Why you should READ LESS*

Andrei Terbea

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    *as in putting less pressure on yourself with how MANY books you read, but rather focusing on the QUALITY of what you read. Basically, quality over quantity (as is the case with many things in life). Enjoy!

    Benefits of Reading Books:
    The brain in your pocket: Evidence that Smartphones are used to supplant thinking:
    Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind
    Your Brain on Reading (Why Your Brain Needs You to Read Every Day)
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    Some might read the title of the video and think "oh, cool, I don't have to read, I wasn't going to anyway". If that's the case, I suggest you watch the entire video first. Reading is very important, it has many benefits for your brain, and unfortunately, school prepares us from a young age to see reading as a chore or as something unpleasant. Then there's the other type of people who only read Personal Development and Self Help books, and that's mainly who I'm targeting with this video. The Self Help industry is making billions of dollars every year, often selling sub-par written content that gives the illusion of personal growth. There's so much more value in a novel, or a history book, than you will ever find in the average Self-improvement book. So although I'm talking about why you should read less, the moral of the story - spoiler alert - is why you should read more, or why you should be more selective with the type of books you're reading. Looking forward to the conversation in the comment section.

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    1. Andrei Terbea

      Happy to see the positive response to this type of video! Been reading the book recommendations you guys are leaving in the comments and tbh there's a lot of exciting stuff I want to read myself now haha! Keep 'em coming! 📚

      1. OMGthatsAmber

        *5000 Facts About Everything Part 2* I read almost every fact in the book. I think it's made for kids, but I mean it's interesting lots of facts. Also some were really useful, some left like what!! I'm not sure if there are still copies being sold.

      2. Alexandru Tiplea

        bruh i am romanian

      3. harshit art

        Please give your lip sync temolate

      4. Malcolm El

        Esperanza rising is one of my favorite books I’m reading right now it’s like what Andrea said but with a lot of detail and Mexican.

      5. radu Diaconu

        Gugăl foarte epic KGupr moment

    2. oog

      Oog not caare

    3. Mr Pi

      "You're gonna be old one day too, you know." "Haha, you sure?" *BANG*

    4. pikagirl TL

      I am a bibliophile, I like collecting books for myself, but I don't read books like it's my energy or sth. No, I read for my own entertainment, if I don't feel like reading today, I won't force myself. then it's easier to analyze the books you read and you feel less pressure. also, don't force yourself to read books, that are usually very "important". Not everyone will love Dostojevski, Not everyone will love Dante's book "Divine comedy" and more... and that's ok.

    5. ambroise perret

      the best sci fi book that put me in literature is : Enders game.

    6. Just a square without glasses

      Ok guys, I’m back from reading the very hungry caterpillar and I have obtained a sense of enlightenment.

    7. Tohru

      reading is cool and all but i can't read so i'm not sure what to say here

    8. 2TriedForThis

      Does manga count lol 😂

    9. Gril drago

      this made me think back to my primary school, I enjoy reading 1 200pages book per day (even though it has a lot of pictures in it) I still impress how life change I am.

    10. Thomas

      I read medical books BOOM ya boy smart anatomy and physiology for dummies is great for future nurses.

    11. MerlinCross

      I read Adventure Path walk throughs(Prewritten stories for Tabletop RPGS). Yes I'm weird.

    12. Adomas B

      Read books they said. You'll have friends they said.

    13. Justin Die

      I know alot of ppl may have a bias political perspective, but art of the deal is one hell of a book

    14. Kjell

      3:25 After watching that part I really hope Andrei will write his own book

    15. Irma Kalniete

      Fantasy gives you better social skills

    16. Mylene Jade

      A book I totally recommend is Ready Player One it’s a classic and is a great fiction book!

    17. Ruairi Burns

      Favorite book: The Enemy by Charlie higson I think. Very good fiction series, follows a bunch of kids trying to survive in a world where everyone over 15 suddenly became a zombie-esk thing. Very gory but still has good vocab and development.

    18. GermeyJerm

      If you really like science fiction books or like scary books then I recommend either any scary science fiction book or SCP science fiction book

    19. Maddie White

      You would wonder why some self help books get published

    20. Bacon Verse

      Me: Reading too many books? Couldn't be me... *Proceeds to remember reading about half the dictionary*

    21. Syn

      Dose watching anime and reading subtitles count

    22. omar ahmad

      oh ok, here we go !!!

    23. Soham Das

      This is so funny Love the work

    24. Lucas Collins

      The hunger games

    25. Jordon Cameron

      It's actually a very interesting topic and I too thought reading was useless. Ironically, I read a lot as a child like 10 novels in 5 months. That aside, my book recommendation would be the Silver Sword. It showcases the struggle of a Polish family during a war and how they all tried to get back together. Most of the family were in prison or their health was diminishing rapidly. It also shifts the perspective of which character you're reading about flawlessly. It's a terrific book by Ian Serraillier and I definitely recommend it.

