Uncut Angling

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    Stuck in the Otter over this deepfreeze, but a bunch of cool stuff happened with big Rainbows!
    Get geared up @
    ►Equipment used:
    Frostbite Dinner Bell 1/8oz. Spoon -
    Frostbite Tungsten 5mm Metallix -
    Leader Line - 8# Fluorocarbon -
    Main Line - 8# Power Pro Ice Tec -
    Spoon Rod - Frostbite Medium Power -
    Jig Rod - Frostbite MediumLight Power -
    Reel - Shimano Sienna 500 -
    Strikemaster 40V Lithium Ice Auger 10" -
    Otter Resort Hub Shelter -
    Ice Saw -
    Toboggan - Otter Medium Sled -
    Dakota Lithium Power Box -
    Fishfinder - Garmin Panoptix Ice Bundle -
    Underwater Camera - Aqua Vu HD7i -
    Main Camera:
    Waterproof Camera Case:
    Camera Post Monopod:
    Ball Head for Post:
    Aqua Vu Underwater:
    Waterproof VLogging Camera:
    Vlogging Camera mini tripod:
    Ball Head for mini tripod:
    Drone with kit:
    Drone Lens Polarizer:
    Waterproof Drone Case:
    iPad holder on Drone Remote:
    Crappy GoPro Knockoff:
    Editing Program:
    iMac Desktop:
    Waterproof Laptop Case:
    Twitter: who cares about twitter?
    Vine: is dead and it's not my fault.
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    1. Inna Greephits

      what is the name of the spoon

    2. Robert Griffith

      What light, specifically, are you using?

    3. Steady Bettie

      Flutter nipples! hahaha! 2 years late but atleast I'm here now. Better late than never.

    4. Brendan Wood

      Ah yes the old fat TRAINBOW!

    5. Andrew Stewart

      Is that bottle filled with sunflower seeds?

    6. Janice Babin

      That was one of the coolest fishing videos I’ve seen in a while awesome video

    7. Kirk Arritt

      Love the content. Your mannerisms remind me of Jack Black.

    8. Thomas Hartmann

      Where I'm from that first one is a fish to be proud of😂😂😂 he called it a little one and I hate my life

    9. Robin Persi

      What's name of fish

    10. Volkan Şahin

      nice hunt was a nice video congratulations👍👍🎣🎣

    11. Fish On!

      this was the last time Manny has even been mentioned in uncut angling. I guess sometimes marriage is a death.

    12. CheeseHead Outdoors

      Thats awesome man! nice fish!

    13. Rytizzle

      Use shrimp when you fish for trout

    14. Ganjaherb 420

      Crazy fish man good job

    15. Steven Vander Ploeg

      That has to be the best video I’ve ever seen for trout.

    16. John Fanion

      This is legal in Canada now.....

    17. William Filer

      Cordless chainsaw for the ice?

    18. togue777

      After seeing those two nice females come in you just knew there had to be a big male around. That male you caught would make a nice pair hanging on the wall with that last female.

    19. Gigability Dontask

      Never seen nothing like it before cool video

    20. Jon Owens

      great footage never seen anyone do that kind of footage coverage before. Keep it up, Great Job

    21. Peter and Dorothy Bowles

      What amp hr batteries do you use bud Them Dakota batts look really good

    22. The big Gripper

      Why did you release all of the good fish to eat

    23. Darky Lucy

      that is crassy nise reainbows your really lucky big ones you catched i whiss i cath a big one like that one day ether way asome catchses and cool movie

    24. Somewhere Up A Creek Fishing Productions

      Great video, exciting fishing there. We are glad to be friends from North Carolina!

    25. Grom Mike

      Title: whatever works with the algorithm

    26. Devon Edwards

      At some point you gotta wonder if this fish only bite for the compliments 🤔

    27. ThePeppino

      how can you see so clearly at the bottom do you got a underwater light ?

    28. tictok memes

      Oh my god I JUST PUT THAT CAM IN OOOHHH- At HNR block you can save money - HHHHHHH

    29. Kerry Monize

      click bait

    30. tday99music

      MORE UNDERCAM!!! Outstanding!!!

    31. Drag screamer

      beautiful fish and cool video! Love the sight fishing! We stick to bobber fishing close ups. Ever put a slip bobber set up in an ice fishing hole? Or do people not really do that?

    32. Moen Gaming

      The horse mask scared the sh!t out of me

    33. Morris Domke

      Aaron you are the Top Dawg in this Game.... From Including your Bud,"Jay" and Murry ... I like Many others love every one of the Stuff you post up.. The Big Hole Trout are all way watch 3 times... from the Tip of the Mitten,,,,, Time to RING My Dinner Bells Today toooo

    34. zeusandbob

      you done jinxed it der' bud

    35. Tack-em Fishing

      Why did people dislike this vid i mean it’s just perfect!

    36. 96Ranchmiata

      Dumbass put that monster back why would you let a monster like that go

    37. Slide_ways

      Can someone tell me how he can see all the way to the bottom besides the clear water? is he using a underwater light or is it the darkness from the tent? I am new so don't roast me lol.

