I Made a FULL DIAMOND BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore!


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    I made a FULL DIAMOND BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore! This video is the follow up to I made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore! This is far less impressive, but still the next best thing. How many diamonds do you need for a diamond beacon? Only 1,476. Making a full diamond beacon took me only 20 hours over 3 days of playing minecraft!
    I made this diamond beacon legit in survivial, 100% legit, no cheating and ALL ON MY OWN! It wasn't that hard but I had a lot of fun completing the full diamond beacon achievement!
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    1. Larissa Honda

      does anyone know which levei he strip mines at?

    2. MeLikyLiky YT

      What was ur y-axis I know u were below it because there was bedrock

    3. Mihika Roy

      Can you find a time to 100% all achievements? I'd love to see you attempt "how did we get here" - it may be one of the few actually challenging things left for you to do...

      1. Henry Works

        I think he already has

    4. Ersi Fishti

      Im a big fan but i am at school so i cant put my notification bell on hope you understand me . Im a big fan so i will still watch yiur videos even if i didebt vuy any of your merch .

    5. Lili's Secret World

      Him: Has 150 levels in hardcore mine craft Me: is scared to even kill one mob in easy modd

    6. juan sebastian ortega prieto

      i love how he gasps every time he gets a diamond even tho he has found 1600!

    7. Cameron Hoernig

      When he found those 10 diamonds he should’ve told us the coordinates in the seed that he’s on so we can go check for proof but he didn’t

      1. Henry Works

        Ores arent the same of each seed, also, its a fact that can be proven by a simple google

    8. starskay

      5:24 maybe I will stop skipping coal-

    9. JoEllen Flener

      Can someone point out that he got a trident?!?!

    10. Andy Yoshida

      Remember when netherite and diamonds were rare? Ya, me too.

    11. Wliam Lewis

      If you Pause it at exactly 7 minutes there’s a torch in the Cave indicating that he’s been there

      1. Henry Works

        Maybe it was a redo of the footage.

    12. Pavel Nikoloski

      vat iz dajment

      1. Mr. ogge



      16:00 you should do wither farm in end on down of end portal

    14. Bolvond Staker

      0:15 that e in the beacon looks odd

    15. Alpesh patel

      World record

      1. Henry Works

        I dont think so.

    16. Hudson Per

      Btw it’s not a nine vain it’s just two veins spawning next to each other but it does look like a nine vein

      1. Hudson Per

        Oh thanks for telling me I didn’t know I guess you learn something new everyday

      2. Henry Works

        Nope, one daimond vein can spawn that big.

    17. Asemean YT

      imagine passing by a cave and you see coal but you ignore it because ur searching for diamonds but then there is a ton of diamonds behind

    18. Redditman1000

      you should do a full gold beacon now that you finished the netherite and diamond

    19. Asemean YT

      let me explain tnt dosent work... because it will blow up the diamonds compared tot he netherite its invincible

    20. ok woomer

      and i thought 14 diamonds were good

    21. Anthony Rogerson

      I frequently go.hours without finding diamonds

      1. Henry Works


    22. flaffle waffle

      Either I’m unlucky or your lucky but I have been mining for about 3 hours now and I have found 0 ancient debris Oops wrong vid XD

    23. Henry Works

      Why didn't... he just use the beacon?

    24. Lilwitdogg06 Pro

      Hey I’m new love yur vids keep it up 💯 I subbed too

    25. Der CloudSofteYT


    26. SokaPrime


      1. Henry Works

        I found one as well, and let me tell youit is very satisfying

    27. jamie matthews

      Change my mind, mining diamonds is one of the best feelings in minecraft.

    28. Felix Mader

      me when i find diamonds for the first time:🤩 Me when i find diamonds for the 417th time:🤩

    29. Uways Shakoor

      He should do every beacon like iron, gold, emerald, lapiz etc.

      1. •Violet - Chu•

        he did.


      Once I found a vain of 10

    31. Andrew Davis

      My magic number is 0.

    32. LDV

      Wadzee next episode so I made a dragon egg beacon

    33. Lucie Mccabe

      OMG I just noticed that Wadzee is on 1 mill 910thousands subs I've been subbed since he had 10 subs.Oh yeah stay happy stay healthy stay safe😷❤❤

    34. Lucie Mccabe

      What does Wadzee say when he sneezes? Wadsnee

    35. Helen Eisenberg

      do in one day 1000 melons

    36. Edward Alonzo

      Requesting a shout out and hoping to be notice

    37. Edward Alonzo

      Yooowww another comment from comment guy

    38. Arka

      diamond veins exist upto 12.

    39. Krish Sadarangani

      Cashnasty lol

    40. James Anthony Papa

      Lol I found 14 veins of diamonds XD

    41. zuca47

      I only have 3 diamond blocks lol

    42. LC Stars

      Impressive 2 veins of 10 diamonds

    43. Taleb Ismail

      2:37 Lazarbeam is so proud of you

    44. Juicy memes Setchy

      If you didnt want the garbage in ur inventory then get rid of it then put a diamond in every bit

    45. Aiden Brown

      Does coal red stone and lapiz still work for a beacon

    46. Pigeon Man

      did you hear pokemon diamond gym battle music during wither battle?

    47. Giguana TGH

      Lazarbeam:finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary (Edit)this is stolen lol

    48. TheOofertaffy

      Next up: Emerald beacon but i have to mine the emeralds instead of trading them.

