China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


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    John Oliver discusses the human rights abuses the Uighur people are facing at the hands of the Chinese government, and why those atrocities are worth our undivided attention.
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    1. Yuliang Xia

      go celebrate London turning islamic and gays..

    2. 27 e

      John Oliver trying hard to push a propaganda, it's so obvious that it's funny

    3. dak

      ewww a tv funny man

    4. Jonson fatinson

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    5. praveengo

      Can you worry about your London and it’s suburbs , Muslims are living there like having a shariah laws.

    6. olga charalambous

      This is probably what Drump tried to do at the Mexico border with the lids in concentration camps

    7. the truth

      Make Britain Hate Again. Make America Hate Again.

    8. al w

      Please do another ep covering this. It's still worse than ever and people are coming forward saying they are being tortured and raped in these camps.

      1. Apt Map

        Under dictator Chairman Xi, the CCP has been pushing this racist, Chinese-supremacist agenda to ethnic, religious and political minorities

    9. pm2020 _

      China is bribing Islamic countries’ silence on this issue by offering thousands of scholarships for students to study in china 🇨🇳 And, Muslim students, when you visit China don’t mention Islam or the Uighur genocide in Xinjiang. Just praise Xi Jinping (not Allah) and all will be fine 👍🏼 🇨🇳 and don’t type anything controversial on WeChat or it’ll be removed. Self-censorship is vital in China. Good luck in your support of the Chinese communist party 🇨🇳

      1. aufumy

        No, they are not bribing, Muslim countries politician were the only ones that were willing to visit China and find out the truth. Whereas western countries politicians have refused to visit Xinjiang

    10. Casual

      Biden about this matter - I point out to him no American president can be sustained as a president, if he doesn’t reflect the values of the United States. And so the idea that I am not going to speak out against what he’s doing in Hong Kong, what he’s doing with the Uighurs in western mountains of China and Taiwan - trying to end the one China policy by making it forceful … [Xi] gets it. Culturally there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow... Its their Cultural norm to commit genocide folks.

      1. 27 e

        any proof? while we all know real genocide happened in north America and Australia, committed by the same race of people, cultural norm?

    11. Liam Leaver

      Idk why johns so upset about this, its clearly just a difference in cultural norms

    12. tomasz zalewski

      "re-education camps" - read concentration camps

      1. aufumy

        Even the BBC documentary on the "re-education camps" though they pretend to say they can't leave, but the end of the documentary clearly shows them leaving by bus.

    13. Jacob Austin-Sides

      Says "one of the most important things we can do is continue to pay attention" videos on this one cares on social media about it anymore. It was just a trend. Starting to think this world is actually doomed

    14. Jacob Austin-Sides

      This guys jokes are dead


      "Just different culture" - *Joe Biden*

    16. jai godi

      funny fact:most muslim in china are hui ethic,uyghur is one of many muslim ethics in china😊

    17. vuvuvu

      When it comes to money, everybody are in the same side

    18. Laura Brown

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    19. Agnetha LaDuff

      There is no such camps for Muslims in China.

    20. Chetan Bandekar

      This proves China is super power

    21. Matthew Ernst

      Jon you racist.... dont you know its just Cultural Differences?

