Food Theory: You're Cooking Your Thanksgiving Turkey WRONG!

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    It's that time of year again, where we all prepare to cook our favorite bird - the turkey! Listen, I am a connoisseur of Thanksgiving meals and the turkey is something I look forward to all year. So, it is VERY important to me to make sure that you are cooking your turkey the RIGHT way! You see, many people are doing it all WRONG! Today Theorists, I will show you the definitive way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey to make your dinner spectacular!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper, and Luke Barats
    Editors: Koen Verhagen and Forrest Lee
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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    1. Lim Kee Chee

      Matpat: Name a more iconic duo than Thanksgiving and Turkey Me: *Stephanie and MatPat*

    2. Damien Mansfield

      MatPat is about 2 zippers away from thriller

    3. fan Lego pl

      0:38 game and theory

    4. Chicken Plays

      0:39 KSI and Pewdiepie: am i a joke to u?

    5. Anthony Garza

      my mom cooks the Turkey and because it takes so long she wakes up at 2 AM to start cooking the Turkey and does not go to sleep at all

    6. Havan Sun

      When you break your back 10:05

    7. Havan Sun

      When you break your back 10:5

    8. ser vivo br

      The thanksgiving is one day before my birthday. But unfortunately i'm not american or canadian.

    9. The Animation Channel

      Christmas & Chocolate Pickaxe & Sword (In Minecraft) Ender Dragon & Wither (In Minecraft) Punching & Kicking Heart & Lungs Cereal & Milk Jake Paul & Logan Paul KGup & Animation Magazines & Lies There you gou, Mat.

    10. Rafael Lionel Lindo

      Filipinos watching this

    11. Mitchell McCrorey

      more iconic duose than turky and thankgiving furnus and crafting table xmas ans presents you and slandering heros

    12. ARI Chan

      We don't celebrate thanksgiving in Philippines so is it's the same as eating chicken with gravy

    13. JamaicanBeauty

      0:42 Christmas and santa

    14. 11 Ali Cui

      this is the first vide I watched in ANY of the theory channels where there was no skit before the intro

    15. ZP Gaming

      My dad just deep fries the whole turkey in peanut oil

    16. Anonymous 14

      I tried this method in when we baked our chicken and my family loves it because its easier to cook in the oven that way

    17. Claire Jenkins

      Ermm Christmas x turkey is better even though Im British it's true

    18. shawn kyle cayetano

      This video's are making me hungry hehehe

    19. Ewige Seele

      A more iconic duo than turkey and Thanksgiving? Maybe Matpat and bad jokes?

    20. Cinnamon Roll!

      Matpat: Stephanie knows CPR. Stephanie: ***bent elbows***

    21. Zen The Royal Caln

      Steph the bi-con and the turkey cleavage?

    22. Ratsmacker The3rd

      For guests you don’t like buy candles and melt them then use the candle glass as a cup and give it to them

    23. Tun Sereyboth

      0:40 Secret meme

    24. Deptek

      The best thing to do for turkey is to marinate it and then slow cook it. Don't just apply butter.

    25. DetectiveBreadCrumbs

      "name a more iconic duo than thanksgiving and turkey" thanksgiving and ham

    26. Baby Ursus

      You know you can use chicken right i use it it taste just like turkey.

    27. astral vids

      Finn and jake, boom

    28. Promazing

      ok 2 things: what is thanksgiving and what started it and you dont grill a turkey you roast it

    29. Truffle

      7:05 I thought it was to be sponsored by Diet Coke

    30. BabbyBlueYT

      Bo joke i rewound the part where he mentions the turducken 10 times it makes me laugh more than it should

    31. Alika Potter

      Me rewached this vid. Thinks Sherman why not Norman or Rockwell

    32. Righty Tate

      I know some thing that more of a thing Christmas and gift

    33. AaronBrowses

      steph confirmed bisexual by spatchcocked turkey

    34. Aidan Evans

      The pure joy in mat pats face when eating both the turkeys

    35. Aidan Evans

      Who saw the stuff for Olly on the fridge it was so cute

    36. Lina •

      Me: European Also me: ah yes very interesting

    37. Hagen springtrap

      Am I the only one that's questioning mat saying repeatedly "doing it wrong" and Steph saying "a little bit of cleavage I don't know maybe I'm into it"

    38. Christon Stracener

      We deep fry but this my come in handy with me and my girlfriend.

