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Scott Martin

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    One of the BEST lakes in Florida. Rob Lunkerstv joins me on this adventure in the Jon Boat (Tin Boat)
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    1. Demo Fishin

      Good lord , I can't believe this. I can barely catch 3 in a day.

    2. wizard ALDQ

      Good luck with the sun burn😂😂😡

    3. BassGeek

      Now that looks like a fun place to fish.

    4. Ray spann

      Linkers fish were like 1 pounders not fours

    5. kaden singleton

      I would love to do a challenge against your daughter!!! Martin

      1. kaden singleton

        Scott Martin

    6. Reagan Nielsen

      Back before Rob wore cut-off jean-shorts.

    7. Jerred Wayne

      I love the smc lunkerstv collaborations keep em coming

    8. Smitty Boi

      Great video

    9. Jason Godfrey

      Is that Bill Dance sitting in the chair on the front of the boat?

    10. LB7 Wade

      I have had only one day in my life like that!! Was in a canoe on Huntsville state park lake. Every fish was over 5-6 lbs

    11. Stacy Jackson

      That was awesome. What size boat is that I like that. Is that a 24V trolling motor? I want to setup a rig like that.

      1. Scott Martin

        Tracker 1448 24v troll

    12. Justin

      Looks like the A1 Flow Equilization Basin? Great video

    13. Robert Jacobs Fishing

      Good old spinnerworm strikes again!

    14. Chazzthaspazz 44

      more like catching than fishing...

    15. Danny Allison

      Like to see some MLF rules on the release of Bass!

    16. Introverts United

      As a fisherman of mostly Irish lineage I feel for you on that sunburn. I've had the tops of my feet burnt so bad that the only way I could sleep was to wet some socks and put them on with my feet hanging off the side of the bed lol

    17. opticalriot

      you should have forgot about it.. lunkers sucks,

    18. Luis Perez


    19. Michael Inman

      Where is Jerod

    20. Fishin' With TinyBassN

      We miss you Brandon AKA Spinnerworm and please come back for more "Adventures With Brandon & Billy Challenges"

    21. Andrew Phoa

      Flying bass lays the smack down!

    22. Madmatt Fishing


    23. Travis .C

      Yo love your channel you inspired me to start my own KGup channel keep it up

    24. Johan Pieterse

      Hi Scott - did you put a plastic worm on your spinnerbait? If you do that must I put a trailer hook with it? Cheers Johan

    25. stillwonderin

      Wow. Now that was a dang good day!

    26. Ps fishing

      Scott your the best keep up the best fishing vids on KGup 👍👍👍

    27. Stephen Bowen

      I wanna come fish some canals brohim.. I will drive the 2 hours.

    28. Kevin flabouyfishing

      7:48 joker laugh.. rob pays back Brandon for peric slamming a hook into his hand....

    29. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Trash talking james and Hillary would have beat you and rob in a 2vs 2

    30. Dbars19

      update on the tournament schedule ?

    31. Tyler Wood

      Does anyone know the name of this body of water? I live in south Florida and have never seen this lake

    32. Thomas Caldwell

      What a slay down !!! A beautiful day and thank you God for fishing trips like that. Great episode 👍

    33. Revik

      "That's a 3 lber" You mean a 2lb at best. These KGuprs bullshit too hard

      1. Aiden Perdue

        Revik bruh

    34. Teddy

      Why lunkers drag slipping on every hook set for half of them fishing

    35. trd_atlanta

      Jw did the winner of the giveaway happen yet ? I haven't seen anything yet.

    36. UltimateNinja1984

      Scott Martin n Lunkers!? Gonna be Epic!

    37. EliteGB

      Now that's what I'm talkin bout my friend!! Got me day dreaming about night things now! Lol. Awesome. Id watch a couple of advirtisments to see that again ha

    38. carlos solis


    39. Lemur Jackson

      Hey man I’m flying out to Florida may 25th and was wondering if you would be able to take me fishing and let me have the time of my life

    40. brennan lirette

      Epic video everyone’s been waiting for

    41. Matt Bradley

      I would give my right one for a day like that. Wow!!

