Little Mix - Confetti (Official Video) ft. Saweetie



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    Little Mix - Confetti feat Saweetie (Official Video)
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    Special guests:
    Bimini @biminibabes
    Tayce @itstayce
    A'whora @awhora

    We wanna celebrate like we in the club every day
    Got all my friends here with me
    And I don't need ya, I don't need ya

    Got this dress up on me
    So I don't need your stress up on me
    Baby, we're done, c'est la vie
    Now I don't need ya, I don't need ya

    Should've left your ass from time ago
    Didn't love me then, but now I do
    I used to sit at home and cry for you
    Diamonds on my neck, I shine for you
    Ain't blocking my blessings anymore
    Never be the girl I was before
    I'ma let the good things in my life rain down

    From the sky, drop like confetti
    All eyes on me, so V.I.P
    All of my dreams, from the sky, drop like confetti
    Drop it down
    You're missin' me, but I'm finally free
    I got what I need, so let it rain down like Confetti

    Flashing lights, I ain't got no worry on my mind
    Know that you're mad, I realised
    That I don't need ya, I don't need ya

    So, DJ, say my name like it's my birthday
    You're just a memory
    And, boy, I don't need ya, I don't need ya
    Should've left your ass from time ago (time ago)
    Didn't love me then, but now I do (now I do)
    I'ma let the good things in my life rain down

    From the sky, drop like confetti
    All eyes on me (on me, yeah), so v.I.p
    All of my dreams, from the sky, drop like confetti (woah)
    Drop it down
    You're missin' me, but I'm finally free (finally free)
    I got what I need, so let it rain down like confetti
    Down (Oh, la-la-la)
    Rain down (oh, la-la-la)
    Let it, let it rain down (oh, la-la-la) - leigh ad lib
    Let it rain down (oh, la-la-la) - leigh ad lib

    So my girl hit me up about her f*ck boy dude
    I say hold on hold what you say he did to you
    Caught him sending d*ck pics and a couple of nudes
    Sh*t we can chop it off and imma Bobbit in stew

    Cuz I don’t play that shit- no no
    Beat his ass on - slowmo
    Ride or ride on- gogo
    N**** I’m a Yoko Ono
    I’m an artsy b*tch
    U gonna miss these lips
    Now I’mma have to slap yours wit my swavorski tips
    I’m a cancer baby but I got Scorpio ways
    Credit high on all MY cards top one is my face
    Getta pedi in my tessie ya there’s plenty of space
    New it girl on the block they all copy and paste
    Face on Halle body on Chloe
    Ain’t giving you a chance imma give it to ya homie
    Mood on petty
    So promiscuous
    How u getting to the bag when u ain’t getting this?

    From the sky, drop like confetti (yeah)
    All eyes on me, so V.I.P
    All of my dreams (all of my dreams, whoa)
    From the sky, drop like confetti
    You're missin' me (you're missing me)
    I'm totally free (I'm finally free)
    I got what I need (I've got what I need)
    Director - Samuel Douek
    Exec Producer - Francesca Woods
    Producer - Joseph J Goldman
    Production company - Believe Media
    DOP - Stefan Yap
    Choreographer - King Oh

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    1. Mariam K.

      118K more

    2. Gleydson Vasconcelos

      Beautiful guys or girls

    3. LM5 MIXER

      120K to 15M

    4. Caitlyn Jones

      It took me a minute to realize that the three "Men" weren't actually men! Lol! I am so slow sometimes.

    5. Ivana Lin

      Really off the topic but can someone please tell me who the guy dancing with Leigh-Anna in her second part was??? If you do drop his @ pleeaseeee

    6. ic R

      15 millions go!!!

