Tokyo Tales: We're Not Soul Mates (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 17)


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    Episode 17 of the Tokyo Tales podcast. This sounds like a scary topic, but don't worry. We're not breaking up. We're addressing the idea of soul mates, and how we think that it's not a useful concept, and how it could be damaging to a relationship. We'll tell you how we don't fit the soul mates pattern, and how our relationship takes a lot of work. Not all of that work is fun work. A lot of it is challenging work, deep work that makes us confront issues in ourselves that we might not be comfortable with. Check it out in this week's podcast!
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    1. freddiehobart

      Lessons learned in 17 years of marriage: 1. I don't have a Simon - Martina has a David. :) 2. Don't depend on the other person to make you happy. Instead, do your best to put each other first and focus on making life a little easier for your partner. 3. Never, ever assume that any action is done maliciously. Anytime you get frustrated or angry at your partner, remember that they are, in fact, your PARTNER. Your teammate. Teammates don't sabotage each other, so in all likelihood your partner wasn't *trying* to make you mad. Take the time to clarify their words, or figure out the reasoning behind their actions. It might still annoy you but at least you'll know it's not intentional. :D 4. Sometimes the problem is you. Being in a healthy relationship takes a lot of self-reflection and more than a little humility, and it's totally possible that you are the one who is wrong in an argument. Be able to admit it.

      1. freddiehobart

        @Leon B fair enough - that point was mostly for my husband, whose name is David. :)

      2. Leon B

        You lost me at point 1.

      3. PinkuSugar

        11 years in a relationship and this is exactly what we have come to learn on our own and what has made our relationship flourish

      4. Candy Taco Moustache Cat

        @Sable Rain that is beautiful ♡

      5. Candy Taco Moustache Cat

        Love it. Thank you for sharing

    2. darkeststorm

      I think what they say in this video is important, even more so for those coming here after the Instagram post. Humans are not perfect and we can't expect anything to last forever. We should all learn to put ourselves in other people's shoes. Relationships, romantic or not, always need communication to work. Do not see their relationship ending as a failure, they literally spend 15 years together and that is more than most people ever get to experience. Hope that in the long run, these are just fond memories for them and they can look back to see just how much they have grown. I hope you guys find happiness in whatever life bring next.

    3. Neus Cosplay

      Well this is very telling now. Sadly tho. Wishing them the best

    4. CorgiGirl User

      Is Simon not straight? Martina is better off without him

    5. CaliD0LL

      Ugh these old videos make me sad. 💔🥺

    6. Queen Janeway

      why was this recommended to me now 💔

      1. Hana Mae VA

        It seems most of us got the video now.

    7. Ria Ed

      This video makes it even harder to accept and makes you really wonder what could have happened that could have made such a grounded and committed couple decide to just walk away after all those years of hard work... Simon got it right, that loving Martina is what made him happy the most ❤️ I hope the time apart would bring them to the realization that what they had together is too precious to let go and find a way to be together again💔

    8. Fubu 333

      These 2 were my childhood couple goals. I am glad they are ending it on a somewhat high note. Ik it’ll be super difficult for them and I hope that they grow nonetheless. I hope they get back together but I know that might be wishful thinking. I love yall and I wish the best for yall.

    9. kizzy

      Never in a million years would I have guessed their outcome. :(

    10. Luna Moone

      9:23 OUCH 😢 this hurts more now

    11. Jackii Chan

      This is so sad. I wonder if Martina ever thinks because she always pushed him away it manifested itself into this and Simon wants a better life for himself. I love them both but this breaks my heart more than my own parents splitting up.

      1. Layla

        how did she push him away? genuinely curious. I feel like the years that I've watched them (although honestly I fell off the last year and half), they've always done a good job of balancing each other and supporting one another while being very considerate of each other's struggles. Then again too much of anything is never good. And may be because they were always thinking of each other and putting the other first, a tension point/small crack was created that built up over time. Considering their whole lives centered around their relationship and living in other countries it was always them against the world. Relying on someone that much can put a lot of tension and pressure in any relationship. Add on the fact that you are both in a foreign country, your work requires you to be with each other 24/7, and one of you has a chronic illness that puts a lot of strain on one person. Then again this is all a guess, we will never know and it should be like that. Some things are meant to stay private.

