Jason Britton explains full 2021zx6r Stunt build

Jason Britton

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    2021 Kawasaki zx6r full stunt build that i did at my shop showcasing all of the tips on how i personally do things and why, hopefully this helps some of you with questions. the video is long but hopefully informative, Music: Eric B & Rakim song: Dont Sweat TheTechnique
    Music: DMX Song: Where The Hood At

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    1. Joshua Taft

      What's the lever above the clutch lever...another hand break?sorry for all the coments I love this vidio

    2. Joshua Taft

      Genius. Always wondered why they would clean air mod so it pukes upfront..but that being said .I never used the mod and should have...if I was wheeling longer than I was it would have but me eventually

    3. Joshua Taft

      What a smart guy..I know he dnt learn of KGup. Years of experience right in front of us..and time flies so fast he almost has to learn all new stuff when new bikes come out. I'm sure some is the same but not everything. Seems like a great guy to....and we all know his riding is on point.....I'd live to be his freind lol...

    4. Joshua Taft

      Such a great vidio..I've always loved Jason britton . you look up best rider in the dictionary and youl see his picture....loved watching this..I'm getting back riding this year after a bad accident in 08..iv missed it so much had a bike since I was 6 with my yz50 I jst been so sad not riding .I worked my ass of to heal so I can try again...almost lost my left leg when a truck backed into there driveway on a blind corner..wasn't my fault legally but the doctors put my leg back on and alot of surgeries and work and years...I'm getting back..my bike wont be big or super fast but the love of the hobby and lifestyle to me is worth getting back..it broke my heart not riding and seeing bikes come out every spring...if it doesn't work this time atleast it wasn't because I gave up..I'm not the type to get scared and quit or give up even if I need to modify my bike or slow down ..I love it that much. ..and have missed it so much it hurts..to those who read this thanks it means the world to me and advice would be appreciated 💚💚🤍🤍🤔👍👍

    5. Dougie

      To the cameraman, try recording in 30fps to get rid of the flickering lighting in the background 👍 Looks like it was recorded in 24fps which isn't compatible with 60hz AC electricity in LEDs

    6. SkyzTheLimit


    7. Savage 636 stuntz

      Hey guys on the front brake setup do u run the abs front brake lines where it goes into the T block or just two lines from the master to the calipers an bypass all that stuff.

    8. StarLink777

      should i buy a new ZX6R or a HOnda CBR 600RR ? i need to know soon. I would get the ninja but i am concerned with engine problems and what not. any help would be greatly appreciated

    9. Frank Castle

      I really wish Jason could help me re-wire my 07 R6 😭😭😭

    10. Cedric Hollowell

      X gon give it to ya ring tone with the zx6. I see what you did

    11. C Scalese

      How come I can't find any of this stuff on the website? Like ECU flash send in option etc etc.

    12. Chopshop

      You did a good job!!! Please keep them coming!

    13. Dan D

      I'm still new to motorcycles. 2013 Honda CBR 600RR Repsol rider. Very knowledgeable video! Subscribed to learn some more! 🤙🏽

    14. Edison73100

      Good to see Jason still at it.

    15. Sport bike Slayer

      Yo Jason, can you do a ninja 400 build. I have a 2020 ninja 400 KRT, I really wanna see what it would look like if you turned it into a stunt bike.

      1. Brendan Anderson


    16. The Assassin

      do yall have that key switch for the MT07?

    17. Mark Ballance

      If you don't have one already can you just do a tool Box Tour? That thing is sick.

    18. Amadou Diallo

      Good job

    19. hYpEr 636

      Hook me up with the rim😜😜😜

    20. Cubano Stunt

      I love all the clean work to assamble this amazing bike 🔥😍 thanks for share this and thanks for support this sport a lot guys 🙏

    21. Yamslam

      How much is the kill switch bypass kit?

    22. Wreckless Youngsta

      just learned some em lol, are you guys gonna do a video for the 03/04 on how the flash works

    23. John Jones

      Those dics can splinter. Wear a face shield as well PLEASE

    24. Justin Perez

      Jason Britton turned KGup star, just call em jason636 🤣

    25. Jaime Garcia

      JB is a Motorcycle Doctor great experience And knowledge!

    26. Lucgecko

      Valuable info! Thank you! Using this for my 2019 636 stunt build!!

      1. Jason Britton

        awesome, good to hear

    27. brian_636

      Helllll ya!!!!

      1. Jason Britton

        lol still not great at this YT thing but i'm gonna make an effort

    28. IamCalvinKing

      Thank you Jason and Johnny. I've learned a lot from this video. It was very resourceful, even though I have a 2007 R6 as a first bike and I'm not a stunt rider. I took the time to watch the whole video while on my morning standby. Also, i'm considering on investing on that Milwaukee M18 fuel drill and that long snap on torque wrench. Cameo by Zeus on the 22:24 mark lol. Again, great video hope to see the final product on the road and more videos. Stay safe and wear your gear. Peace ✌🏿

      1. Joshua Taft

        @Jason Britton was super helpfull..Jason I could use some man to man advice or encouragement..I was in a bad acident in o8 and I'm getting a grom style bike to get back on the road .id be lying if I said I wasn't nervous..I rode since i was six on a Yamaha 50 and had a street bike since o8 ..when i had the accident.truck vs me..i miss it so much i have to try before i cant do it I'm gna be 36..it should be fine its jst the drivers i worry about..but i miss it.i cry every spring when bikes come out ...so I'm gna try to ride ..even if it's a smaller bike than i would normally want . Better than nothing ..i supose

      2. Jason Britton

        Thanks for always supporting and im happy to hear it was helpful

    29. The Fasta


      1. Joshua Taft

        I know this was a while ago but congratulations on being first .lol

    30. Sojin

      Stuntriding at its peak 💯

    31. Team_Sixthree

      The best in the game 🤙🏼🤙🏼 keep killing it

    32. David Richardson

      0:17 virtual-chat-girls.online

    33. CaLiWayReCordz

      Thanks Jason miss the show . Thanks for post ! Thank You for calling out Ice Cube on Biker Boyz. that's messed up . Your work is awesome !

      1. IamCalvinKing

        @CaLiWayReCordz oh okay. I've been a fan of his since biker boyz.

      2. CaLiWayReCordz

        @IamCalvinKing that was the movie brother Torque . My mistake . Simple , ice cube took credit on David letterman for doing his own stunts for the movie . It’s on tape here on KGup . Clearly was not him and yours truly Jason Britton . He addressed it . Jason da man and people out here know what it iz!

      3. IamCalvinKing

        what happened? i was more focused on the Bike Build. Jason was also Cube's stunt double in Torque (2004)

    34. WISHY

      Salute OG 😎

    35. Snare romie

      Nice bike

    36. It ain't bout me

      Wow, haven't seen this guy in years. Cool.