Homemade Screw Tank #2 Drive/Chassis


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    1. colinfurze

      It's coming along nicely, but will it work I here you say...what might the issues be....Channel Members can See the first TEST DRIVE NOW become a member for only 99p kgup.info/must/p68_FLety0O-n9QU6phsgw.htmljoin

      1. Noorulhuda Shah

        Video is very fast make slow video

      2. Ruben De Jong

        @The_real_paperbag haha yea good idea dude

      3. ยศพัฒน์ ศรีนาราง


      4. VeejVG

        Darth Destructus Sponsors

      5. Jonathan Schaffer

        we just want to see you play the trombone

    2. Lukenoble2

      You know it’s gone well when all of the screw holes line up on the first try 😉

    3. Braxton Smalls

      He has a twin?

    4. The Reverse French

      If John Lydon was an engineer :)

    5. Owen Fitzhugh

      Why does he always pick amazing music for these videos?

    6. Kian Zaki Lavadia

      He is the real tony stark


      He should just invent a car while he's at is

    8. Real Crafter

      what kind of engine is that?

      1. PUNXSHIT

        a honda one

    9. Jack Housser

      I’m interested in the steering system in this thing I’m guessing dual diff steering kinda tight on time atm can anyone tell me which of these videos in the series and time that explains it. I’m coming back to watch them all but atm I just wanna see this one specific

    10. Ya Dog

      I always love the music you use at background music

    11. harald goffart

      Next thing is a plane or something?

    12. シyoshiシ

      To make this better I think you should put something over yourself that’s just my opinion since it would look better no hate but it’s really good 😌 have a nice day or night

    13. Paczki

      I bet his neighbors think he’s insane

    14. F1 races

      If jack sparrow was a scientist

    15. Onio Saiyan

      Kids play with toys. Men make their own.

    16. 25_Theodore Cost

      collin fuuuuuuuurze

    17. Derrick Bennett

      One of my favorite things about Colin's videos is the music. He has great taste.

    18. OrangePotatoGraphics 67

      Anyone else love hearing him say ‘sprockets’? 🤣 Love your content Colin!

    19. Ivan HardCore

      What engine? Sorry for quesing. I see that engine for first time)

    20. Travis Johnston

      So awesome... Mabey 2 engines = 1 for each worm

    21. Unzulässiger Zufallsgenerator

      What’s your real name? Iron Man?

    22. Daniel Macamo

      video put a turbo on your screw tank

    23. bruce wayne

      7:29 sounds like Jack sparrow

    24. Reptirex Rader

      I feel like half the reason why we watch Colin is he just vibes, he doesn’t let anything phase him. It’s like idk if I did this right, but it’s lookin sick! And he just fakes making music in montages

    25. L0N3_W0LFY

      Great engine choice, honda is incredibly reliable

    26. King banana wolf

      Wait when did you build a dodgem

    27. Million Fish Lover

      You are the man baby

    28. lecolintube

      Ahhh ‘ABEC 9’s’ in the chain tensioner. Nice

    29. Rat Vomit

      You can seriously learn more engineering from this channel than from school. 3 years in and I haven't even seen most of the tools he uses in his builds!

    30. Given Sur

      You destroyed a golf car which is made by Yamaha.

    31. Punkers

      A collaboration between him and Michael Reeeeee

    32. Henri Peräkylä

      These builds never show the amount of time and thought spent on the design and second guessing each design decision. I wonder how much of that goes into these. :)

    33. Nub_ XEE

      9:46 welded

    34. Icarus Lives

      Your sponsored content is always excellent. Everybody wins and it's some of the most creative shit. :D

    35. Louie Burtscher

      Honda is the best

    36. Jason Meads

      "how have I got this many subscribers, i've got no idea" *turns and looks at tank in progress behind him*

    37. eric foster

      I feel like I need to see this guy build a tree house.

    38. Sampull MC

      Only Colin Furze would make a drill powered lathe. Genius. You need a degree in "Bodge it 'n scarper"

    39. Nicholas Welch

      I build implement drills for a living and the same principles apply here in this project!! Hmm. Maybe I could convince the boss to do a build like this. Lol.

    40. Ccprocool 1

      “Totally realistic tank bat-“ 2:01 * tank jumps 15 feet into the air and lands on a enemy tank destroying it*

    41. nobody in particular

      it was today i learned that colin is secretly mario

    42. Jorge

      My girlfriend and Taper Lock sprockets have something in common, they both lock on to a shaft

    43. Onion324

      Was this a teaser for us 2

    44. Donner PartySupplies

      The power of dreams? Maybe The power of hallucinations. Fantasmajical.

    45. LANCE D.

      Its worth subsc3ibing to his channel He a genuis

    46. I_am board

      What are some of the parts i want to make something with tank steering

    47. PommeDeter

      3:45 HowToBasic entered the chat


      I bet no one downloaded this game lmao

    49. Emre Dağaşan

      harcanan emeğe göre izlenme düşük bence. muhteşem işer çıkartıyorsun dostum tebrikler

    50. Clockwork Kirlia

      Why do you have this many subscribers? Quality, fun, genuine awesome, some very good gags and a whole heap of mad genius.

