Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) [Official Video except its not the official video at all]

Lil Nas X

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    Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X.
    Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now:​

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    Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
    Shot / Edited by David Dickenson

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    1. Lil Nas X


      1. Maple Toca

        Is it just me or is this song perfect to salsa dance to-

      2. Hamza asndal

        Look, my brother, demons will not benefit you with anything. You only want to be rich. Go with God. As for demons, even they are creatures of God who created them.

      3. Supguy


      4. RN_MODZ ꪜ

        And pro always right

      5. RN_MODZ ꪜ

        Bcs pro

    2. The Super Q

      *not twerking for the sake of irony*

    3. Arshida A


    4. Kinglightskin 0

      For the ppl who ain’t see the video

    5. Mega Milk

      This guy is an internet troll at this point

    6. Julianna

      *Twerks in Youthful, skyfather*

    7. Agate

      So if get a kid his name is gonna be Montero 100% that is such a dope name

    8. Maracuyá

      confused twerking bc I don't to be excluded

    9. Maracuyá

      non binary twerking

    10. Axel Rsanchez


    11. Axel Rsanchez


    12. Axel Rsanchez


    13. Dead Beat Music

      He isn’t dancing he is just possessed 😟

    14. Trúc lee

      Sooooo gooddddd ❤

    15. Big A

      why is everyone twerking- whatever *lesbian twerking*

    16. Amazing Asmr

      *weeb twerking*

    17. o;-;ENBЎ ᎶOd;-;o

      **lesbian non-binary twerking**

    18. Sanai Smith

      wait wait wait wait WAIT WWHY IS EVERYONE TWERKINGGG

    19. Alexandra McDonnell

      *bisexual twerking*

    20. Jay Shonz

      Much better

    21. L Chardai

      Sending you love 💕

    22. LBx1243

      Understand that we're witnessing God Tier Internet usage at this point. GOAT tier creativity.

    23. Eniola nil

      *I don't wanna live no more twerking*

    24. Shari Scott


    25. Wolfmann2758

      Hey Lil Nas! What microphone do you use to record with? Also, fucking love everything about this song💜 Edit: *gay ally twerking*

    26. kingkdarapper

      Shits crazy and the numbers are still growing ✌🏾 congratulations!!! With your success #lil nas x

    27. Namtiddies

      *insane chicken twerking*

    28. vegard stensheim

      this is a better video then the original

    29. Arushi Soni

      I m obsessed and I play it everyday and post it on my socio...I m gonna do it until pride is established amd homophobia is from india.....we too need more artists like u #UNAPOLOGETIC

    30. Giorgia Cagliani

      I definetly LOVE this SONG

    31. Just Watch IT

    32. Viviane BOSEDE

      I went to emotional stage. This is the most beautiful and Amazing video I’ve ever seen in 2021. I would die to have someone like you in my life. You’re a Blessing to your loved ones

    33. Luigi

      *italian twerking*

    34. Beo RL

      If lil Nas X gets me a new pc, I will lap dance in hell too 😊😇

    35. Zanled

      Yall bouncin

    36. •Malcolm•

      *twerking twerking*

    37. Dominic Chaluisant

      Did you try to use nikes name without permission

    38. Abhinav ajay

      his life must be fun

    39. Fatmata Dainkeh

      I love you Lil nas x ❤❤❤

    40. Jake The fox

      Alternative title: Montero (Call Me By Your Name) but it's behind the scenes

    41. JustAThoughtMyFriend

      Stiff black girl who can't dance. You can't get me to move on the dance floor. This song make me act up. 😝🍑

    42. Xylophone442

      **contributing twerking**

    43. Krazy cool Kyle

      HA GAAAAYY!!!

      1. Horse

        Gay isn't an insult, get some help

    44. •krisa•

      **just believing, not religious twerking**

    45. Jasper Taylor

      he is literally so handsome

    46. Noptical


    47. TooNice Media

      WHY COULDNT IT HAVE BEEN lil nas x OD instead of DMX .!!!!!!!!! Is it too late to trade ??? Why lord.. only u know....😥

    48. StuntPlayZYT

      Montero but every verse is in a different location Shut up and take my money

    49. joniel Edwards

      Bad parents make kids like having kids

    50. Abrar Mohiuddin

      how tf does the behind the scenes have more views???