    49. Van Allam

      السلام عليكم انا بشرح ماين كرافت بالعربى لو حد عايز يتعلمها يقدر يشترك فى قناتى kgup.info/must/cb7GeWmfhcO_c7PRgtwDHQ.html?view_as=subscriber

      1. Sorry Bruno I got Purple Hazed

        Bruh stfu Self promo i guess

    50. Miguel Gonzalez Sierra

      red stone becon

    51. flame


    52. Carson Holbert

      #only about .... 20 hours!

    53. Carson Holbert

      Dood, stop wasting materials :(

    54. CleanestBowl

      how has this man not lost his eye sight

    55. Connor Rugg

      Lazerbeem was very quit after he saw his farm

    56. neoerr

      Correct me if I’m wrong but you can’t cheat in hardcore

    57. Wesley Sylvester


    58. lindon taylor

      respect the zelda music (it is now my goal to do this every time he puts zelda music in a video)

    59. Addicted2Electronics

      19:22 is it just me or did he call people who don't mine at y=5 sheep

    60. GamerHatch

      I have found a 13 vein of diamonds before. I was playing with my friend, and I just found 13 diamond there. he was so jelous.

    61. Owen Toad

      Ok I will try this one. I’ve been playing my survival world for like 2 weeks and I have 16 ancient debris so 5904 would take 14 years. Diamond will only take like like 6 months.

    62. Truce

      The diamonds are paid actors.

    63. Maselek

      The biggest diamond vein possible is 10. And if you get lucky, you can get 40 at chunk borders (veins from different chunks being right next to each other, looking like the same vein)

    64. Daniel Adorjan

      Fun fact: theres only 8 wein max , 10 is 2 weins generated together , max is 32 vein but thats like almost imposibile

    65. Fredbare1987 Jg

      I belive that it is real

    66. Jake Despres

      Its emerald time

    67. Jake Despres

      17:22 ok but I actually stuck my finger in my ear when u said that

    68. Naryan Perring

      It doesn't matter where i mine *I CAN'T FIND DIAMONDS ANYWHERE*

    69. Ai Lin Seah

      10 is not maxed its 18

    70. furkey gamer

      Pro player

    71. Jeffrin Alfred

      I saw a diamond in the cave,he lost it

    72. Canned Water

      12:54 “please go deeper yes yes yes” how did nobody point this out yet

    73. David Chintea

      Screw everyone who disliked

    74. N8 the GR8

      How does he color the beacon light without colored glass?!?!

    75. Joon Teng Soon

      sorry i watch this vid late

    76. bryan montilla folrez


    77. Luke Huang

      this feels like one big flex

    78. Jaxsun Flores

      Theoretically u could get 64 diamonds in one spot if u have 8 chunks all having 8 veins connect in a corner

    79. Arit Das


    80. Gabriel Benoit LE 2029

      I found two pockets of 6Was that very lucky

    81. THE Great GM20

      looks fake but wadzee would never fake diamonds!

    82. Jacob Gaming

      Where’s the number 9 of skyblock

    83. Samarth Madhukar Nayak

      8:57 Hey 8 is always the maximum number of diamond's you can find.It could be 2vains.thought bout that? Edit:10???😒😒

      1. Alpha 67

        actually yes you can find 10 i just looked it up

    84. Coruscare Games

      It's fake ((I don't genuinely believe it's fake but I just felt like you'd have a bit of a giggle if someone actually said it was))

      1. Muhmood Chohan


      2. GST_ RODAN


    85. landon davis

      i like how he made a full nether rite beacon but every time he finds a pair of diamonds he goes *Gasp*

    86. Joon Teng Soon

      10 vein, me: @_@

    87. Thatcher Knudson

      wadzee should join the dream smp

    88. Casey Vhazypiev690

      U cant cheat on a hard core world I think

    89. Shirley Gonzales

      When i mine for diamond is y5,y8,y11because wadz said there so i did it i subscirbed to

    90. Mose Ritter

      I don’t know why but this was so interesting

    91. Angelo Puca


    92. Bruno

      I'm not saying it's not legit, but statistics don't say anything, you can edit them very easily

      1. Alpha 67

        hi this is hardcore minecraft you can't cheat use commands go gamemode or change statistics so stfu

      2. RedStone BMGO

        Yeah ok six year old, the statistics actually do, and before you say you "edit" them, it's a fucking hardcore world. You can't cheat it at all. Now shut up

    93. OhBoards

      What’s block do u mine at I see bed rock

      1. Muhmood Chohan


    94. WillBoi35

      It’s so satisfying

    95. The smore emperor


      1. Muhmood Chohan

        Its a hardcore world so stfu

      2. Alpha 67

        @GST_ RODAN he mean's he's joking

      3. GST_ RODAN

        @The smore emperor huh?

      4. The smore emperor

        @GST_ RODAN no I am very clearly serious, as indicated by the combining of two unrelated topics in a unrelated way.

      5. GST_ RODAN

        Ur joking right?

    96. BrineSam4598

      I trust WadZee

    97. Akhilendra Singh

      camparing to wadzee pewdipie is a noob a very big nooob

    98. -Kyle-

      This definitely isn’t an original comment but, *”I did some mining off camera”*

    99. Dimitrius Films

      OH, SH*T????? A VAIN OF *10* DAIMONDS???? NOT 9 OR 8 BUT.... 10!!!! :D

    100. ThatCreativeBrain

      12:37 is my phone slipping out of my hands onto my face when I'm lying down. You have no way to tell.

      1. Flare Force

        F to pay respects