    12. Forever ChasingSky


    13. Hanh Lam

      Why is this recommended to me now 🥺

      1. Queen Janeway


      2. Happy Tree


    14. Xzavier Medina

      WHY is this being recommended to me now!?

      1. Happy Tree


      2. BlackHayateTheThird

        I know, right? KGup decided to recommend me this 4 months ago too, after Simon's video too

    15. Cynthia Ballardo

      KGup.... are you trying to bully me or why did you recommend me this video?

      1. Happy Tree

        Same here

    16. June Yukimura

      Oh dear... why is this in my recommended???

    17. Sid

      Why youtube?! Martina said "Her Simon"🥺💖

    18. Ree


    19. cynthia sanchez


    20. DocJackJungle

      "I am never gonna leave you" well... little did you know

    21. ChiZillaaa

      KGup algorithm, why? ):

    22. Reema

      Ouch KGup

    23. Lilith лили

      ...getting recommended this video rn is bad timing...

      1. beast_mode_mel

        @misshaley99 sammmee! Why youtube? why? :'(

      2. misshaley99

        SAME. How upsetting :(

    24. koinodoutei

      I STILL DON'T GET IT - how could a couple like this not work out? :(

      1. shishuuu_🌘

        @Dariah exactly.. that is essentially what I was trying to say but you said it much more clearly.

      2. Kaitybubbly

        because Simon turned into a pod person

      3. Dariah

        @shishuuu_🌘 I agree tbh. Simons world revolves around Martina and he’s shown that. While it’s not a bad thing, it does become bad when you ignore your own needs and growth because you’re focused on being your partners support and shoulder to cry on. EDS has definitely taken a huge toll on them. It must be so exhausting to wake up daily and feel the worst and then to be on the other side of that watching someone you love suffer but always having to care for them and put their needs above yours. I wish they could be together forever but sometimes that’s not good for individual growth and development. Where ever they go, I hope they are happy and do well.

      4. shishuuu_🌘

        @Sable Rain they posted some stuff last year on Instagram that could hint that was the problem.. I think they will always love each other but, as they say here in the video, Simon has always been Martina's strength and has only seen her depressed and having hard moments since very early in their marriage. I can only imagine he ended up feeling that he needed a break of all that and find joy in life on his own.. and even if it sounds bad or selfish.. I think he has always put Martina first.. he's now putting himself first. For her, must be really hard to understand and cope with the feelings all this must bring.. I understand with all my heart every and each attitude of hers that derives from her own frustration and sadness. She has the right to feel the way she feels and obviously to lash out sometimes. After all nobody is really on her shoes, living with the pain and the reality that is not going to stop anytime soon.. Maybe I'm just rambling and this is not the reason...but if it is, I really hope they both find happiness even if it's not together. They deserve it.. they've been through enough u.u

      5. Sable Rain

        @shishuuu_🌘 yeah, I wonder if that's what's happened. EDS is an asshole. 😥

    25. Amy Burke

      watching this today and so so sad 😰

    26. VibrantComplex

      ....well this is shit :/

    27. #MissKingdomVII

      A day after Martina announced their break up. THIS SHOWS UP on my front page. 😥💔

      1. Mc B

        @cinnamonbun check their page its in the community tab

      2. Mc B

        GURL SAME!!!!

      3. Kansai & Beyond

        Literally just happened now...

      4. La

        @sergel02 no T_T

      5. sergel02

        @cinnamonbun on Instagram. They don’t use the word break up or divorce but state they’re on different paths now.

    28. ledzepgurl

      No matter what, it shows that they truly love each other. Maybe not in a romantic sense, but love is still there. I've been watching y'all for 10 years and y'all have helped me through a lot of rough times. I wish nothing but the best for y'all ❤️

      1. Cynthia Ballardo

        Agree c:

    29. TheCindygg

      Why are you doing this to us youtube 😭

    30. mikekun15

      Idk why this was recommended to me... But it is quite eerie... I hope you two live wonderful and healthy lives. I hope you guys still make videos even if separate. If not, it was a good run. Thank you both.

    31. Jessica Kim

      Wow.. this hits different knowing that they are no longer together. I know it must be so hard, I wish them the best.