    22. Carmen Lajoie

      RT @ CGTN journalists have been to visite, recommend looking into it

    23. Jay Thomas

      Names of mosques in Uyghur and English and Google maps coordinates as below. You can simply find the mosques by copy and paste the coordinates in Google maps search. ئۈرۈمچىدىكى چېقىۋىتىلگەن مەسچىتلەر Bulldozed mosques in Urumchi city .1. بەيتۇللاھ مەسچىت Baytullah mosque 43.785244, 87.615259 2. خابا مەسچىت Haba mosque 43.772150, 87.609662 3. سەنشىخاڭزا مەسچىت Sanshihangza mosque 43.783598, 87.614822 خوتەن شەھرىدىكى چېقىۋىتىلگەن مەسچىتلەر Bulldozed mosques in Hotan city 1. ھېيتگاھ مەسچىت Heytgah mosque 37.114922, 79.935411 2. نۇرلۇق مەسچىت Nurluk mosque 37.114110, 79.931221 3. ئات بازىرى مەسچىت At baziri mosque 37.115527, 79.929036 4. بەيتۇللاھ مەسچىت Baytullah mosque 37.115033, 79.917539 5. ئىتتىپاق مەسچىت Ittipak mosque 37.111624, 79.914041 6. يەتتە قىزلىرىم مەسچىت Yatta kizlirim mosque 37.120907, 79.934661 7. نۇربۇلاق مەسچىت Nurbulak mosque 37.119764, 79.935961 8. گۈللۈك كۆۋرۈك مەسچىت Gulluk kawruk mosque 37.108484, 79.942844 9. ئوتۇن بازىرى مەسچىت Otun baziri mosque 37.116020, 79.942112 10. قىززىق دەرۋازا مەسچىت Kizzik darwaza mosque 37.111679, 79.931922 11. گۇجان دەرۋازا مەسچت Gujan darwaza mosque 37.109747, 79.934195 12. دۇلىيىڭ مەسچىت Duliying mosque 37.102101, 79.931836 13. قۇرۇلۇش شىركىتى مەسچىت. (ئەگەر ئىسمى خاتا بولسا تۈزىتىش بېرىشىڭىزنى سورايمىز) Construction company mosque 37.108870, 79.920658 14. ئالىي تېخنىكومنىڭ ئالدىدىكى مەسچىت. (ئىسمى جىددىي لازىم) Mosque in front of the university 37.112033, 79.908415 15. ئۈجمىلىك مەسچىت Ujmilik mosque 37.105159, 79.915461 16. ئەنجان مەسچىت Anjan mosque 37.116574, 79.935889 17.يېڭى مەھەللە مەسچىت Yengi mahalla mosque 37.106277, 79.931495

      1. Jay Thomas

        @aufumy no worries, friend. Thank you for your discernment.

      2. aufumy

        @Jay Thomas sorry I used the heading and put it into Google, and came upon a page which mentioned the Kiraya Idkah Mosque was demolished as the first item, which turned out to be false. The page you link to calls it "Keriya Aitika" . Though they didn't destroy the heritage mosque, they did destroy the northern gatehosue rebuilt in the 90s. So yes, it looks like a small number of the 20 000+ mosques might be destroyed / replaced with apartment / office buildings. I'm not sure if this happens in Muslim countries, this post seems to suggest, that it also happens in Saudi Arabia, though I don't know the name of the mosques that were demolished to build roads, for example Likely though in Saudi Arabia, they would make sure to rebuild another newer mosque elsewhere. So I would be curious to find out if China is building any new mosques.

      3. Jay Thomas

        @aufumy I do not mention the mosque you pasted. This was the Baytullah mosque: It was 800 years old and was demolished, not under repair. I never said all mosques were demolished either. Uyghur may continue to attend certain mosques with a penalty to their social score. They are also not allowed to invite family or bring children. I am one person of one city but I have seen testimony and recording of this behavior throughout the region, even seeing Han guards that will monitor who enters and leaves.

      4. aufumy

        you know that the first entry on your list the "Idkah mosque" the largest Mosque in China is re-opened? many of the mosques that you list are also re-opened. In an area that has 30 000 mosques, do you think that there will never be any that are shutdown or under construction? Is that a reasonable assumption?

    24. pko9k

      Joe Biden tried rationalizing this modern day genocide by saying that there's "cultural differences". He is sick, just look it up for yourself, he shows no sympathy. He's a fraud

    25. Stack Dollars

      this hasn't aged well for the left?

