Passing The BIG MOUTH Test?

Scott Martin

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    I throw Macoy right into the mix...hopefully he can pull it off. I end up finding some DONKS!!!!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you all so much for all of the comments..We did pick an awesome winner for the glasses. We will do some more stuff soon for y’all. 👊🏼👊🏼

    2. Linda Schmeelk

      I would like the gray pare of sun glassies cosa

    3. Grasshopper

      First time my dad let me back him in he forgot to put the plug in the boat. He took off the motor totor and just left the plug out. I put him in the water perfectly, park the truck, and as I'm walking to the ramp he starts carrying on about the boat taking on water. Then he blamed it all on me and made me get in the lake to put the plug in. I was soaked for half a day. Ahh the good ol' days....

    4. Anthony English

      Green mirror please, I need all the help I can get sight fishing

    5. Corey Yeubanks

      I would really love a pair of those Costas, black lens, gray frame..

    6. Kade Bain

      Camo please

    7. Dallas Millegan

      Where's spinner worm

    8. Cody Gabbard

      I would just like to fish with the fella

    9. Tim Prall

      Like the grey with green mirror lenses , but more importantly. New guy doing good, cant back a boat up to save his life but content was awesome! Love the photos of the gator, really have to sneak up on them to get them to be that still! They are thinking Oh crap! You're thinking Oh this is Good!

    10. Garreth Edwards

      I would LOVE a pair of those Costa sunglasses with a frame like the one in the video. Keep up the awesome videos especially the shallow water ones👍

    11. Calvin Huggins

      I would love a pair of costas really like the permits with the green mirror ember lence

    12. Chernal Patton

      I would love a pair of glasses , blue

    13. Wilson Miller

      I would like a pair of classes black 😊

    14. Darren Felder

      I would love a pair of costas, matte black frames

    15. Aaron Masek

      I would love a pair of those Costa's!!! Help me out Scottie. Gray

    16. JJ Sheffield

      Also I have subscribed and have the notification bell like if you,ve done it

    17. JJ Sheffield

      I would like the pair of costa's with grey frames and blue lenses.

    18. Sammy Thomas

      I would love a pair of costas with black and blue lenses

    19. Tindell Fishing

      I would love a pair of black costa’s!

    20. Jeremy Caquelin

      Avid follower of your SMC Instagram and your KGup channel. Thanks for the great content. I would LOVE to get a pair of your Costa glasses in Red! #TwistedHooksFishing

    21. John Hammerle

      I would love a pair of Costa's black frame blue mirror lens

    22. JR Outdoors

      I would love a pair of costas I really don’t care what color frame I would just be happy to get them. 😃😃

    23. Tyler Babbitt

      Don’t care for frames would love to receive a pair for the GREAT FISHERMAN OF ALL TIME

    24. Brian Banks

      Love the content Scott keep bringing the heat! Would love a pair of costas like the ones you are showing

    25. Logan Watson

      “I would love a pair of costa’s” black frames with a green lenses

    26. Caleb Collier

      love the donk donk action. great biggins. grey frame with green lens on the costas my man. thank you sir!

    27. Denver Miller

      I would love a pair of costa’s. Black frame green mirror lens

    28. Lucas Morrison

      I would love a pair of costas with grey frames.

    29. David Emery

      I would love them don't matter one pair I get still love any thing from my fav fisherman

    30. Jr Juarez

      I would Iove those costas and your choice

    31. Jesse Branan

      I would really love a pair of costas. Camouflage.

    32. Riedel

      Scott I would love a pair of costos- Rinconcitos (Tiger shark frame, and blue mirror lens) Thanks Scott

    33. Wayne Sherwood

      Scott, I just broke my Cabalitos and would love a new pair of Costas. I'd take tortoise with green mirror.

    34. Ross Peter

      I would love a pair of costas. Blue lenses and grey frames.

    35. PMA531

      Yo Scott!!!! Hook a brother up with some Costa's man!!! Any pair!! Love the channel.

    36. PMA531

      Yo Scott!!!! Hook a brother up with some Costa's man!!! Love the channel

    37. Rusty Worthington

      Looks like you need to get Brandon back on the camera and get Macoy in front of the camera fishing. Lol. Seriously Macoy did a good job filming/editing.

    38. Michael Crider

      I want a pair grey . Love the channel

    39. 911blasphemy

      Scott id love a pair of coastas . Green lens on black frames !!!!! You the man !!!!! Love all your videos !!!!!!!!

    40. Tucker Maloney

      I would love a pair of these costas Matte black frame with grey silver mirror

    41. bass master


    42. BassinBlaze

      i would love a pair of costas!! gray frames green mirrors!!! please pick, me i'll be praying! love your videos!! i started my own youtube channel because of you! the outdoor zone xtreme

    43. Connie Perritt

      Backing lesson. Bird montage. Catching fish! A plethora of knowledge and enjoyment! Haha. Fun fun video🐟😊 and I get those glasses I’ll learn to back a boat, feed the birds and maybe, just maybe catch some hawgs too haha

    44. Houston Smith

      “I would love a pair of costas” grey frame green lens

    45. Sporty Roads

      Hell yes id LOVE a pair of Costa's to see if they are as nice as everyone hypes them up to be... and just happens that those gray frame blue lense ones you have in your hands would be the perfect color set up for me..

    46. Matthew Glein

      Love the videos Scott. I would love a pair of these Costa's. Matte black with green mirror lenses. Thanks for the opportunity!


