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    So you finally got us to answer the story of how we met. It's not a super romantic awesome love story fit for movies, but it's still really special in our hearts. If you want to know more about it, check out our blog post. We write more about it there. Yeah!
    Thanks to B1A4 Chile for the Spanish subs! Woot!
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    1. Joshua Jackson

      My wife and I got married in 2011 after dating since 2004. We're still married today, but it has taken a lot of work and help, and we are still working hard. I hope you both come out of 2020 stronger individually, yes, but even stronger together. We fell in love because together everything was better--not easier--better. It turned into a toxic dependence, and can still be that way sometimes, but when I really step out of my own head, I KNOW that life without her, although maybe easier, would not be better. Every day we have to re-figure out that it's us as a team vs the world, not us vs each other. And honestly, you two taught me that a long time ago. I've been watching since before you guys were on Running Man haha. My wife and I used to live in Japan when you guys were in Korea. I was a Korean linguist, so we would watch you two and Korean variety shows all the time. We miss Japan and Korea, but we definitely appreciate living in the US. As long as you continue to share, I'll watch. Even if you don't, I'll appreciate everything you've already given. Thank you for everything.

    2. Car R

      Lovely story

    3. Ouranor

      Wow. I just came back to this video after rewatching the Tokyo Tales episode about them not being soulmates (go watch it if you haven't!). It's incredible just how much both of them have changed, but Simon specifically. Not just visually, but his entire energy is so different. I don't know, it's just really, really remarkable in the best way possible.

    4. R0ly P0lly

      "I did ANG in my mind" (c) Simon

    5. R0ly P0lly

      M: But I had a boyfriend S: Womp-womp-womp-womp M: And I didn't notice Simon at all! S: WOMP-WOMP-WOMP-WOMP XDDDDD

    6. Moony Fleur

      Lol!!! Awesome story! 😊

    7. supersmex

      WERE competitive? WERE!!!!?????!!!!

    8. miathemonbebe ღ

      I always come back and rewatch this video because it just makes me happy and believe in love again C:

    9. LyraValley

      I wish I could find someone like that. Don't think it's gonna happen though.

    10. RedRoomKey

      I love how she’s like “we were super competitive when we started dating.” Lmfao how about also in every episode. I love you guys!

    11. مصرية فى كوريا

      I love this, i hope someday i can meet my simon too !

    12. Kassidy Napier

      the captions. womb womb womb womb. 1:26

    13. mnvro7989

      Omgggg!! You two are goals! I hope my marriage will be as happy as yours!

    14. 3auka88

      300 $ wow ... I work in the jewelry industry and I had a client he spent "only" 8000!!!!! Euro no joke just on the wedding ring 💍 for his wife 🙈🙉🙊 and his ring was about 300 Euro

    15. Jasmine Persson

      Could you maybe make a video about when you told Simon about your EDS, Martina? i have an invisible illness as well and i just find that it can scare guys of....

    16. Amal Farah

      Martina looks so pretty.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    17. ダイノサー京

      I got frightened at the lack of simon's beard

    18. Jovanna Mireles


    19. juliana

      you guys are so mcfreakin adorable

    20. Derek Peco

      what does tldr mean??

    21. AnaxErik4ever

      Nerds in love! And my sister has been punk/anime geek since she was 10, so don't feel embarrassed Martina. P.S. Of course it was a "tickle fight".

    22. Awooing stops

      yeah.... tickle fight.....

    23. Extra Videos


    24. Pat's mom

      You guys must be older than I thought if you used a phone book. lol

      1. Neb - Roqket

        Pat's mom yep back then we used phone books also back the. there was only 7 numbers in a phone number. lol

      2. AnaxErik4ever

        I can keep track because they got married just out of university. It was the same year I started high school, so I was 14 when they were about 24.

      3. Tayler Matlock

        They're currently 33 years old.

    25. Olivia Black

      I loved that smooth moment 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    26. ZAmpedNZ

      Just subbed today.... I have several years to catch up on..... Marathon time!!!!! 😁😁😁😁

    27. AVE


    28. iEatEmos

      I LOVE those earrings. Do you remember where you got them?

    29. Sarai Juarez

      trying to find what type of cake martina likes for the Samurai jacket 😅

    30. TLC

      your love story is basically ours. except we ment at the dentist lol

      1. TLC

        +Rainwater haha too true!

