Reacting To The 2020 NBA Draft


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    1. KrispyFlakes

      Entire NBA Draft reaction will be out on the 2nd channel:

      1. Susan Harri

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      2. nathan b

        Sacramento kings rebuild 👀👀

      3. JET ISO

        MJ got le'melo ball because he hates the pistons

      4. Scott Anderson

        Luke Lenard got traded during the draft

      5. Tricia Mcconnell

        I thought you would be fuming about Luke being traded

    2. Nathanael Watson

      He really thought that LaMelo Ball was gonna fall to the Pistons. He outta his mind.

    3. Markeith Ward II

      Ain’t nobody tryna play at no god Damn Charlotte lol

    4. pida siouy

      For the last 5 minutes like every single comment is being spammed Luke Kennard is traded xD

    5. Kenyon Bolling

      You... You wanted Obi Toppin??????

    6. bilishu aliss

      Krispy acting crazy when lamelo goes 3rd even though everyone knew he was going top 3

      1. pida siouy

        I like 1. The longer one is better

    7. Krispy Krenzy

      "Your keeping him away from his mother" 😹

    8. That Rap Kid

      You really thought you were getting lamelo

      1. bilishu aliss

        Imagine caring this much about something that doesn't matter at all.

    9. Susan Harri

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    10. Ethan Sherrill


      1. Ethan Sherrill

        @aola wili no

      2. aola wili

        U play runescape?

    11. aola wili

      For the last 5 minutes like every single comment is being spammed Luke Kennard is traded xD

      1. aola wili

        Krispy: Ball goes to Charlotte, Krispy: acts like Pistons had an actual chance

    12. Ayman Khan

      The latest we could’ve traded down to the Pistons pick cause you guys were interested in him

    13. NICK2FR

      trades have to be accepted both ways lol theres not always a trade out there

      1. aola wili

        Trust me bro lamelo is trash y oh dogged a bullet and you are lucky that you got kilyan hayes

    14. Kevin Campbell

      Ay Krispy you’re so entertaining bro! Great content always. Jesus loves you a lot. He died in your place!

    15. Daniel Dominguez

      Krispyflake: Melo wants to play for pistons Melo: Don’t mind who I play with

    16. Erik Lerström

      I thought he was gonna wanna kill him... name comes up... more like he wanted to f--- him...

    17. Alicia Beverly

      Melo wouldn’t fell that low to the pistons

    18. Liam Rooney

      He really Lamelo would drop to 7th

    19. Simon Perell

      Klay is a supurb defender, so it would make no sence replaceing him with with Lamelo. They tried pairing up Curry with D’angelo Russell last year, who also is a great shooter, but not a defender and that clearly didn’t work out during the games Curry played. They have also been in need of a great center that can rebound and defend. He can even score, which is a big bonus as they don’t need another Draymond Green who doesn’t contribute much to the warriors offense. James Wiseman was the right choice.

    20. Grim North Carolina Tubby Wubby Dog

      Cries about LaMelo going to the hornets instead of his talent just being wasted in Detroit instead

    21. Chris Marshall

      As a Knicks fan, it warms my heart that you wanted Obi badly. You guys had an amazing draft though. 3 studs.

    22. theinternetgavemeaids

      Omg the Obi Toppin hype is overblown

    23. Never trust Nothing

      Imagine caring this much about something that doesn't matter at all.

    24. Phoenix

      Wait.... so who Charlotte supposed to pick. If they’re going to ruin that players career. 🤨🧐

    25. I love Mr and Mrs Big Car

      Krispy: Ball goes to Charlotte, Krispy: acts like Pistons had an actual chance

    26. rogersi1221

      U play runescape?

    27. Greg Monroe

      Krispy..... iv respected you ,iv watch your videos and been suscribed for a long time. UNTILL TODAY in this video when you whipped out the whiteclaw😔 what are you doing krispy iv defended you so many time when ppl said you were doucie 😢 im sorry i see what they mean now, plz drink a Real beer

    28. Georgios Arambatzis

      Trust me bro lamelo is trash y oh dogged a bullet and you are lucky that you got kilyan hayes

    29. Gods Child

      Killian legit af fam. Obi has no d

    30. Gods Child

      Funny af you won the draft. Hayes and bey

    31. QFL ENDrag

      Krispy had the same reaction as all of us when we seen the Bulls pick. 😂😂

    32. Jay Caldwell

      People actually care about this?

    33. Scott Barclay

      Krispyflakes the rumor early in the day the Pistons were trying to trade up to 3 to take Patrick Williams.

    34. BLAZE

      Bro ur funny af 😂

    35. Jerry Bay

      dude is way too fucking dramatic

    36. Emery Allen

      RIP Sports & Hollyweird

    37. martin

      how is this on trending with less than 100k views

    38. Ca C

      This is so good!

    39. Clifton Allen

      I was hurt when we picked Patrick Williams but they compared him to kawhi so I’ll see

    40. Alton Pettijohn

      My poor Bulls...we don't keep our stars, we don't pick our drafts correctly,nor do we go after anyone during free agency 🤦🤷🙍

    41. Joseph Kim

      even if the hornets didn't take lamelo the detroit bums wouldn't have gotten him anyways lmao

    42. Zven Gali

      We are looking at a dude who has NO CLUE...that NBA is DEAD, just as BASEBALL.....and where did you get that ghetto accent I am sure you were never raised with...Im sure your parents are so proud.....

    43. lil timmy

      I subbed

    44. Brady Vance

      How the hell did he turn 2.3 rebounds into 3 rebounds?!?!

