Can We Find The Name Brand? (Game)

Good Mythical Morning

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    Today, we're seeing who can guess the name brand ice cream. GMM #1864
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    Do these name brands meet YOUR expectations?
    * Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter:
    * Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches:
    * Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet:
    * Nestle Drumsticks:
    * Edy’s/Dreyer's Vanilla Ice Cream:
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    Intro Animation by Matthew Dwyer and Mike Pasley
    Intro & Outro Music by Mark Byers
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    1. Angel Najee

      5:56 can I get a shirt that says “what’s the nasty?” 😂😂😂😂🤣

    2. Elli Kramer

      Links just like ahh ok I’ll eat the sherbert🤣🤣

    3. Molo inc


    4. Lori B

      Do they ever bring back an item, cause I'd really like to buy Link's sweatshirt ;-)

    5. Bob Rogers

      Nestle is the Dasani of ice cream

    6. Christian Tyler

      Y ya'll food so big!? 😄 haha

    7. Trista Sayers


    8. Maddie evans

      That’s HORD 😂😂😂

    9. Mr. Random Guy


    10. Regier Productions

      12:22 🤣🤣🤣 Link

    11. Jonathan Griego

      12:40 A lesson on how to not use pointy things from Link...

    12. Anne Bertrand

      Y’all really need a Harris teeter!

    13. Jackey Chen

      The reflective bakery affectively handle because rugby july look up a dashing tulip. enthusiastic, aboard bee

    14. sthomas086

      haagan daz chocolate peanut butter is the best ice creqm

    15. Nate Gilliland

      Its wierd seeing so many brands around here in grandview texas all we have is bluebell brand

    16. Jacob Young

      Where's the bluebell

    17. circuswannabe

      I work at br so I could tell which is what bc we dont put green in ours

    18. Beefaroni Love

      No one: Minecraft villagers: 13:40

    19. Unbeatable

      When you realize gmm is just about food

      1. Laura Lynn Martin

        Basically just a formal mukbang channel.

    20. Rob Quesada

      The highfalutin loss disappointedly harm because offence laterally concentrate beneath a merciful millimeter. violent, threatening claus

    21. sergeant mason

      12:21 Link gets stabbed

    22. sergeant mason

      6:32 Rhetts tantrum

    23. Slumber Party Bard

      i like how rhett is lactose intolerant but still eats ice cream for the show 🥺

    24. PrismGuy

      Link has such an amazing way of convincing himself he doesn't like something that I wonder if every single one of the taste tests should be blind

    25. Dani Randerson

      I can’t not rewatch 12:24 😅💀

    26. Agnessa Antonenko

      I'm now obsessed with Rhett and Link and their videos. Currently binge watching them.

    27. Emily Runia

      Can't tell you how many times my husband I had to rewind it to watch link get stabbed 🤣I HIGHLY recommend slowing the video speed to .25

    28. Memeologist

      I feel like link just adheres to contrarianism sometimes just for no reason

    29. GreatNorthernDad

      Another illustration of the truism that Link shouldn't be around sharp objects. :)

    30. handmaidmd

      I LOVE sherbet.

    31. Pierre-Olivier Morin

      I'm actually surprised you guys don't stab each other more often

    32. Janea Castillo

      I eat both sides of the cookie first and then the ice cream 🤷🏻‍♀️ no idea why. None of my family members do it.

    33. Emily Fogerty

      Omg. Link WHAT SHIRT IS THAT!? I cannot find it anywhere on your site! (Also, y'all should talk to Simplynailogical with those Holo tees)

    34. Τfυe

      everyone knows Costco ice cream

    35. TheFrost BittenZombie

      Yeah that's not ice cream

    36. M Hall

      Pronounced it right. Sherbet. Not sherbert.

    37. M Hall

      Did I see spoons? Not eating spoons?

    38. ayyXmomo

      was hella confused about the dryers ice cream. I'm from the east and have never heard of it!

    39. Bridget Darby

      The Nestle drums nuts are always weird in taste

    40. Bridget Darby

      I'm eating ice cream sandwiches and watching

    41. Emil Johansson Levin

      When Rhett comes back from his rage - it just had me laughing so good.

    42. Skul, the borgar eater

      Rhett can’t handle the superior fruitiness of sherbet.

    43. SirShell Shocked

      Next time you do a game like this use 2 pokes, 1st choose your guess by just looking then poke your answer after tasting it.

    44. Potatuh

      I just remembered, Rhett is lactose intolerant

    45. ッAzubi_Meatball4349ッ

      random comment, but i once got the cheapest ice cream sandwiches I could on vacation. its hard to pinpoint the exact taste, but the had a windex undertone with hospital smell flavor. they were still addicting because the consistency was godly, so I finished all 25 in a span of like 3-4 days.

    46. Adam Folk

      Rhett is 100% right. Sherbet is not ice cream.

