic of tommy dieing in prison i demand it

    100. Muzamil Azwal Mokhtar

      What app u use? It looks so cool