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    "On this marvelous Lantern Rite, we pray that the fallen heroes may be guided home."
    Every single wish, no matter how small, is worth seeing to fruition.
    We will finally reunite with those we long for on a dreamlike night.
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    1. Jonathan Oates

      when is 1.4?

      1. snackerman

        after hu tao banner probably

    2. Syahir AR

      I just realized that Hu Tao domain story quest is actually shown in this trailer at 0:41 @_@

    3. Light -

      Jo, bring him back. Thank U.

    4. Azema Janybekova

      hello l really really want to download this game but l don't have it.


      Know what ...i dont see it in game at all..and still cannot play...error 9004 still hunt sad..

    6. Sabbiishii

      Coming back here and rewatching the trailer again after the lantern rite event has ended and man; what an amazing event. And geez, how time flies. It was a fun build up (despite a lot of chores to do) which starts from Liyue Harbor, Wangshu Inn and finally, Qingce Village. Despite of experiencing some minor issues in-game, I did have fun and enjoyed doing all the things. Though, I legit bawled up during the tales of rite 3 section cause there's just something about Qingce Village that struck a chord in me. Really can't wait to see and experience upcoming, future events like this one.

    7. Commander Prime

      I always come back here every once and a while to hear the first half of the trailer.

    8. Aviie Gyu

      lantern rites is over and im still crying over this....

    9. Jeremy Lesmana


    10. Nathaniel



      say people, how are you? I am the joker Ricardo Coutinho, I am visually impaired and I created a joke channel here on KGup. I ask your cooperation to sign up there and help me out a little. To all of you who give us this strength, thank you very much and may God bless!

    12. geeorgey sagglianee

      Xiao is Zuko of genshin impact, The Edgelord

    13. ja nice

      what a foolish of me for joinig this game this late

    14. Scuff3d Oatmeal

      Unreconciled stars is way more better than this. The only good part of the event is the mechanicus

    15. GamingGabe

      I want xiao

    16. -zinochka png

      Hello who designed this wonderful game! Please make this game available on androyd, I know that it requires a lot of strength but I really like this game and others, but they can not play it, please do it on androyd! (

      1. Aviie Gyu

        it is available on android tho i play this game on mobile android. Just not compatible w other devices

    17. Official SkyNTR

      It's sad that I watches this videos but i can't play the game because my phone is over 8.1 version only that's why i can't play the game or download it😭😭😭😢.

    18. Rub

      Why the new update doesn't work?

    19. Vermus L

      Sad that this cutscence is not in the game, the whole festival feels empty without the cutscence

    20. huh ?


    21. eryLaurant

      Theater Mechanicus carried 1.3 very hard. The characters aren't even talkable npcs in the lantern event. Residents sends us to numerous errands like they can't make their own lanterns smh. If it wasn't for primos I would gladly skip bc the event was boring

    22. Darina Min

      как называется музыка 1:52?

    23. Depressio n

      All that glitters *is gold, only shooting stars breaks the mold*

    24. Yohahaha

      basically. after ley line overflow event and hu tao story quest there nothing to do until 1.4

      1. grove4mylife

        expedition event

      2. White Fox

        Pretty much

    25. Eccle

      I come I'm seeing this trailer for the first time now. Such a well made trailer with nice editing and music.

    26. Irena Ignaczewska

      My sister has Xiao

    27. zCloud

      Please Make a Martial Artist Fighters Characters!! the game Need this!! Stop doing the same Bow/Spear/OneHand Sword characters!! .----.


      Up to this day, I still Can't believe that this event sucked!

    29. shibajunkie

      now im sad that i missed this event :(

      1. Otherface

        Don't worry. It wasn't that good

      2. Naiuhz

        You still got a little under 6 hours to complete it.

    30. Ilyas IB

      your game its not working stupid launcher this game is made in china its like corona virus


        U on drugs or somethin?

      2. rainitsu


    31. Zoe the Venti,Childe,keqing simp

      Funfact: at 0:32 u can see keqing in the middle standing by the balcony with everyone else

    32. Edric Shawn

      2:26 sad scene

      1. The Almighty O-taco

        I hate that it wasn't in the game. I wanted to see a lumine version.

    33. Black Kat533

      It's a lie

    34. erdy Chanel

      Please release a Dendro Chara 😞

    35. To bichi

    36. Vhenares

      I would like to hear its full version without xiao's introduction into the music, its very smooth to hear

    37. Cindy Vindrik

      Would love a male mage! Please and thank you ! Also when is plant powers coming they look so cool when npc*a do them

    38. ZEXY DENTY

      รักมาก เกมส์นี้ ทำดีมากอ่ะ

    39. Angel Dust

      Я которая скачала Genshin Impact недавно и не получу Сая: Да-да...