    26. WafflesSquad

    27. le hang

      China government is a government for people, people first and China has help 800 millions people out of poverty. When have we seen the western media's report " the good , positive news" on China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea... Do not tell me that there is no " good, positives" news happen in those places. These medias now a day are more for political weapons than report the news in whole, and unbiased.

      1. mechanoid2k

        Your country is an embarrassment to the world and you should be ashamed.

    28. Quinn Nosbod

      What a load of shite

    29. David Lyon

      Wow. Thank you John Oliver and HBO for putting this issue front and center. This is such a monumental affront to decency that it is shocking more has not been done.

    30. Alex Ortiz

      The wary justice bioinformatically water because plier complementarily attack off a torpid scallion. abrasive, ragged leo

    31. Indie Jones

      John Oliver joins the bandwagon of China bashing and media lies on the Uyghers persecution. Understandably since, it would register a lot more views.

      1. mechanoid2k

        Lol okay short-round.

    32. Jeremy Abrams

      The U.S. government and our major corporations have joined themselves at the hip to a murderous regime. There's drone footage of Uighurs being blindfolded, tied, and awaiting train transport to - where. The 1930s have returned. Not even Shakespeare could comprehend something this evil:

      1. aufumy

        you do realize that you are spreading fake news? It wasn't even in Xinjiang. Yes, China has prisons outside of Xinjiang, omigod, the horrors!

      2. Apt Map

        Not just the Uyghurs, but also Tibetans, Mongolians, and Hongkongers. Dictator chairman Xi and the CCP made no secret in pushing racist Chinese-supremacist agenda against ethnic, religious and political minorities.

      3. Indie Jones

        The Chinese ambassador already explained it doesn't mean anything other than they were criminals transferring to another location. Thats the standard SOP how they are transported in many countries particulary if they are terrorists or suspects . Western media has a tendency in sowing fake news especially on China. You mean in your country, criminals and terrorists are transferred to different prisons in chauffered limousines?

    33. TP

      Real genocide happened in USA and Canada...the native Indian in both countries are almost extinct in numbers and inherent culture! you can only find the Native Indian in the conservation area...what a pity.

    34. SVT BTS TXT EN- GOT7

      Are Islamic countries silent on this issue?

      1. Indie Jones

        They were invited to visit Xinjiang, knew the truth that were different from those of the western politicians and media. Pompeo was invited after persistently telling his version to the world but declined and continue to hype up his lies on the Xinjiang issue. So his bluff was called.

    35. greta

      wait holy shit john oliver pronounced xinjiang surprisingly well at 1:30

    36. nikoskarasa

      genocide is the keyword here and no reference to it was made

    37. Blackball

      When we fight china, can we put them in camps? Doesn't sound nice. Doubt they'd like to be treated like they treat others. They talk about Uighurs like people talk about the Roma.

      1. Blackball

        @aufumy 011

      2. Blackball

        @aufumy say so.

      3. aufumy

        @Blackball exactly what answer do you expect me to say? I'm a bot, because you believe I am?

      4. Blackball

        @aufumy who are you?

      5. aufumy

        I guess you endorse the capitol riots, BLM and giving 9/11 terrorists freedom, good to know.

    38. Nikolai Voronov

      Well, why didn't you say a single word about actual acts of terror against Chinese, that real uighurs performed? So much for objective journalism...

    39. xi jin bling

      We are still here. We are still fighting for recognition. We are fighting for the protection of our sacred places- Morning Star Gali - Pit River tribe northern California.

    40. Lin Mal

      Looks like China owns the UN.

    41. Lin Mal

      Maybe the World should stop trading with this murderous Communist regime! For a start the World should boycott the Winter Olympics in 2022! &

    42. 林青 Western media’s disinformation campaign: two tales, one Xinjiang-- A China Daily special report.

    43. 林青

      Those reports are lies, about Uighurs been forcefully converted or millions under detention. In China, all schools are gated, not only in Xinjiang. If you are willing, you should go to Xingjiang to visit, ask the Uighurs there, to see with your own eyes, listen with your own ears.