    45. Hugh Englehart

      I’m actually surprised he was happy with this pick because the fucking pistons have 7 point guards I personally was frustrated with this pick

    46. Chad Alexander

      I can't believe this man really thought lamelo was going to drop to the pistons

    47. Jonas Schell

      Im surprised he hasnt released Luke Kennard trade, and his news about his new favorite team being the Clippers

    48. ruddy greaves

      The bulls tried to trade down but couldn't find a good deal

    49. Emerson Nuessner

      bulls tried to trade down but teams didn’t want to

    50. Scubzie

      Let’s keep in mind bulls did try to trade down but no one wanted to move up

    51. Goat 69

      8:22 when your crack runs out

    52. Nick X

      who in the living hell thinks detroit is a better project than charlotte

    53. Vikings Fan

      They trades Luke Kennard lmao

    54. Big Boss

      I’m So Sorry Krispy...

    55. TechyGamerKid

      I stg whoever thought lamelo was going to Detroit is stupid, if charlotte didn't pick him then the nuggets or cavs would have taken him

      1. TechyGamerKid

        Hawks i mean

    56. Ethan Goldstein

      Deni is a superstar in the making

    57. X Jivi

      8:25 he looked like a sus boy right there lmao 😂

    58. YungboiRodney 23

      Melo wasn’t finna go 7th😭😭

    59. Jordan Paul

      i can’t believe i’m one year older than theo maledon

    60. Darius The G.O.A.T

      Me smiling @5:09 because I’m a knicks fan😁

    61. King Mikey

      Did he delete the vid

    62. Darius The G.O.A.T


    63. OnSweaters

      This man really acting like Lamelo Ball was going to drop to 7th. Like what?? The bulls would have picked him up for sure if Charlotte hadn't.

    64. Connor O'Grady

      I wish the pistons had taken obi Toppin so the stupid Knicks could have taken Deni.

    65. EAS Rob

      His face when he said Killian Hayes a second time 😂

    66. SomeRandomDunker dd

      I died when krispy said: You are keeping him away from his mother

    67. Harrison Reichert

      Krispy Killian Hayes gives me Dante Exum/Frank Ntlikina vibes

    68. daniel bernal

      I liked the video once he opened the white claw and said that’s a good noise 😂😂

    69. Cade Muirhead

      lol krispy acts like detroit doesnt waste talent along with charlotte

    70. NBA Hopeful

      Not one time did Lamelo wake up and say, I want to play for Detroit either Krispy. Everyone who comes here doesn’t want to leave. Ask Kemba, ask Cam. Dumbass

    71. suzanne gibbons

      Little did he know, the NYK selected with the 8th overall pick, Obi Topping from Dayton

    72. Vendetta C3

      Yeah we took lamelo let goo

    73. itsthe thuginme

      Yall stupid asf. This is going to turn out to be the worst draft ever.

    74. Pokemon DJ

      Wait till he hears about Luke Kenard

    75. tim liar

      Man why you must be so harsh to hornets about their pick the have someyhing great there and is a great situation for melo

    76. Brian Gumns

      Bulls screwed up, new management same story.

    77. Damian Lillard

      Obi toppin is just another version of Blake Griffin so I don’t understand why he wants him?

    78. Coleman Spinks

      And if it makes you feel any better, you got Seddiq Bey put of Kennard and officially WON the draft with that pick. Bey SHOULD be a better player than Kennard fr. So dont be salty krispy 💯😅

    79. Coleman Spinks

      Congrats from a Heat fan, you all WON the whole draft. Killian was my number 2 prospect. More of a Harden or DLo lite rather CP3. And Saddiq Bey is a fucking STEAL. I had him 10th. The only reach was Isaiah Stewart but even he should be solid and when you have 3 picks you can afford 1 average/reach pick. Congrats. You just picked up 2 cornerstones I believe.

    80. EFC

      Wow cant believe the warriors got Wiseman. Shocked everyone. No one saw it coming crazy

    81. Ryan Winters

      This man really thinks that the pistons are gonna be good ever

    82. Kelsey Dortch

      My Grizz only had 1 pick & that was #40 & we walked away with Bane & Tillman. Loving our new FO

    83. Brock Cormier

      “Easily could be a 20 ppg scorer... that’s because Detroit sucks

    84. jose montes

      Lol nope toppin came home to the Knicks after pistons

    85. Chentayy

      not gonna lie i was disappointed by killian hayes wanted Tyrese Halliburton but i guess well see how it goes

    86. Ep3 dagoat

      Positional need>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Best overall 99% of the time

    87. Virinity

      Ok but bulls pulled a L

    88. Money Man

      Imagine what’s it’s gonna be like when Lavar meets Jordan

    89. Jared Cellucci

      From Massachusetts love all Detroit sports pistons tigers lions red wings

    90. Ian Codio

      hes going to be a gem hes not like chris paul because he has crazy bounce i would say more a ja morant but he has an amazing ceiling

    91. Hugo Scholz

      I cried of laugh when he was hyped up about getting Obi Toppin

    92. Ogugua Anunoby Jr

      the pistons could have taken j cole or sheck wes and krispy still would have been happy

    93. Sema J Grover

      The next Chris Paul, I don’t think so buddy

    94. jackson giro

      also krispy, you got to remember the euro league is slower paced to the nba, i think he can average like 14 in the nba! great pick

    95. Sabrina Chesne

      Kilian is the steph curry I am a warrior o

    96. Sabrina Chesne

      Patrick is the best acc player

    97. Sabrina Chesne

      Warriors need a center

    98. Jschmuckey

      Killian the best player in the draft. been sayin this, congrats Krsipy:)

    99. Chase Holley

      Did you actually think Lamelo would fall to the Pistons lol

    100. emmett from boston

      It’s a good pick