    40. Extra Me

      There all so handsome and beautiful I can't my eyes.

    41. Rawr

      Still sad that the cutscene in the beginning isn't included in the event :(( would be nice to see characters walk inscreen, but a great event nonetheless

    42. gng gng

      Hands down the WORST event banner, nothing but mindless fetch quests after another and after another! Story wasn't even engaging like previous ones due to multiple trivial quests it got stale real fast! Boring!

      1. Scuff3d Oatmeal

        I agree, Unreconciled is way better than this. Boring asf

      2. Ryan Palmero

        ok then uninstall it because there will be more events like this one soon

    43. James Hwang

      Does anyone know what track plays during the part Paimon says she'll help Aether find his sister?

    44. hm?

      cries on sufficient disk🧎‍♀️

    45. Bea Rubio

      All these characters in the trailer and not one showed up for quests besides Xiao. Xiangling got a mention at best.

    46. Azunite

      Man I had high hopes for this event. I was hoping for playable characters to just be there to make the festival seem legit. After all, it is the biggest event in Liyue, so why not make it lively. Plus some of the quests were disappointing. Still, props to MiHoYo for the TM minigame. It was great :)

    47. Mia Chan MLP

      The livestream and trailer NEVER mentioned anything about interacting with the characters. False advertising would be then actually mentioning something about being able to interact with the characters. You can be dissapointed but this isn't false advertising. Not their fault you guys got the wrong idea on what was going to appear on the event and hyped up for nothing. They never mentioned anything about interacting with the characters, showing a cutscene with them walking around means nothing.

    48. milhya hyahyahya

      This event is very very disappointing to me. All quest is about being slave of NPC in Liyue. Every NPC: Happy, enjoy the festival Traveller: Being Slave

    49. KEVIN NUGROHO 27

      NO F*Uq

    50. KEVIN NUGROHO 27

      Life genshin impact life :)

    51. B-b-butts Butts

      Man this intro is just false advertisement. 23 fetch quests and fruitless busywork instead of celebration.

      1. gng gng

        It got stale real fast by the endless trivial fetch quests. So boring compared to previous chapters....

      2. Azunite

        ikr i hope this doesn't happen again in future events

    52. Normal Man

      ХУ ТАО ГДЕ?

    53. yash harit

      why does this music makes me sad and happy at the same time

    54. KobeYashi

      ley line overflow? really? where?

    55. Marcelo Aranibar

      Lol, Ying'er has a boyfriend? But there's like 5 Ying'er's in the crowd xD

    56. Violet Tegami

      One of the worst thing when you rarely got the time to play is when there's just sooo much new events, updates, etc. And you can't wait for when you got the time to play, only to realize your levels are too low to even start any events ಥ‿ಥo(╥﹏╥)

    57. ROSEBLACK.

      Xiao is like Levi in this game

    58. Công bịgay

      ngl this event was underwhelming

      1. brownhard


    59. Deua

      cant wait for 2:27 scene

    60. elzaya

      Am i the only one disappointed with the lantern rite event as a whole? Including xiaos story. It was so underwhelming

      1. Scuff3d Oatmeal


      2. gng gng

        I really hate the multiple fetch quests. I really do, it got boring and repetitive real quick. So boring compared to previous events.

      3. Azunite

        Same here. It would have been great to atleast increase the number of people in Liyue to make it more lively

    61. innerbloom

      lemme revoke my like.

    62. Aether

      2:20 Sad times. I hope I will find my sister though..

    63. nyann Resres

      Can anyone tell me what's title of this fckin sad bgm?? 02:20😭

    64. emeadow _

      pls somebody what is the music peice called at 2:50

    65. ImFine _;-;

      0:15 Chongyun is lost he don’t know what happen XD

    66. Eldy

      Im gonna be so sad when the event is over PLEASE I HAVENT TOOK ENOUGH PHOTOS YET ;-; SLOW DOWNNN-

    67. Long Way

      How can I become a beta-tester?

    68. Pro Gaming Mode

      When will the WEAPONS BANNER be fixed? The weapons should not be random but similar to the event character gatcha.

    69. mc berley

      i really love the event's story.

    70. Xingqiu Bot

      The Playable Characters in the background : 👏🏻(👁👄👁) 🦵🦵

    71. sparklyxangels

      Something is wrong, im in my acc and i cant get in. It does the loading screen, but it goes back to home.

    72. Milk tea Løver

      I wasn't beable to get Xiao....