    38. TheOnly Shaw

      This is awesome! Subbed right away

    39. Zachary Wood

      Dude love how you brought hank Into this 😂 love that guy.

    40. CBonesey

      This video just never gets old.. even after I’ve watched it a thousand times

    41. Don Chartrand

      What the heck is a flutter nipple? lol

    42. Sir John Lemon

      Hell yeah go jets

    43. Meyer Rosen

      That rod description was amazing, you're the best!

    44. Robert Moore v

      Me two i can aprove awsome some day i shall try to have a good day like that

    45. Josiah Dees

      Haha love it! “Any questions?”

    46. lil davies

      salami sandwich + uncut = bliss

    47. Ken Halls

      Never saw this guy before, probably one of the best videos I’ve seen

    48. Chris Meredith

      Best ice vid I've ever seen, hands down.

    49. Mr outdoors 9

      If its _ 37 degrees then why can't we see your breath

    50. Jertz's Stepbro

      Little guy????

    51. Daniel Frechette

      Should come fish some big old Lakers in Alberta with me 👌 know some great spots

    52. Mr. Help

      I just discovered Aaaron yesterday. LOVE HIM and his wife. I grew up on a river, did ton of fishing. But this shit is high tech and grade great.

    53. Mud path Is his name Freind me if you want

      The second trout was taking out drag so fast

    54. Black B.

      nice video fam!

    55. Carlos Saucedo

      Why don’t you keep them

    56. Orang utan

      I prefer it if you eat your catch

    57. athirs

      9:15 11:14 he catches the fish

    58. Jody Viczko

      One of my favorites for sure! Sweet vid!! Just wish he would post the area of that lake! Ha

    59. Jesse Nelson

      been watching your videos for the past couple days while the water freezes out here in west central alberta. gonna be my first year out on the ice. what depth should i be fishing at as soon as i can get on the lakes.

    60. SimplyystarYT


    61. Devon Edwards

      I didn't see a link for your spotlight. What is the best light for this?

    62. Stress Lah

      what is the lighting for the hole?

    63. John Dixon IV

      Your setup and hole is so dang cool

    64. 2car

      Adjective overload

    65. Brandon Pepin

      Hopefully the big ones are as dumb.. as he caught close to my biggest trout ever

    66. J Willy

      AWESOME !!!!!

    67. Ninos Zaya

      Where is this in Canada?

    68. Kevin Z

      why dosent ur intro always start with horse head harry

    69. Andrew Hampson

      Ya know you're "in 'em" when ya start checkin' your drag before ya lower your offering. Great video folks.


      Eat that

    71. Jay p

      Flying c for sale 😎👉🏻

    72. Astro Castro

      Title should have also included, “at 3am! cops called!”

    73. Graham shortt

      get a net

    74. Curtis Parmenter

      G Hi

    75. Peter and Dorothy Bowles

      Where can you get a better rod for what your doing 100 bucks is Well cheap I think that's fantastic value for money No good in UK really I bloody wish they were Great film I would love some of that Keep it up old son All the best pete

    76. David Barron

      Absolut pigs 🐷. Those are some healthy fish.

    77. Gavin Tully

      Was I the only one that didn’t know we smoked

    78. Jake Creamer

      This is my favorite video on KGup I can't count how many times I've watched it all of your videos are great but I enjoy watching you on the hard water for trout the most 🎣

    79. Hayden barton

      Most Canadian thing I've ever seen the water bottle ful of sunflower seeds

    80. Boden Whaley

      What lake are you at

    81. Nicolas Carvalho

      this is amazing !!!

    82. Steven Masters

      Catch em bigger than this all day long in the Great Lakes!

    83. Laura Jickling


    84. Marc Rud

      Pigs galore 😁

    85. Marc Rud

      Nice release of Sow....Slurp, back she goes😅

    86. Yx_Demy_xY

      Just imagine if he were in a tournament

    87. Armadillo Gaming

      Were on earth are you fishing?

    88. Alberto Capparotto

      Good video man! I’ve upload a video on my channel of a HUGE FISH catched in a small Italian river.. if you want going to see it and leave a comment with your opinion

    89. dvgayle1


    90. Keean Komoroski

      He’s got description with everything in it except for the lake and location

    91. Danny Royer

      Sick video man

    92. BrokenandRestored

      You could roll up a Ulysses S Grant as a lure so that when a huge trout gulps it down and you release it, you can say you tossed $100 into the drink instead of just $50. LoL... That is some good eatin that just swam away!!

    93. James Rogan

      Don’t hold a trout like the guy in the thumbnail. He’s crushing it’s heart, probably would have killed it if it wasn’t enormous

    94. Weston Ferguson

      Lol first fish would've been a monster if i caught him

    95. David Fletcher

      This title is just a string of buzzwords

    96. F.B.I.

      This title is the definition of all click bait but without "(NOT CLICKBAIT) COPS CALLED *gone wrong*"

    97. Jamie Center11

      man thats one great horse who can catch fish

    98. phorest blooflat

      so jelous!!!

    99. mike hanisch

      i love this video ,best one

    100. Calvin Miller

      Great video, great tips but All that work and you didn't even keep one fish?..........