    32. Bobbi

      Love yall, thank you for sharing your couple advice! lawd knows we need more of this

    33. gooey jones

      martina's deftones shirt :3c i luv

      1. Jooles

        Omg didn't even realize!!! Hoping to see them later this year in LA (please covid don't screw this up) 🙏🙏🙏

    34. SKinSKorea

      You guys had a great run. Best of luck. Martina, you rock girl!

    35. Anna Savage

      The title is clickbait

    36. BoopsNStuff K

      They told us clearly in this video what has happened.

      1. Queen Janeway

        pls explain

      2. koinodoutei

        What do you mean? Which part? :O

    37. Woodstock Ross

      What recorder do you use? the sound is solid

    38. gnova7

    39. Karen Grace

      Thankful for subtitles because lip reading is not a thing here today. 😂

    40. V Persona

      I've been binging your podcast on Spotify since I've been inactive as a viewer for a hot minute. I personally don't think I was mentally ready to listen back when this came out, if that makes sense. I was a viewer who only wanted to see happy videos. This is something I've only realized after listening to your podcast about influencers and comments (leading to a great epiphany at work while simultaneously trying to keep my packing rates up and process what I'd just realized lol funnnn). And now in 2020 I have opened up a lot more to change. I have learnt a lot about myself simply from allowing myself to listen to these topics and your experiences. Back in 2018/2019 I KNOW that I wouldn't have wanted to listen to this, because I was needing to stay in my bubble. I've learnt now, especially during lockdown where I had time to just STOP and reflect, that I repress a lot to keep going and I ignore a lot and tell myself that I am happy. And I BELIEVE IT. Wild my dude. Simon mentioned something about people thinking they're not allowed to be happy, and as a person who thinks this way it's a weird thing to realize about yourself. A year ago I would have denied this, saying "whatever happens happens" as a blow off comment to deter prying into my wellbeing. And while I'm not ready to admit this out loud to anyone I am comfortable writing it in a comment page to you two and the rest of this community. I have never felt uncomfortable or unsafe to be here and glad to have found like-minded individuals

    41. Karolane Gonzalez


    42. Randy Seabrook

      I love you guys. You are absolutely correct about everything you said. Relationships are about commitment and hard work on your self and your relationship. You have to choose each other every day and want to make life better for the other person. It is a partnership, a team. Everything is for the good of the team. This is very important information. WELL DONE!

    43. Tyrion Lannister

      Two thoughts. First, the portrayal of pre-Martina Simon as "shitty" seems a little excessive. I just don't believe he was ever that awful and think even Simon may be beating himself up about that time. Second, the whole idea of "changing to make someone happy..." Excuse me very much? I've always found this notion as perplexing as it is preposterous. A person is who they am. Demanding that they change to suit you is presumptuous, to begin with, but beyond that you're missing the point: we are who we are. We have identities and they don't change. If you're going to wait around for someone to change their identity to suit you, don't hold your breath.

    44. Clara

      I personally don't believe that soul mates necessarily fit together like a puzzle, but just feel very much drawn to one another- and that people have more than one soulmate out there, some you might never meet, some where timing doesn't fit at all- said like; you both might be in totally different places physically and mentally in your lifes at that time and therefore it might not workout

    45. Bushido

      thank you for giving that example. eventhough it seems really trivial, it does affect relationships. The root being unreal expectations that we always see in movies. It was one of the hardest thing for me to comprehend and overcome in my life and gradual concession saved my relationship. Much love to you guys 💖💖

    46. Adaśku

      I think you all just have to realize there isn’t only 1 soul mate... a soulmate comes into your life as a partner to teach you something about yourself, or for you to teach them something about themselves.... A soulmate is there to help you find and become your best self, there will be fighting or disagreements... the reason you find your soulmates in life is to become the best you can be. You might have one soulmate your whole life like some people, you might have multiple soulmates.... they all serve a similar purpose.... The negative thing is society dictates that it is only one person, and it’s for the rest of your life, I think for many people this is not the case.

    47. tia u

      Did they break up?

      1. Leon B


    48. Leanimal

      Hi, if you came to the comments to ask the same question, it’s showing up again because people keep coming here, watching, and commenting on the video. That’s how the algorithm works.

