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      God bless you J.cook❤

    2. Ashley Brown

      I want another baby now 😫

    3. Ashley Brown

      She brought out that formula this lil fat baby I figured was still being breast fed lol

    4. Ashley Brown

      She is tooooooo sasssssy omg lol

    5. Jessica

      Most of these comments are saying how can London's mom be so comfortable in front of the Camera but When you are a mature person You don't hide from the world you embrace your flaws weather the truth is a fucked up lie . JCook I admire so much you have a huge heart for you to also be so comfortable in front of them Shows me you guys did alot of soul searching & Are mature enough especially you to Fully forgive her ❤ . Your mother raised A MAN !!!!! and Who ever becomes your wife & gives you children will be truly blessed. !

    6. Monteil Davis

      He a real one

    7. Brittany N

      The people in the comments🙄 Grow up its not YOUR life or YOUR situation. If he chose to forgive her let that be it. Be happy for Londyn keep the negativity to yourself. We all make mistakes. Im just happy j cook stepped up to the plate and still in Londyn life.

    8. thatbrabgirl

      OMG she is adorable. Her mother should be very grateful.

    9. Jadorecoco

      I’m so happy for you

    10. Yee Lee

      I ship him and londyn Mom

    11. Pierre

      Bruuh ! I wish I had this level of confidence as this girl, even as a guy. Cause she was definitely born shameless. I bet Shameless is her middle name but anyway... .😒

    12. Christy Turman

      Oh.. My cash app is Christy Turman btw. Hope one day I can be the lucky one to get some money from the famous J.cook!!

    13. Christy Turman

      Wow! Im so proud of you. You've grown so much maturity it's insane. Im super happy for you. Your face was glowing the whole time.

    14. Niyah No

      Is the real dad going to be in her life?

    15. Nathan Reyes

      That girl just wants fame🤣🤧

    16. Love Love

      She’s so ugly inside and out , i couldn’t ! She’s using you and i would be embarrassed to even show my face we don’t like her sorry

    17. Brianna Rosales

      I feel like she’s put him through a huge amount of emotional trauma. His scars won’t heal if he continues to hold on to what could have been. I know it’s hard but sometimes it’s better to completely cut things/people off.

    18. thats cap

      anyone else find this weird as fuck lmao. thats not his kid, nor is he still together with the mom. i dont understand why he still around that baby

    19. Joen Vazquez

      Be the man you are. Much love and support to your content! Respect! Real!

    20. ro ♡

      Jcook is such a good dude! 🥺 It’s impossible not to love him like fr 😭❤️

    21. jamila gillette

      It's the genuine concern for the little things the baby does that Jcook has🥺🥺

    22. Rosal luna

      My heart hurts for him!! What a sweet loving soul!!! I pray to God he finds a good woman and doesn't lie to him like this girl did..

    23. leli& nana

      The fact that she did him dirt n he still continues to be a good person.. yessirrrr👏🏽

    24. Trinie Graham

      She’s so adorable! You make a wonderful stepdad

    25. life with little Divine

      Just let them go she did you wrong like come on j cook

    26. Veronica Marie

      I’m so happy☺️ your a good man fs

    27. Mae Alonzo

      Damnnn I wish u could be there n greet .. n would love to meet Juju n des

    28. tobias' mommy

      she ain’t have to look at him like that 😭😭💔💔💔

    29. Dorina Leon

      Just make sure you invite Juju and Des and KB and Karla 🔥

    30. Gelli Martinez

      This is random but Londyn looks a lot like armon and essys baby lol so cute❤

    31. Alanyarae Sanchez

      love you guys london so cute hope i can make it you should tell benny and alo to gooo

    32. Maria Sulca

      I so happy to see Bebe London Dior again and I love jcook so much 👶🏻❤️🤴🏻

    33. AVZEN


    34. Carlos Hernandez

      Alo and benny and juju and des

    35. RC C

      She deserves nothing but the worst :)

      1. RC C

        The mom. Lol. Not the baby.

    36. RC C

      7:20 henlow hello London were at the cheese kack factory

    37. Veronica

      Ky and kae

    38. Sol Ortiz

      What’s the girls @???

    39. John Laine

      Big fan j cook keep doing you videos are great stay safe stay healthy

    40. MUNA ABDI

      Is that lady her mother's. or another woman her mother's???

