Young M.A Tour Lyfe (Part 1)

Young MA

116 миӊ. көрүүлөр15

    #YoungMA #HerstoryInTheMaking
    Go behind-the-scenes with Young M.A for her sold out shows in Chicago, Boston & NYC in support of her debut album, 'Herstory In The Making,' available now at all retailers:
    Young M.A will be announcing a global tour for 2020, with European dates on-sale now:

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    1. Bella HENKE

      me lookin back at this n thinkin " where they masks at " mannn

    2. Merica Williams

      Dat bomboclaat to pussyclaat mi a dead dwl 😂 😂

    3. Violet Garza

      Will forever be hard

    4. Lauretta

      I don't know what to say😩😄she just amazing and beyond❤❤😄❤

    5. isael bello

      Cuando piensas venir a República Dominicana o para Haití 🇭🇹😎😍

    6. That Twistah Dude

      you know sometimes I forget they're actual people 😂😂

    7. Saint-victor Jude

      the public really ctazy about M.A

    8. Saint-victor Jude

      young MA real star

    9. Saint-victor Jude

      hi superstar ,best female rapper ,I want you to send me a neckless i love you

    10. Odean Mckenzie

      JA representing

    11. Angela McInnis

      COME UP TO CANADA! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    12. sylvia accime

      shes an independent artist, i told yall sign to a major label.....that independent shit is wack!!

    13. Amanda Godwin

      Cute dude

    14. Moya Ricketts

      That bumboclaat had me dead😭😂 love from J.A🇯🇲

    15. hman252

      M.A the truth!!!

    16. MEOW MEOW

      She has lots of girl

    17. B I G Q U I

      Ugh young ma you not consistent with the vlogs 😭 I see you make them why not post them?

    18. Kana Beats

      glad she's still finding success she's definitely talented

    19. Kenn Thug


    20. Slim Boy


    21. Khalil Mack

      Queen of rap

    22. vivian gathecha

      Her voice itself is a record.. 😸

    23. La Pincha RD

      Si eres amante al trap maliantico aki te dejo esta página entra y escucha la musica note arrepentiras de entrar #LaPinchaRD

    24. flawless JD

      I see somebody dad in the audience 😂 lit

    25. Ruby Salads

      Come to New Mexico!👺

    26. Kayla Pauvlinch

      Killin it!

    27. La'Mya Thompson

      May God continue to protect you as you soar in Jesus Name Amen! Let abundance continue to flow in Jesus Name Amen!

    28. Money money

      YOU need to eat healthy to maintain your tour...all those chips fill with sodium...ur NOT 2 young to have HBP...please eat right 👍

    29. ALL TRENDY

      Her bars hit you with a nigga's attitude on your crack head...fvking punchlines💎

    30. Carla M. Sewer, PhD, CFLE, Librarian

      Alcoholic beverages deteriorates the brain cells, according to research, especially in women. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes please! You are too beautiful!

    31. Andrew Manning

      She had me at Red Stripe

    32. God Gang

      If you're an artist on the rise like this comment🔥 I'm your plug for free high quality beats

    33. stephonstevens12ify

      Real niggas Handel business the day before and wash they ass then get up in the morning and take care if business with new gear lol

    34. Grace Green

      I don't know why but I got da chills after seeing this 🔥

    35. Kareem Miller

      Young MA one of the greatest everything she does I support its redlyfe

    36. fo' shizzle

      I think she is pregnant

    37. M W

      That's peace

    38. Dialloyabe Casamance

      Marabou artist you want popularity call 00221770606635 🛂 very power marabout in guinnee Bissau your problem will be nice


      How this bitch skinny but got a fat face


      You a girl stop acting though


        @VYBZ JAMAICA it ain’t for you


        Worry about yourself

    41. Gold AZN

      He actually got boobs

    42. Jameisa Hawkins

      That’s my baby cuz on stage

    43. 100%thatBitch Lizzo

      I wish I was on there😭😭it's so lit

    44. 100%thatBitch Lizzo

      Nigga come to Nigeria pls😭😭

    45. Jaeee Cee

      Keep that wack shit out there in the east coast dead ass

    46. Aleah Trends

      No one: Young MA: "Bomboclaat"

      1. nyc._ kaylin


    47. el pedro

      watching all the way from 🇦🇹 austria!!!!!!wish you the best tour ever!!!

    48. FinesseANT


    49. Lauren Klitsch

      Tell me this bitch is not rockin a durag

    50. Dj richiefamous

      🇯🇲 redlyfe

    51. Lacretia White

      I love the music but my men you smacking loud as f***

    52. R-Stewart Stewart


    53. Lil rocfamily

      Mad litty 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    54. Mercedes Benz

      What happened to those other 2 studs and NEWYORKCITY was tup df we lit period🗽

    55. Sam Colon

      This is dope

    56. Matt Offman 😀😀😊❤❤😎🎧🎧

    57. Richard Young Chin Choy

      lol young ma likes red stripe 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    58. ganz funny


    59. Bobby Venable


    60. Judith Marc

      I love young MA😍

    61. Lex NULA

      when you fell the energy where ever you at you know its REAL RED LYFE BROOKLYN !!!!!!