    49. brightsidexchoke

      I hope you two get to watch this again and work things out. We all miss you two together. :(

    50. Kristen Gruber

      Thank you for being fantastic role models and explaining this. Also, the fact that you're going through a tough relationship time rn adds an extra beautiful layer of real-life lessons to this video. Also, shout out to the algorithm. I'm impressed that this is ironically being recommended .... crazy coincidence?

    51. Lake Cake

    52. Cayden Knowles

      this is making me so upset, im so upset I miss them so much

    53. A BH

      23 min. Felt like 5 min. I enjoy hearing you guys.

    54. Flávia Souza

      Just figured out that the YT algorithm must be Regina George, because it has doggedly been recommending me this video for the past two weeks.

    55. OtterWorks Creative

      If your relationship is indeed over or in the process of being over, I just want you both to know that I return to this video to remind me when times are tough. I hope that whatever happens you don’t remove this video or your others. I hope you both are well, either together or apart 💖

    56. LuckyLifeguard

      such lovely food for thought!!!!!

    57. Emily C

      I wish I didn't date my soulmate/best friend. He was the only person I've ever felt 100% myself with, and now he doesn't even speak to me. We should've stayed friends. I feel like my life would be more complete, in a way. Now I just feel empty most days

      1. Emily C

        @Pinky ❤

      2. Pinky

        I completely understand what you mean. I ended up dating someone that was very dear to me, that was my best friend before the relationship, and when our relationship ended, so did the contact. I was pretty devastated and it took me years to reconcile those feelings of loss that I had...and still do to this day. I think the last part of my healing when the realization that not everybody will have a special connection with you but it's not to say that you will never find that again. I know it's hard to imagine but it takes time to get to know someone and perhaps, you've already in the midst of getting to know someone that could very well be that special to you someday. That's what happened with my ex and even though he is gone, I still have hope that I can make other special connections too. I hope you have a good day and if nothing else, please know that you aren't alone with this feeling.

    58. VGP

      Oof that title, aged horribly.

      1. Once you wheein You can’t wheeout

        @Karen Grace they’re separated now

      2. Karen Grace


      3. Cara S


    59. LeahSS77

      Soul mates aren’t a thing.

    60. Stephanie Tannis

      Nasties, They well never not love each other. He covered both arms in tattoos to get glimpse of the pain that Martina feels sometimes on the daily. But maybe I’m speculating. Being a fan for so long I would pray for them to have a kid because I was scared what would happen to Simon if Martina passed, he seemed entirely dependent on her for his existence. He even portrayed her in his more emotional vids as his meaning for life. He’s growing now and seeing what being your own human is. I hope they work through this. Finding ones self can lead to bringing a much healthier perspective to your relationship. . . . (it can also lead to self-centredness)

      1. cheesejkliop

        I wouldn't wish an unwanted child on anyone

      2. Stephanie Tannis

        @Thekla M a small detail In the tattoo vid unles I’m misremembering it’s been a while was he sat through the pain thinking about the pain Martina feels on the daily

      3. Thekla M

        I mean he did a whole Video on his Tattoos and they weren't done so he can understand her pain. He said that they tell his story realistically and it also includes his depression (the dark patch on his arm). Martina isn't the only one in their relationship that struggles with certain things on a daily basis. (don't worry i am not attacking you, just giving you the info, especially if you havent seen their tattoo video i recommend to check it out)

      4. Aria Morgan

        I agree with you. Although many of us idolize their relationship and can idealize it as well, i think we're overlooking some of the subtler clues like what you mentioned. Simon is very physically independent, but emotionally dependent on Martina. Martina is the opposite, being physically dependent on Simon for (probably a lot) but seems like emotionally, she can handle herself alone. And when you're in a relationship like that, no matter how perfect it seems, it'll still bother you at the end of the day if you feel like your life is not "complete" without that other person. Maybe they're just taking some time to grow those parts they may have neglected in themselves because they've had each other for so long. At the end of the day though, it'll always be love between them

    61. vanessa m

      YES! 1. Relationships are not easy. I have been in a relationship for almost 5 years with my first boyfriend. I don't date to break up. I think it's ridiculous how some people date people they know they won't be dating for long. People don't want to put effort into a relationship and make it work. 2. Soulmates is a toxic concept. I don't always get along with my sister and that doesn't mean we should not be sisters. I don't always agree with my friends or my boyfriend either. If everyone arounds you always agrees with you. You either have a lot of money or you're scaring them or you're only having surface discussions and no deep discussions. Or a mix of those and that means they are not real relationships.