    31. Bea

      You guys are so dorky but too cute! :3

    32. Khang Tuấn

      Relationship goal😂💛

    33. josakura

      so love your love story guysssss

    34. Anthony Aretis

      I though he was gay...

      1. Quentin Rainwater


    35. Remya Radhakrishnan


      1. Jenzy Reiko

        They already have a video for it

    36. dougefresh133

      Part 1?

    37. Bethany P

      i know i'm late to the party, but...can you guys adopt me? i'm prettyyyy sure i'm older than you, but you're my kind of people. not weird. good job, me.

    38. Natalia Gomez


    39. Pri

      Martina your poor Ex - Boyfriend :D

    40. Evangeline Grace Urbano

      Goals 💛

    41. Alondra Chavez

      so i was going to watch a movie but binge watching your guys' videos is so much better

      1. essennagerry

        Ahahaha, exactly what happened to me!

    42. Sibuna01

      awwww cute

    43. Rosie-Annice Arbulu

    44. Peter Chea

      Does anyone know the name of the guitar soundtrack?

    45. Sophie Tabag

      Ok I honestly had to do a double take when I saw that dog pop out of the screen. I was like "oh yea cool omg so cute" dog pops out "da fuc!!" rewind and made sure I wasnt seeing shit. XD

    46. 604josh

      "Tickle fight"

    47. Lyssnerskan

      "tickle fight"

    48. Mariela Ramos

      How was it to break up with your other boyfriend? didn't you love him?

      1. marcelkat

        if you develop feelings for someone else while in a relationship it's better for both parties if you end it. not ending it could just forget the hurt if something else happens i.e. cheating or a loss of interest in your partner because you really want to be with someone else

    49. Elliot Hamilton-Boucher

      We upgraded our rings over the years three times. I am currently wearing version two. Version one was cheap rings I picked up in New York city as promise rings, the second are still inexpensive rings we bought in Montreal (where my spouse comes from), and the third is from the Yukon where we had our wedding (where I come from) those were around $300 for both, but worth more today as they are Yukon gold and that market has gone up. By whole dollars.

    50. Stephen Mandelbaum

      OK I literally LoL'd at breaking the couch!

    51. Roza K

      Omg you guys are so cool I hope I'll be happy like you guys *-*

    52. Andrea lizcano

      someone needs to make their love story into an anime YASSS!!!

    53. ciele

      gr8t story :)

    54. DefenderOfJustice7OH7

      This is such an amazing story...and your engagement story! Being a fellow Moonie/anime/manga fan it gives me hope because I just hit 30 and feel like I've gone out to pasture. (Totes convinced that no one would want me anyway)

    55. TSM

      relationship goals tbh. i hope i find someone who clicks with me like you guys do! :)

    56. Kathleen Wong

      so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing

    57. GwenReport

      omg, your love story is so cute and now it totally makes sense why you fit in korea so well and love it there. your story sounds like a kdrama!

    58. bonster loveydovey

      I thought he's gay

    59. Hannah Bluhm

      FRIEND ZONE!!!

    60. joshua yang

    61. Zainab Anwari

      Haha I go to UOFT now and I'm entering my third year :$$ I hope I find my true love :3333

    62. i love food

      Still re-watching this, for the hundredth time I think.

    63. Amanda Goh

      I really wanna see martina during her goth days.. ahaha

      1. Black And Ginger

        You guys are so cute. :) We liked and subscribed. Kindly support us by subscribing.

      2. Roza K

        Me toooo XD

    64. thearymusic

      UOFT REPPIN woooooooooooop. I know the cold basements of new college all too well...

    65. Natalya Rostova


    66. Severine Lindell

      I love Martina and Simon. They're so adorable and their videos always make me smile

    67. veryjelly belly

      Now that's a lovely and cute story. Thanks for sharing!

    68. Melon


    69. sammia8989

      Teen girl squad HAHAHA

    70. Amethyst Cahill

      Can't believe you guys went to U of T! I hope to be going there for University too but probably not go to Korea to teach.

    71. Jordyn Galvan

      This sounds like a manga I read :3 Yay for shoujo manga

    72. Sirama

      I really hope everyone here finds their Simon or Martina! I mean he cooks her breakfast and they are able to be so silly with each other!

    73. Alice Andúril *

      So cute ^-^

    74. Arrowdodger

      "We were really competitive when we started dating" Oh, not like now or anything. Kai Bai Boh, anyone?