      A-frame of your choice not picky I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into the videos....

    48. Jonathan Bradley

      I would love a pair of Costa's!

    49. Tommy Lipps

      I do believe, I would also like a pair of those Costa's, mirror green matte black frame. Or whatever you send lol

    50. Liam M

      Scott I’d love a pair of those costas. Grey frames blue lenses

    51. stella ortega

      I would love a pair of those costas the grey with blue mirrors

    52. Caleb Bergeron

      I want a pair!

    53. Joe Marshall

      id like a pair of these costas black frame blue lens

    54. Cheyrl Cohagan

      please scott i want a pair of costas i have cancer and it is mydream to have something from you love you scott

    55. cedillomk


    56. Idekel Paulino

      Can I still win a pair?

    57. Timothy O'Connor

      I want a pair of Costas. Can they come with a Prescription?.

    58. Timothy O'Connor

      Scott, What happened to B ?.

    59. Jeremey Smith

      I would love a pair of the glass. Gray. Love the channel

    60. The McHammer

      Would love a pair! Black frame

    61. B Dot

      I would love a pair of costas with the black frames for the spring bed fishing!

    62. Joel C

      I definitely be stoke to own a pair of those Costas. I'm not picky. The ones on ur video would be fine...

    63. Angel Sanchez-Figueras

      Would love a pair. Whatever lens is best for sight fishing. Black frames. Other than that.....BEST OF LUCK SCOTT!!!!!!!

    64. Michael Harbach

      I’d LOVE a pair of those bad boys and I’ll even let you surprise me with the frame color 😉

    65. Nick Booe

      I’d love a pair of costas. The frames you had in the video will do just fine.

    66. Bama Boy8

      I'd love a pair of these Costas just like you showed in the beginning

    67. carlilej100

      i would like a good pair of fishing glasses. my 15 dollar wal mart ones are getting wore out.

    68. Thomas Bonner

      I would love a pair of GREY Diego Costa’s 🎣🎣

    69. Nathan Pfeifer

      I would love a pair of these Costa’s! Matte moss, blue mirror

    70. Austin Alley

      I would love a pair of these costas. I would like black Mr.Martin.

    71. Grayson18 Jennings

      I would like a pair please Grey

    72. David Cozort

      Grey Diego framed costas!!

    73. Ryan Williams

      I would love a pair of those Costa’s. Matt grey with green mirror.

    74. Jeff Crowe

      id love a pair of costas.

    75. Mauro Daniele

      @ScottMartin , I would love a pair of those Costas grey frame, blue lens. Thanks for the great videos!

    76. Clayton Weathers

      Scott “I would love a pair of these costa’s” Matte Black Cpr Sil Mirror

    77. Alex Tschirlich

      I would be very proud to get Costa Sunglasses from you directly to Germany. I am a fan of you vlogs :) The Costa‘s should look exactly like the pair you show us in the video. Thanks a lot! Alex

    78. Jimi Wilmeth

      I'd love have to have a pair of Costas!! Gray frame with green mirror

    79. Michael Smith

      I would love a pair of Costa glasses. Matte grey frame. Love your videos!

    80. Stephen Ulmer

      I would love a pair of Costa's, gray frames, silver lenses.

    81. Jeff Kissel

      I would love a pair of the Costas Scott. I like the ones you have in the video. I love the channel! I’ve been a fan of you and your dad for as long as I can remember. Your channel helps me make it through the frigid Chicago winter! Best of luck to you in BASS this year!

    82. Mark Thompson

      Id love the pair in your hands! much appreciated!

    83. Smark fisherman

      I’d love a pair of costas

    84. BassGeek

      Hahahahaha that gator about had you guys jump out of ya skin. lol

    85. Ubeen

      gday mate would love a pair of these costas downunder in oz black frames amber lenses champion.

    86. Jake Compton

      Costas where its at would love to have some!!!

    87. John Long

      Congrats to whoever won those glasses. That said....I live in Northern MN...I am getting SOOO close to fishing opener. Y'all keep me holding on to my fishing fever. Tight lines and may every bite be your next PB. take care.

    88. Jim Grady

      Awsome looking glasses Grey frames in the color that your expert opinion thinks would be good for the spawn. It's confusing sometimes on what's best to see the bass. BTW that might be a cool video on what you need. The SPAWN is coming!

    89. SickoBassFishing

      Scott " I would love a pair of Costa's, black frame greem mirror lenses!!!

    90. SlopBoss🎣

      I want some Costa sunglasses in that gray those look dope!

    91. iCeY cRoWe

      I’d love a pair of costas it doesn’t matter what frame it would be an honor to just get a pair

    92. Matt Galanopoulos

      Costa's please, the same way in the video, i dumped 2 pairs of sunglasses last summer. Love the videos

    93. Michael Cook

      I would love to show off those Costa's at one of my Poor Boys Fishing touraments in NC

    94. Elijah Varnell

      what happened to Brandon

    95. Bill Szarek

      I’d like a pair of Costas. Amber lens with tortoise frames.

    96. Rick Cunningham

      I would love to have a pair of those Costa's. Black frames work for me.

    97. Joey Sheets

      I would love a pair of costa’s

    98. Mike McCarthy

      I’d love a pair of black framed green glasses costas!

    99. cody lancour

      SMC I would love to have a pair of those grey Diego Costa glasses!!


      Scott! Let me get those costas my brother! That exact pair! Haha