Getting BULLIED with the GIRLS!

Scott Martin

50 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

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    1. Harry Neva

      eel pout swim backwards

    2. Johnny Thompson

      Clown knife fish swims backwards

    3. Mississippi Bass Boy

      A clown fish

    4. Wesley Hunter

      TRUMP 2020

    5. Leslie Tincher

      Dude that cinematic releases was freaking awesome. Hilarious. Especially your smile at the end.

    6. Joseph H

      BIDEN 2020

    7. Brody Burton

      Clown Knife fish swim backwards i caught my 1st one not to long ago .. was awesome 👌

    8. Miles Minard

      Love the flag on the boat! Yeehaaawww!!!

    9. Chuck Sorrentino

      the clown knife fish can swim backwards!!!

    10. Kevin Smith

      Lovely family Scott , been a big fan for years..

    11. Chernal Patton

      I would love any bass rod you recommend. Just send me your favorite!!

    12. Bob Builder

      clown knifefish

    13. Geoffrey Lefevre

      Oh yeah I see that flag 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

    14. Pamela Klemp

      Loved watching this family & friends vacation 🎣 video. Sad that so many of the comments are couched in political commentary 🙀. I didn't subscribe to the channel hear political arguments🙄... Family, Friends, Fishing, great Food & Drink ---. That's what real life is all about!

    15. Ernest Durphy

      Awesome flag!!!

    16. Rubber Ducky


    17. Fishing with Gavin

      Clown knife

    18. melissa linder

      The flag on the boat trump 2020 yee yee

    19. John Eberts

      that's so cool love the release

    20. Jackson Coleman

      Love you man wish i could fish like you and wish i had a baitcaster BUT I LOVE the flag TRUMP2020

    21. FishingT.V


    22. Steve Roberts III

      TRUMP Freeman 42

    23. C O

      You’re probably going to needlessly polarize your audience and possibly lose viewers because of the flag. Try not to politicize your fucking fishing channel next time.

    24. Rusty Worthington

      Looks like fun, especially great family fun. I will have to add it to the things to try someday.

    25. Bryan Mathews

      How awesome is that !! Hey Scott, How about a catch and cook ! Lobsters would be awesome on the Treager !! Yummy !!

    26. Check Mate

      Y'all forgot Mermaids... WTH...?

    27. Jayden Montgomery

      It’s a clown knife fish @scott martin

    28. Kevin Carris

      Beautiful boat beautiful flag Trump 2020!

    29. Nobody Important

      I am truly disappointed. Trump is a textbook fascist, and the most un-Christian, anti-constitution, Un-American narcissist con man who has ever lied his way into office. How this fraud has earned the support, vote and devotion of so many otherwise patriotic Americans baffles me. He has divided this country, let down our allies and strengthened Russia. I hope that all of us can drop the politics, open our eyes, see the truth for ourselves (not what is fed to us), and act like we actually are proud to be Americans and care about each other again. Meanwhile, I will not support, subscribe to, or follow someone who so blatantly supports him in front of his half-million or so followers. I was entertained until the political statement- now consider me unsubscribed.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you for the comment. It has been a tough year for everyone..and the media isnt helping at all. 👍🏻

      2. Nobody Important

        Scott Martin I am sorry and ashamed that I insulted you. Obviously I am not above the polarization over politics in this country. COVID-19, and specifically the way that it has been mishandled, has affected a lot of people for whom I care for and myself deeply. I reacted in an immature, personal and hot-headed manner. Everything you said is obviously correct. I wish you well

      3. Scott Martin

        What’s amazing is the video you subscribed to is about fishing and the outdoors not politics..nor is any of my videos. But just because there is a Trump flag in the back ground you decide to not like me or the channel..and then you actually took the time to make some kind of “insulting I am smarter than you” comment on the page.. Again you just proved what’s wrong with some people in this world.

    30. Ashton Maloney


    31. Chris H

      First time I have ever seen that done. When I was younger my dad and I would rake crawdads to fish with. That's the closest thing I've done to that.

    32. EastCoastBassin

      Clown Knife swims backwards

    33. douglas miraldi

      YOUR TRUMP MAN . GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP 2020

    34. Gavin Vitale

      Not a fan of Trump. I Really hope he gets out of office. No hard feelings who do like him though. The best candidate will win.