    44. Apt Map

      Thank you for exposing the Uyghur genocide and racist Chinese-supremacist agenda against ethnic and religious minorities by dictator Chairman Xi and the Chinese Communist party

      1. aufumy

        The racists are the Anglo countries unfortunately.

    45. Nostos Logos

      The same thing is happening within the lower 48 instead of Muslims poor whites, black people and women are forced to labor for pennies on the dime than are forced to buy back the goods and services they need to survive with the cost marked up 3000% of the true cost. They don't get any assistance they even must provide for their own room and board..

    46. G w

      ALERT!! theres a spoiler for minority report... he didnt give a warning so i did

    47. Dreamy

      John Oliver, your jokes are often flat. This is a serious subject. Stop trying to be funny when you aren’t. Stick to news.

      1. Indie Jones

        Thats the point, his report is not to be take seriously and there are alot of potholes . If you care to do some balance research, he is just following the bandwagon of bias media with unsubstantiated persecution and genocide of the Ughurs in Xinjiang.

    48. Dreamy

      Sounds like the United States of America tbh 😔💯

    49. Eiffel-Bearing Heavenly King

    50. Azizo


    51. Gabriel Flamerich

      It’s so sad...his hair is growing like a boring Einstein


      Atheism on steroids but why suddenly the west care about us Muslim I'm Muslim btw and i smell bs

      1. SOFYZALAZ

        @mechanoid2k like we muslim and other people on this planet agreed with your culture and your religion seriously when western try to lecture the world we majority people on this planet just laughing seriously entire world when they see the west the first picture that came into they mind is destruction of IRAQ LIBYA AFGHANISTAN VIETNAM AND SYRIA

      2. mechanoid2k

        Because we don't agree with your religion or your culture but we recognize that genocide is bad. It's not that hard to understand.

    53. Chandler

      Let’s see if Oliver ever mentions what Biden said about them on his townhall the other day

      1. R Steel

        He won't. No lefties will.

      2. R Steel

        @Аль-Идан Радван he said that what china is doing is a cultural thing.

      3. P G

        @Аль-Идан Радван He denied recognising genocide of Uighurs

      4. Аль-Идан Радван

        what did he say ?

    54. Shaun Dudley

      Shameless lies.

    55. 爹

      Human rights according to western standard: Iraq,Libya, Syria: Chaos, War, No chance for eduction and no future perspectives, becoming refugees and getting abused and humiliated in camps, where drug dealing, blackmailing and rapes are Agenda, --- everything political correct. Xinjiang: Peace and order, equal right for all and extra educational support, having future perspective for a better life --- terrible human right violation.

      1. 爹

        @DongFeng东风 that is the point. As far as all Chinese folks stay united, no shit can hurt China. Being Chinese, you never experience hatred against other Chinese folk, but looking at western media, you only see hatred spreading amount Chinese folks under the most ugly cover, which is called human right.

      2. DongFeng东风

        West dont care, they want to fight china at all costs since the Chinese economy is thretening them

    56. MCPunk55

      Hm... This is an ideal prison, but not for innocent until proven guilty people. It's the kind of prison where you put pedophiles, murderers, every politician ever conceived, SJWs and... well... anyone from an Abrahamic faith.

    57. Orion 1

      I love how quickly he breezed past _"Your masks are made by slaves"_ to _"Wear your mask and stop complaining about freedom"_ without a hint of self awareness.

    58. Hüseyin ALTUNTAŞ

      Put the chinese government in a concentration camp and teach them human rights

      1. aufumy

        don't just believe Anglo Western propaganda . Even the US Col. Wilkerson hints that since 2018 there is a CIA operation

    59. Daniel H

      China has stepped up the prosecution of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province, according to the nongovernmental organization Human Rights Watch.

      1. aufumy

        Are you talking about the same Human Rights Watch that was humiliated on Reddit for falsifying their reports on Xinjiang?

