Name Reveal For Baby Funk!

The Funks

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    Revealing the name of baby Funk!
    #FunkFamily #TheFunks @Rydel Funk @Capron Funk

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    1. Leanne Robertson

      What a dream the last 2yrs of Rydels life's been from engaged to Capron, married him AND NOW🤴❤👰 to being a mommy 👶!! The people who disliked this video aren't romantic shame on you 🙈.

    2. Josephine Hinson

      Not a fan of the name but congrats!

    3. MZ

      Yoooo I was also born at 10:27 pm 😱

    4. Cate L

      if yall have a girl you should name her sicily to go along with the s names!

    5. kloe mackenzie

      Can you show the reaction of the funk bros

    6. Mikki Matson

      Oh my gosh, I love supporting your family, watching your videos gives me such joy!! Wherever Rydel goes I follow ❤ Ive been a fan of hers since 2013 and I have loved growing up with her. I've been lucky enough to say hello to her 3 times before and after a few R5 shows and everytime she is so kind, so sweet, and she gives the best hugs (and remembers me! Probably because I usually make tee shirts for shows lol). Rydel I'm so proud of you, you're absolutely glowing mama! Thank you Capron for being such a great husband to my girl, she deserves the world and I cannot thank you enough for giving her that ❤❤❤ I cannot wait to watch Super grow. He's in amazing hands with you two ❤❤❤ Sending you all a big warm hug


      hesss born on my birthday but more about u guys but capron u are going to be the best dad and rydel is going to be the best mom ive been waiting for this for like a year and a half ive been wanting the pregnancy vid to drop one day for like ever and honestly wow u guys have come a long way love the name btw.

    8. Evva Beaulieu

      I just had a baby brother to its on my profile hes 1 month

    9. BeautyGamerXx

      This is a name that at first I was like 😬 uhm wait.... But it is so him and so both of you. Super is super cute!!! 😍

    10. Luke Campbell

      good bles

    11. JUST_TRILL

      Well my name is Trillyon and have two other brothers named Amilyon and Zillyon so dont stress about the name guys.

    12. Marielena Banuelos


    13. Katherine Long

      You do know your son is a human not a doll, his name will be his name for the rest of his life. I feel sorry for that kid

    14. Blake Brataschuk

      okay 8:30 the boys cant help it

    15. Baith asmaeel


    16. Chesny Flaherty

      Next name for girl Sophie!!!!

    17. Khan F


    18. Xander Mitchell

      Super funk lol super spunk

    19. Sarwar Hossain

      what baby name

    20. Habbit Bros

      Super is making me stare at him the entire video

    21. lazerx40

      He's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

    22. Alexis Fuhr

      @9:39 Hi from ohio hey

    23. Craig Walker

      What is your name for the baby

    24. Joella Akrong

      Awww so adorable to watch

    25. Crystal Bidiman

      I was like oh yeah

    26. Ching Boon Tay

      I think it will be name 'Super Capron Funk

    27. Phan Long


    28. Danny Sherman

      8 days after she gave birth my mom gave birth to a boy named rylan

    29. Fate clan Life

      Awsome name I love it

    30. Charlotte Vignovich

      im gonna cry!!

    31. simon kerr

      You should’ve called him super junior funk

      1. simon kerr


    32. john gayleard

      You are the best people ever

    33. hi im Eleanor

      he was born 18 days before mine! so cute lol

    34. Alaysia Jeune

      i am so happy for you guys !!! welcome baby funk

    35. Kelly Green

      he is so cuteeeee!!!!! :D

    36. Reese Thomas

      4:49 you’re welcome

    37. Girl Perfect

      Ross lynch is gonna be the best uncle EVER

    38. ailan thomas

      I am crying :C

    39. تحشيش بوبجي

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    40. Алихан тиви


    41. Luke Parry

      Me and my siblings are The Ls


      That is treu

    43. Galexy

      To think I’ve been watching you guys since March 2016 and now you have a wife and a kid dang Time flys

    44. Lucky O

      Cute name!

    45. Mayka Sarsen


    46. Brody Knox

      Wait wait so does that mean when Ryder got pregnant she got raped

      1. Brody Knox


    47. Kate Robinson

      He has the very best parents ever so cute he is going to have a wonderful life

    48. Solomon Beda


    49. MoneyGG YT

      "Get In The Funkin Car" Rydel 2021 April 11.