    41. Zayra Carrasco

      Alondra and Benny . Tell them to go to the meet and greet 😭❤️

    42. Vivi Gomez

      You are my hero omg❤️

    43. Brian Wilson

      TRUMP 2020

    44. Cindy Z

      juju and des,kb and karla, benny alondra,beau and his family, and the ace familyyyy


      He's too young to be letting somebody play on him like this. She better be glad he's not the suing type. Don't allow clout to make a fool out of you twice. All he's done is opened the door wider for her to take advantage of him even more. If he's going to be in this child's life he needs to get shared custody so she can't file for child support. Matter of fact, eff that! She needs to take that baby over to her real daddy. Head the warning and get away from her while you can. Personal experience from someone who saw this happen to a family member. The first time she gets mad at him or can't get what she wants she'll use that baby against him because she knows it hurts him. NEVER trust a female like that.

    46. becca moquino


    47. BARS 1LOVE

      U a good guy bless u n ur fam....

    48. Sincerely Trisha

      Y’all I’m just not understanding what y’all want from her. I know what she did but that doesn’t make her as a person💯 Y’all want her to hide??? It’s about her daughter and him not her she’s just there to monitor. He’s not her real father and it sense like he put her in the camera, he could’ve edited her out. They are just moving on and becoming better people while loving Londyn💗

    49. Jess Da Best

      God bless you journey

    50. Ubah Chetachukwu


    51. Jess Da Best

      You the shit

    52. Sheila Morgan

      Awe After everything tht he want thro hes definitely one of a kind .. And wht ever lucky woman gets him to put a ring on it she just better know tht hes definitely a keeper. .Thank you jcook for letting us share this moment with you n baby London Dior shes gotten so big she's beautiful ♥️🧡💙

    53. Savannah S

      When are you say where in Phoenix the meet and greet is? and definitely try to get des and juju ( kB and Karla if possible 🥺🤧) i would die happiness to meet all of you and you actually in Arizona I swear everyone forgets this state exists

    54. ginger Williams

      That's so cool that your still in her life. Not many men will do that, that's dope.

    55. Slimeareta Big

      Was any one else looking back and seen him listening to Yb

    56. Neshona Gooden

      Someone has a fb page posing to be him trying to scam women by the name of Allan Alvin smh

    57. Karina Alvarez

      Honestly we shouldn’t be bashing on her causing at the end of the day its jcooks decision whether to let her back in her life you know im not saying that it was ok what she did but im also saying that we should respect jcooks decision and respect her as well at the end of the day its his choice nobody elses its his problem nobody elses!! But i got to say Jcook is the shit for still being in her life even if she aint his that is the cutest shit ever mad love towards you jcook may god keep blessing you!!

    58. NUR DHANIAH Zainul Ikram

      Londyn is so lucky 🥰 I'm happy for you bro. I really can't wait to see Londyn big enough to prank Justice 😆 Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾

    59. truly_taun

      Her MOMMA love being on camera and why tf she so comfortable 😒

    60. truly_taun

      Ummmmm how could u even let her be around u she cheated fa one and she lied and told u it was your baby the WHOLE pregnancy

    61. Jessica Silvar

      Stop judging! I found and started following jcook when the drama came out with his “baby momma” because he was trending... shit happens for a reason we’re able to see this side of him and respect him for the person he is because of these videos. Unfortunately, he had to go through rough things to get to where he is at now. Much love!!

    62. No One

      Please share around the world my life depends on it right now

    63. O K

      Anything for likes

    64. Alexandra Maldonado

      Where do I sign up to have Jcook to be my baby daddy🤔

    65. Pink Patra

      Such a beautiful moment. This made my heart happy! You are doing a great thing by putting the past behind you and being there for baby girl 💗

    66. Laura JV

      All these girls on here trying to give an opinion like “if that was me ..” or “she doesn’t deserve him” and all this other shit like if y’all ever been in this situation y’all cant speak on something y’all aint apart of obviously shes not gonna be on camera showing her true emotions and feelings the video literally says seeing dior for the first time “ not “talking about a sensitive topic with my babys mother” some of yall got family members on here who dont even know who they baby father is so dont come on her bashing someone who made a mistake what she did wasnt right but every last one of us has made some type of mistake

    67. babyyyjaycee

      No No No .... stay away !!!! U dodged a bullet, don't fall for her lies she knew u weren't the father nd she played you.... stay away

    68. Lance Heaton

      Even tho u ain the real father and if London ever sees these vids she’s gonna love u so much more than u know because she will see how much u care abt her even after knowing u ain her father n idk if u doin it this time but cashapp $lance32heaton

    69. Zayri Laboy

      Those of you who are saying "move on" obviously dont have kids , when you have a child the love you grow for them is indescribable, he was able to grow that love bc he had no idea that she wasnt his daughter until everything happened , you cant just let go & pretend like londyn was not a HUGE part of his life.. you cant really move on from that .. only time will heal , if he wants to continue haveing londyn in his life , let him be , its HIS life , & OBVIOUSLY the love he grew for londyn will never b forgotten . As for the mother , u are not her , u dont know the REAL truth behind everything that happened . You guys are so judgemental