      2. 爹

        Being Chinese, you never experience hatred against other Chinese folk, but looking at western media, you only see hatred spreading amount Chinese folks under the most ugly cover, which is called "human right." Human rights according to western standard: Iraq,Libya, Syria: Chaos, War, No chance for eduction and no future perspectives, becoming refugees and getting abused and humiliated in camps, where drug dealing, blackmailing and rapes are Agenda, --- everything political correct. Xinjiang: Peace and order, equal right for all and extra educational support, having future perspective for a better life --- terrible human right violation.

    60. Cat Lady

      This is such a bad take. I know you're British so naturally want to believe everything that the BBC tells you, but this is more Epoch Times than HBO. Pathetic. Who are your researchers? They need to be replaced.

      1. aufumy

        luckily not all Brits are fooled

    61. Hysteria357

      The VW ceo definitely knew but was Feigning ignorance because acknowledging it would mean the end of VW products in China

      1. aufumy

        no, because he is better informed and more honest. Calling seasonal workers forced labour is too much.

    62. WafflesSquad

    63. WafflesSquad

    64. Karl Russell

      Seriously, 3 stars! Not impressed.

    65. Mad Hatter

      Biden would disagree with you John. Stop being so far right.. it's just culture differences. 😉 You know you'll back Biden no matter what you don't care if people die.

    66. Bob Fearnley

      The amount of Chinese government shills here is harrowing...

      1. aufumy

        The idea of Chinese shills was actually created by ASPI which is itself a US shill. The very agency who had to issue a public apology for getting their facts wrong. They couldn't even get names and countries right

      2. Apt Map

        Almost half of China makes less than $125 a month with abysmal social safety net, to many Chinese being internet trolls is the only way to make a living

    67. An Interesting Man with Multiple Ideas

      OMG, who care medias like WSJ and CNN, as what Trump said: "fake news channel". See how the media treat local Americans, there literally have no neutral media anymore. Political correct not mean correct! It is just for political benefit and political propaganda. Try to support Separatist in a Sovereign state is dangerous, likely to throw the stone on your own feet. Look like Iraq, look at Syria, US backed separatists kill so many innocent life and try to export so called democracy to these countries, turn out to be a big mass. Millions and millions refugee storm the Europe and North America, they were forced to escape their own country. So please mop your own ass and then you might have the right to say sth right! I am a pround Canadian. I have lived in North America many many years and I know what kind of dangerous game you guys want to play. Those innocent American people blind folded by evil media like you. Please go to China, talk to local people then you might get right answer, not just copy the lie from those evil medias. Btw, I don't like many policy of CCP, but regarding policy of minority ethics, I don't see any other country can do better than China. Xinjing is with China over thousands years. It's a province of China. Just like Quebec is a province of Canada. Xinjing is no difference compare to other provinces like Yunnan in which have many many minority ethics. Those minorities have more welfare than dominant Han ethics, the university entry score is much lower than Han ethics, they can get better meals than Han ethics in the university. They can give birth to more than one child, but Han ethics can only allowed one child during "one child policy period". Only because the terrorist group who kill many innocent Hans, and want Xinjiang separate from China (just like Quebec want to separate from Canada), then CCP take strict order to stop those terrorist groups......... If you don't know the truth, just do some research from KGup, from internet, or from people who live there......don't be fooled by evil medias, I would say nowadays, many many KGuprs can do better job than WSJ, CNN......I like to discuss the issue with different people and in different point of view......

    68. sanpo9

      The problem is that the same Islamic countries (Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.) are silent on these ethnic cleansing. For them, the grace from the Chinese Communist Party would be delicious enough to throw away their faith.

      1. The One

        It's disgusting

    69. Hamid Elm

      What goes around comes around . The time of China government is coming .

