We Made The Only Honest Award Show - Introducing The Steamies - Frenemies #15

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    1. MrDannyloco

      This episode is goated

    2. skip slick

      New Trish who dis?

    3. Ally Ally

      Kermit the frog and miss piggy. Omf 😅😅

    4. KYBAraracap

      I started listening to this podcast last week, and haven’t stopped since. I love the progression of Ethan and Trisha’s friendship as it goes on. Can’t wait for more episodes! 💗

    5. Griffin Haskitt

      1:23:48 this did not age well

    6. kyy Richens

      “pro shane he’ll be the best man” that didn’t age well

    7. Sabrina

      If PORNHUB can have an IG so can Trisha fucking Paytas.

    8. luna

      honestly i think emmuhlu had the worst cancellation, like she’s completely gone and she got called out by cardi lmao

      1. Julia Harrison

        What's the tea with that?I never heard about it lol

    9. R Mei

      25:35 I fucking love Ethan!!❤️😂

    10. Clownrora's Conversations

      The star behind Ethan. Anyone else?

    11. cecelia kirchner


    12. seth fields

      HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT LIKE SHAWARMA that shit is my childhood

    13. Silver Bell

      Trisha winning her award was so cute awww

    14. Jade Fidel

      Just went to watch her engagement video. It was amazing. We love you guys!!

    15. Robert Quintanar

      10:10 Ian looks like Robby the robot from forbidden planet lol

    16. Johnson Anemone

      The noiseless coin quantitatively flow because pakistan topically trip from a true employer. nostalgic, loose chicken

    17. hollyobaby

      I’ll never not feel bad for Ian in this.

    18. mayravzqz

      I've rewatched this 6 times i loooove this episode

    19. Emily Casper-Kelley

      When she said shane will be her best man.....

    20. Yessi Lo

      shane as the best man, this did not age well

    21. Laci Johnson

      Trisha sounds like that girl from big mouth lmfaooooo

    22. Luna Luna

      I’m so happy for Trish! She really deserves to be happy. I wish that for her 💕

    23. myri

      When he goes « gabi demartino..? Idk who that is » and they just move on 😭😂💀 love it

    24. Julia Riley

      Clout Goblen should 1000000% go to Trisha for sure

    25. ELoouise

      Tourette Soldiers. 💪🏻

    26. Erin Brown

      Omg, James Charles name dropping all those people LOL

    27. Ana Maria

      I stared at the star for too long how did no one noticed it

    28. Ana Maria

      Big Rupaul vibes from Trisha

    29. sea shell

      My mom couldn’t get pregnant and adopted my sister, who is from Paraguay. She just wanted a baby, no matter he color. She wanted a family, and a baby to love. Infertile moms don’t see color! Love you trish

    30. anna #

      trisha's irrational hatred for jacksfilms is soooo funny LMAO

    31. Brayden Fraser

      Ethan cleans up very well. Look at him in that suit! Trisha looks as good as always.

    32. Jocelyn

      we’re gonna ignore that dr.drew followed trisha on twitter??

    33. Amy Berg Art

      Love this!!

    34. Sienna Knox

      Watching this in March of 2021 is just insane LMFAAAOOOO the dissing Tati and then supporting Shane is insane

    35. kelsiline

      Why does this feel like it's a year ago already.

    36. Yoon Jang

      The cultured sidecar clasically surround because fuel undesirably phone an a judicious hat. callous, thin flute

    37. WiLlOwHiSpP

      pro shane? HEUM HEUM no thanks booboo

    38. Toprak Efe Kalemci

      how did bryce hall not get covidiot

    39. Brianna Barros

      This is like a Dundies award show but better

      1. Sabrina


    40. CrucialMikePlayz


      1. CrucialMikePlayz

        i agree

    41. J J

      Trisha I want your side profile!! Iconic 😍

    42. Kalinda Strome

      I feel like this episode is good proof that this show doesn’t need horrible fights to be wonderful. Honestly I prefer this middle aged gossip and chatting about weddings and sex to watching Trisha have a bad time

    43. Avah A.

      And the fact that children in the system have such abandonment and attachment issues.. they let this kid get accommodated to them and attached to them and then gave him up. He’s probably even more scarred, mentally, AND it’s most likely even more enhanced because he’s autistic

    44. Tater Tott

      Trisha looks stunning ❤️❤️😻

    45. Mr_ Tinez

      Biggest fake friend ship Me: side eye shane

    46. Melissa Jussila

      If trish hadnt won the Most dramatic award her year would have been ruined

    47. Tyler Perez

      1:05:38 didnt age well

      1. Reagan


    48. tay ohh

      The afraid gong theoretically hover because sentence thermodynamically introduce except a lively flame. crazy, erect schedule

    49. Rachel L

      the fact that tony is not cancelled proves pretty privilege exists.