      Yea definitely some poses shit happened in this vid this why they shit is demonic

    52. Lofi Hop

      **brazillian twerking**

    53. Tadelech Zerga


    54. sokin jon

      He should be ashamed of standing so close to a pool when there’s no lifeguard on duty. What kind of lessons is he teaching our children?!

      1. Horse

        This is the funniest comment I've seen on this video

      2. StuntPlayZYT

        This comment might be the biggest bruh moment I've ever witnessed

      3. funni

        This song is clearly not for children 🤣🤣🤣

      4. soulsister !

        his fan base isn’t children (mostly). also if children can’t swim they shouldn’t go close near a pool .

    55. mikaela ferrer

      **bisexual twerking**

    56. Sunshine

      Lesbian twerking

      1. sokin jon

        agnostic twerking

    57. Maxy Kidd

      idk but i love this video so much

    58. working on a name s

      Best marketing

    59. Madi_Singz Cabaroy

      **lesbian twerking**

    60. PinkTacoKillah

      This should be included in season 6 of Lucifer

    61. M Becker

      *satanic twerking*

    62. lalalalisa_m

      his concerts would be fire as fuck

    63. Pickle

      Lil Nas X Montero but He's Lil Nas Y now

    64. Drxzz

      _slant do you have_

    65. Theory

      *aggressively twerks*

    66. Tomb Raiser Lara Croft

      *Humanly twerking*

    67. Jolie Iler

      Lil Nas seems to forget he's a celebrity lmao, but fr he seems super chill esp with the hilarious ways he's dealing with the people offended about is song

    68. Randall Thompson


    69. SonicLink

      There is NO way he considers this work with all the fun he looks like he’s having.

      1. Leonardo

        Hell yeah

    70. Kyra Carson

      *agnostic twerking*

    71. Treyton Franklin

      no cap how r u gay/black/famous and still alive respect

    72. Chrispy

      * Bi--Myself twerking * 😔

    73. ZKETCH42591

      I love how goofy yet chill he is, i know he gotta write his music, do parties and stuff for the public and everything, but he seems really authentic when hes home and its awesome, looks like he'd be great to hang out with after a long day :)

    74. jeon

      *scrolling through the comments talking about twerking* twerking

    75. 6PTH Itachi

      Your gay

      1. Horse

        Gay isn't an insult

    76. fancy octopus

      Damn the music vid Poppin

    77. QueenBrooki 11

      You would be a perfect dance coordinator

    78. Jennifer Schoening

      *spiritual twerking*

    79. Angel Sindolly

      I'm 1000% loving him! I wasn't into him until I watched the Montero video the other day. Then the meaning behind the song. Down the rabbit hole I went. And I'm happier and more liberated the further I go. He is straight authentic. His energy is what we need.

    80. Kathy

      can we have a reality show that's literally just lil nas and his friends vibing? like no crazy drama for views just them having a good time

    81. Emmy Tolliver

      *satan twerking*

    82. Mikey Smiling

      *not twerking*

    83. • Ectopii •

      *Pansexual and Demisexual twerking*

    84. Jump Lizard 59

      I was fine with this video the other one of some crazy type shit Dammn😂

      1. FN Freezy

        @Jump Lizard 59 fax

      2. Jump Lizard 59

        Fire song tho

    85. still_ regancy 1

      The cult of nas

    86. Akeeva Burke


    87. Scared PoTTaH??

      **unsocially distanced twerking**

    88. Sandy Araujo


    89. Kuzonai


    90. Kenyatte Gladden

      Never thought I would be a fan of someone twerking on satan but here we are Welcome to 2021😂🤣

    91. ella lau

      **neptunic twerking**

    92. ok ok

      I love them/this song but puhlease social distance & wear a mask holy shit

      1. Imogen Oliver-Jones

        they probably tested themselves super regularly so they could do that

      2. Horse

        They can't spread it if they don't have it

      3. ok ok

        please im begging u 😔

    93. 3x

      bro id bump this shii if it wasn' it is.

    94. こちえ

      I’m kinda disappointed that you sold your soul :I

    95. kycarreras

      Bro not to be mean but why do you like the devil man

      1. Horse

        To piss off snowflakes

    96. Esteri Kahindo

      like this song i pick listen it

    97. Erik Jakubec

      *TST twerking*

    98. Erik Jakubec

      *conservative offensive twerking*