All Portals are DESTABILIZING..! Fortnite Battle Royale


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    Fortnite Battle Royale All portals are currently destabilizing! New Live Event right before Chapter 2 Season 6 ?
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    Twitter: @SiNX6_

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    1. SinX6

      Y'all think we'll be getting an Event this Season or Nah? 👀

      1. the black trap yt fortnite pros

        We are

      2. Kavan Del rosal

        I hope so to

      3. Killer! Sans-1

        Sadly nah

      4. BlushWifey


      5. Gentix

        I hope so

    2. Jelly Yeas

      Oh noes

    3. HYPE RA1D

      What is this collab

    4. Jacob Schwinnen

      what if the portals close and their stuck there forever

    5. valentin jotano

      i think samurai jack will come to fortnite

    6. Você Mesmo

      All this season special skins are come back?

    7. toumacreeper

      what happended if the portal goes to our island and make a map full of collaboration loccation like chinatow they will be available i guess

    8. CZ D

      The world is destabilizing fast!

    9. Killer! Sans-1

      Fortnite in ps5 looks like a trailer made from fortnite.

    10. Rown


    11. SOLR

      I'm gonna. Miss this season so much

    12. TheAestheticc

      at the end we might see all hunters walk through their portals

    13. Monsterbwoi

      banana man

    14. Fishyplayz

      It’s happening so the people that came from there don’t go back or us

    15. YUNES mono terror

      Más falso

    16. Ryderboycolor9

      Well this could be good or bad...

    17. Carlos Antonio Paliza Murillo

      Its doom or street figther

    18. Epic gamer boi 101

      Hopefully there will be an event but this might be like a cinematic like the end of season 9

    19. JakeTheGiant

      All I can say is prepare for the worst

    20. Qwerty DJD

      Fortnite season 6 chapter 2: “Worlds Collide” :)

    21. rr

      Do y'all think collaborations will return? Because I want to buy sarah connor skin.

    22. ChrissyB

      I feel like the world that's in those portals will start to come into fortnite because of all the pixels that were flying around. But is epic cool enough to do that??

    23. Ismael Hilton

      Why does it look like lucky landing

    24. Timmy

      I dont whant to know

    25. Fortking

      When is the live event?

    26. Lunk Rhino Gaming

      That giant temple is that what I think it is

    27. andy garcia

      I think the next battle pass skins will be like some escaped skin likean extra character from street fighting that accidentally came out because its disabling

    28. _-Ahyxl-_

      Why can I hear Street Fighter music..?


      Its galactus coming back

    30. Thicc Bucket

      What’s the difference

    31. Mk11 Scorpion

      Yes the end is near

    32. PencilJar

      Wait. How many portals are there...? Because... if it’s seven... I think I know what will happen.... And it WONT be good

    33. mybrudaboy mybrudaboy

      YesThat’s the shaolin temple from MortalKombat

    34. drift games vlogs

      Yes season event

    35. Mr Potato Pug

      Imagine if season 6 was just all collabs

    36. Kk Gamer

      Somethings wrong I can feel it

    37. Matthew Dennis

      What the hell has Jonesy done?! He’s fucked up the Zero Point. Also anyone else think Season 6 will like an extension from Season 5 but focus on the Seven?

    38. Filip TheX

      Fortnite: ant man is tbe next hunter Peter: well fine then

    39. CanLoged64

      Maybe they're going to be teleporters

    40. A-L-I

      or sekiro

    41. Alexander

      Fortnite should make a DC series for the next battle pass

    42. Just Another Gamer

      I think it’ll be to do with the Batman/Fortnite comics

    43. Alexander

      Maybe there is because the Zero point is Cracked and there is going to be a event and it's going to be a big one.

    44. Gizmo

      Kung fu Panda

    45. Shazampool

      Title be like sEaSoN x Is HeRe AnD tHe WoRLd Is DeStAbiLiSiNg fAsT

    46. Zuleyha Kaya

      The street fighter portal is closed today.İs this normal

    47. Vladislaw V Dark


    48. lazerlszer 1223

      I feel like we get an live event every other season so next season there will be one but s7 chapter 2 wont

    49. oof ok

      If there is no event it will be disappointing but it also since because it's zero point, remember what happen at season X event? Yeah not pretty

