Reindeer Christmas Prank (Behind The Scenes)

Dude Perfect Plus

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    1. Emma Oliver

      At 4:48 Tyler: round who knows 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. mbeyer560

      Oh and by the way I am Molly

    3. mbeyer560

      I Amalie of what is your channel ever since you have started doing tricks sucks I love everyone of you I love your channel I love mostly everything about you guys and I love your videos of you’ve done I don’t think I’ve minutes to even one video

    4. Rahul Yadav

      Cody’s kinda lame

    5. Erique Salocon

      just asking what was the white powder that u guys used to cover up codys office? because when i was a kid i bought that stuff and i dint remember wat it was called

    6. yull6331

      What are they using to create the snow on the floor ? I would like to do the same for decoration, so if anyone knows 🙏

    7. k. Dushaj

      Shut your mouth shut your mouth just sit there and look pretty😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Angel

      Garret said my favorite Christmas gift then a add popped up playing call of duty mobile

    9. Carlos Vegalara Cadavid

      More garret and his cat footage

    10. Rad Shahamat Rahman

      What's the name of the song in the whole video !!

    11. Cameron Gagnon


    12. Samuel OC

      These guys sure are living their lives to the maximum

    13. Musical Gamer

      Watch at 5:43 and pay attention to the very right of the screen

    14. In the Huddle

      I’ve always thought Cody was an awkward Dad on TikTok when it comes to his screen time. Like it’s uncomfortable 🤣

    15. Abdul Ghani

      Dude perfect!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Fahima Chowdhury

      ronaldo Ronaldo

    17. zxcvbnm

      3:59 that accent tho



    19. Birchy Productions

      4:22 I'm from Australia and we call footy AFL

    20. DD R

      I think I herd Cody say the f word

    21. Greenflame Productions

      Those who are not BTSers... they are missing out on at least half of it all...

    22. Olivia Volcko

      TYler:makes the roll out can Cody: keeps on shoving his face in the camera

    23. Seth Sido

      can someone tell me who is this dude, i kinda like him 4:00

    24. Aloe Minun

      3:13 Tyler: Tiger Lily Me (a cookie run fan): *Tiger Lily Cookie*

    25. keyhan kuhgard

      toooooooooooo much ads!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Paarth Agrawal

        @keyhan kuhgard ohh ya that explains it..

      2. keyhan kuhgard

        @Paarth Agrawal no i can't i'm in iran

      3. Paarth Agrawal

        Buy a premium version If u can afford one🤣🤣😅😅

    26. Gokufy

      Sparky: *Getting buried in that "snow"* "I feel like I'm in a spa, like that spa when they sphhzhhz- Me: "Completion- I feel like I'm in a spa, like that spa when they drop "snow" in your mouth"

      1. Emaan Bajwa

        Ha ha lmao 🤣😭😭😂😂😂

    27. Liam Arrigan Figuerola

      What about d plusers?

    28. Carl Marcus

      This must be so fun making the snow

    29. Soccer Girl

      5:40 haha

    30. Greg Flavel

      I fell like Cody is getting weird

    31. Avil Georgescu

      keep it up

    32. Malynn Branham

      I loved Cody's office decor! I'm Christmas crazy and that was just awesome to me ❤️💚

    33. Malynn Branham

      I don't see why owning a cat in unfortunate, CATS ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMAL 😹😸

      1. Malynn Branham

        @Chris Larson That's true, lol, guess I didn't really think about that

      2. Chris Larson

        its unfortunate because the rest of the family has no choice what so ever to get a cat so he could have gotten a cat that the rest of the family hates. also he had to come home saying to his wife that he got a cat with out talking to her so that could be a little punch to their marriage on not communicating with each othe. also they might not like cats might be allergic to cats. or they might not want to have a pet at all

    34. Ben Niethamer

      The cold bun spatially type because pest conclusively confuse anenst a literate question. lowly, spiteful latex

    35. Craig Wiggins


    36. Quinncomet

      I’m thinking plus party

    37. Nikhil Ramesh

      3:54 that is not Will that is Derek

    38. RED 444 FF

      Tall guy beard twins pure hoser

    39. MicahDude

      GUys you call us Insiders

    40. Mack Slater

      I want updates on the purple hoser and his kitten

    41. Mack Slater

      Where in the world did they get a giant Pepsi cup???

    42. Brian G

      Codes got hosed!

    43. - Caveira -

      "Shut your mouth and sit there and look pretty" Thats the fastest TY got serious, and its about a box of CERIAL.

    44. Anirudh

      Shut up shut up. Just sit there and look pretty 😂. Btw Codes get hosed!

    45. Alison Mastin

      I do

    46. Cullen Sommers

      I am a huge fan of you guys

    47. Alyanna Aguada

      Dude perfect should have a podcast

    48. Jazz DCHA

      Jajajjaja Coby is so funny and pro, like: team Coby Comment: Tyler team

    49. DropD


    50. Abdul Basit

      I really need a behind the scenes of this behind the scenes

    51. Arif Karim

      ever since i see the "own a cat" on the board, i was wondering why its an unfortunate consequence.. is it bcs they're not cat guys? just curious tbh

    52. Luke Scoular

      What about the Perfect Plusers

    53. CATADO

      Amazing short film, really enjoy your work! I make short films as well, any support would really be appreciate!

