Prank Calling FaZe Clan Members

FaZe Clan

2,4 млн көрүүлөр915

    Today we prank called FaZe Members to see if they would believe out lies!
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    1. Khaled Mused



      Yo why don’t we see some of the faze members for example mongraal and banks

    3. Diego Z

      Another boring video

    4. Norma Rivas


    5. Beth Wadsley


    6. ក្រុម ដោកយឿម

      khmer hi

    7. Koopar


    8. La'Breyah Henyard

      Omg not a good idea

    9. Melissa Parks

      Omg youtubeee

    10. Prisocanty

      how many times is Nikan saying sh*t

    11. po

      Rice gum is not a legend. I repeat: Rice gum is not a legend

    12. Armaan Kang

      alright guys nikan is gonna eat the worlds hottest pepper ho le mate that wasn't the hottest pepper that was a jalepeno

    13. Devin Lin


    14. djfromsirenic

      what happened everyone in faze used to be a sweaty COD kid

    15. Random Mcscrandum


    16. TikoIsAmazing

      1:06 says “spicest”. Which is spelled incorrectly, correct way is “spiciest”

    17. Real

      aka prank calling your own clan

    18. Jennifer Clement

      can i be your friends and hi...... ha ha ha

      1. Svensk Katt

        Dude how old are u kid why are u watching this garbage

    19. Hades Skilled

      Can I join faze

      1. Hades Skilled

        @Svensk Katt I’m 10

      2. Svensk Katt

        Lol u gotta be like 10 kid

    20. MYRA_Nuts

      Lowkey was wanting them to do jev

    21. 100 million

      Stop swearing

    22. jan świrkula

      Chciałbym to rozumieć XD Pozdrawiam Polaków PLgurom

    23. KrunchBar

      That pepper was a jalapeño bruh quit playing

      1. Svensk Katt


    24. freeDUMM

      its my b-day on apirl 14


      faze? more like like a phase of my life I'll never get back.

    26. Micah Jackson

      Jarvis looking like Hess about to die😂😂😂

    27. Arissa Obershaw

      8:19 all of his eyes?

    28. VOID


    29. ZZKWzB qw

      This channel is cringe

      1. Svensk Katt

        No shit sherlock

    30. Ty ?

      nooooo way jarvis

    31. Brayden Johnson

      Hes finna cry

    32. DA artix

      Bro faze adapt looks like my soccer team's GK

    33. aidan123

      Faze is our bandnot yout clan btw

    34. aidan123


    35. Fishstix 130

      That wasn’t highsky.,,,


      Iv been watching y’all for 3 years

    37. Nick Vito

      Swear on your life tho?? Clown

    38. Jayden Outdoors

      thats not youtube\

    39. Teta Kagali

      LA I Never been their before 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸

    40. Hectic Andrew

      Worlds spiciest chillie Jalapeño

    41. Natural Earth

      Natural earth

    42. Layla Hassan


    43. Abdullah Adnan

      Ngl faze kay is taking over the channel

    44. Abdullah Adnan

      Faze clan is turning into a prank clan

    45. dba chris

      Bro it’s a jalapeño 😐

    46. Жетилген Барлыбаев

      кено сегод

    47. Gail Hewitt


    48. Donald Teare

      How do join the faze CIan

    49. #Freejarvis

      Sheeeesh I thought until I saw the text that’s h1ghsk1y

    50. rxseglxs

      So many verified people

    51. Zowie Kindler

      It is KGup

    52. Ali Al Mutawa

      , M,;,lnhchkm bhghjjvhchcc. Gcggchuhggch non n jklkkjlkjl;weqqeqeqeqeqeqwewqewqewqewqqweaeaew

    53. yonas og

      Rice a real one

    54. George Papoutsis

      I got my cut like Kay’s today ngl looks pretty good on me.

    55. Graham Jewsbury

      That’s a lot of money

    56. BiggzSoVegas

      Bbbc.bcbcbcbchhsdwvd Cvcchxhxgg v-cxbxgxfd4gddgdgdvxbcvfgdcb by

    57. lewariaN - Fortnite

      Ricegum is looking rough

    58. Denzel Ramirez

      hey youtube

    59. Jalaxy J

      "It's Bigger than me"🍆🤏 lol

    60. FTW

      how do people watch this

    61. Dominic Strodes

      Can I get a iPhone I’m yoseing my friends iPad

    62. Jerry Artarian


    63. Rocky Clarke

      Jarvis is a good liar

    64. Anthony Edwards

      *Cinnamon* not *Cinnimon*😂👍

    65. da homie

      KGuprs: The worlds hottest pepper ghost pepper. jalapeño: hold my beer

    66. AussieDong

      Faze just doesn't hit the same anymore


      “Free” that shit is so old, I remember when he said that in the vlog😂😂 I’ve been around forever homies

    68. Jake S

      lol like just a jalapeño

    69. Brian M.

      Never eat a pepper then rub your nose and face... lol that guy got so lucky.

    70. The Mind of Blake

      Plz accept me mr owner of faze clan please I’m soooooo better than ninja like lots my stats are good name blsmith11


      They are funny but I still dislike em

    72. Iam Padmini

      Broo that McDonald's is gonna make me throw up

    73. Iam Padmini

      The 30 racks😭🤣got him gooodd

    74. Iam Padmini

      rice is a real one yoo

    75. Selena Basmajian

      KGup COMMENTED?!

    76. gioyu comi

      I love how rice gum hasn’t posted but is easy to pick up on this

    77. cristian alfaro

      Jalapeño is shit man ngl

    78. Maveryk k


    79. Maveryk k

      My name is Maverick

    80. Isahith Rios

      Stole from rug.

    81. Alani Pena

      off brand mr beast

    82. Luca ZA

      Faze jev

    83. Gabriela

      Are you faze rugs brother and do you have another brother that's faze jarious

    84. mohamed masharubu


    85. Natalie Joseph

      if you go to 10:22 you will have a great day

    86. doliio volay

      Jev probably got the call, but never picked up outta fear.

    87. Larsenic

      Rice is the best idk y people talk bad about him if ur in his streams ur a real one

    88. Gamer The trainor

      Why not jev fr tho

    89. propain

      Jarvis should tell a faze member that you got Hannah pregnant or cheated on her that would be funny

    90. Twitch EazZy

      Rice the goat

    91. Tamiah Priester

      3:36 that's a straight up legend

    92. Ethan Hunt

      YEEEESSS BRO oh wait it’s a prank

    93. MeMeSArEgOodF0rKiDs

      They used the same picture of kay twice

    94. Try Contest

      That’s a massive chilli bro that’s bigger then me

    95. saad razzaki

      i wish this was real..

    96. Gorgesh

      I’m ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK. sry it was a dare

    97. Scooby snaxs

      You guys next time u do a minecraft vid do speedrunners vs hunters but 2v2?

    98. yes i am suck

      Faze key is so cring just like his brother

    99. ThePanda

      “That chilli is bigger than me” woah woah woah that is too much information

      1. Hòt Dáŵg


    100. STX - Fishyy

      FaZe Clan Became Mr Beast