      1. DaylightInMyHeart

        I couldn't agree more!

    62. Mother Bear

      This made me cry. This is me and my partner. We have our fights but when the world is bad wer are there for each other.

      1. Mother Bear

        I agree with u both. It is hard work x

    63. mouseroad

      Why is this suddenly recommended? Strange timing...

      1. chipsndips

        @Nkauj Angela or it’s just the algorithm lol

      2. Nkauj Angela

        It’s a sign from the universe lol

    64. Linda Kang

      My boyfriend hates shopping too.

    65. Toni Chisum

      I’m wondering why this is suggested video now of all times

    66. LizArd

      9:22 ...this is painful

      1. Happy Tree

        @Belen Salto yea

      2. Belen Salto

        omg no... :( im here after their announcement today. Wish them the best :'(

      3. SunoftheCakes

        Very painful indeed

      4. Tara

        right :(

    67. Holly

      I miss this podcast and I miss them *sigh*

    68. Mya Raen

      I think this song is what they are touching on,

    69. lieliebaby

      oh... you ...guys... im not crying, YOU 're crying, who's cutting onions? I also have a great partner for almost 8 years now. And we work pretty much the same. LOVE is something you construct each and everyday. You can't just be like 'oh, im out of love today, so bye'. We have heard friends getting divorced say 'love was over'. Well, of course, our 'lovey dovey' face was over 6 month into our relatioship, but you choose to stay each day, and work everyday FOR the couple. you MAKE love.

    70. Grow With Me Fighting and Photography

      With more recent assumptions,watching this with some hindsight, ... this is depressing

      1. Danielle Morcom

        @Grow With Me Fighting and Photography same 😢 x

      2. Grow With Me Fighting and Photography

        @Danielle Morcom right! 😭😭😭 I just hope they will be happy and figure out what’s best for them. Even if we never know what happened

      3. Danielle Morcom

        I can see all the red flags now 😢 its funny how perception changes context x

    71. Lore Bazemore

      So, Simon and Martina! It’s time to address all the anxious fans concerns with their idea that you are parting ways.

      1. phoebechan192

        As much as I want an answer to want is happening between them, we have to wait until they are ready. They will have to address it sooner or later. The channel was made with both of them in it. So they will have to address what's happening one day. We just have to wait until they're ready.

      2. MG

        Them sharing edited clips of their life with an audience had always been a choice and always will be and you are not entitled to a single second of it

      3. MG

        No it's not time, you don't get to rush a real life relationship into anything you are not a part of.

    72. Tracey M

      Of course I don't know what might be the true issue, but either way, I believe you guys will work it out. Feelings shift and change all the time, but that doesn't mean you have to give up on a relationship. Life is short during this time, but God promises eternal life.. Sometimes challenges in a relationship are for our benefit to help us grow, not to run away from. And they are a testimony of what love really is when we make sacrifices. Ultimately will we pursue Him first? That is the ultimate unifying factor despite any storms in life that come to knock us around. Maybe you could feel you are on two different paths, but maybe that will change in a year to not being as important as you think it is right now. Or maybe God is trying to lead you in directions that might oppose what you currently are doing. Storms come for good reasons too, to clear a way for new paths. What is important is love and what is true and good, even if your jobs go in separate directions, you can still be united unless there are issues of morality or certain views on what is right or wrong. Take time for yourselves, breathe, feel free in new ways.... Believe in growth for eachother, even if it is not at the same timing. For a marriage of 17 years, or 18 now... I pray that you find your way through this, explore and try new things, new thoughts together, instead of reaching out for new people to explore with. Because you can always find someone new and different... but is that the answer? Ultimately we will be united if we come to God first. God can breathe new life into you and your understanding of this time we live in.

    73. Ana Sandoval

      After the infamous Simon video, I hope you're both on each other's teams.