    50. Brutus


    51. shiny spiritomb


    52. jabba rtx

      Hers my theory for session 6 or chapter 3 session 1 we are going to get a new area that will replace all of the north side of the map and in that area ther is going to be places from all the characters that came through the portals and we are getting 3 new locations called lill old woody,big boomen bobs and future town

    53. Beanbag

      I hope there's a live event

    54. Mk11 Scorpion

      Or not

    55. Mk11 Scorpion

      Because I have the game Mortal Kombat on my phone it’s probably going to be Mortal Kombat 11 or X

    56. Mk11 Scorpion

      I hope

    57. Mk11 Scorpion

      MortalKombat yeah yeah Mortal Kombat it’s coming to Fortnite

    58. Squidward The monke




    60. lada shamelashvili

      the one that i used : It is intended for all platforms!

      1. Utu Be


      2. Jay Dorت


    61. lada shamelashvili


    62. MysteriousMan68

      Perhaps where the portals are. There will be a new map location. Who knows

    63. Pharaoh Horus

      When the season end?

    64. super black yoshi frij

      I think we gonznhave a event this. Second we have portals those portals might take us places

    65. Luca Boscolo Palo

      I want to go back to season 9

    66. Janny

      No entendi xq no paso nada el portal 🙄😒 y creo que dicen que algo pasa ....

    67. Dalekzgamer dalekzbro

      What’s up with the house


      uh oh its happening again...

    69. - DeyRa -

      I think this the end of zero point and the loop is going to get destroyed

    70. Supes 14

      The world is destabilizing

    71. Ultra instant wilder

      Mmmmmm this outro never gets old

    72. Wassap brothers

      Oh ffs there's probably gonna another shitty ass un-needed crossover skin....

    73. TittesSprinkles

      I think epic games removed fortnite from ps store because of apple how am i gonna get it back in my ps4

    74. pizza delivery springtrap

      Its the impact of peter griffin coming he will be like galactus but much stronger

    75. VIPER

      Season 5 is here, and the portals are destabilizing.......FAST!!!

    76. S1Y MrZeroX710

      I wanted Peter Griffin

    77. MezRade

      I hope chapter 1 comes back

    78. Switchy The Mysterious

      "The world is destabilizing...FAST!"

    79. UV sans

      Why was this in my recommendations

    80. G C

      Everything in the bunker jonsey loading screen is going to happen 10 bucks says it

    81. Shawna Mullen

      All seasons that had events in chapter 1: Season 4, season 5, season 6, season 8, season 9, season 10 All seasons that had events in chapter 2: Ch 2 season 2,Ch 2 season 4


      What die sdestablize mean pls. Don't be rude

    83. Archaic

      Heyo there's a leaked texture for the zero point! This shows we may be getting a live event, it seems to be a black, maybe burnt out zero point, with red and blue energy pulsing out, another texture named zero point destabilize are two semicitckes, one red one blue, which could be energy pulses!

    84. Exotic toast

      If we get invaded by xenos next season I’ma hurt someone

    85. max seals

      I don’t know that looks more like something destabilizing like it’s going to explode open do you know what would be cool if there’s just like portals in the next season that are open and if you walk through it you end up on the other side of the map you can also shoot through it to

    86. shiro gameplay

      Imagine you see zombies coming out of the portal

    87. GEEMAN502

      I have a question for you sinX6 I’m thinking of playing Fortnite again and I want your opinion because your my favorite FN you tuber

    88. lightingmario 90 cardoso

      I think I heard someone say this power is mine or is just me??????

    89. Ousman Makalo

      ⠀ ∧__∧ (`•ω• )づ__∧ (つ /( •ω•。) しーJ (nnノ)It's ok

    90. D4n1_ G4salho

      AH sh*t here we go again

    91. big oof noob

      uh oh

    92. Ethan Martin

      What if they made a SinX6 locker bundle 🤔⁉️

    93. C Y C L O

      Mr John jonesy

    94. LiL DuCkLiNg

      Street fighter portal

    95. Golden Guy

      Has French Frys portal appeared yet

    96. Elo 21

      Are we getting a new samurai 🙀🙀

    97. Thomas Short

      Plot twist: A giant Kermit the frog comes during the event and dances.

    98. Brian Conroy

      I knew something like this would happen. I could just sense it.

    99. Tobi uchiha

      Do you think when the event you get to choose what portal you get to go in😱am choosing the walking dead

    100. Squall

      а если повернуться к этому порталу спиной, то экран покроется пиксилями.