Noah Cyrus Performs 'Make Me (Cry)' with Labrinth at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2017

Noah Cyrus

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    Noah Cyrus makes her award show debut at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2017 performing 'Make Me (Cry)' with Labrinth.
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    "Make Me (Cry)"
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    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never hated you like I do right now
    Cuz all you ever do is make me
    Gave you up 'bout 21 times
    Felt those lips tell me 21 lies
    You'll be the death of me
    Sage advice
    Lovin' you could make Jesus cry
    When I hearyou sayin' darling
    Your kiss is like an antidote
    I'm fightin' like Im Ali
    But you got me on the ropes
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never hated you like I do right now
    Cuz all you ever do is make me
    Couldn't hear the thunder
    But I heard your heart race
    Couldn't see the rain
    We're too busy makin' hurricanes
    Love ain't easy when it ain't my way
    But it gets hard when you ain't here makin' me crazy
    Baby say the word darling
    You know just how to hold a sucker down
    So I'll see you in the morning
    I can't watch you walk out
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never needed you like I do right now
    I never hated you like I do right now
    Cuz all you ever do is make me

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    1. cloudchim

      3:24 pls she cute 😭

    2. Marnie Knightley

      She looks a bit like Keira Bridget lmao

    3. W41K3R_002

      i miss old times when on live performances there were bunch of people

    4. Sarah Clark

      Miley and her look like twins

    5. Sarah Pelletier

      The Video is really good and great and i love miley cyrus and i love noah cyrus and hi noah i love the Video on the performance of make me cry feat labrinth

    6. aly

      Their awkwardness is so cute

    7. Leo D'cruz

      Be my elder sister Miley!!

    8. Lady Marcie

      I'm glad the crowd didn't ruined the song

    9. LANNY,Nigel Malsawmkima

      who is still listening this in 2021

    10. Ako si Debbie Vlogs

      I literally cry seeing miley in the audience bench wagging the banner " i ❤ noah cyrus" with the family

    11. Michelly Doherty

      The next time you voice tune Emily osment remember that noah cyrus needs voice tune on live TV dumbo SHE TRIED TO KILL HERSELF!!I didnt want to say someday to her grave I cared about her when it be too late. Jerks.i have a favorite cousin too and Its Emily. Miley why are you acting like you just met your kid sister(?) Noah didnt need that much hype, she's not even Noah's ark obey himself. Too hype and somebody I love chants that fucking good dude Emily had one thing on that show and you hurt her with that stop inviting YOURSELF yeah. Yeah. YEAH! TO OUR PICNIC PARTIES. QmQ I NEED HER I say that to her face. Get over it. 🌫🙏☕🧠💕CYBERBULLY! LOOK noah cant even prevail glory. I like steak that cuts like butter but most of all I WANT HER TO SPEAKS LONG TIME. maybe we wont sell them to you. I have family here.

    12. Frida Jasmine


    13. Elle y la luna

      Her voice is out of this world. Wow.

    14. Ansley Murphy


    15. curtains

      watching this in 2021 noah was still a baby here 😭

    16. Melody Melo


    17. Christy Lalnunsiem

      Lovely sister'

    18. Lori Moreland

      Noah’s voice and songs hit me so much better than Miley. But they have two different sounds. You go Noah your no longer the shadow girl!!!!

      1. Blinkforever Jisoo


    19. YoutubeUser

      No matter how dysfunctional Miley appears to be at times, her bond with her family is always tight. Respect!

    20. Rana Ahmed

      The way they’re standing is so stiff and awkward omg same

    21. Glenda M Holtbrooks

      I think Noah uses auto-tune because she sounds nothing like she doesn't have music video

    22. Cream cream

      Comeback again

    23. RD GamesDrip

      Man miss the good old days before covid :(

    24. nicolofosho

      She can do better

    25. Robert Kitavi

      Hey you, You don't have to continue going through the challenges you have been going through. Someone already loved you so much that he gave himself up for you. You are loved more than you could ever comprehend, Blessed more than you can ever think and ready to be cared for more than you could ever imagine. Jesus loves you so so much. He suffered for you so that you will never suffer without your permission. He was crowned with thrones so that you may be crowned with a crown of peace. Stripped naked so that you will never suffer shame for yourself. He died so that you could live and live more abundantly (he was the only person born to die). He resurrected so that you be assured of your salvation. Jesus truly loves you more than your mind could ever comprehend,than your emotions could feel. Get right with him. The man died for you!!! To get right with him just believe that he rose from the dead and confess with your mouth and say "Jesus is my Lord and saviour" believing in your heart and you will be saved. Don't continue to suffer. There is someone who had you in mind before you were an idea or even before you were formed in your mother's womb and he is willing to take care of you. You don't have to go through that depression, don't let that cancer ravage your body,don't let that heartbreak deter you from your destiny.

    26. Ayush

      Pleasant voice, Spritual experience

    27. Terry S

      Noah is going to bigger then everyone

    28. Tanya Dillon

      This hidden gem 💎 woahh!!! Keep bringing it Noah!! Anyone here 2021 #kissedyourlips21xs

    29. Misael Rivera

      Amo esto🥺💖

    30. Blanca Barron

      Here and listening to all Noah’s songs🥺 happy birthday Noah 😍

    31. Jennifer Robertson

      They sung alright

    32. Tiffany Hammond

      Noahs garbage. Complete embecile.