      1. La


      2. Angelica U.

        @이동규 no she used it properly

      3. 이동규

        i dont think you know what infamous means

    74. Bee urundul

      You guys are awesome. I have to say, none of my boyfriends have genuinely liked to browse in a grocery store. And like Martina, I felt that grocery shopping was something couples did together for fun. It took a lot for me to realise that I only thought that because that's the impression of 'happy couples' depicted in western culture. if it's a foreign store for the first time men will browse out of curiosity. But not so much for regular weekly shopping. As I've worked in a grocery/retail too, I also find it difficult to go browsing. I now prefer getting everything online due to the pandemic, mentally I just can't deal with whether or not ppl are social distancing/wearing masks. It just raises my hackles and makes me feel very uncomfortable.

    75. Benedict James Wee

      What God has put together, let no man tear asunder. Remember that the first and primary job of every spouse is to get the other one to heaven. Nothing else matters. Vows were made and can't be broken.

      1. chipsndips

        @Sifirela oh, when I said separate I meant divorce. Divorce isn’t always a bad thing.

      2. Sifirela

        @chipsndips It is. It helps reevaluate why you fell in love with each other in the first place. Breaks are necessary in some cases. I pray and wish them all the best and hopefully they grow even more through these trials.

      3. chipsndips

        Not saying I hope they divorce, but sometimes separating is the best solution for dysfunctional marriages.

    76. waterlily

      They always were the strongest couple. I can’t imagine what went down to change this. Also, why is KGup recommending this to me now??

      1. Tara

        ikr idk why youtube is recommending this now

      2. Firefly

        @Bob Nemel By Ashley Hardin There are a lot of very unusual things in their recent videos, like the fact that their videos have all been with just one of them, with no mention of the other, and that neither of them are wearing their wedding bands. Simon's Instagram post from earlier this year implied that he was reaching his breaking point with being Martina's primary caretaker, and the fact that people have asked and they've just danced around the issue, and people feel like if everything was okay between them, then they would've just said so. There are just lots of hints that they're in a rough patch By simon on instagram: But there are days like today - many days - when I still feel hopeless, where I feel like there’s nothing I can do. Watching how Martina’s EDS is wearing away at her both physically and spiritually has been deeply dispiriting, and has had a big impact on our relationship, which in turn has a deep impact on my own wellbeing - for which we both feel guilty. I’m trying what I can to stay afloat, but I feel overwhelmed. I don’t know what more I can do. And I feel alone in this.

      3. Bob Nemel

        what makes you so sure they split?

    77. 송동욱

      야가 가가

    78. SL C

      don't look for the right person, be the right person, then be the right person for the person right for you.

    79. kizzy

      I wasn't looking for this KGup... this some kind of cruel joke? :'(

    80. Isabelle

      and I oop-

    81. Sortaboring

      What does Martina say at 17:11?

      1. Kristen Alberts

        I believe: "He's beginning to feel attracted to women" possibly joking that it sounds like he's going through puberty.

    82. Di Di

      wow yeah i haven't seen these two since my Asian fetishization phase in middle school. Would like to officially like to apologies for objectifying Asian people biased on cultural stereotypes, and thinking my 11 year old ass could've realistically gotten with taemin because i was pale with blue eyes (misogynoir)

      1. chipsndips

        😂😂 I used to be jealous of white girls when I was deep into my koreaboo phase lol. I didn’t like my brown skin and bought a crap ton of whitening products.

    83. gomonkeyfly

      my soulmates are cats and my karmic relationship is with instant ramen.

      1. Danielle Morcom

        Good way to live x making notes x

    84. blueprintsymphonic


    85. ChaiTeaV

      Did I miss something big? I don't see anything about the couple getting divorced or breaking up 🤔

      1. ChaiTeaV

        @Ashley Hardin that's so sad but thank you for the explanation

      2. Ashley Hardin

        There are a lot of very unusual things in their recent videos, like the fact that their videos have all been with just one of them, with no mention of the other, and that neither of them are wearing their wedding bands. Simon's Instagram post from earlier this year implied that he was reaching his breaking point with being Martina's primary caretaker, and the fact that people have asked and they've just danced around the issue, and people feel like if everything was okay between them, then they would've just said so. There are just lots of hints that they're in a rough patch

    86. Daughter of The Most High

      KGup *knows*

    87. chocolatecyp

      the thing about soul mates is that in different stages of your life, you have different soul mates anyhow. if your paths align in another timeline, then so be it.