    47. SweetKiren

      So far I've only found one thing that will always give me a migraine and that is the smell of vanilla -_-

    48. Mark robinson

      I felt like they were going to stab themselves the whole time and sure enough they did it

    49. Thomas Higgins

      with how down to earth these guys are, i always forget that they're millionaires

    50. Riveras

      They ate each other’s drumstick by nestle

    51. Sarah Mae

      Link's face during the entirety of Rhett's sherbert meltdown 😂

    52. wolfy._. nightcloud

      I swear I couldn't help but laugh at links face when rhett was yelling abt sherbet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    53. Shawn The Sage

      I love y’all videos thank you for being on KGup Rhett 😂😂😂

    54. Anonymous

      4:25 "I'm not gonna say it tastes bad." "It's almost bad." "It's bad." 😂

    55. Ethan Thomas

      Strawberry Häagen-Dazs is the best. No debate

    56. Darlena Akin

      Links face after Rhett's fit was hilarious Love how link doesnt even need to be holding a weapon in order to hurt himself.

    57. 8OllieBear8

      6:51 is literally me and my friends in an argument it works both ways around 🤣

    58. Justglobal. Paigey

      am i the only one who doesn’t say sherbet like that i say ( sure - bert ) 😳

    59. - Kamitz -

      The crew should've put only authentic drumsticks to mess with them

    60. maria Capriglione

      Rhetts rant about sherbet made me Laugh

    61. micy

      she really wanted to tell her story of eating ice cream

    62. Zack Nantz

      Is that video really true of rhet going crazy about his chair like fr???

    63. Brandon Yip

      The dark hamster erroneously sigh because liquid respectively sign afore a beneficial disease. trashy, cold beast

    64. Emma Starnes

      Y’all from NC, why don’t you ever cover Food Lion brand foods? That’s all we’ve got down here, Food Lion and Walmart.

    65. That Car That's Fast


    66. Rett Bull

      6:40.....don't know what to think

    67. jazmine cobb

      My daughter thinks the same as rhett on sherbert. It was funny to see a gown ass man that angry over sherbert. lol🤣🙃

    68. Emerald W

      I like cold stone

    69. Jade Scott-Jones

      I need Links Hoodie, but I can't find it in the shop!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    70. kat Royal

      Us vs uk sweets there is a big difference even in the same product

    71. JFrench98

      but everything is okayyy, cause im on vacationnn

    72. Hannah Hickenlooper

      The Costco icecream is my mom’s favorite.

    73. ARoseByAnotherName

      Finally, someone who hates sherbet as much as I do. Lol

    74. Stochastic

      I’m on the East Coast, and it’s still Dreyer’s for me at least.

    75. Thecronicchef

      Everyone is so concerned about link with sharp objects but Rhett has stabbed link like 3 times at this game now...

    76. Rman Nayr


    77. Rman Nayr


    78. Shifter22

      Here to count apologies... 😉

    79. Ohmz27

      Screw nestle!

    80. Manuel Michel

      Where can I get link's hoodie!?!?

    81. Mohiji Rea

      Me trying to stay awake at 3 am: 6:44

    82. Slash Bandicute

      12:22 at 0,25 speed!

    83. Geiokami Hasuki

      sherbet is frozen dairy, how is it not ice cream?

    84. Stupid Google

      Shun the sherbet hater. SHUN

    85. Singing Ducky

      Ice creeeeeaaaammmmm

    86. LazyDisappointment

      Why did it take me till 6:27 to realize that the stand has a bunch of colorful tiny spoons?

    87. yinmom

      At work, we took an unwrapped Walmart ice cream sandwich and put in on a paper plate on top of the fridge. It didn't melt....left it for a few weeks and it just lost height but no melting.

    88. Samiha Sooppi


    89. Julia N

      Is Link's hoodie holo?

    90. charbar02

      Does anyone feel ashamed for looking sherbet now? Just me 😂😂

    91. damonK

      One of my favorite episodes of GMM was the will it ice cream sandwich.

    92. Matthew White

      "gasps" rainbow sherbert ice cream

      1. Matthew White

        ops "gasps" rainbow sherbert is a ice cream

    93. Samantha Browning

      Has it always been sherbet? ive always known it to be sherbert

    94. ShiroNotPog

      6:41 When someone says that vegan ice cream is real ice cream

    95. kingdell

      12:23 😂😂

    96. Alex Pais

      I eat the ice cream sandwich lie Stevie

    97. Efrem Cim

      Imagine if they just felt like eating ice cream because they have every thing..... omg is that every R&L

    98. Kenton Godfrey

      Lol Link I've been stabbed by a toothpick like that before, it's no fun and hurts!

    99. sergeant mason


    100. starfish

      That transition from link having no bandage to him having a blood soaked bandage after the more o_o