    62. peustaa m.a

      Love you YOUNG M.A 😍😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😍😍🙏🙏😍😍😘6

    63. Ryan DuDerty

      This is da coldest female rapper hands down guess cuz she ain't showing ass n tits she dont get recognized as but it ain't even close...

    64. Stacey Williams

      wh3n u xom3 to guyana

    65. likesmusic11

      Why can't we get a Lil Wayne or Da Baby collabo?

    66. Samsung


    67. cash tv

      Female goat

    68. Demon Times

      Imma make it one day this motivates me

    69. Bratty Fit

      We always lit in Chicago

    70. Big Red

      Can l be your friend

    71. frank chamba

      She's funny nigga

    72. Courtney Martin

      i legit just saw myself in the Boston clip i'm dying.. hands down the best concert i've been to!! #wethefuckinMAb

    73. S. Focus

      Young M.A in my eyes is a muh fkn grinder made it happen. Now I'm fenna go to work put a front door in.. motivated to make it happen!! 💪🏾🧔🏾🏋🏽‍♀️🔥🧠

    74. Tu Sicka The Zia Son

      Ric Flair voise: "Whoo!!!!!!" 🔥❤🎬

    75. Asia W

      Yoooo this got me so hype!!!! Yesss!!!!!

    76. Pace Maker

      I just love this woman 🌹 the smile man 🥰

    77. John Gee

      NYC was outstanding from love you shows and love we showed back. I brought my daughters and my girl my younger daughter is a wheelchair but she is a straight trooper they let us a few minutes early, which to me is the shit that makes a difference some people don't give a fuck so to Bowery ballroom I thank you. Man oh man I wish I could've told what you mean to hip hop but all that came out was thank you for saving it. The love you show your fans says it all. My picture came out crazy but that's my fault but the picture YOUNG M.A took with girls was great thank you greatest night in a while. You got one more soldier right here. Lost my brother when I was 18 he was 22 1990 shot in the back by a punk bitch 30 years later nothing changes nothing gets easier except the sunshine my daughters give me every second . I guess I am trying say THANK YOU FOR SAVING IT AND YOUR FANS LOVE YOU LOVE YOU .

    78. Carvalo Eva

      Bang bang 🔥 🔥 🔥

    79. Bracy Webb

      DOPE!!!🔥🔥🔥 Young M.A. was in H-town last week. I hate I didn't get to see her. One of my FAVORITE artists to date-- NO LIE💯💯

    80. skinny mily

      Ya see me in the fron row NYC with my phone , recording my baby

    81. IAmKenziePiper

      Guess im not real 😭 gotta eat breakfast 💯

    82. VWinTine

      touch me

    83. Mr. Shields

      Young M.A has a better hairline than me...... and im a MALE😩

    84. DJLadyDior

      Red stripe , you ah true yardie 😂🇯🇲

    85. Kirsty lee

      Stinky ass niggas wake up in the clothes they wore last night stinky ass niggas handle business in clothes they wore last night and stinky bad breath niggas eat chips and dip for breakfast...Just my opinion 😁

    86. Elphaz Rugina


    87. Moses Kamakia

      Watching from Kenya .... Remember their wives comes from Kenya called #Gengetone fire fire than hotter

    88. Worse Nightmare

      This how many people rock wit M.A 👇🏾

      1. symba7djmyllo_t01 Simon

      2. Chaun Lee

        Blame Mii lmao I’m sure it’s more than 2

    89. Urukosh !

      She's writing history on and on and on baby lets gooooooo!!!

    90. Tony Caton

      What isvthe name of song on 9:20?Lmk

    91. Alvion James

      Please come see how Kenyan's love you Queeeeeeeeene ❤❤❤❤ much love Young M.A

    92. nene 26

      So underrated she the hardest female in the game no 🧢

      1. nene 26

        She is for being a female artist she deserves more credit

      2. MsDommo09

        She is NOWHERE NEAR UNDERRATED, do you see how many sold out concerts she had, that's not underrated.

      3. Bridgett DuBois

        for now until I come in bruh. juh wait

    93. Manuel Velarde


    94. Lamont Lloyd-Harris

      Sorry I got to change my drawers when I wake up in the same clothes I wore last night

    95. christian jean-philippe

      i love you Young MA !! i am your number one fan !!! Please listen my songs

    96. Benisha Wright

      Man! I don't have no words but, 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    97. A Ntro Vert

      Chicago shit. SHIT!

    98. LizzyLizz Tv

      Proud of yu kidd mad luv from dallas nd cali

    99. Vincent Washington

      My nigga

    100. MJsLiberianGyrl

      M.A has a fatty!! 😍😍😍 baby is fine af!!!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