    26. famz24

      6:40 Welp! There goes his audible sponsorship

    27. Tyrell McKinney

      Of course the internet ruined reading

    28. Milan Patra

      I like books which are fiction but still feel real, books which makes me feel like i am there experiencing the things the the main character is going through, books which make me attached to them, books which i will never forget One of my favourite books series are the hunger games trilogy and Harry Potter

    29. TrailblazerX

      Hey love your stuff, keep up the amazing work!

    30. AlphaboyTheDiamondPanda

      i read 3 books a week tho.

      1. AlphaboyTheDiamondPanda

        300 pages each

    31. AlphaboyTheDiamondPanda

      I love to read.

    32. TheDarkGunslinger

      Hehehehe, read the whole Percy Jackson series on a week out of boredom again.

    33. KiriDeku lover

      Still I don't like reading. But I have some favorite book what I like to read sometimes e.g: Pohjoismaiset Taruolennot(in English: Nordic Fable Flights) this book is one of my favorites there is so many new magical creatures that i can "learn".

    34. jezuz christ

      Instructions unclear... proceeds to read KGup comments instead

    35. Just another Fangirl on the internet

      When 50 self-help books is 'impressive'. Camp Half-Blood Chronicles fandom: Pitiful, we reread the same 15 book series at least 9 times a year and new books on top of that.

    36. Tiara Reih Mequiota

      I was the type of kid in my school to basically be always seen reading a book, like, i cant stop reading the same book/s. I also really like the ones without pictures and the really long ones, i dont know why i like those type of books i just do.

    37. Regann

      Every Soul a star is a simple book that anyone can tackle. I think it's a good staring book for unmotivated readers.

    38. The gaming channel

      my schools 5 steps to reading better were 1. read 2. read 3. read 4. read and 5 read

    39. Octavio Carneiro

      Carl Sagan books are really good to start reading again

    40. Pratik Koli

      I just found out this type of shit

    41. Brayden


    42. Eyal Hendler

      Anyone else here read two books in the past 4 years?😂😂

    43. Zachary Ibarra

      5:02 the amazon smiles haunt me...

    44. Another Guy

      "Don't read 1 book a week" me who read 4 mangas in 1 day

    45. Creative Plays Minecraft

      Read the whole series of Perry mason within the past couple months, I loved it. Fiction Recommendation:)

    46. Henry Ani

      Whatever book people enjoy reading teachers always say it as in a real book

    47. Space Noodle

      We read Dostoevsky in school... Yes I'm russian

      1. Boba scalera

        I'm reading Crime and Punishment ATM :)

    48. Dream

      Everyone : I read 10000 books a week Me : I google 1000000 things every hour

    49. Dream

      Mom : holy $h!t what he saying

    50. Yağmur Duran

      me who suffers from dyslexia and adhd: wtf are these people even on

    51. Black Dragon

      Mi-a placut aia cu "gugăl"!

    52. Yousef Emad

      If anyone wanna to read new series of books each about 250 pages you can read this paranormal for author Ahemd Khaled Tawfek It about an old man called Refat Esmail in which he faces lots of paranormal events from any culture

    53. What a fucking cunt

      People who read E-books:*Visible Confusion*

    54. Caillou Stillman

      Can't remember the time I read a book...

    55. Badbanana

      I read 1 or sometimes 2 books a week because of school

    56. Eclipse De Wierdo

      Does reading comics or mini movies count?

    57. Cretovtov

      1 book a week < 1 book a month

    58. Cringe Øfficial

      Meh I hate reading anyways

    59. Poncho

      My sister read 78 books in 2020 And already read 8

    60. mega dog

      My mom makes me read 2 books every day

    61. Little Moth

      5:52 Is it just me or does this line make no sense? My interpretation is that it's basically saying: "Intuitive thinking as opposed to Analytic thinking is a form of cognitive laziness" (pretty much what the word means), and out of nowhere they draw the conclusion that googling things is a part of this. They do this yet they don't seem to explain why getting facts from looking it up is related to it - especially when research like that is very important to analytical though - nor do they explain why alternatives are better. Why is relying on facts and external sources a form of cognitive miserliness? Is it lazy to look up facts to back up your argument? Is it lazy to get the answers you want and draw your own conclusions about it instead of... whatever nonexistent alternative that they have yet to provide?

    62. David-sama

      do mangas count

      1. cappuccino 19

        Of course not, manga is litteraly just drawings with little text. And also what the heck is your pfp, it's disgusting.

