Del Monte is Dead to Me


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    The Del Monte Drama is REAL. Friendship ENDED with Del Monte! Now Green Giant is my best friend! Also a b-plot roast of Sour Patch Kids...

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    1. fish stick

      He's deadass gonna keep trying to fuck with brands until somebody actually sponsors him. This bit is legitamately hilarious to me.

    2. Head of a thousand sheep's wool

      This is how Mark deals with the death of Unus Annus and I find it painfully relatable

    3. fumikage tokyoami2426

      The first time I watch this vid i guess more corn and i was right

    4. Lili Thomas

      This version of Mark sounds like the Greek/Roman gods.....NOTICE ME BEFORE I SMITE YOU

    5. venoms gamer

      Why do i have the urge to eat some canned corn and green beans out of the can.

    6. Melany Morgenthaler

      Mad Markiplier-

    7. Emily Del Monte

      so u hate me cuz i’m a delmonte

    8. Diane Rabea-Brady

      I’m so fucking cunfused

      1. Ayden Ais

        Right there with you buddy

    9. Zlox - Roblox

      Why does Markiplier look like he is in an insane asylum

    10. Satchel Harris


    11. Jack Flanagan

      I always thought Mark was a little corny...

    12. Darkolos

      this video is amazing. Im excited for the next episode

    13. Kaden Bourquin

      Del Monte watching this after sending Mark a gift 👁👄👁

    14. MarieWolf_94

      i love how, mid-rant, he stops and says "Quarantine is getting to me..." before continuing. can we just appreciate how he voiced all our collective moods during 2020?

    15. Cocobean . Michelle

      Me eating DelMonte green beans while watching: 0-0

    16. Mememan69

      Del monta is better

    17. oh_look_its_eli

      I knew it was corn

    18. hot cocoa plays

      nEeD iT 7:29

    19. hot cocoa plays

      sLuRp 6:43

    20. hot cocoa plays

      tHe CoRn

    21. Alexis Marie

      Mark ilysm 😭😭😭🤣

    22. Tyler Hyde

      does this guy do voiceovers of animated TV shows or documentaries on birds in Venezuela? Seriously

    23. Beautiful Nightmare

      Mark hurt all their feelings

    24. Mama Luigi

      I would have been happy it's free corn You know what they say food always tastes better when it's free

    25. Cult Of Rakdos

      I watched this after recovering from a head injury, you can’t imagine how confused I was...............

    26. Javvy

      9:05 I'm sitting here watching a grown man review canned food as he stuffs his face full with green beans. Now this is entertainment.

    27. Rem

      i recomend wegemans corn

    28. Anthony C

      You got to make more of these review videos. Too funny 😂😂

    29. Janet Helen

      Those are now Bingipliers new canon sun glasses

    30. Jakub Susoł

      This is insane, and insanely funny! Mark is just such a madlad!

    31. Woodify


    32. diip25

      Knowing that Mark could sell something he touched for thousands of dollers easily

    33. Aston Marasigan

      6:39 markiplier: *BIG sniff* this goes down smooth. *sucking noises*

    34. • EJ •

      I wonder how delmonte feels about this.

    35. Captain Dangler

      How does someone get this many subscribers? This sounds like entitled bullshit to me. Why did this even come up as recommended? The ONLY thing I see is that this dude is attractive as fuck. Has a “someone in his family was Asian” vibe going on. Other than that... crap content.

    36. Dawid Wojtaszak

      You drink bean water?

    37. Aiden

      First thing i spot: the demon in the background

    38. Lastation Productions

      Id love to get free stuff like that Aslo what the hell del monte

    39. Lexi Smith

      If you still eat del monte what are you doing 👁👄👁

    40. hip sonyk

      Not buying del monte anymore

    41. Quennie Sabanal

      Wait corn in Afritada? I never knew that. I'll try that next time I cook it.

    42. Just Here

      He’s talking about Del Monte like it’s a father that left him at birth and Green Giant is like his Step dad, who has been there for him the entire time.

    43. lazar shark

      I like how he somehow makes a 19 minute video on corn.

    44. ChloeBelle

      This video hit so many different inside jokes and bits, and I know all of them, but I’m still so confused😂

    45. Eye Socket Eater

      I bet they gave you either peas or popcorn

    46. yesieatedbutnosoap

      Sour patch kids 😏

    47. Shapeshifter Charm


    48. Matthew Ford-Rogers

      I have the exact same can opener

    49. beny hadad


    50. Chloe's Doin-Whatever Channel

      hey mark cook with sour patch kids

    51. S Rhodes

      didnt they have a commercial of del onte of a dancing corn can with legs and arms running in a field like 8 years ago

    52. northern cardinal

      Markiplier makes is back lol

    53. Linus Schiller

      Confirmed Mark is a simp for Corn and Greenbeans!!!