    39. Jacob Hernandez

      Have you watch Adam Ragusea's how to make turkey with gravy

    40. Jacob Hernandez

      Gordon Ramsay: WHERE'S THE GRAVY

    41. The Reaper

      Halloween and skeletons

    42. Decent 900

      Matpat:name a more iconic duo than thanks giving and turkey. Me:true nights edge and true Excalibur

    43. Fyre_Hazaard


    44. gele klump

      They knew they were going to get demonitized so they went all in

    45. Keira Thomas

      What did you do today I did cpr to a dead chicken 🐔

    46. Isaac Pascoe

      If you eat turkey on thanksgiving what do you eat on Christmas Day I’ve wondered that for a while now

    47. Ash Tarhuni

      Toon Theory please

    48. Top Hat Tortoise

      Me a Brit be like Turkey = Thanksgiving Na Turkey = Christmas ya

    49. Sunlessnyte

      do you guys not baste the turkey? Whats with this "flip the turkey" bull?

    50. Kevin Carroll

      Spatchcock then smoke it with cherry wood on your new grill!

    51. DUMMY KHL

      0:40 uhhhh Christmas and tree. edit: Halloween and candy, Easter and eggs, Valentine and hearts, 4th of July and Fireworks, New Years and countdowns

    52. Butchdogg

      Even tho it may be the better way to cook a turkey _ i doubt people will start cooking turkeys the spatchcock way.

    53. Mr. mushroom

      stop steph

    54. Jon Spirit

      Why you wasting meat like that😭😭please actually season 😭😭😭

    55. Error Studios

      I dont even celebrate thanksgiving im just watching for a little more information in the back of my head

    56. Kittycat 77

      What's the music at 7:50

    57. bjor197silje

      Matpat: its hard to cook a turkey Me a sweden boy Who doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving: OK

    58. SUA

      My bro : *is named Turkey * Me : *hello:)*

    59. asadel fadillah

      Matt and Stephanie man... Relationship goals for the win!

    60. Joshua Piggy

      Halloween and Jack O Lanterns are more iconic (depending on who you ask)

    61. Ravenclaw

      11:11 you call that browning?! What about the basting?!!!

    62. Ghost

      Can you make that jacket available again in multiple different colors I would buy it without question.

    63. Konstantinos Liapopoulos


    64. athenearosa

      To be fair, Spatchcocking Turkey really didn't catch on until Alton Brown's Good Eats episode Countdown to T day aired on November 15, 2013.

    65. racewiththefalcons1

      Roasting a turkey is not difficult, actually. Thaw, clean (they come with all the organs in a bag now, so it's simple), rub butter/oil/herbs on _and under_ the skin, then put in oven. Then wait. That's it. Take out of oven, cover loosely in foil for one hour, then eat. It almost can't get easier.

      1. racewiththefalcons1

        @Ravenclaw That is not what basting does. The butter and oil rub is what will brown the skin. Opening your oven unnecessarily in the middle of cooking has no positive effect on roasting a turkey.

      2. Ravenclaw

        You need to baste it though Otherwise you can’t get the crispy beautiful dark golden brown skin

    66. Crimsion

      The intro is always never gets old

    67. BingoClamshell

      Like Steph, my wife also loves the neck and dark meat, lol, was hoping there would be a compromise at the end like cooking the wings separately...

    68. DeathTheDolphin

      Cool now I know the best way to cook a turkey. Too bad I'm a ham guy

    69. The Main Character

      I swear one day I'm going to be sitting on my rocking chair and tell my future grandkids that we spatchcocked are turkey back in the day

    70. NikoTheWolf

      I live in Canada but sadly where i live I don't think we celebrate thanksgiving, and if we do then my family doesnt.

