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    Fortnite Season 5 - Battlepass, Skins, Leaks + MORE!
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    1. Ali-A

      Use code “AliA” to get ready for the NEW Season! 🙏🏻💙

      1. Gaaniko Mazinda

        @OG Jonah V2 cool dc

      2. Munolicious Magadu


      3. Andr3a_Toxiic.

        Eas all real

      4. Ghost cod

        Your still doing the fake videos dang you been doing them since 2017 😒

      5. Adheesh Reddy


    2. Tea & Clickbait

      ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮

    3. Veronica di costanzo


    4. Student Marcus Flores

      Who else is in season 5 of so Alia was pretty wrong

    5. Frank White

      Are u gifting?

    6. Cian McInerney

      I used your supporter creater code Alia

    7. Steve the Boss2

      Can any one please please tell me the music that started in the start

    8. lil 123game

      I believe it now the pancake stand

    9. Tom Trench

      Who else here in season 5

    10. Sondrya

      Hi I am a very big fan of you I like your every video Please gift me a skin My name is ANSH blaster 123

    11. OCglitch

      Not bad Ali man cake is a skin and the backbling is baby Yoda but in his floating crib

    12. Matthew Walker

      Can I have the battle pass for chapter2 season 5?

    13. Mario Calzonzin

      it would be cool to see Star Wars vehicles.

    14. Shayden Dra

      The leak was real

    15. Vx Socker13btw

      there is salty towers including salty sping

    16. drusilla Wairimu

      You scam isst

    17. cooltuberplays


    18. Mikezoid

      8:43 wat is he slapping

    19. Jakerb Tims

      Sorry mando

    20. Cylic Killcount

      69k likes... Even I have to respect the memes

    21. Zynx !

      Who else is watching after the event

    22. Ryan Loaiza


    23. aditya agrawal

      Jelly has more sub than you, lol

    24. Gaminggod8899

      I can’t use your code I’m in the event part were it makes you not play

    25. GoldenFireEntertainment

      Live event happened

    26. Brayson Lacinak

      When I said science I meant your videos

    27. Brayson Lacinak

      Alyea I’ve been watching you since the first day you started I love your videos please can we make one together my name is on fortnight Rift2_0

    28. ItsJust Emma

      bro im going to be so sad if mando isn’t in season 5- everyone is saying he is

      1. youngest bleds -

        Happy birthday

    29. Gavan becker

      Aka man

    30. Ze mo

      people who just now saw the event be like, "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    31. Logan Plays

      We Just Killed Him

    32. Giulianna Guardino

      I just seen it but you need ps5 to see or. Wait

    33. Adelin3 Nguyen

      BABY YODAA!!????

      1. Alex


    34. Ntix_ 83

      when will it be new battle pass?

    35. Doodlegames134

      I think Galactis is gonna rude we will fight him then we lose and we starts to devour our fortnite island and bring us through all the events ending with the rocket event then we get teleported into a new map

    36. Brownie The bunny

      *i regret buying emotes instead of skins I bought the fighting one and the chair emote :.)*

    37. Jennifer Cooper

      Hey Ali-A I'm your biggest fan ever my fortnite username is 3 million Xbox

    38. Moose

      I hate that people still calls it a secret skin because now the secret skin just shoved in your face at the beginning every season now.

    39. RustyZA

      i love that he actually knows the story about baby Yoda

    40. Amanda Gonzales


      1. Amanda Gonzales


    41. 999_ Lighting


    42. huskus the pig boy

      If starwars is the theme im deleting fortnite. There ruin fan bases

    43. blaZe fighter

      his name is grogu

    44. PEAR _

      Literally the only person I trust when it comes to fortnite new seasons/skins coming out 👍🏾👍🏾

      1. Jeremiah Petties

        You guys are joking right? (I'm gonna get wooshed)

      2. RustyZA


    45. Brayden Murphy

      I don't whant a nother black hole

    46. Rift Reaper

      I can’t wait for GALACTUS to come and fight the hero’s. I wonder why Dr. Doom is fighting with the hero’s even though he is a Super Villan?

      1. 34k Max


    47. Chris James

      Please. Have. Mando. And. Behbeh. Yoda

    48. Apple Company

      I knew everything you showed.

    49. Darren Hughes

      I think That we are going to the old map

      1. Pikacool 6567

        I hope not

    50. Jaxton Edwards

      Look at his hands and then the screen....he isn’t playing

      1. Jaxton Edwards

        @harley 2.0 I think it is a pre record sassy

      2. harley 2.0


    51. Frantz Brignol

      Reminds me of season 8 hope we’re going back in time lol

      1. yungsigz

        Yeah I edit like ceeday btw if u wanna check me out

      2. Leo Blyth

        It will not de the same

      3. King Default

        @Just Famke I think 7?

