Noah Cyrus Performs 'Make Me (Cry)' with Labrinth at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2017

Noah Cyrus

14 млн көрүүлөр3 994

    Noah Cyrus makes her award show debut at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2017 performing 'Make Me (Cry)' with Labrinth.
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    "Make Me (Cry)"
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    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never hated you like I do right now
    Cuz all you ever do is make me
    Gave you up 'bout 21 times
    Felt those lips tell me 21 lies
    You'll be the death of me
    Sage advice
    Lovin' you could make Jesus cry
    When I hearyou sayin' darling
    Your kiss is like an antidote
    I'm fightin' like Im Ali
    But you got me on the ropes
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never hated you like I do right now
    Cuz all you ever do is make me
    Couldn't hear the thunder
    But I heard your heart race
    Couldn't see the rain
    We're too busy makin' hurricanes
    Love ain't easy when it ain't my way
    But it gets hard when you ain't here makin' me crazy
    Baby say the word darling
    You know just how to hold a sucker down
    So I'll see you in the morning
    I can't watch you walk out
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never hated you like I do right now
    Cuz all you ever do is make me

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    1. Magali Zufiaurre


    2. Spicy Girl

      4:07 gets me every time

    3. Míriam Garcia


    4. Steff

      Miley's excitement about her sister is one of the most beautiful things to see! ❤️

    5. A.C.S 1976

      1960 called- they want their pants back.

    6. Ingrid Ochoa

      this looks like a scene from a movie..haha...!! I love it.... The little sister main character goes and sing her song on stage at the end of the movie and shes nervious but she's amazing.

    7. Poppi Strickland

      Wow all the cyrus are talented. Can not wait for more. Brenda

    8. XxdreamscapexX Milly

      Everyone makes fun of me because of my name being Miley and I said to them at least she is so kind and supportive

    9. 65.5 FM. WAYTZ Channel

      You go Noah! Keep it going!

    10. 이충권

      왜 지랄이야.

    11. Chusa

      Como se parecen fisicamente

      1. Vitoria Gabrieli


    12. Crystal Masters

      Noah WOW

    13. Gablil Valt

      Billie and Noah collaboration needed

    14. Leidis Vanesa Padilla Guzman

      ¡Más hermanas como Miley, por favor!, no sólo la halaga diciendo lo maravilloso que es, la apoya por completo, lleva pancartas sobre el escenario, goza de las canciones de Noah y le echa porras con familia desde abajo.

    15. Michael Choban

      I lobe Noah this song is amazing I had it on repeat when it first came out and still jam to it... It is so amazing her and his voice are great together!!! And how supportive her sister miley of her is that so amazing cause you can tell how much miley loves her sister!!! They should make a song together it be amazing

    16. Ibnu Abdul Azis

      ok i never listen this song and this is amazing but this part 1:31 fuck i'm wearing headphone full vol, lol.

    17. Calvin Fry

      This is one of my favourite performances of ALL TIME 😭✨

    18. Taylor Johnson

      This song sucks.

    19. Marie Chantal


    20. carol cremer

      She looks like an Asian version of Miley and they sound a lot alike

    21. Mar B

      Their voices are on point !!

    22. linh bui khanh

      Labrinth is so awesome omg

    23. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

      I don't like Miley but darn she is proud of her lil sis

    24. mociky jiangkit

      FUll HAD それは食べるのに良い場所です。..

    25. Jemar Catana

      noah is nervous, i can feel it.

    26. Ana

      This sons is so 2020, right?

    27. MUFFINS?! XC

      :) She's so amazing

    28. colm lappin

      Labyrinth class

    29. Sara Koury

      I like Bille Elish but Noah kinda blow her away

    30. Alicia Raye

      They way Miley hypes her sister 😩😭

    31. MaFeo YEP

      14 M views 14.000 likes Setiously?

    32. Misty Maxwell

      I love her voice!!!!!!

    33. Rana Bayar


    34. Jude MelRoses

      What an Awesome big sister. Even dressed down to introduce her little sis. 🎶💗🎶

    35. Micropachycephalosaurus ok?

      The song is good, the "drip/boink" sound has me rolling 😂

    36. Lauryn Watts

      Was listening to music to go to sleep and forgot about the train whistle

    37. IDEN Just IDEN

      I love her so much ❤️

    38. Eileen Sun

      Her voice doe🔥

    39. Mary Christmas

      It never hit me that josh and miles are siblings

    40. Reagan Kole

      Both ur voices sound GREAT together! Love it....

    41. Ben M

      Tish vibin is the sweetest thing

    42. Samantha Hernandez

      Do you guys notice they dont age

    43. rose

      Miley's cuteness..

    44. Kathy Kelly

      Voice of a angel

    45. Emma Jean

      Ok ngl I love both but in my opinion this wasn’t their best they could’ve done better

    46. 卩ㄖ卩卩ㄚ フ乇丂丂丨乇

      Miley is the best host

    47. Cara Scafidi

      First of all Noah you sounded great 👍🏻 and Miley you are so supportive your sister normally sisters fight but you’re so supportive keep it up 👍🏻 ily 💕💕

    48. Itsjustmekv Singh

      Am I the only one who thought labyrinth was white? Yes? Okay I’m sorry

    49. Liz Martinez

      Sisters power!!! 💞

    50. Rani Baby


    51. Reane Estella

      Ok euphoria vibes

    52. watsonaqua


    53. Talbuaia Oo

      Anyone notice labrinth beautiful voice

    54. Tresa Caseres

      I love that Miley had the ‘I ❤️ noah’ sign

    55. Tresa Caseres

      I wish I had such a supportive sister like Miley. But I got 5 brothers instead🙄. I mean I wish Miley was my sister😂 she’s literally been my idol ever since I was so little.