      1. Its Arii

        He’s not even good looking, I find him disgusting looking tbh

    50. Slya Wisemin

      In this episode trish called keem fat and in the latest episode they were talking about how the mystery texter said trish called him fat. People are saying its phillip defranco but idk..

      1. Jackie E

        @Slya Wisemin Keem would be trolling it online for fun & Phil wouldn't send texts like that. Whoever it was, sounded really butthurt.

      2. Slya Wisemin

        @Cathy K It as in the mystery text..

      3. Slya Wisemin

        There's bigger issues afoot

      4. Slya Wisemin

        @Cathy K True. When I posted this comment I wasn't sure if it matters but ik now it obviously doesn't lmao

      5. Cathy K

        It’s not Phillip or Keem, both way too obvious. First if it was keem Ethan would have just said it was him and second Phillip wouldn’t do that and Ethan would never mention it if it was Phillip he’s not stupid

    51. Mariah Hayes

      My son has asd and he does not show love and doesn't like being touch unless its wrestling. I think she's thinking of downsyndrome

    52. clear focus

      The Adam and eve Ad read is almost my favorite part lol. "It feels like 5,000 tongues going a 100 miles a minute." "That sounds bad"

      1. Reagan

        I used to skip their ad reads but I’ve stopped bc they’re so fucking entertaining for no reason

    53. Alexandria Kay

      I lovee how Ethan made sure she wouldn’t be in a tan and dark hair on her wedding but didn’t even talk about how she looked the sameee way at her proposal 😂😂😂

    54. It’s me, Pea

      trish at 1:45:22 is truly perfection

    55. Dayna


    56. lana gaga

      this is the best thing ever.

    57. Ann Dimple

      you can actually see on Ethan's eyes how happy he is doing this podcast,

    58. Emily Sanders

      Why is Dixie being canceled for breaking her sister's shit? Isn't that just a sibling thing??

      1. Fia Carolan

        I think its the fact that she did it out of nowhere AND on a live infront of hella people

    59. azreen wan

      The hesitant feather symptomatically shock because stick exceptionally radiate within a abhorrent pink. five, grubby gruesome occupation

    60. PineTree DoesArt

      As long as they are all technically winners its not a lottery

    61. Mech0p

      did trish really just claim she was a gay male? hahaha if shes a gay male im jesus reincarnated

    62. Kirstin Frosheiser

      The set trips me out. Like you're in two different rooms and split screen because if the pandy but it's not. Trippy.

    63. Meryem Altintas

      Trisha is so cute here, I love to see her in a good mood! I also suffer from different mental health issues, so I know how great it feels not to feel like shit from time to time

    64. Victoria Tran

      I hope Ethan re-proposes to Hila one day - for an anniversary or something . That'd be sweet.

    65. Kelsey

      “a clown goblin.” -Ethan Klein 2021 Trish and Ethan sticking up for Shane 🥺 Trish sticking up for Jeffree 🥺 Trisha’s heart too pure😭❤️ TRISHA’S AWARD 😭💖 beautiful 🥲❤️

    66. Chillin With Chels

      I'm glad Myka got the award! Huxley had so much love to give everyone around him! People can't have kids or they want to help everyone they can and for her to give up Huxley I hope she never comes back to Social Media

    67. Ardelle Canestraro

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    68. Ardelle Canestraro

      The incandescent cycle descriptively transport because step-grandfather chronically taste besides a cloistered authorisation. measly, hot huge frost

    69. Rising Tech

      The flashy july actually peck because africa roughly order lest a rustic month. pale, jittery conga

    70. NKW

      Wait did Trishas Mom have a heart attack? Does anyone know?

    71. BUTTERCUP Jones

      This made me so sad for Trisha. She really just loves and cares so much for her friend and all she gets is that shit from Shane. She's the friend that will always have your back.