    54. Nickey Fuzz

      A child... He is a child

    55. Glitch_WolfPlayz

      I don't like corn but I LOVE korn.

    56. David Egan

      it wouldve been amazing if this was sponsored by green giant

    57. Ryan Ford

      Mark, it’s 2:00AM. Stop making me laugh so hard 😂😂😂

    58. Dakota Gipson

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m deadd

    59. bobjoe foster

      I miss unus annus so much, thank you for this video. ❤

    60. amanda lu

      I love all of those sour patches things! Cuuutteee

    61. Aqua

      Mark, you should try to partner up with Artesian Builds, they’re always looking for partners

    62. Juju

      I’m guessing corn

    63. sardonic

      And so capitalism

    64. Kawaii Sloth

      I want Mark to scream at more companies, it’s really entertaining

    65. Marat Abdullin

      *”I can’t have green beans for supper!”* *a minute earlier* *”green beans are DELICOUS”*

    66. KawaiixXxChan

      Why did I watch this? I DONT KNOW! Did I enjoy this? YES I DID! Why? I DONT KNOW!

    67. Logan White

      I don't like corn or green beans

    68. Jaylin Moore

      They gave you corn?

    69. Mason Crowell

      Only Markiplier can make a 20 minute video off of corn and green beans.

    70. Cody Phillips


    71. CrazyVoid800

      Actually ya 28 millon subs ...

    72. Emma Bella

      This video is literally the definition of petty

    73. Dr Zoidberg

      And so the cycle repeats

    74. Pieck Finger

      POV: your looking to see if Del Monte corn commented

    75. CrainsterTheGamer13

      24 cans 0f corn


      i not,im seirious....DO NOT SPONSER MARK......keep your beans to yourself..

    77. Wes_The_Hunter

      In England Green Giant only really does Sweetcorn... HO HO HO GREEN GIANT Green Giant Sweet corn

    78. Wes_The_Hunter

      Meat and Two Veg... Isn't that a Euthanism for Cock and Balls


      oh no...dont start anymore food stuff.....i think we know where thats going....

    80. wolvenking dusk


    81. xboxgt ssj3 toca

      maybe they just couldnt sponsor what they knew wasnt real???? hmmmm

    82. Anthony Thomas

      Wow pretty crazy how cute all those puppies are 9:05

    83. B l a n k

      Why is this under the "sour patch" playlist? lmao

    84. Johnnyf19

      Do you know what you’ve done!!! Del Monte is going out of business! You better keep those cans! They are the last ones!😭

    85. Bapp0

      Is it bad I knew exactly what Del Monte gave to Markiplier

    86. TikTok Unleashed

      They think he can’t buy 24 cans of corn? Jokes on them, he can buy 25!!!!!!

    87. kat Blanchard

      He needs a hug Hugs for markiplier pls

    88. mcbeeferson big big

      He is not real!

    89. Walker Shelton

      Talks shit to sour patch end of video Sour patch socks in his hand Sour patch cup in the the other Sour patch glasses on Sour patch kids on the table

    90. ced ric

      but gift is a gift

    91. German Police

      markiplier corn doesnt grow off of trees someone help him

    92. Josephi Kashmir

      I wanna eat some del monte canned corn now.

    93. Fredrika Knutsen

      Sour Patch Kids just loooove send Mark box after box and recipe after recipe😑

    94. glitchcraft


    95. hagakure toru

      this video is so random and i love it

    96. Sabotaged By Me

      Ethan: *I am sad that unus anus has ended* Mark: *I have a bone to pick on del monte*

    97. Banana Ninja

      Mark:Switches to beans Delmonte:Am i a joke to you

    98. Annaleise Hanson

      Great video

    99. ThinkOver ¿Crazy

      Btw, afritada is a common dish and served with rice in the Philippines. It’s really good, hope Mark tries the recipe😊

      1. Keith Ashley Ramilo

        Yeah,I can agree it is really good,I really hope that he tries afritada😊😁

    100. Heathbunny

      I’m watching this a month after it was posted. Which is shortly after UA was deleted. I’ve just gotta say, this has some intense UA vibes.