    88. GodWithUsProductions

      Why is this being recommended now?! To ease my curiosity. Regardless of the situation, I will still support you both and genuinely hope you are both well!

    89. BoopsNStuff K


    90. HowAboutLaurenMai

      9:24 I’m dying 😭😭😭😭😭 Noooooo

      1. BlackHayateTheThird

        I can't even rewatch it, whyd you torture yourself by watching it?

      2. Kristen Gruber

        No kidding. Even with genuine love, you never know what'll happen 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

      3. Dannie

        I love Simon & Martina a lot, and it's painful to see them go through this. :( That said, I think there's 1 of 3 possibilities. 1. Similar to Jenna Marbles, Simon is taking a semi-hiatus from his internet presence. The situation may be different, but if this is the case, it 100% makes sense why he hasn't appeared in more than two or three videos over the last several months,and in his latest "update" video he made, which to be fair, he mentioned that he experienced a few big traumas, which combined with COVID-19 stuff, would seem to be enough to make him want to take sabbatical from social media. 2. Simon & Martina have decided that they have dominated each other's lives far too much, and while it may sometimes work out in non-individualist cultures, perhaps coming back to Canada and being literally stuck together 24/7 made them realize just how little independence they had from one another, so they're just experimenting by living more separate, independent lives for now. 3. They are doing a trial separation, possibly still living together, but giving space and being non-judgemental. They aren't certain about it yet, but even psychologists and counselors recommend that a struggling couple NEVER just outright divorce after some arguments and fights. If the desire to separate remains after a set period of time, they may go ahead and do it. Whatever the case may be, there's definitely something going on, as they haven't been in the same video for several months now, which is the most telling piece. So it's either 1. Simon's checking out of the internet more or less for mental health (which he sort of claimed recently). 2. Their relationship is struggling and either they are practicing being independent from one another, or 3. This is indeed a trial semi-separation.

      4. Kehbii Boo

        It may not be a case of one person just leaving! They could have decided together! :)

      5. RoseLikeTheFlower

        Fffuuuck dude some of my heart is dying 😭😭😭😭

    91. Brownebunny

      The one thing I find frustrating is that certain people dont want to work through it and never do even when the other party wants to and I think those are the type of people you leave cause they dont want to change and work it out.

    92. Joshua Jackson

      I hope you both feel the love and support from your viewers. We may not know you personally, but we appreciate you both for all that you've shared and continue to share with us.

    93. Linda Lin

      okay, now i’m really sad

    94. tabularasaconfirmed

      I don’t know why this was in my recommended (I saw this vid when it was released) but oh boy am I emotional with that thumbnail.

      1. Bipolartorecovery

        I know.... Feels like an adelle song now... :(

    95. Two Chefs One Knife

      I don’t know if you’ll ever see this. But this was great advice

    96. Spoonie Life

      "It seems like whenever I look at places like 'relationship advice', as soon as someone does something wrong they say, 'It's time to lawyer up, hit the gym, and find a new person, and leave. And no one wants to put the work into something." Really hope this doesn't come out to be some kind of awful foreshadowing for what is happening now. 7:18 oof

      1. Jun's July* Wonpil's Yonpil* Chanyeol's Jagiya

        You are making me nervous and emo.

    97. pie

      why is the youtube algorithm bringing me here ;_;

      1. tvtoms

        Because they're on top of it pretty much you'd have to say I guess. No doubt the words being written in their video comments lately "helped" get this one recommended.

      2. T N

        Same, my fellow nasty, same.

    98. Regenbogenwurm1

      Wonder, if this is the case now

    99. Jaci

      youtube's algorithm why are you like this ㅠㅠ

    100. Krystina

      Gosh this was so recent.. how fast things change.

      1. BKFAV

        and keep in mind they've both had a pretty rough past couple of years with the death of Martina's dad and a loved dog. Then pop on top of that the seemingly break down of the world and their life in Japan, resulting in moving back to Canada during a pandemic. We only saw the best parts of their relationship and never saw it tested. Then it was tested so hard it broke. Maybe they both just changed too much in separate directions.

      2. Mariel Castro

        Thats what a pandemia do