    70. Rosaas T

      Your future wife and kids will be beyond blessed to have you and your family Jay ❤

    71. Rosaas T

      That girl is tooo comfortable, I wouldn't know how to be around j cook after such a huge lie.... it's sad because j cook is such an amazing MAN, a real MAN, some real dads don't even do that. 💯 Big props and blessings to him and his family. ❤🙏

    72. Miya M

      Miss you! Hope you are feeling well god bless Justice 🖖🏼💕

    73. KATERINA B.

      I told my sister if we can go to Arizona for the meet & greet. Hope I can make something work 🙏🏽 LOVE ALWAYS FROM WASHINGTON📍💚

    74. Jasmine Johnson

      Your a great father figure to London I love that

    75. Bri Terry

      Honestly the mom has owned up to her mistake and not tried to retaliate or put dirt on Justice's name despite all the fans coming for her. She doesn't have to be on camera or allow him to still see the child. She messed up big time, but I think she could've been a cold b*tch after it all came out and she hasn't. Justice is obviously the real MVP but if he wants to be in that little girl's life, yall forever hating on the mom ain't helping. Everybody gotta learn from the past and keep it pushing!

    76. E & J Rivera

      G dad is a nice touch prayers to you n heavy prayers for Londyn n her mama bless y’all xoxo

    77. kaoutar kazzouh

      wish there were more ppl like u 🥺🥺🥺💞

    78. Mary's World

      JCook haves such a amazing soul❤bless you.

    79. Miri Bo

      This triq ain’t got no shame. It’s crazy.

    80. Mjay

      TRUMP 2020 FOOL

    81. April NotsoSimple

      I love how this is playing out! I'm so happy ya can be in a good place for the baby!

    82. Nadia Rollins

      Awwww my heart ❤️ soo cute

    83. Ann Bednarczyk

      She's a little cutie pie!🥰🥰🥰🥰

    84. Ann Bednarczyk

      Your a real one!! Thanks for stepping up and being a father even if you're not the birth father!! It takes a village!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

    85. vanessa samaniego

      if he’s okay with her now why are y’all mad at someone that did absolutely nothing to you lmao, y’all are his supporters be happy that he’s happy 😐

    86. Safa M

      Petition to bring back jcooks old intro LIKE SO HE CAN SEE THIS🔥

    87. Doris Carranza

      At this point this baby brings in the views

    88. Sasha Hartly

      Awww that is so sweet and beautiful she getting big

    89. Swervo BleedEM

      If he gets back with that scrub he’s a clown. Like if you wanna be in the kid life go ahead but don’t get back with the mom she did him hella dirty

    90. Blue Jones

      Low key she knows dats her daddy

    91. Nicole Middleton

      I think that’s great ; it’s hard to leave after you start a bond ❤️

    92. sela2992

      I just hope he doesn’t act funny style once he has his own babies, his healing shouldn’t just be about him because baby Dior has no idea and doesn’t understand what happened. If he will be in her life as a good father or uncle figure stay that !

    93. Teresa Pena

      Where’s my correct merch at,, over a month and nothing? Do we get our money back orrrrr did you just scam us .....!?!?!🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

    94. Karen Valentin

      I love jcook for having such a big heart, but I feel like he should move on..London is good. I cannot wait until he has a family of his own to give all that love he has in him

    95. Shaya Lee

      yoooo i wanna meet the creewww 😭😭😭 destiny karla justice kb alleemmm 🥰

    96. Shaniya Nation

      He was so excited too see her again

    97. Ashley Perez

      I would so love to meet you!!! But I am in New Mexico and I’m a single mama of 3 and with COVID it took most of my hours for work so I’m barely supporting my kids and I... but so happy for y’all to do this and whoever gets to meet you! I bet it’s going to be so lit!!!!

    98. brigette Rodriguez

      Ugh I’m goin at AZ in March:( smhh

    99. Kayla

      if he had the right woman in his life showing him the right way and how a human should be treated, he would’ve walked away from that girl in the beginning when finding out the baby wasn’t his.. sometimes you stick around when you don’t have anyone to show you better.. and i feel bad for him. he loves that baby..

    100. Kayla

      she just using him, if i were him i’d pick up the baby & have her for a day then bring her back, the mom shouldn’t get any pleasure.. you just don’t do people like that and then to sit and smile and laugh like girl go pick someone else to use.