    7. Totally Tofu

      Jessie shouldn’t have deserved what people told her she is NOT fat she a beautiful young woman with a unique beautiful voice. The people who fat shamed her are idiots. Don’t worry jessie your not alone. :)

    8. Irish Levy 2

      No offence but it should’ve been the official mv so that it wouldn’t be so hard to stream

      1. Irish Levy 2

        @S F so true

      2. S F

        Yeah your right, I guess they wanted make it like a movie and show the funny things but I guess they should reased this one a day after reading the video without the talking scene and the ending credits

    9. Irish Levy 2

      Omggg they just dropped another version of this mv without the toilet scene & the ending part

    10. Welile Ndzimandze

      Is it me or I just didn't realise that the guys in the toilet are actually the gals🙆

    11. Mash Art

      I'm almost done working on a CRAZY Confetti mashup guys! Any guesses? 👀

    12. Raquel the Cyborg

      Saweetie killed the whole thing, sooooo gooddddddd

    13. Judith Junkers

      Go watch the cut version they just uploaded

    14. Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.

      The video version with no scenes just dropped!!

    15. Hance Arenajo

      There is a new mv, but the audio version mv, ho watch it guys ASAP!!!

    16. Bieebsarehot

      Saweetie was amazing in her verse

    17. Marc

      the fact that JN is blocking everyone that´s trying to educate her speak for itself. And the fandom still stanning and protecting her....I can´t Poor Leigh:(

      1. S F

        What do you mean poor leigh Anne. I am sure leigh anne has nothing against jesy. Jesy will obviously block those peole because she is getting too much hate and she has gone through enough already. The people who are trying g ti educate her can do it nicely instead of up straight bashing her. No one will like to learn something in a rude way.

    18. Maura fn

      This son* is a bop

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    20. Naziba Zahin

      Lyrics on the description box.

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    22. Kamil Bojke


      1. Bücherimi

        Listen to their other songs, especially the Confetti album as well ; )

    23. Maya A

      My babies😭🙌❤️ I’m so proud of them❤️

    24. Natan Cristanto

      Online bullying make jesy quit.. Fuckkkkk

    25. Vivienne Bieri

      Can we just tell everybody that Louis wrote this? That was great promotion!

      1. Vivienne Bieri

        @Mariam K. yeah i know! I wasn't serious, just trying to get people to comment

      2. Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.

        @Vivienne Bieri lmaoo😭😭

      3. Mariam K.

        @Vivienne Bieri I get where your coming from but I think we should let the actual creators/writers have credit, it does help with str34ms but I mean its someone's art, I think its disrespectful to not let them claim it, so lets just keep str34ming on our own :)

      4. Vivienne Bieri

        @Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie. uhhhh....of course ;) no he didnt, but it was great promotion for SLS

      5. Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.

        Did he??

    26. Henk&Nel eastwood


      1. Mariam K.

        YOU ARE:

      2. Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.

        Go watch something else then lol.

      3. Micheal AG

    27. anGELO

      155K to 15M!

    28. Isla and Lucy

      Me: missing jesy Everyone else: omg they are pregnant

    29. Shreya N

      Good night mixers. 💕

      1. Mariam K.

        Good night you beautiful, perfect woman. love uuu

      2. Bücherimi

        Good night

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      18.5M and 128K before one month.

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    39. manuelito ramos

      Am love 💖💖💖💖😘

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    41. SARAHI Diaz

      No Joke ,I'm 31 years old, I'm going through a divorce and this is my anthem ♥I listen to this song daily, thanks #littlemix

      1. Mariam K.

        Hope your feeling okay hun, wish you the best moving forward x

    42. Gymnastics aloud

      Good 4 u by olivia got 28M views from like 5 days and we're still stuck at 14M 🙄

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        Ikr? Its really annoying me

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      And i present to you grown up Bubbles Buttercup and Blossom..

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      I'm just seeing this mv but it was watched by me already?? wth

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    83. Little Mix

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    84. Little Mix

      Yeah jade

    85. Stream Confetti

      can mixers stop denying the problem on my tiktok account i made a video talking about the accusations. i wasn’t even saying anything mean towards jesy i was literally just stating what people are saying on twitter and the facts of what jesy has done in the past but someone reported it for n*dity when there obviously wasn’t n*dity in the video none of my videos have been reported before this so it was obviously just a mixer who didn’t want people to know the facts of what has happened

      1. Marc

        Mixers are fan blinded that´s the problem...

    86. Little Mix

      Little mix confetti ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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