      1. Check Mate

        He might take nuts for a trip but what will you do when he uses them for bait? Or snaks,??

    42. Gene Rosen

      More like 2.5

    43. Valley boy Fishing

      No kidding my buddy used to throw a spinner bait with a 7 inch worm as a trailer and he used to crush Muskies on it on Erie

    44. Earl Cleghorne

      What type of hair jig did you use on lake Lanier. For this type of month of May. Thank you for the response. Earl

    45. Gunnar Mitchell

      Guess what

    46. Chad Dorma

      Awesome Vid.... love day’s like that!

    47. Richie _k_68

      That's great they found it what a great video !! 😉✌🏼

    48. Chase Vestal

      I wish he would do a weekly tips video. Like bait lures. I know it’s a saturated video field but it would be awesome.

    49. Cam Hester

      great video I like those small fisheries , I'm a life long fan of your dad , I really enjoy your videos , they are fun and very informative and helpful , I use 7" worms and soft swim baits and do well but you have opened my eyes to knew baits and methods , thanks and keep on keepin on

    50. Stanley Shelby

      Glad you found this one...what a fantastical day that was.

    51. Evan Bonham

      Again another great video scott!!!

    52. AK Suited

      Mondo spinner worm approved spot right there 👍 cleaned house. Good video guys

    53. BamaBassFinder04 4

      I wished all the water treatment facility around me would let me do that because they all have ponds FIRE looking ponds.

    54. Reel Journey

      You been holding out on us! Lol

    55. Hunter Joyce

      I really enjoy the content. I am on the fishing team for my high-school and your content is very informative. Keep on doing what your doing

      1. Hunter Joyce

        @Liam Fairall mostly practice hitting the target and work on knot tying skills and things like that.

      2. Hunter Joyce

        @Liam Fairall mostly practice hitting the target and work on knot tying skills and things like that.

      3. Liam Fairall

        What do you do when your on the fishing team like how do u practice

    56. Jason Mausteller

      What was the tackle set up for the mondo worm?

    57. jasontheryan

      Which area is this in that it is open to the public?

    58. Karlena Cornett

      I can’t stop watching yours and Hilary’s videos! People if you’re not subscribed to Hilary’s channel as well, you’re missing out!!!

    59. Jawbreaker Fishing


    60. SmallWater Charters

      Love the video..I guide alot of the water management lakes I LOVE THEM

    61. Brendan

      hope all is well Scott!

    62. cole woodke CWBasstv

      There bitin

    63. Prestyn S

      I was first

    64. Hollin Whalen

      You're awesome I'm 10 and my pb is a 4 pounder

    65. Jw Huggins

      Hey Scott man best fisherman

    66. faze King 717

      That sweet video

    67. Michael Bojarski

      Love the recent content scott👍

    68. Ted Payton

      Bro I know you've got to be chomping at the bit to get back to the derbies!! Really enjoy your vids!! Keep up the good work!

    69. Jess Veale

      First! Hello plz read comment.

      1. Jess Veale

        Never mind

    70. Maybe Grant

      I wish i could go fishing with scott

    71. Brandi Hill

      Great video love your Chanel

    72. Cody Williamson

      yo i'm the first i love your videos so please give me a shout out next video

    73. Charlie Heath

      Hello Scott watch all your videos

    74. Colt Bullard

      Hey I love you your videos

      1. Colt Bullard

        I live on lake Cherokee

      2. Colt Bullard

        You need to come fishing with me and Texas lake Cherokee

    75. Michael Saene

      What's up Scott

    76. Jayden Smith

      My name is Jayden

    77. Char Monster9

      I met you Scott you are super cool and lunkers to

    78. Gen 3 Outdoors

      Such a huge fan you inspire me

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    80. Skye Clouds

      Nice vids!!

    81. The coopster 18

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      Love your video

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      Nice vid

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