    35. Logan Faith

      Clown knife

    36. caleb dean

      Don’t know what fish your talking about that swim backwards while you cook it, but i know eels find their way out of bait traps with their tails and swim backwards

    37. Ashton Dryden

      Clown night fish

    38. Hop Along Johnny

      Eels, salmon and trigger fish can swim backwards

    39. Disney Plus

      We need like 36 im gonna throw that out there 😂


      Clown fish

    41. Brian Fink

      Scott I thought you were a smart man but the Trump flag brought u down man! Come on man

    42. Rhett Cantin

      That is one beautiful flag right there

    43. Aztec Anglers

      Love the Trump love SMC !

    44. Jonathan Hancock

      Clown fish

    45. Brody Donahue

      Clown knife fish

    46. Dash Crawford

      6:06 clown knife fish.

    47. Mitchell Banducci

      Clown night fish swim backwards.

    48. Cullen Campbell

      Clown fish

    49. Drew Stewart

      The fish that swims backwords is a clown knife fish

    50. Caden and cade Fishing channel


    51. jack starcher

      Knife fish

    52. TL Bombsquad

      Anybody but Trump 2020

    53. Chad Bartlett

      It's the clown knife fish!

    54. Larry Warfield

      Gobies and eels can swim backwards

    55. William Thompson

      Those clown fish you caught swim backwards lol

    56. Reid Bosco

      eel or parrotfish? also saw y’all in crystal river at grams, i bet my friend $20 it was y’all. thankyou for the 20

    57. LcvidRetro

      That’s a nice flag on the boat

    58. Ryanthebigbassslayer 1

      Clown knife fish swim backwards

    59. Fred Caron

      thats langoustine not lobster :P

    60. Leo Willians

      Love the videos on your channel !! Love seeing you flying that flag!!

    61. Cash Henson

      Like the flag

    62. rey sambrano

      clown knife fish

    63. William Albrecht

      Do you ever have a not so fun day. That would be a blast

    64. Jacob Neal

      Clown knife fish

    65. John Higg


    66. Ryan Arroyo

      I wish I had a girlfriend that likes fishing

    67. Miguel Nicholson

      Clown fish

    68. Alex Heredia

      Clown fish

    69. Merrick Marlow

      Trump 2020

    70. Bryce Brehm

      Awesome vid also Trump 2020 🇺🇸

    71. Caleb S

      Clown knife fish

    72. Dem Boes

      Love you Scott keep doing what you do

    73. William Bailey

      gag grouper

    74. William Bailey


    75. David Parrish

      Dont know this from experience, but you said in one of your videos that a clown fish you had on was swimming backwards, right??

      1. Scott Martin

        Correct 👍🏻

    76. AGuess3


    77. Logan Comley

      Clown knife

    78. Mark Scanga

      Trump yeah

    79. Samuel Holmes

      Clown knife!!

    80. Richard White

      That flag says a lot about you Mr. Martin

    81. Hunter Roberts

      Clown night fish

    82. Hunter Roberts

      Best looking flag on your bost

      1. Hunter Roberts


    83. Breck Beasley

      Clown fish swim backwards

    84. Shane Walters

      I like the flag

    85. Wolfy_ Gaming

      Clown knife fish

    86. Jordan Andrews

      Should keep ur political views to urself lost mad respect

      1. Jordan Andrews

        Not at all seems like ur trying to influence ur followers with your popularity i respect ur choice 100% and deff not upset at all jus think u should leave that type of thing out of your channel

      2. Scott Martin

        So if it was a Biden flag you would of been all excited...and what political view did I impose on you? A flag in the background for a few minutes..that’s very sad you got all up set over that. 🤷🏻‍♂️🇺🇸

    87. The Woodshop

      Glad to see your for the man. TRUMP 2020 👍

    88. Growing jordon

      what a shitty idea for the tape.. you havw to continuously have to buy a roll of that tape

    89. Jim Moore

      Clownkife fish

    90. Layton Borth

      Clown knife

    91. Joseph Johnson

      Clown knife fish

    92. Alexis Av

      Bro noooooooo the flag is the wrong flag and pls stop listen what’s happening in the world pls

    93. Fishing MW

      TRUMP 2020

    94. SkolVikes1918

      Love the flag Scott. Favorite Bass fisherman by even more🙌🏻

    95. Dave Dangles

      Y’all can support Trump if you want, division is just not my flavor. My brother in law does, and I don’t give him my money either. -1 sub.

    96. Ryder Tucker

      Clown knife fish

    97. chzhedd

      Was down there Sunday to Thursday in Islamorada doing the same thing! Kept an eye out for the ViceVersa but didn’t see it. Would have been awesome to see y’all out there! Back in VA now.

    98. T&W2 Outdoors

      Clown fish

    99. Thomas O'Leary

      I love the flag

    100. Owen Fiehler

      Clown knife fish