    56. nicoles life

      I want someone to hype me up the way miley did noah

    57. Binna Miskimen

      She definitely sings way better than Miley


      The 1:32 I Get a heart attack

    59. Nick Thongpaseuth

      Omg she was only 17. Wait do I mean Miley or Noah

    60. Margaret Kamei

      Miley has an angel Heart 💕 I love her

    61. Stevens Jack

      Is this mileys sister

      1. Nàà Noou


    62. Zylice Liddell

      Noah is an *ANGEL!* 😇🙌 Miley is a *DEVIL!* 😈🤟

    63. tdrisker2

      Why didn't know about this girl she real nice. I say go boy, your girls are about to kill it again. Of course GO LADY GO

    64. Brit Brat

      They dont have chemistry at all. Labrinth never looks her way and its awkward.

    65. Blossom Virus

      she was prettier ithout getting all that work done :( poor baby people made her so insecure

      1. Doodle Pop's

        What work? Did you get some "work" done? I think you should get your money back. Just saying...

    66. Rose V

      Ugh how happy her family looked for her. I love it.

    67. Chimgozirim Ejim

      Nice control on those yoddles

    68. Alysia Cottingham

      That was sooooo gooood her family was so happy to see her kill it !!! 😍

    69. Jamie

      The instrumentals are so wrong.. I feel bad for them because they had to adjust >:(

    70. Easter T.

      Noah tearing up watching Miley Me: *Don't cry don't cry don't cry*

    71. Jervis Jay Buera

      Noah looks like a distorted 19 year old miley.

      1. Doodle Pop's

        You think like a distorted idiot.

    72. Tenneill White

      Not a fan. At. All.

      1. Doodle Pop's

        @Tenneill White Only to put your sorry ass in place. Apparently it worked, because now you're crying like the little bitch you are. 😉

      2. Tenneill White

        @Doodle Pop's you must have fuck off.

      3. Doodle Pop's

        Nobody cares, either.

    73. mr.everywhere

      girllll ❤️❤️❤️

    74. L M

      I came back to this song because when I was younger I thought Noah was saying “I never needed you like dew rat now” and I just recently realised what it actually was

    75. Shannon T

      She was SO nervous at the start but still fucking killed it. She has a gorgeous voice.

    76. budgiebreder

      Noah and miley have such different vocal abilities and both are really unique and awesome! I wonder how theyd find a compromise for a duet someday!

      1. Amy Sanchez

        Ouuu girl go watch the duet they did of Noah’s song “I Got So High I saw Jesus” (idk if that’s the exact title) on Mtv

    77. Maria Rinta-Rahko

      She sounds like Miley and Lana Del Rey. She's so cute, talented and beautiful. They both slayed the live vocals and i love this song.

    78. pewshmpew

      is this the start of something new

    79. Stephanie Williams

      You are your own person. Nothing like Miley. Be PRoud and strong. I LOVE everything you do

    80. CherryOnTop21

      Is it me or was Noah really nervous? Either way I love this song

    81. Maia Johnson

      @noahcyrus ...#TRUTH You most definitely ARE a natural perf🎧rmer that’s for sure. 🎤🎧🖤👑🌓✨🪐🌎🌝🎼🎹🎸🎤 It was noticeable 2 ME that you were nervous throughout, but I (& Many others) L🖤VE IT...Shows the audience the authenticity of who YOU (as an artist/musician) TRULY ARE. Definitely shows fans how REAL, PURE, & totally down to earth your S🌎UL ISSS. 🥰 A~L~S~🤩 -> I felt all YOUR humanly rawness SH🙏NE bright with your beautifully talented vocal range. Absolutely FUCKIN’ L🔥T GIRL!!! L🎧🌟E L🌗VE L💫VE Y💥UR DETERMINATION & constant DEDICATION throughout the short but precise, particular, & LIT🔥 ERALLY meticulously sculpted CAREER 🦋 you’re ALREADY constructed. Truly AweMazing!!!! 🦋🎤🔥🤩💫 L🖤VE & L✨GHT 🤘🏻

    82. Yesha Zion


    83. Yesha Zion


    84. JULIE Ann maloney

      Wish i had a sister 😕

    85. Patrick Pereira

      What happened with her??? This song is such a masterpiece and maaan? 13 million views just in one live performance??? I mean... GIRL!!!

    86. iiDanTVii

      I think at first she couldn’t hear much as they were both like whattt??!

    87. LANY#13

      I feel like Miley and Jessie from the Disney show is the same person 😂

    88. Iva Ilieva

      Okay but was it only me that just found out that Miley and Noah are sisters 🙀🙀🙀🙀

    89. Honey & Mel - Natural Soap

      4:08 S2

    90. Julia B

      look at her back then


    92. Michelle Nunes


    93. Lindy Gama

      Eu amoo😪😍❤

    94. Parineta wocares!

      Miley is the best sister 😎

    95. Madeline Shumate

      There is something really emotional about seeing Noah's family so happy and supportive and proud of her while sitting at the table. I know that had to feel good for her.

    96. Madeline Shumate

      It seems they really helped each other. It was when they looked each other in the eyes and were like "hey we got this. We're doing great" that they finally felt comfortable and safe

    97. Nayab S

      Fabulous. Great voice. Good soul and character to that song.

    98. nicolofosho

      get your bag Noah

    99. nicolofosho

      seeing her kill it is so satisfying

    100. Sy'rai Le Maitre

      woah she was 17 waw