      1. Ducelitt -

        ok tiffany jusr stfu

    33. DashR

      What a heap of garbage!......

    34. Beth Walker


    35. Beth Walker


    36. Delaney Myers


    37. Miguel Arévalo

      Hola 🌸🌸🤗🤗🤩🤩💐💐💖💖🌺😋😋😆😆👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

    38. Corey Kelly

      Bonded by blood and most importantly Love!!!!! 🤟✌️👍💯

    39. Presley, but Mahabir


    40. Mo Moi

      Very nice….

    41. Ashley Brown

      This girl could be bigger and better than the other Cyrus members

    42. Rosa Carrasco

      Ay creo que se le canbio el corazon hay que linda

    43. Harley Rucas


    44. Eric Moore

      Not a fan...better if they followed there dads footsteps in country music

    45. Jamie Rose

      I don’t hear anything special about song or voice. L. has a pro voice.

    46. Kell Bell

      "Help her sing" im surprised Miley didn't run out and punch him in the fucking face

    47. Schmoobear XOX

      noah as zero presence. very boring and her outfit does her no favours. Miley would have been so much better

    48. Presley, but Mahabir


    49. Brandy Stillings

      She’s so disgusting

    50. Melissa hulsey

      😲 OMG !!!!!!♡

    51. Crystal Mehrmann

      Are all the cyruses talented my gosh🥰

    52. Aja purpose2020

      I love Noah eyes

    53. Erick Duarte

      Vivo en cuba y soy un fan tuyo you are nice i like your musica

    54. Magali Zufiaurre


    55. Spicy Girl

      4:07 gets me every time

    56. Míriam Garcia


    57. Steff

      Miley's excitement about her sister is one of the most beautiful things to see! ❤️

    58. A.C.S 1976

      1960 called- they want their pants back.

    59. Ingrid Ochoa

      this looks like a scene from a movie..haha...!! I love it.... The little sister main character goes and sing her song on stage at the end of the movie and shes nervious but she's amazing.

    60. Poppi Strickland

      Wow all the cyrus are talented. Can not wait for more. Brenda

    61. XxdreamscapexX Milly

      Everyone makes fun of me because of my name being Miley and I said to them at least she is so kind and supportive

    62. 65.5 FM. WAYTZ Channel

      You go Noah! Keep it going!

    63. 이충권

      왜 지랄이야.

    64. Chusa

      Como se parecen fisicamente

      1. Vitoria Gabrieli


    65. Crystal Masters

      Noah WOW

    66. Gablil Valt

      Billie and Noah collaboration needed

    67. Leidis Vanesa Padilla Guzman

      ¡Más hermanas como Miley, por favor!, no sólo la halaga diciendo lo maravilloso que es, la apoya por completo, lleva pancartas sobre el escenario, goza de las canciones de Noah y le echa porras con familia desde abajo.

    68. Michael Choban

      I lobe Noah this song is amazing I had it on repeat when it first came out and still jam to it... It is so amazing her and his voice are great together!!! And how supportive her sister miley of her is that so amazing cause you can tell how much miley loves her sister!!! They should make a song together it be amazing

    69. 11. Ibnu Abdul Azis

      ok i never listen this song and this is amazing but this part 1:31 fuck i'm wearing headphone full vol, lol.

    70. Calvin Fry

      This is one of my favourite performances of ALL TIME 😭✨

    71. Marie Chantal


    72. carol cremer

      She looks like an Asian version of Miley and they sound a lot alike

    73. Mar B

      Their voices are on point !!

    74. linh bui khanh

      Labrinth is so awesome omg

    75. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

      I don't like Miley but darn she is proud of her lil sis

    76. Jemar Catana

      noah is nervous, i can feel it.

    77. Ana

      This sons is so 2020, right?

    78. meghan bitcham

      :) She's so amazing

    79. colm lappin

      Labyrinth class

    80. Sara Koury

      I like Bille Elish but Noah kinda blow her away

    81. Alicia Raye

      They way Miley hypes her sister 😩😭

    82. MaFeo YEP

      14 M views 14.000 likes Setiously?

    83. Misty Maxwell

      I love her voice!!!!!!

    84. Rana Bayar


    85. Jude MelRoses

      What an Awesome big sister. Even dressed down to introduce her little sis. 🎶💗🎶

    86. Cassa Knepp

      The song is good, the "drip/boink" sound has me rolling 😂

    87. Lauryn Watts

      Was listening to music to go to sleep and forgot about the train whistle

    88. IDEN Just IDEN

      I love her so much ❤️

    89. Eileen Sun

      Her voice doe🔥

    90. Mary Christmas

      It never hit me that josh and miles are siblings

    91. Reagan Kole

      Both ur voices sound GREAT together! Love it....

    92. Ben M

      Tish vibin is the sweetest thing

    93. Samantha Hernandez

      Do you guys notice they dont age

    94. rashmi

      Miley's cuteness..

    95. Kathy Kelly

      Voice of a angel

    96. Emma Farmer

      Ok ngl I love both but in my opinion this wasn’t their best they could’ve done better

    97. Pop The Puppet

      Miley is the best host

    98. Cara Scafidi

      First of all Noah you sounded great 👍🏻 and Miley you are so supportive your sister normally sisters fight but you’re so supportive keep it up 👍🏻 ily 💕💕

    99. K.V. Singh

      Am I the only one who thought labyrinth was white? Yes? Okay I’m sorry

    100. Liz Martinez

      Sisters power!!! 💞