      4. Just Famke

        I think you mean 9

    52. Ation

      Do you mind checking out my videos to help out a minuscule content creator?🥺

    53. Diar Fars

      S Hyundai Genesis 11 the practice is. Dey1 season 5 namn Badirkign gamer fortnite

    54. Diar Fars

      AIi a

    55. Lucas Rostron

      It isn’t called baby today if you watched the recent episode it named different I do know it it’s just hard to say and spell

    56. Parallel Tru

      Hi Ali-A

    57. Electric Trapzz

      3:21 so battle bundle is still in the game its just cheaper??

      1. RustyZA

        i also think so, it seems like it, but the battle bundle is usually only the first 25 levels+ battle pass, where the new one is available anytime time between lvl 1-75

    58. Frxnkie smh

      Baby Yoda is actually called 'Grogu',

    59. vComp-Horsey

      I Guarantee that’s not the loading screen or whatever he said

      1. Pikacool 6567

        It is because fortnite said it

    60. Alexander Navarro

      i did

    61. William Straley

      bro dont forget abt the black winter I the fortnite comics that is what galactus and thor where trying to stop in the first place

    62. Pamela Rawson

      I used code ali a

    63. Psy1_

      Im so hyped! ❤️ you ali!

    64. Kiarash Golahmadi

      Sorry how do you bought joker skin before it come to itemshop

    65. Rainbow plum

      it's 2 days till the live event

    66. Brett Ketteringham

      Luckily for me the event is after school

      1. Pikacool 6567

        Me 2

    67. Ravendri Naidu

      I'm Cael and I am 8 and I'm going to school on Tuesday

      1. Already Used G


      2. Little Grape

        Same here. I'm going to have to watch it on KGup because it's at 9 in the evening and I can only play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.😥😥😥😥


        Raverendi cool


        @Seiri I can

      5. Seiri

        I will be in school and can't game on the week ;-; only the weekends welp ig I'l just watch the streams and cry in a corner

    68. Im Dxrk

      02:02 Can you pay with Paysafecard?

    69. Spikey Likes To Play

      Ride reminders

    70. Mick

      Me:sees toast skin Me:TOAST

      1. xd Rowjam

        That is not toast 🤣

    71. Jihad Gaming

      Okay ✅ Ali a

    72. Jihad Gaming

      Okay 👌

    73. fazzah hameem

      I will do it ok

    74. fazzah hameem



      Where is Microsoft

    76. Maya Marion

      im sorry to say but if you watch the Mandilorin then that's not baby Yoda they call it the child. and its not baby Yoda because Mandilorin does not take plane near the Star Wars time line its a different Time Line just saying

    77. Edwin Haines

      That first skin looks like hela

    78. Dylan York

      In Arina I will camp in a snowman

    79. David The Goat

      Anyone else getting triggered at Star Wars naming Baby Yoda Grogu?

    80. saba salukvadze

      i think galactus will destroy fortnite and we will go to season 1 with battle bus

    81. michael huskin

      woah is that woodsy @8:14 (sos if i spelt it wrong)

    82. Santi Sally

      Im skipping school to watch the event lol

    83. T

      Finally someone gets it that he is not Yoda

    84. Alistair Nunn

      i hope that the mandalorian skin is coming out because if it is its coming my main skin

      1. Aspectgaming 123

        Nobody cares

    85. Reis Homsey

      If you think 2020 is bad just remember that baby today is going to be a back ling next season

    86. Jace Saunders


    87. Vicky Barnard

      I don’t like fortnite anymore but that skins SICK

    88. Jason Drexinger

      When the timer says 7 says and the kive event is happening in 2 days

    89. Alfredo

      Imagine if the backbling is called "Grogu's pod"

    90. D2ranger


    91. TheDabbers Everyday

      Galactus might have seen Travis use the zero point energy


      If it’s a Star Wars season then I’m not playing 😂

      1. K.C. Twd


    93. HYPED

      I want galactus to destroy the map cause we get a new map

    94. xHavoc2009

      I really hope that that back bling IS the fortnite island afterwards so that the map has a big change.

    95. Biscuit 195

      Looks fake

    96. Zavier Smith

      Not baby yoda

    97. michael watson

      Remember when alia clickbaited. Oh wait

    98. Mike973

      i just figured out that the guy on the right has a stack of pancakes for a head

      1. Subject Autism


    99. Bimbrowsky

      fortnite in 2020??? YIKES!

    100. Colleen Peoples

      I use your code