2020 Bassmaster Classic at Lake Guntersville (Day 2 - TV)


100 миӊ. көрүүлөр22

    Check out the Day 2 TV show of the 2020 @Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by @Huk Gear at Lake Guntersville. This broadcast was in March of 2020.

    To view the full day of LIVE footage click below:

    Day 1: kgup.info/get/iZChZpyXm6mZr6E/video
    Day 2: kgup.info/get/o7GDgYnDZJt-eX8/video
    Day 3: kgup.info/get/mW-joojVl6yPpGo/video
    #bassmaster #bassmasterclassic #bassfishing

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    1. Derek Smith

      Sucks the big names are nowhere to be seen.



    3. Fish Everything

      Weird time to be alive when the classic has less views on KGup a month after uploading than any single googan video.

      1. Wesley Threadgill

        Googan is awesome plus the baits smell good 😂

    4. Marcus Fenix

      The beautiful parentheses actually gather because cancer resultantly kill an a dear lier. unable, inconclusive invention

    5. Jeff James

      Hank set the hook brother you are stressing me out haha

    6. Kevin Caldes

      The best channel, thank you!!

    7. Brian Hanel

      Some of the best never won the classic look at aaron martens multiple second place finishes one of the best ever

    8. Brian Hanel

      Doesn't anyone shake a texas riged plastic worm any more it's leathal on road bed fish especially the bigger ones

    9. ニャンコ先生

      Yeah, that was rad❕❕🎣

    10. Gregory Chuhta

      Wheres zona been. Love you all fellas

    11. Josh McElroy

      Keep your head down and stick to what fits you Hank. I believe this is you time to shine.

    12. swishfish 7

      Howdy yall

      1. swishfish 7

        Excited for 2021 season

      2. Mike Burns


    13. Flora Adem

      y'all ready