    71. matthew durette

      In my house, we always used turkey bags. The plastic bag keeps the moisture on the turkey and you just forget about it and take it out of the oven 5 hours later.

    72. curtis forrest

      You could take it a step further and completely debone the turkey and grill it on charcoal or propane. Turns out real well provided meat is cut to the right thickness I say no more than one to two inches thick. My dad despises turkey he loved it. We also do a unique soak for about a hour to three can be done in a single day with out the lengthy brine. Lightly coat in butter Use two to three shakes of each Use soy sauce teriyaki sauce Worcester sauce hickory and mesquie liquid smoke (Note on the smokes:just a cap of each a small overflow is okay but no more than the cap is needed.) Add a coating to taste(I do three shakes of container in a circle or three pinches if in jars again circle) of Greek seasoning accent garlic and onion powder all seasoned salt(optional I found but original rep called for it) rosemary( just a shake over each peice) dill weed and parcley flakes(three shakes of each) try it cook till golden i want to see which way is quicker so you can do this again and have two turkeys as business expenses again matpat 😆

    73. Danny Danny

      Put that Mean in your Mouth haha

    74. toysmostwanted

      Here's an idea: deep fry a spatchcocked turkey for 2021.

    75. Slytherin for life

      Okay, but, can we talk about how adorable MatPat and Steph are?

    76. Vini

      Adam Ragusea is screaming right now

    77. Aneta

      14:08 That’s an interesting piece of paper.. 👀

    78. Zabala D. Oroz

      Wait I am 21 a chef and cook it with my dad for the fam.

    79. Zabala D. Oroz

      No mat it was and still is delicious.

    80. ShidoDraws

      Being an American I don't really eat turkeys but this is kinda fun to watch.

    81. LittleBear Sullivan

      Try adding a little more time and turning the turkey a few times

    82. ayala tausig

      Matpat: does a video about meat Me: vegetarian

    83. Jeremy

      Fried Spatchcock Turkey?

    84. Rebecca Rushman

      The only acceptable way to cook a turkey is to deep fry it in peanut oil. Unless you have a peanut allergy, then that's just dangerous.

    85. Kim Chi

      I am Korean and growing up we always butterflied our turkeys! We also deep fry the wings which is very nice!

    86. Water Melon

      Is it just me or dose 13:40 and 13:39 the left turkey looks like a pig head

    87. •Casual_ Bean•

      They have a hack for us :0 *I live in Turkey the country one*

    88. Jon

      But a turkey roaster though

    89. Guritchi

      Alternate title: I right off buying and cooking two turkeys as a business expenses

    90. Itz Mooki

      Heres a more iconic duo. *Salt and Pepper.*

    91. Danny Noble

      MatPat:*isn’t a skin guy* Me:So you have chosen, death.

    92. C J L and E Gaming

      In mattpats word Stephanie is a quote on quote weirdyboop

    93. Star Pixel

      here is an iconic duo Hot chocolate on chirstmas :)

    94. Felix Ah Far

      I know a more Iconic duo Christmas and presents

    95. Josh Mitt

      I spatchcock a lot (didnt know there was a word for it!). I have my culinary Tin Snips, from harbor freight. Haha just get a new pair and keep them in your kitchen like sheers. its so cheap, and make cutting out a birds spine easy.

    96. WolfLeader Shane

      11:45 Mat you know what that means

    97. C Fry23

      Turkey in a trash can beats both

    98. LightBlazeX

      I knew it! They started this channel so that they can write off food as a business expense.

    99. Carter Poirier

      Matt Pat and Diet Coke I beat you

    100. VikingMale

      I just cut the legs away from the body. And make a slit down the leg bone, essentially spatchcock the leg. For juicy meat add a little chicken stock to bottom of pan while cooking. Add juices to stuffing, spread your stuffing on a baking sheet, cooks super fast.