    73. M.D.A

      MY Favorite Game 🤗😍

    74. Imelda Gadong

      2:20 2:50

    75. Nazareno Aceveda

      I wish Genshin has Aether X Keqing

    76. Indra Setiawan

      This event is beautiful and amazing,good job mihoyo.. Why are the quests and stories at the Lantern Rite event boring ?? If possible, replace the quest, which was only in random npc, change to a playable character quest like a ningguang, zhongli, xingqiu, chongyun, childe etc

    77. Чувырла

      Вау... это очень круто

    78. elgamer 666

      No vi nada de esto en el evento xddd

    79. Thomas LAURENT

      Really cool trailer, but voiced in english...

    80. Fragile Resin

      I kinda wished that the characters are strolling around Liyue like Keqing, Qiqi and others in the actual game :/

      1. 程sq

        Hopefully the Genshin developers are doing this badly in order to produce more quality content.

    81. catvzyッ

      At 0:15 did anyone notice Chongyun or is it my eyes?

    82. Axel Cervantes

      Así que todo el trailers es una mentira, el pinché juego está bien vacío, o tal vez sea culpa de los pendejos pobres que juegan en celular

    83. Weeb Official

      Love dis game

    84. Kang Adit

      I though I was gonna be able to interact with playable characters as shown in this trailer.. What a dissapointment

      1. Niantica

        ??? Sure they showed them walking around in the scenes but they never said anything about interacting with them. Not Mihoyo's fault that you got your hopes up when they never advertised anything close to that. Still, it would have been better if the Lantern Rite Tales where commissions to get to know the characters better instead of just random NPCs.

      2. 程sq

        Hopefully the Genshin developers are doing this badly in order to produce more quality content.

    85. Xiao The Yaksha

      can someone tell me the name of the ost in the "Wish Upon a Lantern" event in the lantern releases

    86. Bronya Zaychik

      Where is the Nintendo Switch Vision?

    87. Dionza

      press F for lumine mains who can't get an animation like this *From Aether mains

    88. Cecilia Sarmento

      The Xiao Go back in one moment ????

      1. Cecilia Sarmento

        Im Brazilian ok

    89. Yarui Xu

      How do we get a free character?

      1. Ki_do Channel

        Theater mechanicus. If you do the challenges you get peace sigils.

    90. cloudy yongs

      Now tell me why dont you make this available on samsung a10s 😭 I really want to play them

    91. Stevin Sony

      I can't get used to Paimons eng voice ever since I've started her speaking in kaguya's voice

    92. Victor Pereira

      I'm so disappointed that pretty much none of what was shown in the trailer about the festival happened in the game :\

      1. Fongie

        Well i think Mihoyo wants to put this into the game too but its super lagged for the mobile player xD

    93. Stheno X

      i love the scenery with lanterns and stuff but kinda disappointed that the only thing we did was running around doing errands for the npcs. of course 3-5 quests like that won't hurt but more that that it became tedious. it will be more exciting if we are able to interact with liyue character npcs (besides xiao). :(

    94. Scias

      AAaaaaa I thought 2/3 was the second of March!

    95. Greedy Crustacean

      What a letdown! Fallout feels more lively than this supposed "festival"

    96. Jade Kim

      I'm all hype up because of this trailer, I didn't even got a chance to talk to other characters I thought they will have a part in the festival too

    97. Video Recommendation guy

      0:12 You can see Chongyun and Qiqi 0:17 You can The Fatui going on a date (Vlad) and (forgot her name). Also, Madame Ping and Beidou

    98. Gear 4 Snakeman

      Fake trailer. False advertising and misrepresentation of the actual Lantern Rite festival in the game. Small indie company

      1. Niantica

        @bjorn Verhoef Exactly. All these little butthurt people complaining about false advertising when that isn't even the case. It would have been nice sure but it's not like Mihoyo said anything about interacting with the characters lmao.

      2. bjorn Verhoef

        @Gear 4 Snakeman isnt that the point of a trailer?, and mihoyo always shows in the corner if something is acctually in-game footage, since they didnt do that, they never acctually said it would be in-game.

      3. Gear 4 Snakeman

        @bjorn Verhoef playable characters did not actually appear in the event at all, except Xiao. All we get are just chore quests for forgettable NPCs

      4. bjorn Verhoef

        How is it fake tough? Everything you see is literally in-game right now. (Except for the little cutscene with lumine and aether).

    99. ten phel

      After lantern festival be like : my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    100. Phyxelite

      This trailer got me hype in talking with playable characters, but guess what? Some NPC I'll probably forget for the next few days I don't know what to look forward in Ludi Harpastum after seeing how empty Liyue is other than rewards