    50. Lara Turk

      Omg that is an awesome na,e

      1. Lara Turk


    51. Blueberry Queen

      OMG he is so adorable and tiny 🥺🥺

    52. Jada Aaliyah

      Super funk that’s very unique

    53. Jayy Jupiter

      Tell me why I am watching this video and all of a sudden I look down and the next video said Super meets the family 😂😭😭 I found out the name before I got to here it!!!!! But I love the name 🤩☺️☺️

    54. Daisy Amonson

      Hey I’m really impatient so if anybody is watching this rn can u they’ll me the name plz thx :)

    55. Abigail Pereira

      i happy cried through the whole video. ahhhhhh

    56. Jaylen Colleen

      Congrats but Im so concerned about his name he’s prolly gonna get bullied like why 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️



    58. Mazie Mcguffin

      He is the cutest little thing ever

    59. Khan F

      God bless you always 🙏❤ 🙏 ❤ 💖

    60. Camila Sofia Monroy

      I saw the video of her giving birth and I am so exited to have one of my own little monsters one day I suppose but I am not exited for the contractions or the kind of pain u have to go through but the fact that u have to be so strong is just amazing that she gave birth so easily BC my mom says it took her 3 hours to give birth to me and during an import sports game to my dad so ya thats that

    61. Neon BHE

      Love his name

    62. Stephanie Gianuzzi

      You said the leader of the S's! My name starts with an S (Stephanie). We need more S's in the world.

    63. Mckenzie Little

      I am literally crying. You guys make the absolute perfect couple 🥺🥺

    64. Crystal Wallace

      I ❤ him so mutch

    65. Nicholas Gaulke

      "What's his name?" "Super" "Super? Super what?" "Yes"

    66. Nicholas Gaulke

      Ok it official, "names" are a thing of the past.

    67. Janet Van Noy

      Jesus blessed you

    68. Allyson Baribeault

      hi super

    69. Keleigh Nobles

      Super is the worst name

    70. Jayc Smith

      Cant wait for first bdat

    71. york model flyers

      Imagine naming your kid that wouldn't dream of it💀💀💀

    72. Duh_its_ Reed

      6:17 he hit the whoa when he sneezed

    73. demorrio demps

      hi yall

    74. Mary Raven

      What’s baby boy’s name

    75. 2009katiegirl

      Welcome to the world Super Funk :) You are absolutely adorable. Congratulations to the family

    76. Lemons !

      Who names thier kid Super?! its ridiculous

    77. Dejuana Bontemps

      Congrats on the new baby!

    78. bailey erwin

      Capron’s wearing white: Rydel’s wearing blue: Super wearing white&blue

    79. Frank maricias

      He has the best father &’ mother ever🥺

    80. Dub4Fun

      5:04, yep, he is officially a dad now

    81. Dub4Fun

      Super Funky

    82. シJoshy

      I’ve been following you guys for two years and I am so happy for you two to have a baby.

    83. Blm

      Sooooo what’s his nickname?

    84. Blm


    85. Harrison Pardun

      I cried when u cried

    86. Teju Kanaparthy

      god that poor baby

    87. Kimberly Funk

      ❤️ Beautiful family, beautiful video, beautiful BABY! xoxo ❤️

    88. XxStrawberiiaxX

      If you guys ever have a girl pls name her Samantha that’s a lovely name for a girl!

    89. Charlotte Wicker

      Wooo super

    90. Cortlyn Anderson

      He wiped his face when he sneezed

    91. Braeden The Biker10

      He is a super hero

    92. Teagan Josefiak

      Welcome SUPER BABY 👶🦸

    93. Taylor Twitchell

      He is so cute😘😘😘

    94. Ashleigh Marie

      im just wondering who tf names their kid SUPER

    95. J A S A I B R Y A N T

      I remember when I commented on one of Rydels posts guessing what day he was gonna be born and I said April 11th yay🤍 so happy for you guys

    96. Noodle Redneck

      Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

    97. Noodle Redneck

      😍 him already

    98. Noodle Redneck

      What is his name

    99. Noodle Redneck

      Hey I am so happy that you did what you did

    100. Rhyst2017

      My dad didn’t cry when my mum had me and my sister and my mum was crying like mad