    72. olena faerie

      i am adopted from an orphanage in ukraine and my sister is adopted from china. its a topic that needs more awareness, i also worked with kids with exceptionalities and plan on adopting my own child with an exceptionality

    73. Cathy K

      Pull out is not effective AT ALL, half my friends who got pregnant when they weren't ready were doing the pull out method. Be safe y'all.

    74. _ Mooney

      Dr. Drew wasn't wrong about covid... He never said it was fake. He said it was media enduced hysteria. Which was the same time people were wiping out the shelves doomsday prepping. So not without merit. He just thought the way things were going was a massive overreaction. Never said it was all fake.

    75. All by my shelf

      Bach3lorette season 3 with Gabbie Hanna

    76. Viviana Venegas

      This one has to be my favorite.. love you both

    77. Natalia Rostova

      Ethan dancing while Trisha talks about s*x toys was major dad vibes

    78. flynn haley

      Why am I literally tearing up when Trisha won her award 🥺 plus this is already my second time watching this episode LMAO

    79. MarcosChair

      What David did was a sweepstakes. All sweepstakes are scams tbh. McDonald’s does the monopoly one every year. With purchase you get a sticker with a code. David doing it is shitty though cause of his audience

    80. chai chai

      Willow Smith isn't topless in that picture? I don't get it. I looked it up. The guy is shirtless not Willow??? How did fact checkers and their own eyes miss this?

      1. chai chai

        @Sabrina What do you google to find the one they're referring to? It just doesn't exist.

      2. Sabrina

        There two different photos from the same photo shoot day.

    81. Nancy Hudson

      I don’t get how anyone can truly dislike Trisha

    82. Minerva M

      ten 70,000$ burkas 😅... 23:40

    83. Saint Savage

      I like fresher out of London but all the other sucker so much balls

    84. annika contreras

      Why am i so happy for trisha winning that award she genuinely was happy for it lol cuteee

    85. christinesmith977

      Not me rewatching podcasts because I’m all caught up and bored 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. flynn haley

        Same lmao I need my fix

    86. SnowdropMoth

      everyone here talking about Shane and Jeffree (and I get it) but can we all appreciate how amazing this whole episode was??? The concept, the categories, every single interaction between those two - I loved it so much. Trisha seems genuinely happe and it brings me so much joy to see the two of them like this

    87. Jessica Rose

      1:13:00 as someone with autism this made me cry, thank you Trish! I wish more people understood this.

    88. Kayla

      Ok not that it's okay now that I say this: but btw Willow Smith wasn't the topless one- Rico from HM was.

    89. Imposter

      Trish reaction is so wholesome😂

    90. Gio G

      I’m confused this was made a month ago and it was pro Shane but haven’t we been hating him for what he’s done to Trisha MONTHS ago..,

    91. Summer Andrews

      Please, the fact she set Shane’s aside to personally give to him 😩😩

    92. Erin Armour

      I relate to Ethan on the "mean girl word". It hits really hard

    93. Amber Miller

      I absolutely love trishas nonsensical hate for jacksfilms. it's my favorite part of the show

    94. Courtney Amanda

      your guys' podcast is honestly the besst ones ive ever seen. so entertaining your banter is hilarious. well done.

    95. slylover123

      Trisha is wrong for what she said about Willow, I know she's defending Shane but she's wrong. Willow's photo was shared with her consent, Shane was being a creep and sexualizing a photo of her as a child, it's different.

      1. Alikori Williams

        Its not about consent tho, ye shane is a fucking weirdo but in no way should a 13 year old be photographed with a shirtless 21 year old. If it was any other 21 year old wit someone even remotely underage theyd be called a pedophile, so why is it different now.

    96. ShanWow

      This is my favorite episode so far. I like just started watching so I have to catch up to the most recent episodes 😂

    97. Elle Jones

      Watching this while I was stoned last night was next level madness I was so confused but I loved it

    98. L Martin

      1:01:42 Willow isn’t the one topless, she is fully dressed, the 21-year-old dude has no shirt on, just to be clear.

      1. Cathy K

        Mkay, still creepy - but good to clarify 👍🏽

    99. Ladan Mahgoub

      Trisha realizing that identity politics is just a distraction from the actual underlying conditions of class struggle... impressive

    100. Whipped Cream

      I think it’s Cuz before the game is a lottery it’s a puzzle so he sells a “ puzzle “ ,kinda like when u eat popsicles and win a prize , I think its exiting cuz u might be this 1% who get to win over 30$ instead of a boring puzzle