    75. Noor Jalil

      so CUTE!

    76. Rebecca Bobby

      Someone make a kdrama out of this!!!

    77. SeKai KimOh

      "But I had a boyfriend and I didn't notice Simon at all!" aawww.... From strangers to best of friends to being lovers! You guys are so made for each other!

    78. AvELFk1503

      I can't even count how many times I've watched this. This is my favorite thing ever. Gahhh

    79. EitanL

      Just wondering, anybody know Martina's maiden name?

    80. SolasRuinedMyLife


      1. ayeesha shahriar


      2. Emma兼松

        SolasRuinedMyLife MY DAD STUDIED THERE

      3. Rowena

        You're Simon and Martina's long lost child.

    81. CP MY

      ahhh I went to U of T St. George campus too!! * flails arms *

    82. All-that-glitters 93

      This is kind if like my story! My fiancé and I were friends for five years and he asked me to go to senior prom with him and the night before prom he asked me out so at prom we were trying to act like friends even though he already kissed me during our prom pictures and one of my friends decided to push us while dancing and we fell on the ground and everyone was acting all crazy over it and stuff. Eventually we went to school one day with matching name bracelets from Disney grad night and the secret was out

      1. becca moses

        That's adorable.

      2. ka chan

        @Cheyenne Kemp​ oh, i wish u guys the best of luck! Good luck!! 😊

      3. All-that-glitters 93

        Still wedding planning and getting financially stable

      4. Rianmichaelis

        Wow i can't imagine to make it out with my friend, its kinda gross. She's like a little sister to me. Nahhhh i pass

      5. ka chan

        @Cheyenne Kemp Ur welcome! So are u guys alteady married?

    83. Jordan

      This is my story exactly! She was kinda gothy and perfect, had a boyfriend- I got friendzoned, tried to hook me up with someone else, then finally feelings were reciprocated. AND it was hushhush (until I got frustrated hiding it and started hanging out with this girl who was into me) and then it was official!

    84. 조리J0l3igh

      Your story sounds like a drama I'd watch. :)

    85. Elaine Mcg

      You two are the CUTEST couple EVER.

    86. mali na

      why does everybody here say they thought simon was gay? how should one behave and dress to be thought heterosexual? should he say "man" and "bro" in every sentence?

      1. Emma兼松

        mali na IKR its pissing me off

    87. AfterthoughtGaming

      damnit i have an essay to write! WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO DAMN INTERESTING!!!??? ARGH!

    88. marian thompson

      wat year did you meet.

    89. jane gomez

      Lol Simon is awesome! U guys are cute togethrr

    90. lex6blue

      I can't see how people would think Simon is gay???

      1. Ana Boscán

        Reminds me of Marshal in HIMYM :3

      2. Nazanin Sedighi

        Yeah... me too

    91. J -

      We just discussed Shelley and Keats today and I think I need a moment to un-depress myself. #Romanticism :(

    92. Hai mY NaMe iS yE-ri

      Lol, I'm starting to think I'm weird for not getting an initial gay impression off of Simon. He doesn't seem gay to me at all. I guess it's because my boyfriend is somewhat like him...?

    93. Lavender Rose

      woo lord of the rings FTW lol ( don't worry Martina girls can like LOTR too without being nerdy)

    94. EroticSensei2303

      that awkard moment when you thought that Simon was the gay friend of Martina...and then you hear "we are married" and you are like OH DEAR GOD! Sorry Simon, didn't mean to tell you gay .-.

      1. kssgpv

        i hope he doesn't mind

      2. ღ M.Animeღ ツ

        loool me too T_T

      3. Jasmine Wash

        Lol, not going to lie I thought the same thing when I first started watching their videos.

    95. Berrie Bloo

      you guys remind me soo much of Marshall and Lily :)))

      1. Art By Aurora

        ikr :33

    96. Vivien Shao

      what happened to the couch?

    97. トミーボーイ

      Wait, whaaaaat? I seriously thought Simon was Martina's gay friend or something.

    98. randomlysunny

      I want to have a marriage like you guys have one day

    99. TlatoaniItzcoatl

      sometimes you guys remind me of the couple from pulp fiction that rob the diner.

      1. Rebecca Perkins

        L. M. F. A. O !!!!!!

      2. bellakurosaki

        honey buns!!

    100. Cindy

      That's so cute. Glad you guys ended up with each other~