      1. aufumy

        Yes, true the Uyghurs hate Pompeo for telling lies about from them. They are really angry at being misrepresented

    70. moot toom

      China learn fast from Bush government and Amazon. Maybe they should adapt Amazon warehouse worker diaper on the toilet part.

    71. Laboom

      By repeating nonstop "ethnic groups" and showing the wrong map of China won't help to fight the human rights violation against the Uighurs and Tibetans. East Turkistan and Tibet are illegal occupied countries.They are not Chinese!

      1. aufumy

        Ummm... so you don't support the Dalai Lama who does not want to separate from China? East Turkestan and Tibet are not illegal occupied countries. They are Chinese citizens, but they are not Chinese Han ethnicity, true.

      2. Laboom

        @CleanupKrew7 So according to your logic, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Greece are part of Nazi Germany. LOL

      3. CleanupKrew7

        Yeah, I'm sure both Tibet and East Turkistan would be sooooo much better if they were independent. Why we're at it, let's just break up all of China into little Waring states! That'll allow the US to keep it's global military and economic dominance ohh uhhhh............... I mean, the people of China will be so much happier in their own independent states.

    72. Greg Lock

      China's treatment of the Uighur people is better than the US and Canada's historical treatment of the Native Americans!!

      1. SI HE

        Exactly..and OZ to the aboriginal. Let alone the treatment does not even exist in CN...The Uighurs in Xinjiang have something to say about 'forced labor', 'genocide' especially to Pompeo, pls check this out:

    73. Jason Chen

    74. Kaveriis

      But it's just a cultural norm there...

    75. Chuekao Thao

      who is this gay man, never saw him before, how did i get here?

    76. Nathan Struble

      So yeah, still waiting on that eyelash story

    77. Rango Man

      Next: prosecution of Christians all over the world especially in the middle East and the West

      1. Kaddywompous

        @Rango Man I don’t even know what you’re trying to say. Christians are 76% of THIS country (the United States). Did you think I meant Myanmar?? And, yes, I’m on the side of Uighur Muslims in China. Because of this you think I want Sharia law? Is that the persecution you’re imagining? And what does Reddit have to do with anything? If you respond to this, please try to make a bit more sense, specifically: explain how Christians are being persecuted in a country (the United States) in which they hold 99% of the house, senate, and also every presidency we’ve ever had. Genuine question.

      2. Rango Man

        @Kaddywompous angst from having all the POWER! 76% Christians in Myanmar? If that's not bias then what isn't? I got you though! Seems like a reddit user... Liberals in the west just side with the Muslims...why not just impose Shariah law there?

      3. Kaddywompous

        @Rango ManCitation needed on that parenthetical considering we’re commenting under a video about one million Muslims being forcibly interned, never mind the Rohingya Muslims fighting for their lives in Myanmar. Bro - Christians are 76% of this country and 99% of the government. You have most of the power. This sounds like persecution paranoia stemming, I guess, from angst over not having ALL of the power. Christians in America are doing just fine. Relax.

      4. Rango Man

        @Kaddywompous Christians in the West may not face as much prosecution as in the middle East or North Korea but they do face backlash from the liberals who ironically support Muslims...many people are inclined or conditioned to believe that there's no prosecution in the west but there is and it will just grow... Christians are by the way, the most prosecuted religious community in the world...

      5. Kaddywompous

        @Rango Man Biases? Such as? I was simply probing for context. Still am. What are Christians dealing with in the west that rises to the level of what’s being discussed here?

    78. Hans Otto Kroeger Kaethler

      Why don't you listen a little about what the Uighurs in Xinjiang have to say about your stupid claims? Search KGup for: 1.【English subtitles】Uyghurs Refuting Michael Pompeo's False Claim. All the way up to: 6.【English subtitles】Uyghurs Refuting Michael Pompeo's False Claim. This is not the first time Western government made use of fake witnesses and fake testimony in order to tell fake stories about Asian nations, and in order to start a murderous war! Search on Wikipedia for: "Nayirah testimony". Search "The Guardian" for: "The US used chemical weapons in Iraq - and then lied about it"

    79. Lofty Paragon

      Slavery is back baby. You wanna eat, money, job? Be cheap labour.