    54. Akarsh Roy

      this video was way better

    55. SavageGamer

      Corey looks insanity different for some reason

    56. Harshivan.S 2011

      Sparky it is so funny that he is saying "i am in the spa"😂😂😂

    57. Willow Stanton

      Many KGuprs have inspired me to make a KGup channel, please like the comment if I should make a KGup channel

    58. Nolan Sabers

      I miss will

    59. Brucer Boy

      Do the legends respond?

    60. Arnaldo Rondon


    61. Diala Safadi

      What is this powder

    62. Jonel's World


    63. Sebastian Squatritto

      It was on a string ( the cup)!

    64. Umar Ramzan

      Hats off to those 50 mil who dont about this channel

    65. Wormeli Kids

      my cats name is literally tiger lilly!!!!

      1. Xandri Matthew Posesano

        Why we care

    66. Erika Alvarez

      Name is Ivan

    67. Kevin

      What happened to panda?

    68. Dash-millette2010

      Ryan is still the bellyflop king “pool stereotypes”

    69. The Espinosa Family

      Happy New Year’s Eve

    70. alida flus

      I love the vid so funny aha

    71. Mario Daniel Cuadra Beltrand

      guys that snow is real or not???

      1. Paul Reith

        its fake snow that grows with water

    72. seiom jvony

      A very powerful video

    73. Bailey Martin

      I want to see more a garret’s cat named CAT

    74. Jonah Rickard

      When I had my cat in the car it did the exact same thing. It went out of his cage and put his paws on the staring wheal.

      1. alida flus

        How did coby do that!

    75. Noelle Maynard Holmes


    76. Rose Al-Naemi


      1. seiom jvony

        My boy Sparky went from feelin good to maybe regretting that he works at DP 5:03

    77. Cazerburn

      Ok. Here's an idea: Cannon trick shots. Not air cannon. I'm talking black powder, light-the-fuse, cover-your-ears cannon. The trickshots wouldn't have to be too special; the fact that you can do trick shots with a cannon is glorious enough.

    78. Cazerburn

      I just came up with the perfect name. We are the B-Team. B for Bonuses. Edit: I KNEW IT WASN'T RIGGED. Here's to all my fellow Wheel Believers!!! Edit: 6:29 Chad, I commend you for your choice of Doom music.

    79. Moose Gaming

      Bruh the dislikes of this vid 569 ^ ^ | | Nice

    80. pareen mante

      I live inside my own world of make-believe Kids screaming in their cradles, profanities I see the world through eyes covered in ink and bleach Cross out the ones who heard my cries and watched me weep I love everything Fire's spreading all around my room My world's so bright It's hard to breathe but that's alright Hush Shh Tape my eyes open to force reality (oh no, no) Why can't you just let me eat my weight in glee? I live inside my own world of make-believe Kids screaming in their cradles, profanities Some days I feel skinnier than all the other days And some days I can't tell if my body belongs to me I love everything Fire's spreading all around my room My world's so bright It's hard to breathe but that's alright Hush Shh I wanna taste your content Hold your breath and feel the tension Devils hide behind redemption Honesty is a one-way gate to hell I wanna taste consumption Breathe faster to waste oxygen Hear the children sing aloud It's music 'til the wick burns out Hush Just wanna be care free lately, yeah Just kicking up daisies Got one too many quarters in my pockets Count 'em like the four-leaf clovers in my locket Untied laces, yeah Just tripping on daydreams Got dirty little lullabies playing on repeat Might as well just rot around the nursery and count sheep

    81. Ashif Suhair

      Pllz dp sponser gloves plzz 😭😭😓

    82. Stetson Pacheco Studios

      Best intro ever! LOL!

    83. Axelc2206 [GD]

      5:03 look at all at this spot, its like a spot of phpphpphph 🤣🤣 that funny

    84. MoonFlux

      That clip at the end when he was trying to get the cup into the other cup. Not sure who was having more anxiety there, me or him.

    85. taso paganis

      I don't know if Cody thinks he's cool when he sings the roll out canner, but that was terrible, my ears were ringing

    86. SandLion

      8:40 easy lmao

    87. Bennyjmanisaboss

      New Years stereotypes?!

    88. Bennyjmanisaboss

      How did coby do that!

    89. Teiko K

      I would love to get the own a cat wheel spin so I could get another cat!

    90. dcoog anml

      My boy Sparky went from feelin good to maybe regretting that he works at DP 5:03

    91. Wyatt Olschanowsky


    92. Elmo At home videos

      I’m coming to y’all’s tour in Jacksonville FLORIDA

    93. Elia Dresser

      was the the instant snow that they used?

      1. dcoog anml

        plus fammmm

    94. Glenn Brown

      104 bounces 7:30 - 8:34

    95. zhi lin

      How did you make the reindeer

    96. Prototype Maximus

      We are officially the DP Plus Bus

    97. fauzia michael

      Hey Garret nice cat routine 😂😂😂😂

    98. my g

      7:14 It looks like Cory fire something out of his hand

      1. my g


    99. Reem Alqarni

      Cute 🐈💕💕

    100. Famous Cryp

      Didn't know this channel had trickshots I'm subbing