    51. Foxie With A Moxie

      Someday, I want to hire this guy to build my dream amusement park. He’s clearly the best person for any job at all.

    52. Thedrakanmaster 124

      Does anybody know what engine that is

    53. no name gamer

      Next type he will make a time machine in future😂😂😂😂😂

    54. Trailer Music Empire

      When Colin said well, I used to be a plumber Me: I bet someone's shower upgraded into a fantasy waterfall.

    55. Nathaniel Thompson

      Guys that's not editing I think Collins cracked cloneing

    56. scdecade

      Colin that thing is massively under powered. You could buy a V-8 engine that come in a crate with 850hp.

    57. Aleksi Väinä

      6:34 Who else saw the hand?

    58. Capt Iceberg

      Colin’s screws are loose haha haha.......

    59. Mr. Mantis

      ATTENTION ALL PEOPLE Colin furze is schizophrenic apparently 4:25

    60. Mr. Mantis

      ATTENTION ALL PEOPLE Colin furze is schizophrenic apparently 4:25

    61. Trying to reach you about your car's warranty

      2020: "I SHALL DESTROY YOU ALL AND YOU WILL ALL FEEL SUFFERING!!!" Colin: "haha look at the puny little year trying to hurt me"

    62. Mrs. Danny Devito and the scro tum-tums

      I believe that's called a north Idaho lathe.

    63. ItsBesr

      10:02 holy moly that's a gnarly fidget spinner

    64. Cancun771

      The Dodge'm was Honda powered?! So what was it that he mangled that pristine 600 Kawasaki for that annoyed the hell out of me?

    65. mugC

      4:39 Colin: *Concentrating, minding his own business* Trombone Collin: "I'm 'bout to end this man's whole career ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )"

    66. Ieuan Hunt

      7:46 did I hear that right. The company that sent you the bushings have offered to send you a new lathe because your current one destroyed the stuff you bought from them.

    67. Okiedrew

      Where can we find a parts list.... I would love to look at a much less involved drive project like this... like motors and pumps and such. You are a God at this stuff!

    68. Imagine Wagons

      Colin, we would love to meet your cheeky twin. Introduce us.

    69. Fillip D

      4:41 My little brother annoying while I’m doing something important.

    70. Jacob Gramly

      How much would it cost me to have u build me one

    71. Destiny Vatter

      tell me who was challenged to Colin on world of tanks

    72. Harrington George

      lol that end bit where he basically says he does everything by himself just says to me that he was either the best in group projects or the worst hahah. Love the vids though!!

    73. zak last

      Do your neighbours get upset about all the noise?

    74. USSR

      the author embodied the idea of ​​a screw-walker of Soviet designers.

    75. Archie Sell

      I'm thinking of a submarine to go with it

    76. Oz

      Never a dull day

    77. Brandon Pearce

      What CNC plasma machine does he use ... looking at getting one

    78. gosha Shadow

      Good(кто русс?)

    79. Mr Random

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    80. Lazy Potatoシ

      1:17 this just made me go 𝘩𝘩𝘩𝘩𝘮𝘮𝘮𝘮𝘮𝘮

    81. Captain Obvious. • 29 years ago

      If nothing else, atleast we get great music from colin

    82. Tyler Rendon

      Twin brother?...

    83. DiosGamer0056 Dominguez Campillay


    84. GraySlime Guy

      your my favourite mad scientist

    85. BlazingPulse

      Colin Furze is not only a great mad scientist, he also opens doors for underground bands to an audience, I have found SO many good songs, this video I like “I ain’t buying”

    86. Dalton Beane

      Hondas are great, yeah. But a 37HP Vanguard motor would've done you much better. That or a FX1000V Kawasaki.

    87. E.Spanner

      Imagine an army of Colins

    88. spookspeak

      This is the guy who never uses measurements but always comes out perfectly....

      1. spookspeak

        @Jake Sheldon yep 😂😂

      2. Jake Sheldon

        The dad who doesnt read the instructions,but it comes out right

    89. Jose Valadez

      He finally gets a good set to sit in

    90. Fredrickson the 96th

      He is just so far beyond a human being that his schizophrenic half manifests itself, instead of staying in his head, like with any other normal guy.

    91. Kieran Beswick

      You really are a certified MADMAN!!

    92. Ptolemaic Foxxo

      *crossout meat grinders be like*

    93. Ethan West

      Why was this video so creative

    94. Jo Jo

      I love one thing about this channel EVERYTHING!

    95. David Elliott

      Mk2 tank could be a lot simpler with a second engine. Then dump the hydraulics and go for direct drive. Two engines are illegal on the roads but this is hardly likely to be driving into Tescos.

    96. Riley Pearson

      This guys taste in music is amaxing

    97. João victor


    98. KrisMcCool

      They do say..... ‘Honda : Powering imaginations’

    99. Michael Downer

      Clicked for the content subscribed for the music