    80. Wh Chan

    81. A V

      Uygur population: 1. In 1949, 3.29 million!! 2. In 2000, 8.35 million!! 3. Now, more than 11.5 million!! How do western media interpret these real data. In 10 years, the Uyghur population has increased by about 20%, while the Han population has only increased by about 7% Which genocide can increase the population by 20% in 10 years? ? ?

    82. Joter Genesis Palad

      The ceaseless driver independently haunt because steel logistically bang failing a sleepy gateway. scintillating, anxious clef

    83. Teacub Ng People who have watched this video should watch this vlog... which shows the truth

    84. Ahmad Fuad

      Very good journalinism

    85. Forest kingdom

      What about atta ks on non musims in muslim countries

    86. Dark Madbat

      Well as we just learned from Joe Biden, the genocide, enslavement and sexual abuse is just a cultural norm.

    87. Antonin Sanchez

      These are just cultural differences so its ok. We must understand each and let each other be end of.😏

    88. Kristen Brett


    89. Natives Edibles

      Thank you

    90. Patty PicklesPeterson

      Uighurs crisis is fake, funded by CIA to stoke more anti-China conspiracy

    91. Collin Keyser

      And Just Think, Disney Filmed The New "Mulan" Movie NEAR A Uighir Concentration Camp!

    92. Jarod 1999

      Share with video with everyone you know online. F$&k the Chinese government!

      1. Apt Map

        And Dictator Chairman Xi and the CCP is raging on with their racist Chinese-supremacist agenda against ethnic and religious minorities, while telling the world to turn a blind eye and cancel the tariffs. more like #CancelXi and #CancelCCP

    93. Sheldon Yee

      Sad how no one talks about this anymore.

      1. SI HE

        you shall know why if you watch what the Uighurs in Xinjiang say about 'forced labor', 'genocide' especially to Pompeo, pls check this out:

      2. aufumy

        @R Steel wish it was bs, the top Uyghur activist group admits the 1 million is fabricated by the Western media

      3. R Steel

        @Jeffrey Milliman lol. Stop your bs.

      4. Jeffrey Milliman

        Yeah, it's almost like it was based on a deeply flawed and inaccurate report put out by an unhinged religious fanatic working for right-wing think tanks.

    94. mike cornew

      I just can't believe no one's doing anything about it and I'm very surprised that the Arab Nations haven't come together and went after China

      1. Sam Hewitt

        Probably has a little something to do with this video just being propaganda for western nations to stoke up conflict against a rising power. People should be more skeptical of what comes out of the mouth of a dying empire desperate to cling to power lol.

      2. Giorno Giovanna

        I'm so glad your not in charge of a country. Your the type of person to run by emotions attack a country and start an accidental world war.

    95. Bobby Susser

      Alright I dont know if I’m alone in this but none of those jokes landed. I feel like there are times where you can make jokes about something serious and times to keep things serious. I kinda wish he kept it 100% serious here.

      1. Sheldon Yee

        I kind of agree with you here.


      Amazing how corrupt house of Saud who labels themselves the defender of Islam are silent on this issue.

    97. modernwar2ghostrp

      It's a cultural difference and excusable- Joe Biden

    98. Barrett Blaney

      The forgetful cycle broadly beam because fight directly joke next a funny eggplant. fanatical, kindly croissant

    99. Tauseef Akram

      At 18:00 Dat tear of a mother and her daughter consoling her will haunt the Chinese.. #HeartBreaking as John said.. #Uighurs

    100. Nicholas Shaw

      God this man is so unfunny it’s borderline cringe

      1. Nicholas Shaw

        I stand corrected, this is, without a doubt, a CRINGEFEST