    63. Kaeden Cusson

      wigs of fire

    64. hah

      What about webtoons 🤨

      1. cappuccino 19

        Doesn't count, webtoons have little to know text and more drawings.

    65. IrgendWer

      7:19 How bout learning a language? Like legit

    66. I Xopuxir I

      I just read what I want ( Fantasy and science fiction) How fast i red ( like 2 Books in like 3 weeks)

    67. Victoria Chamorro

      if you're reading just to read you're gonna want to cheat yourself. if you're reading cause it's fun you don't do that. reading isn't just self help books you should find something you like

    68. Boopster

      The da Vinci code is very good in my opinion

    69. Frostcrown

      But you're wrong! I know cuz I read 3 books ever day! ;3 edit:battle field earth so much better than the movie

    70. SnapdragonDNA V

      I literally had a book in my back pack and a grabbed it right now.

    71. Fastrox

      I have found this interesting and you got me read a bit but for god knows why i just cant sit down and read something

    72. Dejmira

      Can some good soul help me find book about egyptian mythology?

    73. Fishy Jian

      This is the wake up call I needed omg. I got into reading English books about 6 years ago and the first book I read was ‘if you could see me now’. The book was so highly confusing (I process stuff really slowly) that it took me two months just to finish the book. But after finishing that book holy crap it was like something clicked in my brain and my English started to improve basically overnight. Then others around me also started reading and I would often be made fun of because I take a long time to finish each individual book. By the third year I’d would finish a book with 400 pages within two weeks but I could not remember a single thing about whatever I’ve read. It was really stupid because I can still remember the contents of the first book I ever read but I can’t seem to visualise what I read literally last week. My English skills were stagnant at this point no matter the amount of books I was forcing into my brain and reading became kinda boring. Thank you for this video. It was truly an eye opener and the slap in the head that I needed.

    74. -Avalon -

      The only reason I started reading was FanFiction and Light Novels from anime...

    75. Pranav Ramanath

      Einstein once said that he wont remember anything he could look up in 2 min

    76. Why Peanuts

      Why does this goose love pointing it’s middle Finger at me

    77. Joshua Gerthoffer

      Stephen Kings novels always does it for me. Fantasy and Horror is where it's at!

    78. Brian Acosta

      POV you read 2 books a week because thats how much books you have

    79. John Mark Nuguid

      I prepare movies

    80. Gnaaruag

      Great advice Andrei . Glad to see you use this platform for something like this

    81. Dweller Sages

      Kid watching: shows to parent

    82. benjbenj

      Dont we all read like we read KGup coments redit posts and stuf like that

    83. pov

      But I like reading

    84. Chrysaor

      For the record I’m only 1:41 in but I’d just like to say, even as an advent book reader/ bookworm, when it comes to reading read if you want to and just read what you like. I can tell you from personal experience that if the book doesn’t interest you it’s pointless trying to finish it. It’ll be harder to instigate picking up the book to read, boring, you won’t really absorb what you’re reading, and in the end you’re just wasting time doing something that you don’t enjoy. Besides reading as a hobby isn’t for everyone. So feel like you’re some kind of loser if you don’t read a lot or if you’re a slow reader. ^^

    85. Cody Smith

      me who read manga: *me smart* hehehehe

    86. TYLERMAN

      One of my dads friends came over with his son and he can’t read at 7 years old and he has a phone, he said that he doesn’t need to learn to read because he can just say hey google and get it to tell him what he needs and that hit different because I use reading everyday and it changed my way of thinking the way you tried to do in this video.

    87. Dread

      50 books in a year isn't many

    88. •CocoaPanda•


    89. Newt

      Why u should read less..... Less than 10 page a month? I can try.

    90. Jess That weeb

      Me clicking on this video *add for books/reading* Me: oh shi-

    91. Lacasse-Roy Olivier

      My very cliché and basic recommendations: 1984, Animal Farm (George Orwell/Eric Blair, both have been read in French), And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie, I’ve read it in French), The Haunting of Hill House (a very contemplative book and a different kind of horror, by Shirley Jackson, which I have read in English)

    92. José Carioca

      I read about 10 books last year, mostly fantasy and biographies. My advice: don't force yourself to read. Read what you like when you feel like.

    93. Boshiko

      *Quality* -Quantity-

    94. Boshiko

      6:38 That is some good things to do

    95. Boshiko

      6:20 It depends , this will not work if im reading a horror story or manga lmao

    96. Boshiko

      It's even worst then not reading , because you just thought you are doing right but no , you are wasting your time and you still think you are better than others

    97. StSebbe

      i read cookbooks

    98. Tamir Lapidus

      Me who doesn't even read: *I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you*

    99. Sebi Ace


    100. Zack Pearson

      Books are stupid